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The magic begins with a smile and a welcome from our experienced bridal consultants. We have carefully selected an exciting and unique collection of wedding gowns for your magical day. You and your bridal party are cordially invited to join us in our inviting shop. Appointments are preferred.



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200 Valleywood Dr, The Woodlands, TX

First Class Shopping Experience

Reviewed on 3/26/2014 Casey W

Lovely shop with a great variety of dresses! This was the perfect store if you are looking for a great wedding dress or bridal party dress shopping experience. The team is helpful and experienced! And they offer a great variety of styles. I bought my wedding dress, veil and bridal jewelry here!

Great Experience

Reviewed on 4/29/2014 Katelyn S

When you think of the perfect bridal shop, you'll picture something that looks just like Brickhouse Bridal. You walk in and there are more dresses than any other place I went to, but it still has a boutique-y feel. The lighting is great, everything is pretty and fluffy, it's awesome! They have lots of different price points and all the girls there are very helpful! I went to probably 10 different stores and tried on probably 30 dresses before I went to Brickhouse. No other stores compared, and none had the dress selection Brickhouse did! Definitely check them out

Wedding Dress

Reviewed on 4/24/2014 Sarah W

Great staff. Really narrowed in on what I wanted despite my entourage. They were great letting me know when my dress came in and recommended an amazing tailor.

Reviewed on 6/26/2015 Carolyn L

This should be your first and last stop. This was my first ever gown appointment and from the moment we walked in it was nothing short of amazing. Everyone was so sweet, attentive and made it a really special experience, not to mention they have a huge selection. Jennifer my attendant was amazing. I told her what I was looking for and my budget and she was actually the one to find "the dress" and vail for me. I went to three other places and they just did not compare. I cannot say enough good things about Jennifer or Brickhouse Bridal. I already got the Save the Date email letting me know the date my dress should be in and can't wait to go back there and pick it up.

Reviewed on 6/25/2015 Maggie

Living in The Woodlands area I hear of a lot of brides that go to Brick House to get their wedding gowns. I decided to check it out [in addition to some other locations] and from the moment I walked in the door I couldn't have been more pleased with the experience I had. I worked with a consultant named Meagan and to be honest she was precious; she was genuine, kind, understanding and just as excited when I "said YES to the dress" as I was. They were honest about time of arrival, price, etc. and gave me a great recommendation for a tailor as well. From start to finish Brick House exceeded my expectations as a bride and really made my time with them an enjoyable one instead of stressful and chaotic!

Reviewed on 5/13/2015 Kimberley C

These ladies were awesome! The boutique is beautiful and the service you get as soon as you enter is one of a kind. By the time I had gotten to Brickhouse Bridal, I pretty much knew exactly wanted I DIDN'T want. With a list of dress "do not's", Jessica found MY dress for me! They made sure I had everything I needed before I left the boutique and even gave gifts to me and my entourage. This is a great place! They make you feel like the princess/queen you should feel like when shopping for your big day!

Reviewed on 5/12/2015 Haley C

My sister needed a bridesmaid dress for my wedding. They ordered the wrong dress then acted like it was our fault. They finally took it to their seamstress (They were going to recreate the dress and make it look like the one we actually ordered. FAIL. They did an awful job, the dress was even uglier than when we started out. (Which I didn't think was possible) Follow the ladies around and make sure they write down the correct number! I wasn't aware I had to babysit these experienced women but apparently you do. The dress was honestly so awful we got one from Nordstroms and it worked wonderfully. P.S. DO NOT use their seamstress. The work they did on the bridesmaids dress was awful! Highly disappointed and will not recommend that anyone go to them.

Terrible terrible terrible

Reviewed on 4/27/2015

This may be a beautiful store with beautiful dresses, but the service aspect is awful. They do not care about their brides, they do not care about their customers, and they certainly won't care about you. There is, however, one thing they care about and that is making money. They will even rip off their brides to make money. They would probably rip off heir own family members to make money. I have never been so offended. What a disappointment.

Terrible Vendor

Reviewed on 4/16/2015

After spending over 3000 for my daughters dress and veil, we were rushed through the processing of trying it on once it arrived. We were given 30 mins. During this time the lady helping us was continuously watching the time. We were actually told to take the dress off as we only had 5 mins remaining. When we ask if we could have longer so that we could take pictures we were told no. However when we were purchasing the dress they bent over backwards to ensure that we had as much time as needed. Don't get sucked in by these people! Once they have your money, you are no longer a priority. Ask yourself this.....Just how important is this day to you? How important is buying and receiving your dress? How important is customer service? If your answer to this question is/was the same as ours you may want to take the time to look elsewhere. Think twice before you get sucked into all the glamour and glitz of this place. I will NEVER EVER recommend Brickhouse Bridal to another friend or any bride to be. This experience is supposed to be one of the best in a young girls life and this place leaves a lot to be desired. The Houston area has many many places to purchase wedding gowns, you may want to look elsewhere. Very Very disappointed!

Gorgeous dresses!

Reviewed on 2/17/2015 Amanda R

LOVE my dress! I got so many compliments! Everyone at Brickhouse was very nice and helpful and it was an overall great experience.

