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256 Daniel Webster Hwy, Nashua, NH (603) 888-6300

Reviewed on 10/04/2017 Tori G

I made an appointment for a Saturday morning and had a wishlist online hoping that would help speed up the process since this was my 4th stop. It took 20mins for someone to come help, they didn't have the dresses pulled, and then no one helped me into and out of dresses. My mom... Read More and sister did and they had to ask other brides for clips to borrow. Dresses were nice but service was awful. I would skip.

Reviewed on 7/13/2017 Dawn B

I would never go back for anything again, I picked out my wedding dress and wasn't even impressed with that process felt like I was at a regular store trying on clothes, thought the service would of been more ulcatered to the special occasion considering it's my wedding. Also... Read More apparently they have a bell you ring when you find your perfect dress and make a wish ( it's tradition) I wasn't told about that. I learned about it while in alterations and asked what it was. Alterations another issue, I was never told about a rush fee charge if under 2 weeks which wasn't when I bought the dress and then required at alteration, a heads up would of been nice I was going to be charged that and wouldn't of minded paying had I know, the woman wasn't very nice about it, I paid it so I'd have my dress in time. Overall when I picked my dress up I was not very excited and debated looking for another one elsewhere but I had no time, I was anything but impressed. I dont recommend at all.

Reviewed on 7/04/2017 Nicole W

I am looking for a dress to be exact what I wnt down to the coloring. be for I come an try dressing or look I need to know if you can so this? I have a pic just don't know how to send it. Thank you Nicole

Reviewed on 5/23/2017 Justine M

Two of my bridesmaids live in NH so they came to this location to order their bridesmaid dresses for my wedding. Davids had all of my information and the exact color and style bridesmaid dress. My wedding was 5/13 and my girls and I were all getting dressed in the bridal suite... Read More when we noticed one of my girls had the wrong dress!!!! She got it from this location. At that point there was nothing we could do because the ceremony was about to begin. How could you make this mistake when my other bridesmaid got the correct dress from you?

Reviewed on 4/01/2017 Nichole S

DONT SHOP HERE!!!!!! If I could leave no stars I would, what a horrible experience!! First the woman (Susan I think) forgets we met already and then didn't have any of my information-- including wedding date which I know I gave them. Then we find the bridesmaids dresses right... Read More away but she's no where to be found.. took another associate 10 minutes to find her. Then after we are ready to check out we are told the color I want (which we knew coming in and told her) is discontinued for the spring collection and we can't order it for this dress. We were all shocked and decided we didn't believe her and called the Danvers store to confirm...rightly so because she lied. We will be placing our order for that dress in the color I want with the other store thank you.

Reviewed on 2/25/2017 Brittany E

Literally the worst Davids bridal I have ever gone to. We made an appointment for 1 bridesmaid and the consultant they put us with was named Susan, and she was completely useless. She came over to us for 30 seconds and told us she would be back... she never came back. Luckily... Read More there was another consultant working who was sweet enough to help us out and get us a dressing room. She even went to pull other sizes for my bridesmaid to try (even though the first consultant we had said we had to do that on our own). I wish I remembered the second consultant's name because she was so helpful. And when we were walking to the front desk to checkout, the first consultant, Susan walked by us and completely ignored us!!!! Do yourselves a favor and take a trip to the Portland ME David's Bridal. I've been there twice and each experience has been seamless.

Reviewed on 2/01/2017 Brittni A

This place was everything a bridal nightmare is made of. My bridesmaids are spread out in 3 states, so I thought David's Bridal would be easy for everyone to order from. My fiance and I went in a few weeks ago to pick the colors. The place was empty, but nobody acknowledged us.... Read More We tried to greet some associates. They said 'hi' but didn't offer to help. We looked around on our own, but left pretty quickly without guidance. A week later, I took one of my bridesmaids back to try on some dresses. An associate let us into a dressing room, and never spoke to us again. She didn't ask if she could help or guide us in any way. We were again on our own. This weekend, the same bridesmaid made an appointment here for us to go shopping for my dress while my mom was in town. The place was packed, and my consultant must have been working with 4 other people. All of the dressing rooms around the edges were tiny and packed full. There was nowhere for my mom and bridesmaid to sit or put their things. There was a stage with three or four dressing rooms, and only one of those rooms was occupied- by a young girl who was looking for a prom dress. When I went in, the consultant asked what I wanted and took off without me to pull dresses. She came back with 4. The first was the one my sister-in-law wore. The second, third, and fourth were very similar, and not-at-all what I was looking for. The consultant left and came back a few more times with different dresses, never asking what I liked or didn't like about any of them. When I asked her to help lace up one of them, she told me that I had to come out of the dressing room, because she 'overheats' in there. This is the same room that we are expected to change in and out of multiple dresses in.... maybe get some ventilation? Eventually, the consultant (I really didn't see her enough to remember her name- I think it might have been Gail) asked me if the dress I had on was a contender. I was so uncomfortable that I just looked at my mom, who explained to the woman that I needed to eat, and we would be leaving soon because it was just too crowded in there (in the corner she had us in). The consultant told us to come back later, but not after 6, because they're open til 8, but she's not there after 6, and not on Tuesday or Wednesday (or two specific days of the week- might be different), because she's not in on those days. Oh- and at one point, I noticed a bride across the room had tried on 3 of the exact same dresses I had tried on. It's like they only have 10 or so, and they just try to convince everyone to go with the same ones. I've been to David's Bridals in other parts of the country. They're all cookie cutter shops, but this one was just awful. There's no reason to go here.

