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1212 SE Century Drive, Lees Summit, MO (816) 525-8568

Great Service

Reviewed on 10/27/2015 Danielle B

We rented extra chairs and tables for our reception. I requested an estimate via email. The reply comes back very straight forward. The woman I spoke with on the phone (JoAnna I believe) was super nice and helpful! Everything worked out great!

Horrible Experience

Reviewed on 10/08/2014 Amanda G

We unfortunately had a terrible experience with Celebration. The first red flag was that even though we contacted them 8 months before the event, they did not finalize the floor plan with us or give us a quote until less the 4 weeks before the event, and that was only because we... Read More threatened to use another company. We had an absolutely terrible time getting a hold of them. My mom and I would call repeatedly and we would never get a response. When it finally got down to the wire, it turned out that they had already ordered the materials without confirming the floor plan with us, and it wound up being smaller than we needed. To make matters worse, as they were setting up, we noticed that they were not hanging enough fabric for the ceiling, and when my mom said something, they said that would be another 24 hours of work. We were having the reception in a barn and we had repeatedly stated that we did not want to see the barn, that it should be fully covered. Well the ceiling wasn't covered AT ALL. The dads and the groom and the groomsmen spent the entire wedding day buying fabric and hanging it themselves. Adding insult to injury, they failed to take down the structure on schedule, which prevented my mom's clients from using the barn for an extra day, AND they had the audacity to charge us more than the original quote, even though they did not deliver on what they were supposed to provide! The Chivari chairs we received were all chipped, and the dance floor had several scuff marks. Our catering company contracted this company for us, and they indicated they had not had problems with Celebration before, so maybe they had just overcommitted themselves this season. However, I would strongly caution anyone thinking about using this service: don't keep waiting for them to get back to you, just use someone else!!

Great to work with!!

Reviewed on 9/19/2014 Sydney O

Celebration Party Rentals were great to work with! They were flexible and easy to get ahold of. They also delivered on time and picked-up on time. I would recommend them to anyone.

Quick response, flexible orders, right on time!

Reviewed on 10/29/2013 Christopher O

We rented tables, chairs, and linens for our wedding and the process of using Celebration Rentals was effortless. I went onto their website, which offered tons of options for far more than we needed, and put together a list of items we would need. i also over-estimated... Read More everything because i was told that they could adjust the number down as the date was closer. So I put together a selection and was sent a quote the next day (I put it together on a Sunday and got the response first thing Monday morning). I also had put together a different option to try and figure out what would be cheaper and they had no problem with that and double checked with me when they sent it as to why there were two. As our RSVPs came in and we finalized our number of guests, I emailed them an updated number of items and they quickly adjusted the total for us and we were all set. You have until a week before the event so there you aren't locked in to anything until close to the day of the event. They delivered everything in the window of time they gave us and picked everything up right on time too! Everything was accounted for, linens and chairs looked great and everything went off without a hitch. Definitely will use them again for any future events that we might have.


Reviewed on 10/11/2013 Angela J

Stay far away from Celebrations!!! They messed up the draping at my wedding - I was devastated when I walked in to the reception for the first time! What is even worse is when we called to tell them we were dissatisfied that they did not fulfill what was laid out in the... Read More contract, we were completely ignored and disrespected! The only response we got was "the people onsite liked it." That is absolutely ridiculous and terrible customer service!!! You satisfy the people paying for the job! We had to file a complaint with our credit card company to get the issue resolved! The outcome was great for us - we got the full refund because we had 100% evidence that Celebrations did not fulfill the contract agreed upon!! I would not be writing this if Steve Weaver, the Vice President, would have been professional and tried to work with us and at the very least APOLOGIZE for their terrible service for not fulfilling their contract!!! WE got lucky and got all of our money back, you may not get so lucky! Go with another vendor!

Good service

Reviewed on 10/03/2013 Beth H

Great service and easy to work with!

A Good Experience

Reviewed on 8/22/2013 Caroline L

Celebrations was the recommended rental vendor for our reception venue (Faultless Event Space), and since there are so many options for rental companies, it was nice to have that decision made for us. We got plates, flatware, cake plateaus, linens, champagne glasses, and bulb... Read More lighting (and installation) from Celebrations. Everything looked wonderful and was as promised. The prices were very reasonable, and they worked with me every time I changed my mind about something (which was a few times during our engagement!). Everything was set up beautifully, and we were relieved by how dependable they were.

They TRANSFORMED our entire venue

Reviewed on 5/23/2013 Renee G

Services: draping, linen rental, china rental, bogo lighting over the dance floor Pros: They have a wonderful website for showing their product and current pricing. Cons: I had 3 different point of contacts during my time working with them prior to the installation.

party rentals

Reviewed on 5/08/2013 Maryam M

I was very satisfied with the dishes and dance floor I rented and I would use them again for future events!

Perfect color

Reviewed on 3/12/2013 Christi R

Quality products. They have a ton to choose from from table linens to lighting and displays.

