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Crooked Creek Ranch

Traverse City, MI

Capacity: 151-200 | WEBSITE | PHONE

Amenities + Details

  • Bridal Suite

  • On-Site Accommodations

  • Outdoor - Not Covered

  • Reception Area

For more details about amenities, please message the Venue.

Venue Capacity



Farm + Ranch, Barn, Vineyard

Wedding Categories

Bar + Drinks, Food + Catering, Rentals + Equipment, Shuttle Service, Transportation


Contact Info

13300 S W Bayshore Dr, Traverse City, MI (231) 941-7060

Reviewed on 11/24/2016 Bob M

I will echo much of what was said in the review below. Pam was a nightmare to work with. We were warned by two different couples that got married at Crooked Creek previously that Pam would make things very difficult so I went into the agreement with low expectations and somehow... Read More I still underestimated how bad it would be. I was told to get everything signed and in writing. This turned out to be good advice because she never ‘remembers’ anything offered or discussed. In the early stages of planning she fumbled nearly everything. She was hours late to an appointment for our parents to see the venue. We were seated hours late for our tasting. Also worth noting that she had been drinking multiple glasses of wine during each tasting. Not exactly professional. Throughout the planning process any issue we had always got the response of “well none of my other couples misunderstood that” or “all the other couples received that information, so you must have”. Emails would go unresponded to for weeks even after multiple follow-ups. Eventually I would call and she would claim that she responded weeks ago, when she definitely did not. She always seemed so inconvenienced to ‘resend’ information that was never sent. She never took responsibility for any misstep and constantly spoke down to us like children. When we told her at the tasting that we had not yet seen a catering menu she proceeded to give us this big (semi-drunk) lecture about how she is a extremely organized person and that she would ‘prove’ to me that she sent the catering information months ago. I am not sure how proving I am wrong helps anything. We never received the information and she never did ‘prove’ otherwise. We had wonderful experiences with every other vendor that was involved in our wedding. They were all committed to the success of our event and we had zero miscommunications. Pam was the only issue and she added tons of anxiety/uncertainty to the process that just didn’t need to be there. In fact, several vendors who work with Crooked Creek & Pam often went on unprompted rants to us about awful she is. Some of their comments were so negative I would feel uncomfortable sharing them here. Our grievances with Pam extend to the day-of. Our contract suggested that we would be provided a ‘day-of coordinator’ which sounded great. Our ‘coordinator’ ended up being Pam and she did little other than handle the basic catering needs. She did not hesitate to bother the bride throughout the day with petty questions and even criticisms when she felt that vendors were not meeting her expectations (what are we supposed to do about it at that point? Also, most vendors were recommended by her…) As an example - she interrupted our post-ceremony photos by shouting at us that she didn’t know where to place a photo booth that just arrived. Towards the end of the evening we even had a guest flag us down concerned about an intoxicated partygoer stumbling around outside. Turns out it was Pam. Not my observation but something that was brought to our attention by others. Ultimately we have fond memories of our our wedding and the venue was beautiful, but getting there was way more effort and stress than it needed to be. I don’t take any pleasure in publicly disparaging a business but I can’t recommend one that is operated with such flagrant disregard of basic professionalism, integrity and courtesy. There are many beautiful venues in Northern Michigan, I encourage you to look around.

Venue / Day of Services A+, Everything prior and customer service F-

Reviewed on 8/21/2014

I'll start off by saying that the VENUE itself was worth all the money we paid...BUT our SOLE issue was Pam Leonard, who was our point of contact for the wedding. Let me list our experiences with her: 1. We were promised on three separate occasions that their horse would be... Read More added in for free if we wanted to use it for pictures. She told this to me, my bride, and my bride's parents. When we finally got our invoice, it would be a $200 charge. 2. We are required to use their caterers which isn't a problem because the food ended up being great the day of, however, at our first taste testing, the chef was sick so she offered us another tasting free of charge because she was "embarrassed at how the food came out and wasn't good" (her exact words). We didn't ask for one, she volunteered us the option. We contacted her to book it about a month later for the following Spring, and she had no idea why we were going to get another. She said "I'm surprised by that because the other groups that came our for the tasting said it was wonderful!" Like I said, we never asked for it, she offered it to us because she was embarrassed. We had to reminded her why and finally got another one booked via email. We chose the next date months in advance and it was confirmed to us in email. We drove from Washington DC where we lived months later to her restaurant for the prescheduled tasting date and when we were 30 minutes away we got a call from her because she was confused why we were coming. She completely forgot we were coming, forgot why she offered it to us to begin with, and we had to send her the email confirmation as proof. She said "sorry, but we don't have room for you to come today". We wasted 10 hours on the road. I saved the emails and VM as proof. 3. She took FOREVER to respond to us and our wedding planner regarding everything until the 4 days or so before the wedding. Literally took weeks to get back to us even though we were on a timeline. Perfect example is she sent us our 90 DAY REMINDER LESS THAN 30 DAYS BEFORE THE WEDDING. I have the emails as proof. 4. She gave us our venue & catering INVOICE THREE DAYS BEFORE THE WEDDING and only gave us two options to pay (certified check or money order), and it was DUE THE SAME DAY. We were out of state from DC in MI w/no access to our bank, so we had to wire her the entire amount within 12 hours. I have the emails still as proof. Like I was saying before, the venue was worth every dollar we spent. The catering was fantastic the day of (we even chose some items off of their menu that we never tasted which was a huge risk). The day of services provided by the venue were seamless. We had no issues with anything the day of. The pictures and scenery were everything we were looking for, and met up with the expectations we had for it and why we booked it to begin with. The ONLY reason for the poor review is the absolutely horrendous interactions and lack of interactions we had leading up to the wedding. As a business owner myself, if I conducted business the same way I was receiving it I would be bankrupt. There is absolutely no reason at all why they should have someone running the show that can't remember conversations, promises made, and can't even follow through on something confirmed in writing with emails. If their word AND things in writing don't happen, what on earth would make you believe you'll get ANYTHING you've asked for? Venue, A+ Catering, B+ Service & Professionalism, F-


Reviewed on 8/01/2013 Claire A

The ranch was absolutely perfect. My husband and I knew the first time we were able to tour the property (you have to call and arrange an appointment first as the property is not public), that it would be the place where we say our vows. The grounds are immaculately kept, and... Read More the barn is stunning. Amanda helped us through our wedding planning and during the big day, she was outstanding. Everything was perfect, and we've gotten so many compliments on how pretty everything was. It's really easy to make things pretty when the venue is as beautiful as Crooked Creek. I especially loved their rule of not letting anyone tour the venue during your event. It's not easy for wedding planning/touring venues, but great for your big day when you know that noone but your guests are allowed on the property. Excellent all the way around.

great venue!

Reviewed on 7/05/2013 Megan P

The ranch was beautiful. We wanted to do something different and this was the perfect spot! We had a few mix ups with the contract but they were all resloved quickly. Pam is great to work with!