2017-02-17T13:56:04 Response from the vendor

Hello Brittni, On behalf of David's Bridal I would like to apologize that you did not have a good experience on your recent visit. We value our customers and are committed to making every experience a positive one. I would love to have our management... Read Less Read More

Reviewed on 1/24/2017 Katrina K

place was a nightmare. my consultant Erica was no help at all. manager was so rude, and I was lied to. ended up finding my dream dress, and they apologized after calling corporate on them. hate this place so much! Nashua davids bridal is a joke.

2017-02-17T13:56:21 Response from the vendor

Hello Katrina, we would like to take this opportunity to apologize on behalf of David's Bridal for your recent visit. We are committed to providing every guest with exceptional customer service, and we did not live up to that standard for you. Thank you for... Read Less Read More

Reviewed on 1/22/2017 Catherine F

I came to David's Bridal to try on wedding dresses for the first time and I had a fantastic experience. My consultant, Diane, was amazing and I tried on almost 10 dresses during my appointment! She was very knowledgeable about what styles would look good on me and helped me find... Read More what I was looking for. I thought I was just going in to try on a few dresses but I ended up purchasing my dress and being able to take it home that day! I had a great experience and will definitely be returning for bridesmaid dresses and recommend them to friends.

2017-02-17T13:56:40 Response from the vendor

Hello Catherine, congratulations on finding the perfect dress for your big day, how exciting! We couldn't be happier to hear how Diane exceeded your expectations during your recent visit to our Nashua store. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your exceptional... Read Less Read More

Reviewed on 1/11/2017 Laura J

Concerning bridesmaids: I had an appointment with my two bridesmaids 12/23/16. We showed up about 1.5 hours early and they were kind enough to take us anyway. The check in process was a bit lengthy, even though they ought to have had all the info already when I scheduled.... Read More Eventually we were assisted by Erica who showed us the dress area and provided us with a catalogue. Erica was mostly assisting other groups but we were able to pull the dresses we were interested in and there was plenty of room available in the changing area. Overall the dress selection is not great. Many of the sample dresses with the mesh fabric were ripped. Ultimately the girls decided on two dresses and then had to imagine them in the color I chose as the combination was not in store. No biggie. However, during check out the girls triple checked that the dresses were to be shipped to their home rather than having to go to the store for pick up. They were told this was no problem and that "there was a note in the computer" so they were all set. The dresses arrived three weeks earlier than expected... except to my house in North Carolina. When we alerted the store to the issue, they said there was nothing they could do as the dresses were not in NH, and that I should take them to my local NC store, where it would be "up to the manager's discretion" if they do anything. Long story short, as I am the not the purchaser of the dresses, nor did the NC store sell the dresses, I am out $22 to ship the dresses to the address where they originally should have been set. Overall I would not recommend this store to potential brides or bridesmaids.

2017-01-11T15:53:14 Response from the vendor

Hello Laura, on behalf of David's Bridal I would like to apologize for the inconvenience you experienced on your last visit. We value our customers and are committed to making every experience a positive one. I would love to have our management team follow up... Read Less Read More

Reviewed on 12/27/2016 Lisa O

Customer service was horrible! We waited over 30 minutes just to meet our customer service lady (we had an appointment!) No dresses were picked out beforehand like they said they would and when she came over with the first dress it was exactly what I told her I didn't like! From... Read More there on it was like she didn't care a bit that I was not happy with certain things about the dresses and would give me attitude whenever I told her I didn't like something. She ruined the entire experience and made it frustrating enough that I couldn't even stand trying on the dresses because she was not helpful and half the time I was waiting for five minutes in the dressing room because she would disappear to do sometbing else and she complained the whole time. My bridesmaids were frustrated too so they ended up going to the racks and picking up dresses for me since the lady wasn't listening and would disappear half the time. Terrible experience and David's Bridal really needs to hire people who actually care about helping people and not just making a sale...since nothing was actually within the budget I told her either. Such a waste of a day!