Don't use this vender for linens

Reviewed on 12/10/2012 Cindy H

We rented linens for our duaghte'sr wedding reception. We had to spend hours while we were suppose to be decorating and setting up for the reception, ironing the tablescothes. We were told that they would be ironed and ready to go. I wondered about it when they were handed off... Read More to us folded in plastic bags and not hanging up on hangers. Also all of the 90 inch round table clothes were nof the samel but made from different fabrics and 1/3 of them werer pieced in 3 pieces with seams runnig the full width of the cloth up the sides and over the table top. Even though we spent several hours trying to iron them, they still didn't look great. When we returned them and expressed our dissafaction, we were told they would let someone know. Even though I said I would expect a call, I never heard from anyone. Their rental price is jsut as much as buying them somewhere. I thoguht of just buying some, but I didn't want to have to iron any I bought. (It probably would have been easier.) Was told they iron and bag them when returned. So they set on a shelf until your event and are NOT ironed for your event. Many didn't look as though they had been ironed at all. Celebration party doesn't like negative reviews as they deleted my comment from their facebook page and blocked me.

2012-12-12T08:37:21 Response from the vendor

The linens for your event were washed, dried and pressed. All linens from any company have creases in the linens from being folded in order to fit through the press. The crease marks should fall in the middle of the table and most of our... Read Less Read More

maybe im the exception...

Reviewed on 10/22/2012 alyssa s

I've heard many good things about celebrations, but my experience was a little disappointing. They took a really long time to return any of my quotes and were very hard to meet with and get a hold of. A lot of waiting for call backs. When i did get the rentals, I was pleased... Read More with the linens, tables, but was disappointed with the chairs. i picked taupe chairs, but there were about 16 throughout the stacks that were brown. Very obviously a different color when you saw the brown spots of chairs from any angle. Since they arrived the day before the wedding, I didnt want to go through the hassle of waiting for them to come and switch them out, but it was a disappointment when looking back through the pictures.


Reviewed on 8/01/2012 Jessica B

I figured out what I wanted easily by looking at their website. Best is that you pay the second half AND can make changes (more or less table cloths, chairs, get a second bar, etc) just 2 weeks before the ceremony. The delivered the goods to my venue Friday and picked them up... Read More Monday. I didn't even have to mess with it! I've also read negative comments about the quality of other rental company's stuff. The chairs, linens, and wooden bar were in great shape. No complaints!

Company Doesn't Value Your Time

Reviewed on 7/29/2012 Stephanie S

When you first go to Celebrations they're very helpful in helping you pick out what you need and are available during walk ins. After they have your money they could care less. They were unprofessional. We scheduled on site meetings which the owner was incredibly late to, it was... Read More an inconvenience for those who took time off work for a 10am meeting for him to show up two hours later. He claimed he would set up on a Thursday due to the scale of our reception needs. I received a call on the week of the wedding saying they'd come Friday. I had other vendors lined up Friday, for him to change the day was incredibly inconvenient and rude. When you say you're coming on a specific date you come that date and don't go on vacation. The linens were wrinkled, stained, dirty, the chairs were dirty, some were broken and could not be used, table tops were badly warped. Someone got a splinter from a table after a linen had been put over it. The lighting was to be white, some bulbs were white others yellow. I felt this company is more concerned with high publicity events in Kansas City than weddings now. My family and in-laws were not pleased with the amount of money spent for lack of communication and headache. After talking with other friends and a wedding venue who used Celebrations and had poor service, I should have talked to them first and never used them.

Pretty good

Reviewed on 11/01/2011 Jonell W

We rented cloth napkins for our reception from Celebration Party Rentals. They had the best prices and were more affordable than renting directly through our reception hall. The napkins were okay, but they weren't all the same. Our color was eggplant and some were a bit lighter... Read More or darker than others. Also, they weren't starched very well and about half were not exactly square which made them difficult to hold shape when we folded them for the tables. It didn't ruin my day, but I guess I expected a bit better. It was also a bit inconvenient that they were not open on Sunday for returns so we had to have a friend return them on Monday since we were gone on our honeymoon. Overall, just okay.

2011-11-02T13:42:02 Response from the vendor

Thank you for the review. We do not starch our linen napkins as it is not recommended from a health issue ( no one really wants to lick starch when using the napkins), and as well our clients like to do different types of folds... Read Less Read More

Great service

Reviewed on 7/21/2011 Amanda S

They were very easy to work with, I set up my initial order through email for plates and silverware for our wedding. I called two weeks before our wedding with an updated number and she instantly updated my order and lowered my final price, which I thought was awesome that they... Read More would change the amount I needed so close before the date. Great service and price. Everything looked great!

Horrible Experience, beware!

