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Vows offers brides a relaxing atmosphere, helpful, low-pressure assistance while offering a huge selection of top name designer dresses without the designer price tags. Our website acts as a virtual storefront for Vows Bridal Outlet as well as all of our partner stores and manufacturers around the world.


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130 Galen Street, Watertown, MA

Vows review

Reviewed on 5/03/2014 Kam

I went to vows having watched I found a gown on tlc, and I was relieved to know that I wouldn't have to be on tv, and I was thrilled with my experience there. I had made an appointment, and I was allowed to browse the dresses with my parents and pick out which ones I wanted to... Read More try on. They had dresses organized by size and general shape, like sheath or a-line. This was the only store where I was really given the freedom to look at the dresses and pull them out myself, and I loved it. The dresses all had a tag with the price, which I also loved, you could know whether or not it was safe to look at it. I worked with Alison, and she let me need her to the extent that I needed, she didn't require that she help me change which I really appreciated. In he end I found the perfect dress, which they cleaned, and fixed the zipper for free before shipping it to me since I don't live in Massachusetts.

Affordable wedding dresses

Reviewed on 4/24/2014 Emily L

I am pleased with my wedding dress from Vows, it was from their orderable collection. The dress was just perfect. They are the only place that I was able to find this dress, i even went to 3 boutiques in NYC, including Kleinfelds, and they didnt help me find it.

loved it!

Reviewed on 2/02/2014 Traci D

I went in to Vows with a budget of $2,000. When trying on dresses, I didn't want to know any prices and have it weigh on my decision to buy a dress or not. I finally found the one and it ended up being $499.00! I couldn't believe it. A wedding dress for less than $500??... Read More Crazy but so worth it. It was really busy when I went and TLC was there filming so that was exciting. They have a big selection so I definitely recommend checking it out!

Reviewed on 8/31/2015 Katelynn B

Sadly, I was extremely disappointed in my trip to vows. Yes- they have a large selection of wedding gowns in a range of sizes however nothing really "popped" out to me. I tried on my 5 they allow you to start with and didn't even want to come out in them. The sales associate... Read More pulled a few more, but they weren't my style at all. She wasn't really listening to my vision and then told me to put my clothes back on and go back out to the floor and look again. At that point I was completely discouraged and left the salon feeling defeated. No bride should ever leave a salon feeling the way that I did.

Reviewed on 8/26/2015 Kaitlin B

Gabrielle was THE BEST. I cannot say enough great things about all of the staff at Vows, they were all so attentive and helpful. Go to Vows, you will not be disappointed!

Found my dream dress!

Reviewed on 8/13/2015 Cristina L

I was on the hunt for a dress that wasn't so bridal/traditional. Vows is the only place around that offers a selection of quality, designer, and modern dresses. On my first visit, I found my dream dress - a very unique Carolina Herrera - for a great price. It was perfect and the... Read More prettiest dress I've ever seen! I felt great in it.

Worth the trip to Massachusetts!

Reviewed on 7/07/2015 Julie D

Being from New Jersey there were plenty of bridal salons I could have gone to when beginning to look for my wedding gown. I'm an avid watcher of TLC so I thought it would be fun for me, my mom, and my sister to take a trip up to Massachusetts to go to Vows and see if we could... Read More find a dream dress on a budget. It was well worth the trip. The store itself is a little small, but they line the walls with wedding dresses to look through. You are allowed to go through the gowns on your own and you place a card in front of the ones you want pulled and a consultant brings them into a dressing room for you. Vows was my second appointment so I had an idea of what I was looking for, but I'm sure the consultants are very helpful if a bride is going for her first time and doesn't know where to start. I was able to try on 5 gowns and when I found the one they let me try on belts, headpieces, and veils with it as well. I wound up buying my headpiece and veil from there since it all looked so good together. My dress was 50% off the retail price and they will ship it to you if you're out of town. There were a few stains on the sample so we requested they send it for dry cleaning before shipping and they had no problem doing that. I saw Monique Lhuillier, Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang, and Calvin Klein dresses on the racks and I'm sure there were other designers in there as well. Even if you're not from the area it's worth the trip to find your dream dress for half the price!