Great service

Reviewed on 1/14/2015 Jessica G

Lots of help and friendly.

More than what I expected

Reviewed on 12/30/2014 Thao N

When planning my bridal gown shopping experience, I was very strategic. I chose to go here first because they have such a huge selection. Their gowns range between $1500-$4000 so I honestly thought that I was just going to come here and try on dresses to se what looked good on me and most likely, buy it somewhere else. It didn't go as planned... 1.) Most of their dresses are on the lower range. The majority of the dresses I tried on were on the $2000 area but it may be because of the style I liked. I wanted lace and tulle or organza ball gowns. Not only was my dress on the lower range, I'm also very petite. Jessica, my consultant was AMAZING! She had recently gotten married as well and also had a ballgown for her wedding. She knew I wanted a ballgown and I was so afraid that since I'm so short, it would look bad on me. We tried on some natural waist ballgowns that my friends and I picked out and they looked great. But then she went and got a drop waist one for me and it had all the perfect elements that I wanted. Classic and elegant yet with some glam/bling on the belt. She knew what she was doing! On top of that, the designer of the gown can also take 4 inches off the dress when I purchase it which ultimately helps me with the cost of hemming. 2.) I recommend making your appointments during the weekday. I had previous read review about brides and their entourage having issues with seating and sharing mirrors and stuff and it gets soooo busy on the weekends. So I made my appointment on a Friday morning. There was only 1 other party there and so we weren't feeling rushed and the atmosphere was so relaxed. Don't be intimidated by the high price range. And try to make your appointment during the weekday. Your experience will be much better. I didn't expect to get my gown at the first place I went to but my gown had all the elements that I wanted and at the right price. My consultant knew exactly what she was talking about and I now have full trust in her. My gown will be coming in about 6 months and I already told her that I need her to be there for my fitting.

Awesome place!

Reviewed on 11/16/2014 Kelli S

Brickhouse bridal was very accommodating when I tried on my bridal dress. I had an awesome girl helping me and I wish I could remember her name. The prices are a little high but it is good quality material and beautiful dresses! The only thing I didn't like about Brickhouse bridal was the way they communicate when my wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses came in. They never notified me when any of my dresses came in. I had to constantly call to check. Other then that, they were great!

Love my dress!

Reviewed on 10/28/2014 Jessica C

I tried on a few dresses at Brickhouse Bridal and they were so helpful! They cared about how I felt and what I wanted. I loved my dress and it even came in 1.5 month earlier than expected!

Awesome bridal shop and great people!

Reviewed on 10/17/2014 Alicia

We had an absolutely WONDERFUL experience at Brickhouse Bridal! I found the perfect gown with the help of Kasey and Jessica! They were a delight to work with and very helpful in pulling gowns as I tried on LOTS! They never made me feel bad for not liking or loving things about certain dresses and continued to help me until we found the PERFECT one! Would strongly recommend them!

Wedding and Bridesmaids Dresses with Brickhouse Bridal

Reviewed on 10/08/2014 Jill P

I had a great experience with Brickhouse when finding my wedding gown. I came in with a clear idea of what I wanted and my consultant helped pick dresses that fit that vision. She didn't offer her opinions too strongly and when I was between 2 dresses, she never once tried to steer me in the more expensive direction!I loved and still love the dress that I found there! I chose to go there for bridesmaids dresses because your bridesmaids get a discount if you purchased your wedding gown there. Unfortunately, the service in the bridesmaids department is not as great as in the bridal department. There were times when I asked questions and the girl helping us didn't know the answers. She mis-measured my girls and told us the wrong ordering info. She said no deposit was needed when it really was. The dresses ended up being ordered without a hitch so my advice would be just to stay on them to make sure nothing falls through the cracks!

Wonderful Experience

Reviewed on 9/25/2014 Keeley L

I recently went to Brickhouse Bridal to look at dresses for my wedding. I had a fantastic consultant! The experience was wonderful--I was treated kindly and everyone was smiles when I arrived. This means a lot when you are shopping for your special day. After I chose some dresses (didn't know exactly what I wanted going in), tried them on, gave feedback about what I liked/disliked, my consultant then pulled 3 dresses for me to try on. She stayed within my price range, as I had requested. After trying on each dress she pulled, I loved those more than the ones I had originally selected. In the end, I chose one of the 3 dresses. My consultant was great about giving me info about each dress, telling me the characteristics about the dress and how it complimented me or didn't for my body type. However, she never took over telling me what I liked or didn't--it was all my decision but she aided me along the way. I highly recommend this shop! They are helpful along the way but never pushy like some shops I visited. Go find your dress here!


Reviewed on 9/17/2014 Meghan D

Brickhouse Bridal is truly every brides dream! The consultants were extremely professional and helpful. I am 4'9" and recently lost 25 pounds and I was hesitant to try bridal gowns. Jacqueline was extremely helpful! She pulled gowns that would compliment my height and body type. I ended up picking the dress she chose for me. I had a wonderful experience and would recommend them to anyone!!! Thank you Jacqueline and Brickhouse Bridal!

