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1205 E Debbie Ln, Mansfield, TX

Classy Concepts far exceeded our expectations!

Reviewed on 3/07/2012 Rejena B

Sue, Myra and all of the staff at Classy Concepts far exceeded our expectations for my daughter's wedding dress, our flower girl dress and my MOB dress! They were all very professional, super friendly and we felt like we were taken care of very well. We live in TX, my daughter lives in OK, was married in NC, then had a reception two weeks following the wedding back in OK. She wanted something a little bit different for the reception but still wanted to wear her beautiful wedding dress. Sue offerred the suggestion of making a tear-a-way skirt, leaving the dress tea-length for the reception which we all loved! We were a bit skeptical, but had complete faith. Sue had to pretty much completely remake the dress and it turned out absolutely beautifully!! No one at the wedding had any idea about the shorter length "skirt" underneath the long flowing gown and train, and everyone was excited when my daughter entered the reception in her full length gown, then reappeared in her shorter version. Quite breath taking! I would highly recommend Sue, Myra and all of the staff at Classy Concepts! While I know the whole bridal gown purchase can be a bit overwhelming and stressful (you want to choose the perfect dress and stay within your budget while doing so), I imagine our experience was made so much less stressful and so much more enjoyable than it could have been because of the warm, caring, friendly, professional customer service we received. We felt like we were treated as family. And I'm very happy to say we were well under what I had imagined we'd end up paying for my daughter's dress! Sue communicated with our flower girl's Mom, who lives in KS, giving measurement instructions and we ordered her dress, which turned out perfectly. My MOB dress was beautiful, had some custom alterations and fit like a glove. We even had trouble finding a tie for our eight year old ring bearer in the right color, so we brought in a men's tie and Sue altered it to fit perfectly, something she said she'd never done before. If you're looking for someone who truly cares about what you want "your day" to look like, absolutely check out Classy Concepts in Mansfield. You'll be happy you did! We could not have asked for a better experience!

The Dress of My Dreams

Reviewed on 10/07/2013 Jerez R

When I visited Classy Concepts Bridal Boutique I already picked out and paid for my wedding dress at another boutique. I know that every magazine, guide, and previous bride will tell you to stop looking once you find “the dress”. I was abiding by that sacred rule until I saw a dress on a mannequin in the window of Classy Concepts. The dress was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS and I couldn’t walk down the aisle without. I was even willing to forgo the other dress and deal with the financial consequences of having 2 wedding dresses, because I couldn’t LIVE without this dress. So when I explained my situation to Loye and Sue they were complete Angels! First they explained the consequences of returning a bridal dress. After I swallowed that pill I still wanted to move forward with getting the dress of my dreams in their boutique. As a plus size bride, unfortunately the dress would not have been ready for my wedding day. So Sue to the rescue! She informed me that they could embellish my original dress with a similar pattern of the dress in the boutique. I was floored that this was even an option. Sue and Loye were so comforting and reassuring that I knew that I was leaving my dress is the best of care. When I saw MY dress, I was overwhelmingly satisfied. It was better than I could have imagined and the dress would not have come to fruition if it was not for the bridal professionals at Classy Concepts Bridal Boutique. I was enamored by their professionalism, dedication, and timeliness. I would definitely recommend them to ANYONE in Texas and outside of Texas. They are amazing and their work speaks for itself!

Perfect Wedding dress!

Reviewed on 10/07/2013

Would not have ever gone anywhere else to pick my wedding dress! They have all the styles I love. Service is pretty amazing too I love it all! I wish I could do it all again!

An Exciting Experience

Reviewed on 1/21/2015 Ileana G

I recently purchased my wedding dress from Classy Concept with the help from Cecilia. She first had asked me to show her a few photographs of the dress I was looking for. Then she let us walk around the boutique to find dresses for me to try on. I had a fairly large party (about 8 of us) this made everyone feel included! I had tried on about 4-5 dresses... some mermaid style, a Cinderella type gown, some had a lot of beading and some were embroidered. Cecila was actually the one pick out the one that I fell in love with! It made me feel exactly how I wanted to look and feel in my wedding dress!! I want to thank Cecila for being very patient and supportive also a big thank you to Classy Concepts for allowing me to bring in my close friends and family and also for having a very knowledgable, fun and comforting group! I am so happy for how easy they made it to find the dress to my fairytale wedding!!

This was the experience I was looking for.