Some mishaps

Reviewed on 6/25/2015 Meghan O

I bought my wedding gown from Vows and in the end I was happy with my dress, but there were some snafus along the way that made the experience not the best. Vows was the first store I visited when dress shopping. I had really no idea what I was looking for, and my consultant... Read More was very helpful in pulling dresses for me to try on. In the end, I was having a tough time deciding between two dresses, but my consultant and sister had such a strong reaction to one of them that I ended up putting a deposit down for it. I was mislead during my appointment to believe that bra cups could be sewn into the dress. Several months later when I brought the dress to my seamstress for alterations, I was told this would not be possible due to the fabric of the dress (it was bias-cut silk). This made things very difficult since I needed a bra and my dress was backless. I ended up using an adhesive bra in the end, which was not the best, but my only option. Also, there was a lipstick stain on the dress that I was assured during my appointment would come out in the cleaning, but when I went to pick up my dress the first time, it was still there. They sent the dress back for another cleaning and this time it came out. They gave me an additional $70 savings due to this, which was nice. All in all, it was a good experience, and I definitely saved some money (nearly 70% off the original price!); but there were other things that made me wish I had gone to a true bridal shop. For instance, storing my gown for 6-7 months before the wedding was a headache. And I feel that I missed out on the whole experience of being catered to during my dress shopping.

Reviewed on 6/23/2015 Vanessa E

I purchased my wedding dress at VOWS last summer. I'm a bit delayed in my review as I just got married last week. the VOWS staff was wonderful! The woman that worked with my mom and me was very helpful--she suggested dresses in the style that I liked and was always there when I... Read More needed to change into/out of a dress--but not pushy at all. In fact, she was really honest about the dress that looked best on me even though it wasn't anywhere near the most expensive of the dresses that I tried on. The shop was pretty and neat, and not overcrowded even though it was a Saturday morning. The changing rooms are a little close together but that may have been because the group next to us was really large. I'd definitely shop here again and recommend VOWS to any bride I know!

Wedding boutique

Reviewed on 6/03/2015 Sarah B

I bought my gown here . Sara was my helper . My gown was originally $3200.00 and I got it for $1400 it was an allure bridal gown . I felt amazing in it !! Anaheit is the seamstress and she is so good at her job . She knows exactly what to do and what looks good . Her work is... Read More impeccable and her prices r very reasonable ! I love them !!

only place to go!

Reviewed on 5/11/2015 Sarah P

Don't bother going to any other bridal salon besides Vows!!! They have all designer gowns at AMAZING prices, and SO MANY to choose from!!! I got my gown for 499!!

My dream gown at a dream price!

Reviewed on 3/17/2015 Heather S

My husband and I paid for our wedding ourselves so I was very budget sensitive with every detail including my dress. I tried on gown after gown until I found my dream dress! I could not believe when I tried on my $1600 Allure Bridals gown and found out that it was only $750!... Read More The staff there was great and took great care of me even though it was a busy Saturday afternoon! They even advised me to have it shipped to my home in Indiana (I am originally from Mass, live in Indy, but shopped with my mom and friends in Mass) because the shipping would be cheaper than the Mass tax! I would suggest VOWs for any bride that wants a quality gown but doesn't need the frills of a traditional bridal salon.

Please Avoid This Place!

