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Castle Couture features 2,000+ gorgeous bridal gowns from many of the world’s best designers, plus stylish evening wear for the Mother of the Bride/Groom. Our client’s satisfaction is our goal: Our expert bridal consultants will assist you in selecting the perfect gown to make your dreams come true.



Alterations, Mothers Fashions, Other Attire & Accessories, Wedding Gowns


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355 US Highway 9, Manalapan, NJ

Beautiful Salon

Reviewed on 10/19/2012 Isabel D

I purchased my wedding gown from Castle Couture and could not be happier. Their bridal salon is absolutely amazing and so beautiful, I honestly didn't think I would be able to afford any gown they had but I was so pleased to find out they had so many beautiful gowns available at such affordable prices. I worked with Marisa and she was great. I was stuck between two different looks for the wedding and in the end, she nailed it. She pulled out an Augusta Jones dress, a designer I had never heard of, and it was THE dress. On the hanger, it looked like nothing special, but as soon as I put that dress one I felt like that dress was made for me. It was everything I wanted and Marisa knew it before I even did. I also decided to have my alterations done at Castle Couture and am so glad I did. 3 months before the wedding my father suddenly passed away and between that and wedding stress, I dropped a significant amount of weight making the dress way too big. Alla (I think that's her name) was absolutely the best and the dress turned out perfect! I was so stressed at the first fitting because I knew it was a lot of work and all I kept thinking about was how expensive it was going to be but Alla eased my worries and gave me a good price. I can't recommend Castle Couture enough, this is a wonderful salon!

Shakey beginning..end result was wonderful

Reviewed on 11/05/2012 Joan K

I went into Castle Couture just to look after finding nothing I liked in several stores. I was looking for a non-typical wedding dress so I was in the regular dress side. Jody was in charge of that side and worked with me to pick numerous dresses. We both agreed none of them were right and she brought over a wedding dress rep that was there for a trunk show who took the time to try and help me find a dress. Jody could see I wasnt finding what I wanted and she encouraged me to wait and come back and she would work with me. When I came back she had picked out several wedding dresses for me to try and I loved one of them. She was wonderful to me and I appreciated her honesty and understanding of my body issues. When I finally chose my dress and made the big decision to order it, I received a phone call 3 days later and was told that dress was no longer available. The voicemail said please come in and pick another dress. I was devastated and felt that was not a proper response. No Im sorry, no let us see what we can do. But to their credit, they worked for the next couple of days and were able to get one more dress for me from the designer. I truly appreciate all that Jody did for me and she has since been made a bridal consultant which is fitting as she was wonderful. Alla the seamstress was terrific. She worked closely with me to make the dress fit so it was comfortable and she truly took the time to make it beautiful.

Should have come here first!

Reviewed on 10/05/2012 Mandy U

I visited 11 bridal shops in my search for THE dress. Castle Couture was one of the last places I visited, and it was one of the best experiences I had. The store is beautiful, so many dresses to choose from from a wide variety of designers, and the consultants are all wonderful and so familiar with the inventory. It was so nice to have a consultant who listened to me and understood what I liked and my body so she didn't waste my time bringing me dresses she knew I wouldn't like or wouldn't fit me well. I have a admit I was a little intimidated going to this store because I thought all the dresses would be way out of my price range- I already had a mortifying visit to Kleinfelds and was afraid this would be a repeat of that- but many of the dresses I tried on were well below what my budget was. After my first visit, I left torn between 2 dresses. When a BM came to town the following week, CC let me come in without an appointment so I could show my BM and we were able to decide on a dress that day. Even the alteration process was wonderful and very efficient. I can't recommend this store enough to anyone looking for their dress. Come here first!!!

Sheila is great!

Reviewed on 12/27/2014 Carley G

We had such a great experience! I asked Sheila what style she thought would be best for me... I would never have thought to try on the dress I did but it was amazing! I felt like a Queen! Thank you Sheila!

