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Castle Couture features 2,000+ gorgeous bridal gowns from many of the world’s best designers, plus stylish evening wear for the Mother of the Bride/Groom. Our client’s satisfaction is our goal: Our expert bridal consultants will assist you in selecting the perfect gown to make your dreams come true.


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355 US Highway 9, Manalapan, NJ

Beautiful Salon

Reviewed on 10/19/2012 Isabel D

I purchased my wedding gown from Castle Couture and could not be happier. Their bridal salon is absolutely amazing and so beautiful, I honestly didn't think I would be able to afford any gown they had but I was so pleased to find out they had so many beautiful gowns available at such affordable prices. I worked with Marisa and she was great. I was stuck between two different looks for the wedding and in the end, she nailed it. She pulled out an Augusta Jones dress, a designer I had never heard of, and it was THE dress. On the hanger, it looked like nothing special, but as soon as I put that dress one I felt like that dress was made for me. It was everything I wanted and Marisa knew it before I even did. I also decided to have my alterations done at Castle Couture and am so glad I did. 3 months before the wedding my father suddenly passed away and between that and wedding stress, I dropped a significant amount of weight making the dress way too big. Alla (I think that's her name) was absolutely the best and the dress turned out perfect! I was so stressed at the first fitting because I knew it was a lot of work and all I kept thinking about was how expensive it was going to be but Alla eased my worries and gave me a good price. I can't recommend Castle Couture enough, this is a wonderful salon!

Shakey beginning..end result was wonderful

Reviewed on 11/05/2012 Joan K

I went into Castle Couture just to look after finding nothing I liked in several stores. I was looking for a non-typical wedding dress so I was in the regular dress side. Jody was in charge of that side and worked with me to pick numerous dresses. We both agreed none of them were right and she brought over a wedding dress rep that was there for a trunk show who took the time to try and help me find a dress. Jody could see I wasnt finding what I wanted and she encouraged me to wait and come back and she would work with me. When I came back she had picked out several wedding dresses for me to try and I loved one of them. She was wonderful to me and I appreciated her honesty and understanding of my body issues. When I finally chose my dress and made the big decision to order it, I received a phone call 3 days later and was told that dress was no longer available. The voicemail said please come in and pick another dress. I was devastated and felt that was not a proper response. No Im sorry, no let us see what we can do. But to their credit, they worked for the next couple of days and were able to get one more dress for me from the designer. I truly appreciate all that Jody did for me and she has since been made a bridal consultant which is fitting as she was wonderful. Alla the seamstress was terrific. She worked closely with me to make the dress fit so it was comfortable and she truly took the time to make it beautiful.

Should have come here first!

Reviewed on 10/05/2012 Mandy U

I visited 11 bridal shops in my search for THE dress. Castle Couture was one of the last places I visited, and it was one of the best experiences I had. The store is beautiful, so many dresses to choose from from a wide variety of designers, and the consultants are all wonderful and so familiar with the inventory. It was so nice to have a consultant who listened to me and understood what I liked and my body so she didn't waste my time bringing me dresses she knew I wouldn't like or wouldn't fit me well. I have a admit I was a little intimidated going to this store because I thought all the dresses would be way out of my price range- I already had a mortifying visit to Kleinfelds and was afraid this would be a repeat of that- but many of the dresses I tried on were well below what my budget was. After my first visit, I left torn between 2 dresses. When a BM came to town the following week, CC let me come in without an appointment so I could show my BM and we were able to decide on a dress that day. Even the alteration process was wonderful and very efficient. I can't recommend this store enough to anyone looking for their dress. Come here first!!!

