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Wedding Gown Cleaning, Preservation & Restoration

We specialize in wedding gown Cleaning, Preservation and Restoration. We have been in business for 22 years. We have restored gowns as old as 150 years. Based on our experience and expertise, Hard Rock Cafe felt comfortable in giving us several garments of Rock Stars (that are displayed in all restaurants) with their autographs. We restored them without affecting the autographs. See several garments such as Tina Turner, Mik Jagger, David Bowie, Elton John, The Beatles and more...


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Alterations, Dry Cleaning + Preservation


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3588 Avalon Park E. Blvd, Orlando, FL (407) 592-3309

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Meet The Owner

Jayesh Khatri

When my wife and I got into the Dry Cleaning business (1995), we realized that some cleaners were cleaning gowns but very few were restoring gowns. When I realized that, I decided to get some training and then specialized in Restoration of gowns and garments. To expand and advertise my expertise, I set up the website, BridalGownPreservation.com, and the rest is history. People call us from all over the world. Once, I received a call (and gown) all the way from Germany. Over 22 years, we have processed many hundreds of gowns.