Beautiful Dresses for every budget

Reviewed on 12/09/2014 Alexa Renee

I had a very pleasurable experience with Castle Couture. The shop itself is aesthetically beautiful. I think that the surroundings of where you buy your wedding gown heavily contribute in giving you an unforgettable bridal shopping experience. I started my dress hunt in Dec'13 for my Nov'14 wedding, and let's just say it was a very frustrating and exhausting experience. Then I found CC. Their selection was endless with a range of high/low price points that would accommodate any budget. Jody was my consultant and she was very sweet and patient with me. I found the perfect dress that Jody paired with matching veil. 7 months later, the dress came in, and I did unfortunately experience some setbacks. The dress was ordered custom to my measurements but it did not come in as so. Mainly my frustration stemmed from knowing the extreme alternations that would need to be done - the dress was very detailed with lace & tulle. I decided to not let my inner-bridezilla emerge and I talked everything through with the manager, Colleen. She handled my situation with empathy and we spoke for almost an hour on the phone and answered every question I had. She assured me this can be a common mistake, and paired me up with the seamstress best for this type of issue - Maria. I cannot say enough good things about this angel of a seamstress. She transformed my dress so that it fit me like a glove. I couldn't believe the work she did on a dress so detailed. I could tell she spent countless hours on this dress, and you wouldn't even know by looking at it. All in all, this is a beautiful store with bridal designers from A-Z accommodating all budgets. Although I experienced some hiccups, the end result was everything I could have wanted and more. I received endless compliments on my gown and knew I had come to the right place for it. I highly recommend this shop to any future bride and hope their experience will be as rewarding as mine was.

Fairy Tale Bridal Gown Buying Experience!

Reviewed on 11/16/2014 Marissa E

Everyone who I worked with at Castle Couture was professional and kind. I bought the dress for my engagement party here and my bridal gown. My mom also bought her mother of the bride gown here. We worked with Laura for most of the experience and she was the sweetest person and very knowledgeable. She found me my dream gown right away. The seamstress is so talented. I highly recommend her. She did an amazing job with our gowns and they had a ton of beading. I can't wait to have a reason to go back!

Great service

Reviewed on 7/14/2013 Jamie F

The people at Castle Couture were very helpful and pleasant. I bought all of my wedding attire there (dress, veil, hair piece, and alterations). They worked well within my budget and found me a dress that was way below what I expected to pay. The alterations were very reasonable. Great staff all around!

Champagne flowers

Reviewed on 10/03/2012 Lindsay B

Castle Couture was our fifth stop. My mom and I were getting tired. We worked with Sheila who was wonderful. It was like I had two Jewish mothers with me. We found my dress with her and she was wonderful. The dress was from a local NJ designer La Richi who hand paints the detailed flowers on the dress. We were told we could custom order the flower colors, but because I loved the model dress, I ordered it as it. Ivory, with champagne colored flowers. Three months later, I had an ivory dress, but no champagne flowers. The flowers weren't painted. I started to cry. Mom started to cry. My sister started to yell. Thank goodness for sisters. Once we got someone over to us, the initial response was inadequate. No one could tell us what could be done. We finally got a hold of the manager who promised us that she would contact the designer the next day to resolve the problem. (Designer isn't open on Saturdays.) The problem was that we were less than two months away from my wedding and we were worried about the timing of the fittings since the dress clearly had to be sent back to the designer. To her credit, the manager did call me the next day to say she spoke with the designer who will come pick up the dress and have it back within 3 weeks time as order. They actually had the dress back in two weeks. They rush ordered a whole new dress. It arrived and was beautiful. Then the altering. First we did the bust and body. Next we did the hem and bustle. The seamstress was great. She sewed in cups for me, designed a cute sash to go with the dress, and showed us different bustle styles. When the dress was finished she showed my sisters how to bustle the dress properly and there were 7 different bustle strings to make sure it was secure. One note on the tailoring, I ended up requesting that my bust be taken in another inch. I'm fairly curvy, so I didn't want to be that bride who was constantly pulling up my strapless dress. They took it in and it was really tight. I was a little nervous that it may be too tight, but I rolled the dice. Wedding day comes, I put on the dress, zip it up, take a few steps, see myself in the mirror, take a deep breath, and POP. I heard a pop. The clasp at the top of the zipper in the back popped off! I thought I was going to die. Luckily, my sisters were there, investigated the pop, and decided that it was unnoticeable and that the dress wasn't going anywhere. But still, it popped off! A few extra sturdy stitches could have been helpful. I'm not sure if this is the designer or the seamstress. All in all, the experience was good. They have a great selection, spotty service depending on the day and time you go, but if you find your dress there and they mess up, they will accommodate your schedule which is what mattered in my case.

Sheila is the BEST!

Reviewed on 8/08/2012 Shannon O

Sheila helped me find THE dress! She was so patient with my very opinionated family! :) She made me feel so comfortable while trying on dress after dress and she knew what I wanted better then I did! She did all she could to make the process as special and relaxed as possible! She was very honest in a very kind way and made the total experience a very stress-free one! Thank you Sheila for helping me make this wonderful decision!!!