Reviewed on 12/01/2014 RaeLynne S

The day before I went Classy Concepts I made an appointment at David's Bridal. I live in OKC but my mom lives in Arlington and I wanted to at least experience the dress moment with her. David's Bridal: was packed. Appointments did not apply when "walk in" clients superseded the appointment ratio. Classy Concepts: Was strait out of a dream. We were met with mimos and a wonderful one on one consultant. I was able to walk the floor with my mom and didcuss styles and looks. The third dress I tried on was The One. We couldn't have asked for more. The staff is so helpful and kind. **You should at least stop by to see what 5 star treatment is.**

Beautiful Dress

Reviewed on 10/13/2014 Laurel B

I really had no idea that Mansfield had such an amazing bridal shop! I went to another big bridal store in Ft. Worth and didn't find anything that really jumped out at me. But at Classy Concepts I found a gorgeous Maggie Sottero dress that was perfect! The girls there were great about altering it as well and I got a great fit and so many compliments throughout my wedding reception. They were always really nice to work with and I loved going in for all of my fittings and everything. The only downside was one sales associate forgot to add tax to one of my purchases but I was able to pay it online instead of going back in. Overall, I would definitely recommend looking for a wedding dress there.

Classy Concepts

Reviewed on 8/27/2014 Samantha D

I got my dress and bridesmaids dresses here. I love my dress and the staff made sure I loved it. After a few alterations it fit perfectly. They had a ton of different styles and the prices were reasonable. I would 100% recommend the dress shop.

The Classy Concepts Team is GREAT!

Reviewed on 4/22/2014 Vanessa P

All of the ladies at the classy concepts boutique are great to work with. I ordered 2 wedding dresses for my wedding, one for the ceremony and one for the reception. The reception dress was ordered last minute and the team ensured that it was rushed and it came in with plenty of time for alterations. I also ordered a bridesmaid dress for a wedding I am in later this year. I got my alterations done there and I also purchased my veil and other accessories there. The whole team worked with me and provided me with a great deal on each of my dresses and on my accessories.

Sottero & Midgley Wedding Gown

Reviewed on 4/10/2014 Ashley C

I loved my wedding gown. The lady in alterations was wonderful. I got the back lowered and buttons added, and it looked perfect.

Beautiful Dress

Reviewed on 1/27/2014 Tiffany

I bought my dress here, and it was perfect. I went in with my mind set on a specific style (as most brides do) and I picked 5 dresses out and the lady who helped me picked one that she thought would fit what I described....Wow they know their stuff, all the dresses I picked did not flatter me like the one she picked! It was hands down the PERFECT dress! I cant describe how much this dress was perfect for me! The only downside was the bustle....the day of the wedding (after the ceremony) as my bridesmaids went to bustle up my dress, the outer two buttons broke instantly (or the buttons fell of the string) I was heart dress was strapless and all lace with a cathedral train....needless to say I had to watch where I walked and who was behind me....until it was stepped on twice and the lace ripped in two spots on the part that was bustled....I was forced to hold my dress where ever I walked and it was a bit of a pain, however I am certain I will find a way to fix the small tears, and even though my dress ripped it didn't affect my wedding. So just make sure if your dress is bustled, the buttons wont come off easily (but that is true wherever you get your dress!) Anyways, Great Service, quality dresses!! (mine was designer, and they had to alter since I lost weight, and the alterations were perfect!) Definitely recommend going here!!


Reviewed on 10/06/2013 megan b

Loved working with the staff picking out my dress, everyone was very helpful! Also loved how they where able to alter my dress to have a corset back! It turned out amazing you would of never known that it ever had a zipper!

Say yes to Classy Concepts

Reviewed on 10/06/2013 Ashton F

I ended up at Classy Concepts by chance, I had actually never heard of it before but I had won a gift certificate at a bridal show so I decided I would make an appointment and check them out. I am SO glad I did! Before Classy Concepts, I had gone to several bridal dress boutiques all over the metroplex, and every time I left disappointed. Dress after dress, appointment after appointment, I left a little more discouraged each time. I was looking for something different, something unique, but just couldn't seem to find it anywhere! The minute I walked into Classy Concepts I felt welcomed. Unlike some of the other boutiques I had visited before. Unfortunately, at my first appointment, I was unable to find "the dress" but this time, instead of leaving defeated and discouraged like the times before, it was different. Sue, my consultant, seemed genuinely interested in helping me find my dream dress. After we talked, Sue thought I would be interested in two dresses she had already ordered that hadn't come in yet. Once they did, she called and I made an appointment. I walked in that day hopeful, but tries not to get my hopes up for fear of being disappointed like all of the times before. I was greeted with the same friendly faces when I arrived and on that day, I found THE dress, MY dress. Sue and I came up with a few details to make it a little more unique and it was perfect. It was the dress of my dreams. I look back and think of all the ones I had almost settled on before I went to Classy Concepts and I am so glad that I kept looking. If I could offer some advice to any bride who feels like she just can't find THE dress, go to Classy Concepts Bridal Boutique in Mansfield. It is so worth it! You will not be disappointed. The staff is the most friendly and caring staff I have yet to meet at any business, and Sue is truly one of a kind! They are committed to making each and every customer feel special and the whole experience is amazing. Thanks CC!!