May 2014 Wedding

Reviewed on 9/11/2014 Carissa S

If you want the best consultant, you need Jessica Bennett! She was amazing. I had ordered a custom dress from a Designer and even though the designer was taking longer than should, Jessica and her team made sure I got it in time and it was exactly what I wanted. I am in love with my dress still! I have and will keeping bringing people there! Thanks everyone at Brickhouse, and especially Jessica!

Beautiful Gowns

Reviewed on 9/10/2014 Mona K

I purchased my wedding dress through brickhouse bridal. Their staff is very sweet . Kat helped me pick out my wedding dress. She helps you pick out flattering dresses and works with your personal taste. They have a very beautiful selection of wedding gowns and accessories. They're prices are pretty expensive though they're quality is good. Their salon is super cute too.

Only wedding dress store you need to go to

Reviewed on 8/31/2014 Brenda H

Brickhouse Bridal was the only dress store I went to when shopping for my wedding dress. The layout and decor of the store feels luxurious and so well organized. At first I was a little overwhelmed by the extensive number of wedding dresses they had, but after picking out a few they were able to help me narrow down what I liked and didn't like about the dress and recommended dresses I hadn't considered. I only tried on 5 dresses and found the perfect dress upon their recommendation. They were so pleasant to work with and created a very relaxing dress shopping experience. I absolutely loved my dress purchase and am so happy at how easy the whole experience was.

Yes to the dress :)

Reviewed on 8/24/2014 Colleen M

I bought my dress at Brickhouse Bridal. I really enjoyed my experience there. My consultant Casey Hayden was SO sweet! I had family members that were very opinionated and she did a fantastic of making sure I got what I wanted. I highly recommend going to Brickhouse Bridal for your wedding dress.

Finally - I had FUN trying on bridal gowns!

Reviewed on 8/18/2014 Melissa H

The ladies at Brickhouse Bridal are all true professionals, and they are all friendly and polite on the phone and in person. The stylist who helped me find my gown, Jacquie, knew what I wanted before I did. She pointed me to a dress on a mannequin - I only had lukewarm feelings for it but promised myself I would try on a number of different types of dresses. She put me in this dress first, and I was blown away. I tried on several more, but the dress she selected was MY dress, and she knew it! That takes talent!

Bride Beware

Reviewed on 8/08/2014

If you have to go to this place, do not go on the weekends, and personally I found places I liked better. That is the short review. Here is what happened... I booked this appointment for a Saturday because I had squeeze into my schedule and my time select a dress was some what limited. A common situation I'm sure. Anyway, I get there and it is a very pretty place with lots of lovely mirrors, chandeliers, and expensive dresses. So far so good, then they tell me that we will be sharing our little dress viewing area with another group. At first we were okay with this because we know how to share, ya know, like any functioning adult should. But it turns out the other group did not know how to share and viewed our presence as an invasion of their space. Which to be fair, it was, but this invasion of their space was not our fault but instead the people who run this place. These people refused to scoot over and let my party sit down, they made faces at me while I tried on my dress, and they physically blocked me from looking in the mirror when the other bride was still putting on her dress in the dressing room. OK, so far it is really just an issue of bad planning on the part of Brickhouse and rude customers, but it gets worse. So I tried to move to another mirror that was not currently occupied and was shooed away because a more "important bride" was on her way out to that mirror. Seriously? Clearly I was not a bride worthy of any decent customer service. So we went back to the other viewing area and that bride was done trying on dresses by that point. But wait, she saw me trying on jewelry with my dress and decided she needed to do that too. So she and her whole party were allowed to get in front of us and physically block me from the viewing area again even though they told us their appointment was over. Nice. In my opinion this situation should have never arisen, and this was really a scheduling issue mixed with greed and poor customer management on behalf of Brickhouse. Other than a very hostile shopping experience, I noticed that I saw the same or very similar dresses costing much more at Brickhouse and their sale staff is pushy. Saying you do not care for a dress is not good enough, you must explain why. Now, I know that explaining what you don't like helps them find dresses for you, but when it comes across as near frantic and desperate to make a sale, then its a bit uncomfortable. Also, make sure you show up otherwise they will charge you, just like a doctor's office.

Jessica at the Woodlands Brickhouse Bridal

Reviewed on 7/27/2014 Breanna B

A girl named Jessica was my consultant and this was my first place to try on dresses. After picking out several to try out, she began talking to me about the type of style I liked and picked out a couple for me to try as well that she thought I may like. She even happily took a dress off the mannequin for me to try on, it was no big deal for them. Jessica was extremely professional and sweet, I felt very comfortable with her passing and taking dresses and with her zipping and clipping the dress to fit. I even had a picture of a Maggie Sottero dress, which they didn't have, and she said they would be happy to order a lender from the designer for me to try. I ended up spending a little more than I had planned, but it was well worth it! The staff up front when I paid was all very sweet as well. They congratulated me on finding my dress and clearly stated the process of how long my dress would take and what to do when it did come in. I highly recommend Brickhouse Bridal, overall A++.


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