Reviewed on 8/03/2012 caitlin p

A beautiful shop with GREAT service! They have great variety of gowns in such a beautiful shop. At Castle Couture, they always make you feel like a queen and are so helpful here! I fell in love with a beautiful gown and never looked back. Lisa was especially helpful as I searched for my gown and worked with me and helped me find the perfect wedding dress!! Overall, I had a wonderful experience at Castle Couture! YSA 3046

Shop Here!!! They are Great!!!

Reviewed on 5/18/2012 Dalma G

Words Can't express how happy I was with this vendor. Their Staff is excellent and they really provided me with personalized service. I not only got my gown here but also my bridesmaids, my mother and my mother in law. Their prices can fit any budget, and are willing to work within your price range. They have tons of dresses and will fit any style that you are looking for. I feel like the staff that helped me aren't just staff but are now my friends. Rita was excellent! Ask for her!!!A+++++.

So happy I found my bridal gown here!

Reviewed on 5/18/2012 Jackeline Leonor L

An amazing shop with incredible service! They have great variety of gowns in such a beautiful upscale shop. It feels like you've walked into a European mansion! At Castle Couture, they always make you feel like a queen and are so helpful here! I was a champagne bride on a beer budget but they helped me find the perfect beautiful gown that fit my taste and budget! I fell in love with a beautiful Casablanca gown and never looked back. Nancy was especially helpful as I searched for my gown and worked with me to make some custom alterations and helped me find the right accessories to complete my look! Overall, I had a wonderful experience at Castle Couture!

My dream dress

Reviewed on 5/01/2012 Samantha L

Castle Couture was wonderful! The shop is beautiful and you truly feel like a bride the moment you walk in. My consultant helped me find a stunning Paloma Blanca gown in my price range. I'm petite, so finding something that didn't overwhelm me was a challenge. My alterations went incredibly well. Though I'm not sure the going price for alterations, I did feel mine were expensive. However, the dress fits perfectly so it was worth the money! Most everyone was so friendly and made sure I felt comfortable throughout the entire experience. (My dress was under 2000 but the alterations put it over that mark)

Found my perfect dress!

Reviewed on 3/31/2012 Toni-Ann W

Everyone at Castle Couture was so friendly and helpful in helping me find the perfect dress. Laura (my consultant) was extremely helpful and only picked dresses within my price range.

Amazing Experience!

Reviewed on 3/04/2012 Nicolette J

I would like to thank Laura for being the most amazing bridal consultant ever! Castle Couture was the first and only bridal shop I visited and with good reason! The place is beautiful enough to have your reception there and the staff is both friendly and knowledgeable. I went with a clear vision of what I wanted and knew my budget. Laura was not the type of consultant who pushed me to max out my budget, she pulled dresses that matched my personality and were well within my price range. With that being said, she did push for me to try on Vail's that I previously said "OH NOOOO," to and I am so glad she did! I wound up finding my dream dress in only two try's and found the most beautiful cathedral length vail I could ever imagine! She went above and beyond to accommodate my needs, wants, and desires. I would most certainly recommend Castle Couture to any bride who want a unique and personal experience. Thanks again ladies, especially Laura!

Great vendor! Laura is awesome!

Reviewed on 2/06/2012 Jessica P

Castle Couture was the first place I went when looking for my wedding dress. They have a great selection and Laura was amazing throughout the process! Since it was such a great experience we even ended up buying the bridesmaids dresses there!

Very good

Reviewed on 10/02/2011 Lisa S

The shop is beautiful and selection is very unique for this area. I was measured for the gown I ordered correctly by the store but there was an error made by the manufacturer of the gown since I had lost 25 lbs and the gown was too small when it came in. I felt bullied by a member of the staff to have the gown let out but I felt it would be a noticeable alteration and thought it would be unfair since I had spent a lot of money on the gown. I insisted they work with the manufacturer to correct the gown (they did contact manufacturer who corrected the gown). Laura was an awesome consultant and Alla the seamstress is unbelievable. She truly is the reason my gown fit ( she assembled the dress with the new piece sent form the manufacturer flawlessly). I recommend this shop to anyone looking for something unique, and the made up for the error made by the manufacturer

Great at first...

Reviewed on 9/12/2011 Catherine C

Service was great when searching for gown, but once sold, they could make you wait forever!


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