Reviewed on 1/19/2015

I have a much longer review I would love to post here, but I will be sure to email it to the company. In the meantime, my experience here was so frustrating I am trying to share it in as many places as possible. First, my mom and dad were with me as I don't have a bridal party... Read More and I'm an only child. This shop made my dad feel isolated and removed from the process. To reserve a dress you put 20% down and have 5 days (consecutive) to decide. This shop is closed Sunday and Monday, but the 5 day hold includes these days, which blows my mind. My mom innocently put a dress we liked on hold for me, worried if I wanted it, it might sell. I left a voicemail on Monday, as well as email and despite requesting they email me, they called me and had clearly not listened to the nature of my call as they asked me questions I had answered in my voicemail. I was told that they don't always listen to the voicemail because it's "weird". Long story short, I went with a different gown, only because once you put something on hold, you HAVE to spend that money there, you don't get it back. The gown I got was $999, $1 under their free cleaning and repairs price. I showed the manager (who is the rudest woman I've met) the dress and explained that it’s only $1 off their price point for cleaning and repairs, the dress was dirty and needed a fix. She looks at it and callously tells me “it’s fine, this is not dirty, why you want to put in chemicals when there is no need?!” I then showed her the spot that needed a repair and she said “This is nothing, your seamstress can fix for $30, this is nothing, we will not waste time on this.” I was super insulted and so I pushed further on my request and she coldly told me she’d take $50 off the dress. Basically in the attitude of “There, you happy now?” I was told that “Even dresses over $1000 we will not do cleaning or repairs on because they are discounted and not worth our time. If a dress is $999 it’s because we are trying to get rid of it, we will not fix it.” Thank you for basically telling me that you don’t care about the dress you are selling me, or even me as a customer. This woman was beyond words. She made me feel like a piece of crap. So, here I am forced into buying this dress or having to have money wrapped up at Vows to buy something there. And I only had 2 days to decide. And I wasn’t allowed to change my mind more than once (once you have a gown on hold, you can change your mind ONCE). So, I’m at the register, on the phone with my mom, so she can give the front desk girl her credit card number. I should mention that at this moment, I was the only person at the register and Gabrielle told the girl what was happening and why I was on the phone. The girl started to put through the sale and when someone else walked in, she had me step aside and she took the girl behind me! My mom was waiting on the phone, credit card number ready and they STILL couldn’t be bothered with me. She finally puts through the sale and I’m told if I want a garment bag for the dress it’s an additional $10. You have to be kidding me that you’re selling brides dresses and you can’t even throw in a garment bag. This same girl at the front desk had a stank face the first time we saw her, the second time I went back and the third time when I went to get my dress. She looks like she can’t be bothered by you and the very sight of you is annoying to her. Save yourself some heartache and go elsewhere.

Beautiful dress

Reviewed on 1/19/2015 Beth C

I loved my wedding dress. I went to Vows, tried on a bunch of dresses, and then the woman helping suggested the one on the mannequin in the window. I was so so....but it ended up loving it and it became mine. Price was good. The only thing is that I tried on a few veils and... Read More they didn't record in their system the ones I tried, so when I called, we had to look at a few to figure it out. I would recommend Vows!

Kristy found a gown!

Reviewed on 1/04/2015 kristy r

After two unsuccessful attempts to say yes to a dress, Kristy found a gown at Vows. Funny thing, she had scheduled this vendor first but for one reason or another she put off Vows. In the end, she followed her heart; not just that she loves the reality t.v. show but because... Read More they stock a full range of sizes and the Bride Power price can't be beat. The staff was welcoming and guided her experience assisting in selection, dressing, customization advice, etc. We didn't get that service at the prior vendors. I encourage all brides to be to not make a selection until they have visited Vows. It is worth the trip!

