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1000 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY (718) 398-2400

Wedding venue, catering, attendants, day-of coordinator and cake

Reviewed on 9/19/2014 Marya M

CharlesSallyCharles were the only caterer for the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. We really like the venue and we read a lot of good reviews for them, so we decided to contact them. We got a prompt reply for them with a meeting time set-up where we were provided with services and... Read More costs. We met Charlie, he was a bit curt with us, but still professional. We ultimately did choose them and it was a wonderful experience. All the staff (especially Leigh) were very friendly and responsive. We were also able to come in a couple of times before the event to plan with our photographer and DJ. In our package, we got venue, catering, attendants, day-of coordinator and cake. It made things very easy for us. On the day, the food, drinks and cake was delicious. Emily our day-of coordinator was amazing, she handled everything smoothly and we managed to just enjoy our day. We would definitely recommend them.

Dream Wedding!

Reviewed on 5/18/2014 Karyn M

My husband and I fell in love with the Brooklyn Botanic Garden even before we got engaged and knew that it was the place we would want to get married at some day. Well that day came (May 2, 2014) and it was perfect! The staff at the Palm House & BBG were so fantastic in... Read More helping us through the wedding planning process and come our wedding day we didn't really have to worry about a thing as they took care of it all. Leigh helped us through most of the process and Heather was our day of coordinator; both ladies were so great to work with! We got an amazing surprise that the cherry blossoms had just opened up the morning of our wedding, so they moved our ceremony site to right under the trees and it was just so magical! Heather even made sure that my husband and I got to eat food during cocktail hour (we were swept away into the bridal suit so that we could have some time together, just the two of us, which was lovely) and that all of our belongings were packed up and brought to the car at the end of the evening. The food was amazing and everyone could not stop talking a out how it was the best wedding they've ever been to, and we couldn't agree more!

Terrible service

Reviewed on 1/08/2013 Naomi Y

We had a TERRIBLE experience when we went to visit the venue. Basically, I had been emailing with someone named Kara for weeks before we went to visit (we were not local, so getting there was difficult for us) and she seemed perfectly nice. She told us the last date available... Read More was 8/24 and that we should come in ASAP to see it so that we can book it. Well, we thought we would love it there, so we went to visit for the next available appointment. It took us hours to get there, and we were so excited. When we came in, we had to wait 30 minutes (past our given appointment time) to even be seen. Finally, we met with Charles, the owner, who basically had no idea we were even supposed to have an appointment. Kara "forgot" to tell him, regardless of the fact that I had triple-confirmed with her beforehand. Moreover, the date was taken and since it was the last available date, we would have to push our wedding off for another 6 months. I'm not upset about the date being taken as much as I am about nobody telling me this, so that I wouldnt waste all that time schlepping to Brooklyn in the middle of a Saturday. This was completely unprofessional, and I am now skeptical of how they conduct their business even after booking. Other reviewers have pointed out that the owners are hard to reach, and don't really reach out to you about your own wedding. I found that to be true about booking the date as well. As for the venue, the Botanic Gardens are beautiful... but let's be honest. The Palm House itself is not very well maintained. Old carpet surrounds a worn down dance floor, and the encompassing windows are grimy and dirty. The other side of the room (which nobody shows in pictures) is basically covered in a plastic wall paneling that hasn't been cleaned in years. Guys, this place isn't worth it. Seriously. Your wedding vendor is someone that should treat you with respect--someone who will make your wedding day as easy as possible. They are NOT doing YOU a favor.

For Shame!

Reviewed on 12/23/2012 eugenia y

To say that the manager of this place is cold, arrogant and uncaring would be a gross understatement. My daughter spent weeks discussing potential dates with one of the coordinators. Finally, she was told that there is a date open next August, and that she should come in to... Read More see the place. The coordinator sent her an e-mail confirming the appointment. My husband and I travelled from New Jersey, and the kids came from the city, on a Saturday, to see the place. First we were told that the manager is busy but should be free in a couple of minutes. That line was repeated to us three times. Finally, after 30 minutes of waiting, we were told that he was finally ready for us. There was just one small problem: our appointment was not marked in his book--he had no idea we were coming! Oh, and by the way, the date was gone. To all of our questions (for example, how could it happen that the appointment was not reflected in his calendar, and how was it possible that nobody let us know that the date was not available), his answer was to shrug his shoulders and repeat that he doesn't know. No explanations, no apologies, no regrets about the day we wasted thanks to his associate's carelessness. It could be that people who are lucky enough to get into his appointment book get decent service, but at this point, we wouldn't even consider this place. There are enough competitors who lack the high-handed arrogance that apparently makes the Palm House all the rage in certain circles.

Absolutely gorgeous!

Reviewed on 11/10/2012 Sarah K

Our wedding was on 11/4/12 (just a few days after Sandy), and it could not have been more perfect. The entire staff is really good at what they do. Our day-of coordinator, Leigh, was AMAZING. She was bringing us things we didn't even know we wanted until it was in front of... Read More us. She really saw to our every need and made everything go smoothly. The caterer is also unbelievable - I only wish I hadn't been so nervous and excited, because I really couldn't eat much until after we did our first dance. What I did eat was delicious, and I am still getting compliments from our guests for how good everything was. From our very first meeting with Charles I could tell this was the place I wanted to have my wedding. Not only is it a gorgeous venue, but they really know how to make a beautiful event go down without a hitch. While they are a bit on the expensive side, I found that they were actually more affordable than really anywhere else in the NYC area. They were willing to work with us to bring the price down by offering a signature cocktail instead of a full open bar. We also had our wedding at the beginning of November, which is just after peak season ends and saved us a ton of money. I read some other reviews that said the caterer was difficult to work with. I could not disagree more. We had a fantastic time meeting with Charles and Leigh beforehand to plan everything out. The hardest thing about it is that they have SO many choices and everything sounds delicious!