Reviewed on 7/11/2015 Samantha A

Let me just start of by saying...Castle Couture is a SLICE OF HEAVEN. With our wedding being only 8 months away, I was nervous finding a dress in such a short amount of time but also because of our very limited budget, I was sure that I would have to compensate and lower my extravagant taste down to match my "not so extravagant" price limit. The owner of Castle Couture is an absolutely amazing man and has personally made sure that they carry every style of dress in EVERY price range. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could find a gown with such elegance, exquisite beading and detail, as well as the dramatic styling that I was looking for without breaking my budget! They make dreams come true at the Castle! Our consultant, Elizabeth, made our experience picture perfect from start to finish! First off, I am very picky but I came into my appointment trying to be open minded and positive. I did not bring any photos of the type of dress I wanted, did not state anything to Elizabeth other than I knew I did not want color in my dress (color sashes, etc) nor was I interested in anything simple or straight line. Wanted dramatic and I like beading but that I wasn't opposed to lace. As we walked up the spiral staircase, for all of two minutes, I nervously spurted out a whole bunch of confusing jibberish. Somehow from all the "I don't know's" that I gave her, Elizabeth magically went to the racks and began pulling and pulling and pulling! We sat in the gorgeous bridal room-which literally looks like Heaven- and she quickly came back with a handful of gowns for me to try on. She picked the first gown and had me try it on and low and behold, the first dress ended up being the winner!!! After the appointment and a dozen dresses later, my heart selected the first gown! Breathtaking. Magical. My body was trembling. It's like my body knew this was my wedding gown. From the second I slipped it on and saw myself in the mirror... I couldn't get over the fact that Elizabeth - from the minuscule amount of detail I gave her about what I was looking for - pulled the absolute perfect dress for me on the first shot. She's a God sent. The staff oozes professionalism, a pure love for their careers and the clients they work with, as well as class and elegance. They were friendly, personable, warm, helpful and made the experience so special. Exactly what I have always wanted from my "bride to be" gown appointment. I didn't have to go anywhere else to try on gowns, I purchased my gown right on the spot. Also a special thanks to Colleen for making magic happen and working with my extremely short time frame, you're an angel! Best decision hands down! Castle Couture is a 10 out of 10!!! I cannot thank their amazing staff enough! - Samantha & Mike


Reviewed on 3/20/2015 Justine R

I had such a great experience there. They were very friendly, helpful and have a great selection of dresses.

perfect dress

Reviewed on 2/26/2015 Cathy A

I purchased my dress in September and made a couple of alterations. The customer service was amazing!!! It was perfect!!


Reviewed on 1/19/2015 Vanessa L

I loved my dress! Maurice, the owner of the salon is a kind man. I bought a dress where my parents live, 700 miles away from where I live and where the wedding was. He assured me that if necessary, all of the alterations to get the gown from a size 10 to a size 00 could be made in a week. Maria, our seamstress was a magician! She knew exactly what the dress needed and made all of the nips and tucks I requested. She provided her insight and is clearly incredibly skilled.

Absolutely love this place!

Reviewed on 1/05/2015 Julianne W

I decided to begin looking for a wedding dress sooner than later because I've heard the horror stories of waiting until the last minute. I decided to visit Castle Couture as my first experience shopping because nearly every gown I fell in love with online seemed to be there. I went on the website, which was extremely helpful, I called the number and made an appointment. They took a credit card number over the phone (which I was a little thrown off by) in case you skipped the appointment there would be a charge. I completely understand why now. The moment you walk through the doors, you feel like a princess. The amount of energy, and the feeling of absolute royalty that this place creates is substantial. It does not go unnoticed that each staff member welcomes you with open arms. I was fortunate to have a wonderful consultant named Laura Diaz. She knew exactly what I envisioned even if I wasn't the best at explaining it. The first dress she picked for me was stunning, it was everything I liked but a little something was missing so we continued looking. It was then that I stepped into the dress that I will walk down the aisle in. It immediately brought tears to my eyes. Both Laura and I knew this was the 'one'. I continued to try other styles and fabrics, but each time I came back to #2. I bought that dress the same day, not because I was pressured, but because it was my dream dress, and my dream experience. Following my measurements, and payment for the dress (which was within my budget), I was walked downstairs and lead to a small window where I was given a complimentary ring cleaning. The woman was beyond pleasant, and stated that when I return for my fittings, I was welcome to complimentary cleanings. I left Castle Couture with the absolute reality that I am getting married, and its becoming an amazing journey. I am so thankful to the staff for making this journey stress free and a dream come true.

Great dress experience!

Reviewed on 1/04/2015 Christina C

I had my first dress trial which also was my last. I never expected to order a dress the first time I tried gowns on, but I did. Laura was my consultant, who was wonderful. She wasn't pushy at all but gave her opinion when needed, which was helpful. Laura made sure to bring me only dresses within my budget which I really appreciated. Castle Couture is also a beautiful store that made everything feel that more special and classy. They had lots and lots of dresses to choose from. Definitely would recommend!

I felt like a movie star in my wedding gown!

Reviewed on 1/03/2015 Lindsay R

I booked an appointment here based off the fact that it looked like a beautiful facility after driving by several times. When my appointment came and I first walked in with my mom, I wondered if I had made a mistake based off the fact that it was so upscale and I thought the whole place would be way out my budget range. As soon as I met my consultant, Laura, my fears were put to rest. She was very warm and friendly to my mom and I and she welcomed us in. After giving her an idea of what I wanted, and my budget, she really went to work pulling dresses for me. She pulled several, including one I wasn't crazy about, which ended up being my dress!! She got me to try it on even though I didn't really like it on the rack, and as soon as I put it on I knew it was the one for me! I got that special feeling that everyone talks about and when I showed it to my mom we both knew it was the one. It was only slightly above our budget so we decided that day that we'd buy it. On the day of my wedding I got so many complements and the dress not only fit the theme I was going for, but made me feel like an old school, glamorous movie star! My only complaint here is that I used the tailor they recommended in house and she was definitely not the warm and friendly type. She really didn't smile or say nice things, and she didn't want to take the dress out, even though I told her I couldn't breathe in it. After several requests, she finally took it out for me, just barely. It looked great the day of, although it was still a little tighter than I would have liked. My recommendation would be to bring someone with you when you're getting your alterations so you don't get bullied!

