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CA Catering creates memorable and one-of-a-kind weddings. For over twenty years, our passion and stylish approach results in exquisite settings, artistic culinary presentations and impeccable professional service. We are with you every step of the way to design your most perfect day.



American Regional, Asian, Continental, Dessert Specialists, Eastern European, French, Fusion, Indian, Italian, Kosher Style, Latin American, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Other Cuisine, Vegetarian


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2011 Johnson St, Hollywood, FL

Changed food from tasting

2/15/2014 Laura K

CA Catering put together a DELICIOUS tasting for me and my husband...on the day of our wedding changes were made to the food that we picked and some items were never seen. The quality between the tasting and wedding day was almost half.

Thankful Thanksgiving Bride

11/22/2012 Monica S

At first everyone thought getting married on Thanksgiving Day was crazy but it was amazing! All my family was together from far and near - and no one had to cook or clean or lift a finger other than to enjoy the day. The menu was traditional but CA Catering served with style and the fall colors were perfect décor.

Happy mother of groom

1/10/2013 marie N

I didn't have a lot of say regarding my son's wedding plans but I was a very biased spectator since I wanted everything to be the best it could be. I was very impressed with CA Catering as they handled everything smoothly and professionally. We were an unorganized bunch and they managed everything the day of the wedding so that it went beautifully. Our guests were talking about things and sending me emails about the food and wonderful evening all week! I am very grateful.

My Experience with CA Catering

9/30/2013 Ann E

As the mother of the bride I was very involved in the planning and since we live in Ohio and the bride lives in CT and the wedding was in Florida, I relied heavily on CA Catering. I could call anytime with questions and I did just that. Not only did they walk me through the catering process, they also helped with the details for the ceremony, suggested entertainment options, decorating ideas, hotel accommodations, etc. By the time our event came along, everything was all done and I felt quite calm. I had brought items for centerpieces and other decorations which needed to be put on tables and around our venue and I gave detailed instructions as to where it would all go and CA and his staff finished it all up for me so I could be with my daughter before the wedding. I didn't have to worry about anything and when I did ask a question, it was already done! Great to work with; would do it again...but not too soon!

Great Service

2/23/2013 Michelle T

The owners are awesome people and are involved every step of the way. They were professional and courteous throughout. The food was excellent and elegantly displayed. If you are looking for great tasting food, this is the caterer for you. The price is slightly above average but very much worth the penny you pay. You get what you pay for, so don't skimp on one of the most important days of you life.

Purchaser of CA's services

9/11/2012 Bobette R

CA did an amazing job in a very short amount of time. They were comprehensive in their approach and brought all the skills to the table we needed for food,decor and service. Prior to the big day, they went well out of their way to ensure all our decision making was very easy and convenient for us (not them). In executing the set-up, they arrived with an "army" of professionals and we never had a concern they would not be on time. And through several rain showers, they managed to keep the outdoor seating dry and ready. The end result was beautiful and just what I was hoping for. The food was great and we had many complements on the variety and quality. I would definitely recommend them to a friend. Bobette Rousseau

Custom deal with the ease of a package

3/30/2013 Marion P

Working with CA Catering was one of the best decisions we made for the wedding. Marta (the wife in the the husband and wife team) walked me through the elements that CA Catering takes care of- which is a lot! She had suggestions when I needed ideas, but I pretty much chose every detail, from linens to table arrangements, to the seating assignment display to lighting. They do so much, it almost feels like a package deal, but everything was customized to our style and preferences. Oh, and the food! The dishes we picked out from their extensive list were fantastic, everyone commented on how delicious the food was! We had more appetizers than we knew what to do with and for dinner our guests could chose between mahi mahi and flank steak. No over-cooked fish or dried-out steak- everything was great! When the day of the wedding came, I couldn't be the one setting up the seating cards or making sure the tables were perfect (or the lighting or the ribbons or the chairs or or or...). When I arrived at the venue, everything was already perfect. CA (the husband in the duo) had been there setting up with his team all day, and they had taken care of every last detail. I can't recommend CA Catering highly enough. The value they provide through their reasonable pricing and fantastic service isn't easy to find, and the guidance they provided was friendly, professional, and reassuring. A great find!

Civil Wedding


I have only two words for describing CA Catering "excellent service". From beginning to end, they took care about everything on my wedding. They came early and set up everything. They constantly check that everything was going nice and smoothly. Food was passing constantly; all my guests were very comfortable with the service, food, and drinks. Thank you CA catering!!!

