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Celebrity Bridal Boutique offers upscale designer sample wedding gowns at unbelievable prices. We have over 500 new and current hand picked gowns in stock from top name brand designers. Call today to schedule your appointment. Walk-ins welcome!



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Absolutely Perfect!


I've been trying to keep my wedding budget in check, as my fiance and I are paying for it ourselves. I knew that buying a wedding dress was an enormous expense, and didn't want to sacrifice our budget searching for the perfect gown. I knew that I had to find the dress at Celebrity Bridal Boutique because of all of the amazing prices. Ordering a gown from a traditional store would've been too expensive and would've sacrificed the quality of the gown. The shop was in the middle of construction/restructuring, but Amanda was more than open and honest about the situation. We talked briefly about what I was looking for and what size I might be and then I set my mom and sisters lose in search of a gown. I tried on 15+ dresses, but had a specific style in mind and Celebrity only had one dress that fit that criteria - all over lace in ivory with straps and a low back. Thankfully, the dress was the perfect size and perfect price! I got a Maggie Sottero dress for 50% off. I couldn't have asked for a better, pain-free dress shopping experience! I have the perfect dress (needs a cleaning and a few alterations) all within budget!

Great Experience!

8/29/2015 Alissa P

I recently bought my Maggie Sottero gown here and I have to say these are BY FAR the best prices you will come across. Some dresses you can tell have been tried on quite a bit, but none are in bad condition. Some have even only been tried on once or twice and look perfect! My dress had a few things that needed to be fixed, but nothing a seamstress can't handle! I worked with Amanda and she was great! Paid attention to detail and helped me see what I would look like on the day of! Not only that, but she was very nice, knowledgeable, and fun and made the whole experience great! She also gave us her contact information in case we needed help finding someone for alterations or if we had any questions. I keep recommending this salon to everyone because there is no way that I could have bought this gown at this price anywhere else! Keep up the good work!!

Almost too good to be true

6/14/2014 Leina D

I can hands down say that one of the best decisions I made during the wedding process was going to Celebrity Bridal Boutique to shop for my bridal gown. My family and close friends had come in for the day and we had already been to several big name designer boutiques. The dresses we had seen already were undoubtedly pretty, and of course pricey but nothing had really seemed to knock me off my feet. Celebrity Bridal Boutique was to be our last stop of the day, and I was feeling a little bummed that I hadn't felt anything special when trying on the previous gowns. We literally walked right into CBB and had the whole place to ourselves which was nice. We started looking through the racks and almost immediately I spotted a gorgeous dress that seemed to be calling my name. It ended up being the first gown out of only three that I tried on there, and when I put it on I immediately began crying. I know it sounds cheesy but I believe it really is true. When you find the right gown, you just know. I walked out of the dressing room and a hushed silence fell over my crowd. I looked over and a couple of my family members were crying. One of the ladies that had been helping us selected a veil and no sooner had she put it on me that I knew this was the one. I walked out 20 minutes later with both my wedding gown and veil in tow for less than $700!!! At the beginning of the day I had been trying on wedding gowns that were 4x that amount. I had no idea that gorgeous amazing wedding gowns existed for under $500. Granted, the dress was a size 10 and I wear about a 2 so I did have to drop some serious dough on the alterations but the final amount still ended up being way less than I would have paid at a boutique. Kelly was our consultant that day and she was just wonderful to work with. The day of the wedding I honestly felt like an absolute princess in my gown. It was like the gown had been made for me. It was exactly what I had envisioned when I imagined what my dream wedding gown would look like. I honestly got more compliments on my gown than anything else. The guests were absolutely blown away and they kept saying that my gown was the most gorgeous thing they had ever seen. They kept commenting that I must've paid a fortune for something so detailed and exquisite. The couple friends I did tell that I had bought off the rack could not believe me. My wedding gown was one of my favorite parts of that day and is something that I will always cherish. Special thanks to Celebrity Bridal Boutique for making my wedding dreams come true.

Great prices for the quality

1/25/2014 Daphanie C

After disappointment with the first dress I bought at another boutique, I found Celebrity. I was within months of my wedding, but was able to get exactly what I wanted for less than the first dress cost. It looked amazing. Without an appointment, I was able to walk in and out with exactly what my heart was set on.

Sample dress heaven!

9/20/2013 Jennifer H

When I started thinking about wedding dresses I was conflicted - I didn't want to spend loads of money on something I would wear once, but I also wanted to wear a dress that was unmistakably bridal. Celebrity bridal is exactly what I was looking for. They collect sample dresses from all over and sell them at heavily discounted prices. Because they are sample dresses the sizes are quite limited - mostly 8's and 10's, with a few 6's and a few 12's. Fortunately as a woman of average size I had TONS of gowns to choose from. I found a gorgeous Maggie Sottero dress for more than 50% off the retail price and couldn't be happier!

Down to earth and affordable!

5/18/2013 Teresa R

I bought my wedding dress from this store. I had gone to the usual places around the city but couldn't find a dress with quality fabric and applique without going broke. My original budget was $500 for a dress, so I knew I was a little more limited than most. They have all kinds of dresses and styles, many unique items too. I hadn't seen any dress like mine in the other places I had gone to. It was beautiful, clean, and I purchased my veil and headband there too with the 20% discount, which was very helpful. The ladies who work there are great. I am indecisive but they were wonderfully patient and did not rush me. The younger ones who work behind the counter are not very knowledgable about gowns and fabrics, but the middle aged ladies know their stuff. Great value!

Used them for alteration only

9/16/2012 Kristine T

I bought my dress in NYC and was having a very hard time finding a place to alter my dress in Pittsburgh. Luckily I found this place. The alterations seemed more expensive then I was expecting and I am not sure my bustle was done correctly, my bridesmaids had a very hard time with it. The lady who does the alterations is only there a couple of days a week and every time I went for a fitting I was rushed by her as she always had another client.


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