Would NOT Recommend for a true bridal experience

Reviewed on 12/26/2014 Kelly G

Let me start out by saying that I was very nervous about finding my wedding dress. I am really body conscious, lost a considerable amount of weight and need someone to help me find something that looks good on my new body. My experience at Vows left me in tears.... Read More Literally. I made my appointment a couple weeks out as they don't allow walk in's. When I made the appointment, I told them about my nervousness and they assured me I'd be with a consultant that would know what they were doing. We arrived on time and were brought to the gowns in my size by one consultant and then left to pull dresses our selves. My family and I pulled dresses not really knowing what shapes or styles would look good on me - so when my consultant finally arrived to greet us maybe 15 minutes later, she brought me right to the dressing room. The first gown I tried on was way too small for me and just was not the right fit for my body. When I went to get out of it, the zipper got stuck, so my consultant informed me she was going to cut me out of the dress. Being already self conscious about my weight - this left me mortified. And this was the very first dress. It wasn't until about 4 or 5 other wrong dresses and tears that she asked to see my pinterest and about my wedding. After reviewing them, she brought back a few gowns that was similar to what I was looking for... except none of them were in my size. Either they were 4 sizes too big, or 2 sizes too small. After that, I said no more and left the salon so discouraged. This is not the experience I envisioned shopping for my dress. After seeing TV shows like "I Found the Gown" or "Say Yes to the Dress" you imagine a stylist that will take the time to get to know you, what you like, and use their experience about body types to find a great fit! This just simply did not happen. It felt like a bridal factory. Maybe if you were a bride that knew they had a particular gown and wanted a steep discount on that particular dress? I ended up finding a wonderful family-owned bridal shop in Arlington and had the experience I was looking for with the most wonderful consultant! I am the first of my friends to get married - and I will make sure none of my girlfriends go to Vows!

Visit Vows last!

Reviewed on 11/02/2014

Full disclosure - I have a tough time with decisions. I like to comparison shop. So, I'm glad Vows was the last store I visited, because I don't think I would have been able to make an on-the-spot decision otherwise. And at Vows, that's the only way it works - the gowns are... Read More all samples, so what you see is what you get, and don't expect to see the same thing tomorrow. Personally, I think it helps to shop around a bit first, so you know what you're looking for in terms of shape/fit - it will make your experience at Vows a lot easier. And if you find something at Vows - guard it with your newly-acquired bridal ferocity, ladies. Vows is not fancy - it is very definitely an "outlet." But, that's cool with me. I found my dream dress here, thanks entirely to my consultant, Barb. She somehow magically understood exactly what I was looking for and pulled a dress I hadn't even noticed on the rack - and when I put it on, I actually cried (shocking myself and my family - I mean, it's just a dress, right?) It was nothing like what I thought I wanted, but it was exactly, perfectly right. And it was over 50% off retail. This girl was SOLD. In summary - I heartily, emphatically recommend Vows. The only reason it got 4 stars instead of 5? The alterations specialist they recommended, Anahit, was the single worst customer service experience I have ever had. Turns out she's related to the owners at Vows, and as a customer, I don't appreciate the fact that they recommended a vendor who had a connection to them, rather than the best vendor for the job. That's a whole other topic for another review, but still, worth noting here.

A blush dress for the beach!

Reviewed on 10/30/2014 Sarah G

After having a HORRIBLE experience with another salon (they ordered my custom fit dress with the wrong measurements!), I decided to completely change and go to Vows. I couldn't have been happier! I found a dress by a local Boston designer in a blush pink. Not that it matters,... Read More but the name of the dress was the same as my puppy (fate? I think so!) The staff was super helpful and pulled a bunch of dress options in different colors and styles for my beach wedding. I never thought I would pick a pink dress but it seemed perfect for my pink and navy nautical theme wedding. They gave me suggests on a veil as well as alterations. It was perfect. I received so many compliments on my dress and still do when people look at my pictures. Thank you Vows!

Perfect Dress

Reviewed on 10/28/2014 Bethann J

My sister found her dress at Vows and had such a great experience that there was only one stop for me. I never would have been able to afford a designer dress without Vows. The consultants there are great. I first made a pass through the dresses and pulled a few I liked but... Read More they didn't work. I gave my consultant my budget and she pulled one that I had missed and it was perfect.

gorgeous designer gowns at insanely low prices

Reviewed on 10/27/2014 Shannon O

I bought my beautiful Vera Wang gown from VOWS for only $599. A gown that retailed for $3800, I purchased for $599. I'd never heard of this place, but my sister had and she made an appointment for me. My consultant really listened to what I was looking for and did a good job... Read More pulling dresses that met my criteria and were within or close to my budget. I'd planned on spending at least $1000 for a dress but was so happy to be able to get something gorgeous for less. I'd looked at some discount retailers and been really disappointed by the quality of the dresses. I did not want to pay $2000 for a polyester dress. And, thanks to VOWS, I didn't. Even my seamstress commented on the high-quality fabric of my dress. For only $599. Can't beat it.