Reviewed on 12/19/2016 Shauna W

The sales associate assigned to us for my bridesmaids/mother of the groom appointment grabbed a couple dresses for my future mother in law but that was about it. She offered minimal assistance in helping us find styles even after we had taken it upon ourselves to browse about... Read More the store and pick some. She had no enthusiasm, scribbled down a couple selections we liked and then was off doing something else never to be seen again even when the girls were considering purchasing the dresses but had questions about purchase options and fittings. The dresses themselves were okay, but we will be buying the bridesmaids dresses and paying a little more at another store simply because the customer service there was so much better.

Reviewed on 11/21/2016 leslie n

Why bother writing a review you don't post them , I posted a review yesterday about them and there service and you didn't posted it. You pick and choice what you want to post so they don't look to bad even though they are. So why take time and do it.

Reviewed on 11/11/2016 Tess K

As soon as I walked in, I was shocked at the lack of customer service and quality they provided. A lot the dress were stiff, dirty and smelled. While I was in the fitting room, the consultation took my maid of honor to pick out a few more dresses. But when my maid of honor tried... Read More to pick a dress, the consultant would tell her "no." It made it very real that they work off of commission and weren't interested in letting me try on cheaper dresses. Unless your dress isn't all that important to you or you just want to try on dresses to get an idea of what you like, I wouldn't bother going to David's Bridal.

Reviewed on 10/03/2016 Meghan M

I bought my wedding dress in June 2016 for my September 2017 wedding. I found my dress and fell in love with it quickly. They told me it would be ordered and should arrive in November 2016. The next month, July 2016, I was told that my dress was already at the store for me to... Read More pick up. I of course was happy but also thought it was strange that I had ordered it last month and yet it was already it. When I went to try it on before bringing it home there was HUGE orange makeup stains on the inside of my dress and some of the lace appliques were coming off. They said they would fix it then on my ride home they asked if I wanted a brand new dress ordered. I said yes and that I would actually like it ordered in a size up. The woman said she would go find out if she could do that, came back and said she could. Come the end of September 2016 I received a call stating that the dress was ready to be picked up. For a second time now, this is much earlier than they had estimated even the FIRST dress to be in. I brought my mom with me this time to inspect the dress carefully before taking it home. This "new dress" had makeup stains on the FRONT of the dress, the lower back, dirt all on the bottom hem, an appliques falling off AND a huge rip on the outside fabric!!! Needless to say my mother and I were extremely upset. I did not spend my hard earned money on this dress to have it look as if someone had already worn it. AND not only did this happen to me once, but TWO TIMES!!! I honestly believe that they tried to sell me sample dresses right off the rack that tons of people had already tried on and pass them off as a new dress. This dress was on clearance, HOWEVER, clearance means the dress is discounted in price NOT that you are buying that exact dress as is. I realize this is David's Bridal, not Kleinfeld. But brides on a budget deserve to be treated with respect and get a clean, never worn dress just like they paid for and not be duped. I am extremely upset and disappointed that this happened and will not be going back r ever recommending this store to anyone I know. I did receive a full refund (luckily) and I now have to find another dress that lives up to the one I originally fell in love with, because David's Bridal is a sleezy bridal salon that obviously doesn't respect it's brides.

Reviewed on 7/20/2016 Danielle D

Well, you certainly can't beat the prices (although the majority of the dresses my consultant brought me were over my budget, despite the large selection of dresses the store carries in all price points, so be careful what you tell them). The experience definitely left... Read More something to be desired though. My consultant was only okay. She was not outright mean, but she was not friendly. She definitely was not interested in helping me very much at all, and despite asking me questions about what I liked, the first batch of dresses she brought me were not what I had in mind. She also seemed to think that I should know what I was doing despite the fact that I had never tried on wedding dresses before. My bridesmaid ended up in the dressing room with me to help me out. The store is also very crowded. The dressing rooms are small and packed together, and most of the mirrors are on the outside of the dressing room doors, so it seemed like every time I was looking in one I had to turn around and look somewhere else because someone was coming out. There is not a lot of space to have people with you either. I only had my mom, my aunt, and a bridesmaid and there just wasn't a lot of space for them to be while I was trying things on and modeling for them. Plus there are almost no chairs. My mom has a bad ankle and needed to sit. She managed to snag a chair but it wasn't really near the dressing room I was using, which was a bit annoying. Overall, it is what it is. Nothing about it was so terrible I couldn't deal with it, but if you are looking for more of a special experience, this may not be the place for you. I did end up finding the perfect dress (slightly over budget of course, because that's what she pulled for me), so I don't regret going here after all is said and done.