Sheila is great!

Reviewed on 12/27/2014 Carley G

We had such a great experience! I asked Sheila what style she thought would be best for me... I would never have thought to try on the dress I did but it was amazing! I felt like a Queen! Thank you Sheila!

Jodi was amazingly patient and extremely helpful.

Reviewed on 12/26/2014 Jessica C

I had been to other bridal stores, one was an okay experience and one was horrid. But this was a great experience all around! Jodi was my consultant for both my appointments. During the first appointment, she brought every gown out in my price point that was what I was looking for that was fairly simple without too much beading, lace and embellishment. It isn't easy to find in the bridal world today. I found two dresses I was stuck on and without pressure I left dress-less. Upon my second appointment, Jodi was patient and helpful as I tried both dresses on twice with veils and finally, fell in love. She was honest and knowledgeable as we decided on a veil and blusher. There was no push to pad a commission or drive up the sale. I actually left with the more affordable dress and veil. It is a great store with much to offer. I highly recommend Jodi. She is friendly, honest, and loves her helping brides find their wedding day look, which really shows in her treatment.

Beautiful Dresses for every budget

Reviewed on 12/09/2014 Alexa Renee

I had a very pleasurable experience with Castle Couture. The shop itself is aesthetically beautiful. I think that the surroundings of where you buy your wedding gown heavily contribute in giving you an unforgettable bridal shopping experience. I started my dress hunt in Dec'13 for my Nov'14 wedding, and let's just say it was a very frustrating and exhausting experience. Then I found CC. Their selection was endless with a range of high/low price points that would accommodate any budget. Jody was my consultant and she was very sweet and patient with me. I found the perfect dress that Jody paired with matching veil. 7 months later, the dress came in, and I did unfortunately experience some setbacks. The dress was ordered custom to my measurements but it did not come in as so. Mainly my frustration stemmed from knowing the extreme alternations that would need to be done - the dress was very detailed with lace & tulle. I decided to not let my inner-bridezilla emerge and I talked everything through with the manager, Colleen. She handled my situation with empathy and we spoke for almost an hour on the phone and answered every question I had. She assured me this can be a common mistake, and paired me up with the seamstress best for this type of issue - Maria. I cannot say enough good things about this angel of a seamstress. She transformed my dress so that it fit me like a glove. I couldn't believe the work she did on a dress so detailed. I could tell she spent countless hours on this dress, and you wouldn't even know by looking at it. All in all, this is a beautiful store with bridal designers from A-Z accommodating all budgets. Although I experienced some hiccups, the end result was everything I could have wanted and more. I received endless compliments on my gown and knew I had come to the right place for it. I highly recommend this shop to any future bride and hope their experience will be as rewarding as mine was.

5 Star Service All Around! Wide Selection & Amazing Customer Service

Reviewed on 12/05/2014 Chelsea T

Angela was amazing! Very patient and sweet. When I finally found "the dress" (after trying on 15+) she was so excited for me which really made me feel special. She also made my mom and sister feel very included. The store is gorgeous and the service is phenomenal. I went during the week (which I highly suggest as opposed to the weekend). Such a wide selection of dresses! It was my 4th bridal shop but I wish I had gone there first.

The absolute best!

Reviewed on 11/23/2014 Taylor S

I went into Castle Couture for my first ever bridal appt expecting to, pretty much, "play dress-up". The second you walk in the showroom there is an overwhelming sea of gowns. My stylist, Laura, took that overwhelming feeling away instantly. She asked what style I liked and my budget before grabbing gown after gown and asking my views on various beading and lace. Once we had about 6 dresses I headed into the dressing room. I really surprised myself with what I thought I would like (and didn't) and what Laura said would suit me better (the gown I bought)! She made the day, surprisingly, quick and easy. I ended up getting the 4th dress I tried on and it was less than half of my budget, including the veil! All over it was a great day and I can't wait for it to come in! Thank you Laura :)

Fairy Tale Bridal Gown Buying Experience!

Reviewed on 11/16/2014 Marissa E

Everyone who I worked with at Castle Couture was professional and kind. I bought the dress for my engagement party here and my bridal gown. My mom also bought her mother of the bride gown here. We worked with Laura for most of the experience and she was the sweetest person and very knowledgeable. She found me my dream gown right away. The seamstress is so talented. I highly recommend her. She did an amazing job with our gowns and they had a ton of beading. I can't wait to have a reason to go back!