Reviewed on 7/14/2011 Ashley R

The tents arrived a day later than promised. Then the night before my wedding 2 tents got blown away by a storm. I called them all morning with no response and my family ending up having the take the broken tents down ourselves. They showed up 2 hours before my wedding to "fix"... Read More the problem but by that time we didn't have the time to have it down before the wedding. After all that they still charges us for the 2 tents we didnt even get to use. $600 worth of tents. They refused to give us a refund for both or one of the tents. Another tent company we call when we couldnt get ahold of the said if they tents were installed properly in the first place they would have never blown down. DO NOT GO HERE. I had a horrible time even getting everything I wanted from the beginning. It took them 4 months just to get my proposal correct. Learn from my mistake!

2011-07-19T12:43:17 Response from the vendor

Under our terms and conditions as with every company in town, it is clear that we are not responsible for weather related events such as 60-80 mph winds knocking a tent down. Tents are temporary structures and the wind will do this from time to... Read Less Read More

Not impressed

Reviewed on 7/07/2011 Lisa C

We just got chairs for the Rose Garden from them, as they were the best price for companies who deliver there. Setting up everything went great with reserving it and payments, but on the actual day they were about 25 min late putting our chairs up, making our guests stand... Read More around for awhile and forcing us to start late. There was also only one person out, when the company said there would be two people setting up, which contributed to the delay.

A place to rest your bum... :)

Reviewed on 5/26/2011 Holly R

We rented round tables, dinner and salad plates, wine glasses, bad tables, linens, and much more. They were amazing to work with and delivered to our site about an hour from there location. The prices were resonable and the best part is they wanted to dishes back dirty. All the... Read More caterers had to do was scrape the food off we did not have to wash dishes or lenins!!!

2011-06-23T08:10:07 Response from the vendor

Thanks for the review. Our clients never have to wash the dishes or linens...

Flexible pick up times and location

Reviewed on 5/15/2011 Andi H

Not always the best customer service but they were very flexible with our pick up and drop off.

Very disappointed

Reviewed on 5/10/2011 Kelly T

At first, I thought this would be a great company to work with. They seemed nice and had some pretty good reviews in the online wedding world. I was sadly mistaken. I looked at their website and saw that they had the color tablecloth that I wanted. We went in to meet with them... Read More and found out that the color would have to be ordered in from their supplier, which would cost us more money. I was ok with that, figuring it would be maybe $1-2 more per linen. Wrong. I had to call about a week later to ask for my quote because I hadn't yet received it. When I looked at the quote, I saw that they had more than DOUBLED the cost per linen. I called and pointed out that they had advertised this color, this size and this price on their website. If there was a notice saying that they don't have all colors and must charge extra for special orders, that would have been fine, but there was no such notice. I pointed out the false advertisement. They said they'd check with a manager and get back with me. I received an email later telling me that if they had it advertised on their website they would stay true to the price but that since they'd have to special order my color, it would stay with the more than doubled price. What? Contradicting statement. Either way, I was fed up with them by that point and decided to take my business elsewhere. Beware!

2011-05-12T10:45:32 Response from the vendor

Sorry for any confusion on the pricing, and happy that you were able to find your linens for your event. This is why we send out proposals to make sure that everyone is aware of the cost of the items. Unfortunately our vendors and are... Read Less Read More

Great job

Reviewed on 2/26/2011 Ashley H

Everything was just great, from the lighting to the linens.

Chair Rental

Reviewed on 11/11/2010 Emily P

Celebration did a good job, they arrived ahead of schedule, the chairs were clean and really helped to make the ceremony look nice!

2010-11-12T08:48:54 Response from the vendor

Thank you we appreciate the kind words. Glad we could help you have a great day.

I have no complaints...

Reviewed on 10/21/2010 Sara E

I can't say that Celebration Party Rentals did anything spectacular for my wedding, but they did exactly what they promised, on time and professionally. And, most of the time, that is all a bride needs. I rented a dance floor from Celebration Party Rentals for my reception.... Read More They were priced slightly lower than their competition in the area, and were willing to deliver the floor on Saturday for no extra charge over regular labor. The sales staff was curtious and efficient. They emailed me proposal for the cost the same day I called, and they were available for all of my questions. The floor was delivered on time, set up professionaly, and picked up on time as well. Celebration Party Rentals was reliable and curtious, and that is, quite frankly, all I needed on such a busy day. I would definately use them again.

2010-10-21T14:04:49 Response from the vendor

Thank you Sara. Glad to hear that we had a small part in making your day enjoyable.

Late for delivery

Reviewed on 10/20/2010 Alissa B

Late for delivery and WE had to call to ask where they were. It would have been nice to get a call letting us know to expect a delay. Some chairs were damaged and some tablecloths had stains.

2010-10-20T13:03:22 Response from the vendor

Friday deliveries are always hard to predict. We generally have deliveries all over the Kansas City metro. Generally delays occur during the day due to traffic, customers not at home, event sites not open, deliveries up stairs or many other potential delays. We do our... Read Less Read More