Bridal Gown Surprise!

Reviewed on 10/06/2013 Tamesha t

I went to the shop actually looking for one particular dress I found online. Little did I know I would try on another gown the was just perfect for me! I loved it! Viveca was so patient with me (and the store had closed already). They didn't rush me at all, even took pictures of my mother and myself, and we enjoyed the experience!

An Amazing Experience

Reviewed on 10/06/2013 Razan S

My husband and I were married November 3rd, 2012. Our wedding was an amazing memory in itself, but I honestly believe that finding my dream gown was what helped make it a fantastic night for me! When I first began searching for a wedding gown, I had a certain look that I was aiming for, and knew exactly what I wanted. Unfortunately, most places I went to visit (David's Bridal, which was a MASSIVE mistake, as well as some other smaller boutiques), did not have exactly what I was looking for. I had visited Classy Concepts during one of my many trips with my mom, and the ladies there were some of the sweetest I had met! They were very understanding, very thoughtful, but most importantly, they knew what they were doing. Sue, the owner of both Classy Concepts as well as Ava's Bridal, is a very intuitive and fashion-savvy lady. She knows what looks best on your figure, as well as what you mean when you say "something sparkly, but not too sparkly, but a lot of lace, but not matronly, but also sweetheart, but no serious cleavage". It sounds like a tall order, but she knew exactly what I meant! I looked at a few other places after realizing that Classy Concepts HAD to be where I found my dress. The experience was just as important to me as the actual dress, and I only realized that after visiting other bridal salons, and knowing first-hand the true meaning of "awful service". You feel like a part of the family at Classy Concepts. Everyone knows your name within the first ten minutes of walking in, and they will ALWAYS remember it. They are very patient, and they are kind, but they also mean business. When my mom and I finally found my dream gown, (which by the way, was one of their private label gowns, and literally took my breath away), Sue and her team of ladies went to work hemming, altering, and re-fitting, until that puppy looked FABULOUS. I have gotten to know each of the ladies who works at Classy Concepts, and I have developed an amazing friendship with Sue, but I know that I am not the only bride with this experience. So many times, I have walked in to say hello and found yet another of their past brides bringing them pictures, cupcakes, or hugs, and each bride is ALWAYS so happy and grateful to everyone there. It is indicative not only of their showmanship and their professionalism as a bridal salon, but also of their humanity and their true love and passion for the brides and each one of their visions and dreams. On my wedding day, I felt gorgeous, and I was ready to walk down to my future husband and tie the knot. But I also remember recalling all of those sweet ladies at Classy Concepts, and their encouraging and loving words to me during each of my fittings, "You look amazing". You don't realize how much other people's love and thoughtfulness means to you, until you hear their words resonate through your mind on one of the most important days of your life. My experience with Classy Concepts helped shape my vision of what I would look like on my wedding day, but it was also the beginning of a lifetime friendship with some of the sweetest ladies. They truly know their business like the back of their hands! I always recommend Sue and her staff to every bride I meet or talk to, because I know, for a fact, that their experience will make a lasting impression for years to come.

Classy Concepts

Reviewed on 10/06/2013 Matiana W

I purchased my dress at Alfred Angelo before found Classy Concepts. I had the alteration of dress done at Classy Concepts because the customer service was horrible at Alfred Angelo. I also purchased the perfect veil and jewelry there. I had a lot of fun going to Classy Concepts. They were all so sweet, helpful and understanding. I highly recommend them. Do not go to Alfred Angelo at all.

Katie North

Reviewed on 10/06/2013 Katie G

I fell in love with this boutique as soon as I walked through the door! Small, but peaking through I could see all the beautiful wedding dresses that I would be trying on! I had been to several shops before this one and never found "the dress". This shop was my last hope, as I was on a flight back to Hawaii in just a couple days! The customer service was excellent! The staff was happy to have me there and extremely helpful while I narrowed down my dresses! I found my wedding dress that day! They were very helpful throughout the whole process while I lived in Hawaii! I would recommend this boutique to any bride to be!