Awesome experience

Reviewed on 10/24/2014 Katelyn S

I went to Vows today as my FIRST stop to search for a wedding dress and came home with one! I felt the need to write a review ASAP because I had such a positive experience. I was one of the first appointments of the day on a Friday. One of the consultants showed us around... Read More the shop and explained where certain silhouettes were located along with what to look at (price points, size, etc). My group picked me out about 5 dresses to start with. The awesome part of this process is that no one is breathing down your neck and rushing the process- especially since this was my first "bridal" experience. We went into the fitting room area and met my consultant- Barbara. She was AMAZING! I started trying on a few dresses and she was really listening to my likes and dislikes. She came back with a few different styles and long story short... I found my gown (and Barbara picked it out!) I never felt rushed or pressured... the hour and 15 minutes was the perfect length of time for my appointment. Also a heads up- you can put the dress on hold for 5 days for I think about 20% down on the dress. If you don't end up getting the dress, you can use that money towards a store credit since they also have veils and other accessories- not a bad deal if you are a bit undecided! Thank you to Barbara for helping me find my dress!! Definitely worth the trip. AND at a great price!!

Couldn't Be Happier

Reviewed on 10/23/2014 Kimberly D

Not only were these super affordable, but were by far the most complete and luxurious suite that I had come across within my price point while researching stationary. So many compliments, and they were packaged so nicely. I felt like I was throwing a royal affair as I... Read More stuffed all of my envelopes. The process was very very easy, though you can only order a few samples at a time, which is annoying. Other than that, I say take your time and go for it!

Perfect dress, Amazing Price

Reviewed on 10/19/2014 Liz K

I bought my dress off of the rack at Vows for 50% of the retail price. Not only was it the perfect dress for me, I had a fabulous shopping experience. My consultant allowed my mother and I to browse the well-organized racks and also provided consultation about what dress shapes... Read More and sizes would suit my body type. She was patient and knowledgeable. I had a great time and was amazed that I could find the perfect dress in only 90 mins for a bargain price!

Beautiful dress, odd consultation

Reviewed on 10/06/2014 Lindsey M

My dress is beautiful, great quality. My consult was a little odd. I felt like they were pushing me through the place and became impatient with me after I was there about an hour. I was aware from watching the show that the woman I was given was also the tailor. She kept asking... Read More questions that were pushy, not open ended in an attempt to learn about what I like but instead as in pushing me to make a decision. I did end up buying a dress that day but felt anxious about it for weeks because I felt pushed to buy it. I ended up buying accessories that made it mine, and I loved it. But the initial experience wasn't quite what I had envisioned.

Great dress, great price

Reviewed on 10/02/2014 Lindsay N

Vows has a huge selection of dresses for all sizes and great pricing, and I liked being able to look through the racks myself. Time slots are limited (consultants literally counting down on your hour appointment) which is a little panic-inducing for such a big decision, but I... Read More did indeed "find my gown" here. I was able to purchase a gorgeous dress that I wouldn't have been able to afford otherwise. After the fact, I did notice a little more wear on my gown when I brought it home than I did in the store, but nothing too noticeable. I ordered my veil from Vows as well, but it came in a month later than expected. In the end, not a huge deal since I had enough time. My only other minor complaint was that they told me that the alterations on the hem of my dress (a ballgown) wouldn't cost much, I assume to make the sale, but ended up costing me about five times what they had estimated. (I didn't have my alterations done by anyone affiliated with Vows--if there is anyone, as I live out of state.)


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