The best place to get married in New York

Reviewed on 10/18/2012 Steve L

My bride and I definitely wanted to get married in New York City. We wanted something that could accomodate the 150 guests we were planning, and yet something that was a lot more personal than a big rental hall. We both love nature, so we already were in love with New... Read More York's great botanical gardens. We considered all three. The Bronx was way too big, Queens was adorable but too small. As Goldilocks might say, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden was "just right". CharlesSallyCharles is the caterer who services all weddings at the BBG. But to call them a "caterer" is like saying that a Porsche 911 has nice glove compartment. They do so much more. Their fee may seem high, but remember that for that price you get a ceremony venue, a reception hall, a cocktail hour venue, professional staff, an incredible day-of-coordinator, gourmet chefs, admission for your guests to the BBG, and importantly, assurance that your wedding is in the best hands possible. Perhaps the best way I can explain is to talk you through our wedding day. We had an 11 AM ceremony. I got there early, but I could already see a flurry of activity inside. The staff was already in there setting up beautiful tables. The coordinator Leigh saw me and invited me in. She had a few questions ready to ask me, but I could tell everything was completely under control. She was already working with our florist, our musicians and our officiant. Through the day, they thought of every little detail without disturbing us. We'd brought a random mess of candy, place cards, a box for guests to leave their gifts, favors, and a wish tree. Without much direction from us, they organized everything absolutely perfectly. One amazing thing they did was after the recessional: Leigh walked my bride and me to a cute little bridal room, where waiting for us was a full plate of hors-d'ouvres from our cocktail hour and champagne. They closed the door behind them and left us alone for a few minutes to just unwind and take a deep breath before we greeted our guests. That moment meant a lot to us, and showed us how much they understand weddings. For the reception, Leigh worked with our DJs and our photographer amazingly well, unobtrusively working in the background to help make sure things wegoing smoothly and on time. Most of our vendors were from their recommended vendor list, and they too were incredible, showing true professionalism and teamwork with the singular goal of making our wedding day perfect (I'll write reviews for them separately). I've heard a lot of horror stories from couples of how they're so busy running around on their wedding days trying to manage everything that they don't have time to have fun or even eat. As for us, we just got to enjoy our wedding as much as all our guests did. I'll be honest, I don't think my bride would mind me divulging that we were perhaps the most disorganized couple in the history of wedding planning. But with scant direction from us, the Palm House delivered the perfect wedding. We still have guests compliment us on our great planning, telling us that it was the most fun, best run wedding they've ever been to and that the food (particularly the fresh seafood) was the best they've ever had at a wedding. In all honesty, there was only one bit of "great planning" we did, and that was make a decision 10 months earlier to book our wedding at the Palm House. From that point on, everything was in their hands, and they came through spectacul

Great venue, beautiful wedding, wonderful staff an

Reviewed on 9/14/2012 yee nie c

Leigh the coordinator is the best, simply put! She was there to guide and assist every moment of the wedding. Kara was terrific in answering all our questions and helping in the planning process. Our guests raved about the venue brooklyn botanical gardens, loved the beauty of... Read More the palm house, and enjoyed the delicious food during dinner and cocktail hour. You can't go wrong with booking your wedding with them.

Wonderful wedding venue

Reviewed on 9/05/2012 Jia S

Service here is amazing and the venue could not be beat. We could not have picked a better place to get married.

Best Day of My Life

Reviewed on 7/12/2012 Min P

*swoon* That's how I feel when I recall our amazing wedding at the PalmHouse and Brooklyn Botanical Garden. It was perfection, from beginning to end. Not only is the venue unparalleled in natural beauty, the staff at the Palm House go above and beyond to make your day perfect.... Read More I loved Charles - he was so accommodating and always so calm. When I called him several times nervously with my laundry list of questions, he said he would take care of it...and was true to his word. Leigh, my day of wedding coordinator, was PHENOM! I loved her, she was so sweet and helpful and she was the last smiling face I saw before I walked down the aisle. I could not have been happier with my wedding and would highly recommend to any brides considering this venue. It's pricey but totally worth every penny.

Honest Brooklyn Botanical Garden Encounter!!!!

Reviewed on 1/12/2012 JILLIAN M

Ok, this place is NOT as nice as it is in pictures!! First off... it is in the ghetto of Brooklyn. You are surrounded by nasty buildings where you feel like you might get mugged any second. Upon your entrance into the place, you are greeted into this small, dark, apartment... Read More like room, where security guards sit. It is just repulsive. The second we walked in, my fiance and I just thought, "gross!" The smell in there is foul as well. Charles, I guess the director of this place, was rude and unprofessional, and just very short in his conversation regarding your wedding. Lastly, the price they ask is outrageous! Have they seen other gorgeous venues that are out there, that ar much, much cheaper, and cleaner? BRIDES GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!

Wonderful Wedding Location

Reviewed on 7/30/2011 Kimberly S

Magical Wedding Venue. Brooklyn Botanic Gardens is beautiful anytime of the year, but we were lucky enough to have Cherry Blossoms in full bloom. Leigh, their wedding coordinator is FANTASTIC. Charles, Charles, and Sally are delightful. Great recommendations for vendors too!... Read More They worked so well with all vendors, recommended or not.Everything was perfect, went to two food tasting prior to the wedding and didn't eat anything we didn't love. Our guests raved about everything!

Review for Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Reviewed on 5/10/2010 rachel g

everything. the room was incredible as it's entirely made of glass and the outside gardens were magnificent. Food was great too.