CA Catering


CA and staff were absolutely amazing! From the service, the food and overall presentation, everything was great. My wedding was small (50 people) and done in my backyard. CA and staff did wonders. Everyone of my guests loved the food and the service. When they left, there was no trace that there had even been a party there. I highly recommend CA Catering for all of your catering needs. Andrea Zimroth-Toback

Awesome in every way!! Couldn't be happier, thank

11/24/2012 Alice M

CA Catering, you went above and beyond our expectations for Stephanie & Scott's wedding this past Saturday. We received so many positive comments on the food, especially the Creamy Tomato Basil Bisque soup and the crab cakes - oh yes, and the grilled cheese station as well. The guacamole bar was one of my favorites!! EVERYTHING was just perfect. You and your crew came in like little ants...took over the garage and the yard and in no time everything was set up and looked beautiful! And then, before we knew it you were gone in the same manner!! CA, you did little things for us that were not on your "to do" list...like going out to buy liquor that we didn't have. Also, you saw me trying to re-light the floating pool candles and you took over and told me to go join the party. Thanks for all you did! You are on our "Highly recommend" list!!

Good but ran into a few issues

6/30/2012 Kaitlyn G

Over all they were fantastic i wouldnt be able to have done it all with out them. we just had a few issues with mis communication and then an issue during cocktail hour with a food display that i was not aware of untill after it was all done. They left a cheese and fruit display under a tree and it became covered in flies

Extremely disappointed

10/15/2011 Ada A

Unfortunately I had a terrible experience with CA Catering. I'm not even sure where to begin and every time I think about them and the situation it truly breaks my heart because they did not show their commitment to our special day. So here goes: Communication They showed a lack of proper communication, professionalism and attention to detail. When I say they, I really mean CA as I had very little interaction with anyone else. There were multiple occasions where my emails would go unanswered and I had to follow up multiple times in order to get a response. I understand we are all busy and I don't expect an immediate response however allowing several days/weeks to go by without a response was a bit frustrating. Once I did get a response, all my questions would not be answered and I had to follow up again. Extremely frustrating! Hors d’oeuvres and the dinner The majority of the hors d’oeuvres were bland, tasteless and lacked presentation. The dinner was not much better. I heard this from multiple guests which was quite embarrassing. I was supposed to have a dual course menu of chicken and shrimp, however some people never received shrimp and those that did only received 1!? Some of our guests had to request for the shrimp which again was quite embarrassing and disappointing, considering the amount of money I paid him. My photographers never received their dinner. I was especially disappointed about this because they worked really hard all day and should have had a proper dinner. I can only imagine they were starving! When my sister inquired about the food for the vendors, she was told that guests will be served first and then the vendors, which is understandable, however this did not happen. The signature drink This was one of my biggest disappointments. I had specifically requested for a signature drink- pisco sour. Unfortunately, it did not taste authentic at all and it definitely did not taste the same as when I sampled it during the tasting. To be honest I am not sure if it even had pisco in it. I ordered one from the bar during a slow time and the bartender did not use a blender, no lime, and no egg. The purpose of the specialty drink was to add a special Peruvian touch, however it was embarrassing to serve this as a pisco sour. Professionalism We were disappointed that my husband and I were confronted about a table seating mishap as we were getting ready to walk out on to the dance floor for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. Plunkett. This was very bad timing and expected more from the staff than to be pressured and questioned at a crucial time. Cupcake Tower (wedding cake) Extremely disappointed by the cupcakes. The frosting of the cupcakes were all melted!! Butter cream was used even though I specifically requested cream cheese frosting. I cannot express how disappointed I was by this. Really?!? Who serves melted cupcakes?!?! With all that being said I would obviously not recommend them to anyone. It was an extremely frustrating and disappointing experience. I hope this review helps someone out there!


4/30/2011 Emily T

I was so pleased with my Wedding. CA Catering relieved me of all of my stress on the Wedding Day. I was able to relax and be a bride. The staff was amazing and everyone went above and beyond. We had such a difficult venue and it was tough but everyone pulled through. My guests raved about the food and still do! Overall everything was fantastic and I would not have changed a thing.

Average food, good service

3/13/2011 Daniela T

I used this caterer as it was a package deal with the wedding venue. I was dissappointed at the tasting with the quality of the food. We made adjustments, and the wedding food was acceptable. Some of the guests told me it was great, while others, mostly my family, didn't think it was too amazing. However, the caterer was great to work with, and they provided chairs, linens, etc. which we were VERY pleased with.

Very delish

10/29/2010 Michelle C

This company was wonderful, everything that I could of ever imagined on my wedding day!


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