Almost perfect alterations

Reviewed on 11/14/2015 Nicole M

The alterations on my dress were done in a timely fashion. The only issue, was the buttons used for the bustle....medium sized, white cloth covered. Not exactly what I wanted going across my backside for my wedding. Fortunately my friend was able to change them for small,... Read More white, eyelet hooks that were invisible during the ceremony.

Hit an online special and WOW!

Reviewed on 8/19/2015 Debbie D

I chose a David's dress online. One day I decided to go online and look at the dress again and it was marked from $500 to $100. I ordered it immediately! With my girlfriends help and the seamstress we chose a sash that embellished the dressed, changed out the straps for mere... Read More dollars and voila a designer dress for $200!! I was thrilled. And I was treated the same wonderful way I expected a full price bride was treated. Thank you David's!

Was very happy

Reviewed on 7/15/2015 Susan D

Well, I didn't really want to go to David's Bridal because I've seen some bad reviews and I didn't want to deal with that for my wedding. I had gone looking for a dress but couldn't find one that I wanted. My daughter suggested to go to Davids for her dress and I found the one... Read More for me! Everyone was nice a and helpful, my dress came in in plenty of time and my daughters did too, the colors were perfect also and the prices were even better! I'll go back there anytime

It is what it is...

Reviewed on 12/07/2014 Hannah

We got my dress, my mom's MOB dress, and the bridesmaid dresses here. Don't expect that it'll be like a salon or that you'll have any privacy or really feel special but it was fine. I loved my dress. My bridesmaids loved theirs. And my mom was happy. Everyone got tailoring done... Read More somewhere else because the reviews for the onsite tailoring were terrible.

Alterations Review

Reviewed on 9/08/2014 Melissa V

This review is of the alterations department at David's Bridal in Nashua, NH (not the front store, which was pleasant and helped me find my dress, excellent experience there). The alterations department assured me when I bought my dress that they could add any sleeve I wanted to... Read More my dress. When I came back to have them added, the seamstress did not want to look at the images I brought to explain what I wanted. She initially told me that the only sleeves she could add would be cap sleeves when I was asking for off the shoulder down to the elbow sleeves. I asked to speak to a manager and was told I would have to wait 45 minutes for her to arrive. Once she arrived she seemed shocked that her seamstress had told me that and she said we could absolutely do sleeves. She had me buy a capelet they had in store and cut it apart and pinned it to the dress. That cost me about $200, I also paid another $300 to have it taken in and hemmed. When I came back and tried on the dress (3 days before the wedding- they wouldn't give me an appointment further out), the sleeves were on the shoulder and I couldn't lift my arms at all, I was a penguin, not even enough to hug someone. I of course was angry, but I just took the dress and walked out. I then spent $1.50 on tulle and a seamstress friend of mine built actual sleeves and sewed them in, in the three days before my wedding. She did rescue the lace off the capelet they had attached to dress them up, but seriously not $200 worth of it. I would have been better off having her do all of the alterations from the beginning. Moral of the story, if you want anything done to your dress other than a hem and taking it in, go somewhere else! They will mess up your dress and make your pre-wedding time a nightmare.


Reviewed on 3/08/2014 Jenna B

They are a little pushy selling things but overall good experience just make sure they pare you with someone you mesh with nicely.

Many Affordable Options

Reviewed on 1/15/2014 Kelly N

I found the wedding dress of my dreams in the "under $500" section. All of the bridesmaids got $20 off their dresses since I had also bought my dress there. Alterations were expensive, but they did an amazing job.

wouldn't go back

Reviewed on 1/09/2014 Jennifer L

Don't get me wrong, I loved my dress! I had so many issues that I'm sending them a letter. I had several friends that have gone there and none of us would use their alterations department. As it was after 5 trips to there (2 hours one way) I was so upset with customer service... Read More and what I was being told that I just took my dress and left. I had someone else help me with their mistakes (that shouldn't have been there from the start). I really do love my dress, but I wish I went local. My girls also got their dresses there, and had them shipped. They looked great and came in really quick.

Hit or Miss (but mostly hit)

Reviewed on 11/16/2013 Kimberly G

Overall, David's Bridal is extraordinarily convenient - many locations, a user-friendly website, and its connection to Men's Wearhouse are a few of its best features. They also have an excellent variety of gowns (as well as accessories) and actually carry sample gowns in the... Read More full spectrum of sizes. I ultimately purchased my gown (style 7T9612) and veil (style 790) from David's Bridal in Nashua, and they did my alterations as well - I honestly couldn't have been happier with the outcome, nor would I have found a comparable value at any other bridal salon. My only negative experiences involved associates who were either having bad days or are really not meant to be in the world of customer service - especially at a store that exclusively works with brides, who tend to be emotional and overwhelmed to begin with! However, the majority of associates I interacted with were helpful and genuinely friendly, making my experience with DB a mainly positive one.