Beautiful Dresses; pricey alterations

Reviewed on 11/10/2014 Jess L

I found my wedding gown at Castle Couture and used them for alterations as well. My bridal consultant was incredible and helped me figure out what type of gown was right for me -- I honestly had no idea what I would like when I went to my first appointment. I ended up going back and purchasing my gown two weeks later because of how comfortable I felt during the process and because of the selection. I was never overwhelmed by the number of dresses they had and found my dream gown. The alteration process was a bit trickier, but ended up being fine. My gown was a complicated gown, so we had to wait until a couple of weeks before the wedding to do all of them. Alterations were very expensive. All ended up okay except that during my wedding night, my bustle kept coming undone and my husband/bridesmaids had to fix it. I think this happened at like 6-10 times throughout the reception. Overall, I would recommend.

5 Stars

Reviewed on 10/29/2014 Lauren F

Mary Anne helped me find my dream gown for my upcoming wedding. We both reached for the same dress and I was in love!! Until this day I still walk by the dress and want to wear it again! The service was exceptional and professional. Castle Couture had a great seamstress as well.

Overall Satisfied

Reviewed on 10/28/2014 Laura M

Beautiful store, great selection, overall satisfied. The first saleswoman I saw was no help. She didn't give me suggestions and just let me pick out my own dresses. The 2nd saleswoman did wonders, her name was Maryann. I picked a dress from my first visit and she jazzed it up with the most beautiful belt and veil I had ever seen. Alterations cost a little more than I had hoped because she had to take in the dress 2 times. When I went to pick up my dress 2 days before wedding it still wasn't finished and steamed and I had to return back the next day which was annoying. Overall satisfied, dress and accessories were so beautiful but they just need to be more organized.

Huge Variety and Beautiful Shop

Reviewed on 10/26/2014 Jacqueline

Everyone I worked with at Castle Couture was very professional and helped me find the perfect dress. I had been to two other bridal salons, and Castle Couture definitely had the best selection and nicest shop. The dress I ended up loving wasn't even something I would have expected to like, but they were great at identifying a unique style for me. I used Castle Couture for alterations and dress preservation, and I also would highly recommend them for these services.

Great selection of dresses

Reviewed on 10/23/2014 Dana R

Castle Couture is a one of kind dress store. I loved my dress and it was exactly what I wanted. Angela is an amazing sales person who truly cares about her customers. I have sent multiple friends to her already for her expertise and knowledge. The only thing I was upset about was alteration costs. They are not included but seem high compared to other stores.


Reviewed on 10/06/2014 Marisa B

SO many options to choose from, but the salespeople are SO helpful that you will not feel overwhelmed! The dresses are just beautiful.

What they say is true. This place does make you feel like a princess.

Reviewed on 9/13/2014 Jacqueline M

If you live in central NJ, you shouldn't look anywhere other than Castle Couture for your bridal gown. It has a big selection, it's clean, and it's professional. Please, seriously, don't even bother with David's Bridal. Despite Castle Couture's expensive appearance, you can find beautiful, well-made gowns under $1000. (That's what I did!) I thoroughly enjoyed trying on gowns and going for fittings. The setting makes you feel elegant. Honestly, I can sit here and list every good thing about Castle Couture, but instead, I'll just write that it's the right choice for buying and altering your wedding gown!

Best Salon!!

Reviewed on 9/04/2014 Victoria T

My friend first took me to Castle Couture because it was her favorite place when she shopped for her dress. They have a huge selection over a large range of prices. The best part is they had many "stages" where you can come out and show your shopping buddies each gown you try on. They even let me take pictures because my mom couldn't make it! I tried on a dress that I had previously liked but was too expensive. To my surprise, it was much cheaper in this salon! At the time, I was almost two hours away and I knew I would be moving another hour away, but I loved the service and my consultant, Angela, so much that it was worth the travel for my (many) fittings. I was very picky about my bustle, I didn't want the big poufy butt that some bustles give you. Ellen, the seamstress was very careful and the bustle blended seamlessly into the dress. I got so many compliments the day of and am still very happy that I choose castle couture.

Great experience!!

Reviewed on 8/25/2014 Ashley E

I had a great experience at Castle Couture! Angela was my consultant and did a wonderful job! With each dress I tried on she listened to everything I said and would pull additional dresses. The fifth one was the perfect dress that had everything I was hoping for, not to mention it was under budget! Angela was so nice and helpful and my parents and I felt like we knew her for years! Additionally, the showroom was beautiful and we never felt rushed by anyone. I would definitely recommend shopping here for your wedding dress!


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