March 2013 Bride

Reviewed on 10/06/2013 Adriana B

Classy Concepts had my perfect dress. The dress and services were a little bit over my price range but all in all my dress was perfect.

My Wedding Experience

Reviewed on 10/06/2013 Megan M

I had a great experience at Classy Concepts! Vivica was so helpful and supportive every step of the way! I would recommend the boutique to anyone looking for a wedding gown!

Great Customer Service

Reviewed on 10/05/2013 Rachel W

Classy Concept provided amazing customer service to myself and all of my bridesmaids. This is the second time I have used them. The first time I was a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding and their service was the best and they were my first stop when I became engaged. They are all so friendly and make you feel like you are the most special bride in the world (even though there are other brides surrounding you). I highly recommend them!

Amazing Experience

Reviewed on 10/05/2013 Melissa P

I bought my wedding dress from classy concepts and got married in May. I had such a great experience. I had visited a few bridal stores and came to classy concepts because the customer service at other stores was terrible. From the second I walked through the door, Loye, Sue, and the rest of the classy concepts staff took care of me and I felt extremely special throughout the entire process! My dress could not have been more perfect. It fit me exactly the way I wanted it to. I would recommend classy concepts to any engaged girl looking for the perfect dress!

Classy Concepts Bridal....

Reviewed on 10/05/2013 Ashley G

Is awesome! I was referred to them by a fellow coworker of mine. They were able to get me in for an appointment promptly. When I came in they made me feel so welcome, and Sue was awesome! She was very patient with me, and worked with me on what I wanted. She was also very helpful when I decided to put money down on a dress and came back with my mother and grandmother and changed my mind. It did take longer than expected for the dress to come in, which was fine. Especially since Sue phoned me and followed up. Plus, I still had ample amounts of time before the wedding. I came in for my fittings, and the seamstress was very friendly and addressed anything that my grandmother (also a seamstress) might have seen. I had several fittings, and was able to finally go home with my dress! I had a very pleasant experience with the shop and all employees. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I would refer my friends to the shop any day!!

Griffin Wedding

Reviewed on 10/04/2013

The experience I had at Classy Concepts in Mansfield, Texas was the best a bride could get! I bought my dress along with all my bridesmaids dresses and they made each of us feel so at home and stress free during the whole process. I would recommend this bridal boutique to every bride! The team there is wonderful!

The best bridal shop in the Dallas Fort Worth area

Reviewed on 9/13/2013

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind experience shopping for your wedding dress, you HAVE to go to Classy Concepts Bridal Boutique!!! From the moment I walked through the door I was treated like a princess. They greeted me with a pomegranate mimosa and showed me all of the gowns one on one (which is definitely not something you will get at every boutique). Everyone was extremely knowledgeable, personable, and helpful, and Sue - in particular - is AMAZING!!! She can do anything want to customize your gown and make it your own. This is a special store with a special staff, a definite can't-miss. You WILL find the gown of your dreams :)

Amazing Service and Products!

Reviewed on 7/21/2013 Bethany W

I began my wedding dress shopping at several other bridal stores before going to Classy Concepts. The experience at the other stores were very disappointing, especially the service and basically just the attitudes from the salespeople! Classy Concepts was my 4th bridal store to visit and I wish I had gone there first!! Would have been a lot less stress! Even though my wedding date wasn't for another year, Sue and her team made me feel like my wedding day was within the next few months. They did everything in their power to make me feel special and welcomed and at the end of the appointment I had found my special gown. Who says you can't find your dress a year in advance! :) And throughout the remainder of my dealings with the store, I had absolutely no complaints. Alterations were wonderful and SUPER FAST!! I even bought my bridesmaid's dresses through them and was very pleased with everything. They even handled a situation with one of my bridesmaids (she had ordered a smaller size on her own account and was upset when the dress didn't fit!) with professionalism and grace. I can't say enough good things about Classy Concepts - all the dresses are so unique, the staff so friendly, alteration service incredible and more! I have even had a very good friend of mine go to Classy Concepts after seeing how much I liked it and find her dress there as well! Would definitely recommend going to Classy Concepts first on your wedding attire adventure!!

Exceptional Experience

Reviewed on 7/20/2013 Vanessa M

Classy Concepts provided the most amazing wedding dress shopping experience! Their staff was so welcoming and provided great guidance that led me a beautiful dress! There was absolutely no pressure and I wasn't rushed even when my appointment time was ending. There is such a wide variety of gowns to choose from as well as any accessories you may be looking for. I would highly recommend Sue and her team to anyone!


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