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At our full-service salon you will have the opportunity to work with an experienced professional who can help you realize the vision that has been in your mind ever since you first dreamt of your wedding day. Open Monday through Thursday 12-8; Friday 12-6; Saturdays 10-4; Sundays 12-4.



Alterations, Bridesmaids, Flower Girls, Mothers Fashions, Other Attire & Accessories, Shoes, Wedding Gowns


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2480 Fairview Ave N, Roseville, MN

Everything We Dreamed of an MORE!

Reviewed on 10/28/2014 Michelle M

Dena Marie Bridal & Tux was a perfect fit for me. To start with, I had a very large wedding party and Dena Marie was so accommodating and on top of everything for me! In all, I needed 9 bridesmaids dresses, 3 flower girl dresses, and 12 tuxedos. They were able to keep everything organized and ON TIME to my satisfaction. Karen, the owner, and Kelly were WONDERFUL throughout the entire process, what a great team! They treated my mom and I with the utmost respect on everything with my very large wedding party. I only had 7 months to plan my wedding and they made it all happen! The first thing I did when I got engaged was found my wedding dress and I'm sorry to say that I had already ordered my dress at another vendor out of town. Come to find out, they had the exact same dress that I ordered and I wish I could have turned back time to order my dress from Dena Marie Bridal. To make a long story short, the out of town place ordered the wrong size and took way to long to get it in. Then, Dena Marie came to my rescue and I had them do all my alterations and they turned out BEAUTIFUL! Their alterations are very reasonable in price and I got my dress back within a week, that's service! All of my bridesmaid dresses came in plenty of time along with the flower girl dresses. A couple of my bridesmaids had their alterations done here as well and they turned out perfect. Karen and Kelly were so great in helping me match the color bridesmaid dress that I wanted (sangria) and also match my flower girl's waistband & tux vests with the my color. Everything matched beautifully and I was so happy with how all the colors looked in my pictures! Karen even matched the fabric that was underneath the lace of my flower girl dresses to match my wedding dress color, Ivory. The factory's color "Ivory" of my flower girl dresses was so yellow in color underneath the lace that the dresses didn't even match my wedding dress when you put them side by side. Karen completely agreed with us and called them immediately about her concern. They said "sorry that's our Ivory" and that was not good enough for Karen! She took it upon herself and her seamstress to match my ivory dress color and change the fabric underneath the lace to match my dress. After the alterations, that were at no cost to me, the flower girl dresses turned out awesome! They were adorable next to my dress and could not have turned out better...thanks to Karen at Dena Marie Bridal! Best customer service I have ever had anywhere! She took care of me just like it was her own daughter's wedding. As for all the men in my bridal party, they all commented that this is the BEST TUX RENTAL that any of them had ever experienced for a wedding. Many of them were sport guys and their big shoulders and legs can be hard to fit correctly in a tux. They sure did it! ALL 12 of them were flawless and looked as handsome as could be. Four of the guys were out of town and were unable to come directly to the store to get fitted. With them calling in their sizes, they took it upon themselves to order a couple extra sizes just in case. One guy that came in on Friday to pick up his tux needed a different pant size and they were able to overnight ship it right to the hotel to him! He got it by 9am the day of the wedding and it worked out great. Dena Marie Bridal & Tux is such a great company and so accommodating for us brides with lots of stress. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Thanks so much to Karen & Kelly.

THE place to get your Dress and Wedding Party attire!

Reviewed on 10/31/2014 Natasha B

I honestly had the best experience and a lot of fun working with Karen and Kelly! They were helpful, passionate and know their stuff really well and certainly knows what customer service quality means! I got my wedding dress as well as my entire bridal party attire from here and it was worth every penny! I recommend Dena Marie Bridal! They are the best! Everything I imagined and more. As soon as we walked in, Kelly was warm, gracious, and helpful! I spent a lot of time trying on different dresses and also ended up having my wedding dress custom made! Kelly knew exactly what I was looking for and paid attention to detail. She would give her honest opinion and allowed me the flexibility to take my time. A must if you want to feel great, glamorous and welcomed!

Excellent service - one less thing to worry about for the big day

Reviewed on 7/12/2014 Megan B

I had already bought my dress elsewhere but I was able to do my alterations at Dena Marie and they were perfect and easy to get done. I used them for my tux rental and bridesmaids dresses through Dena Marie Bridal and everything was perfect, the dresses came in fitting everyone and even with an out of state bridesmaid we were able to get that to her easily without any issues. The Tux's looked great and they made sure each guy tried theirs on at the shop to prevent any issues with the tux's the day of. The service was excellent and everything went without a hitch - it was nice to have one less thing to worry about on the big day.

Wonderful Experience

Reviewed on 3/11/2015 Jenni R

Everyone at Dena Marie made me feel like such a princess from the first time I ever came to try on dresses to the last time I went in for my final fitting. They helped me pick out everything from my dress, to shoes, jewelry and every a hair piece. I felt so beautiful on my wedding day and truly thank Dena Marie for that!

Very helpful

Reviewed on 12/28/2014 Kolleen B

The staff at Dena Marie Bridal was very helpful in choosing bridemaid dress styles that worked for everyone's body type!

My wedding dress

Reviewed on 11/20/2014 Amanda T

I found my wedding dress at Dena Marie Bridal after trying two other stores. I went in with a rough budget in mind, but that only allowed me to be in the range to purchase sample dresses, all of which were way to big on me and would have required major alterations. Dena Marie worked with me with the thought in mind that if I was willing to spend more on a dress that fit me, the alterations would be less. In the end, that plan worked out really well and I found the perfect dress. The only reason I gave four stars was because the dress was estimated to arrive at the end of April, but it did not arrive until the end of June. The delivery did not affect my time frame and everything worked out fine.

TERRIBLE SERVICE, avoid at all costs

Reviewed on 8/24/2014 Matt G

I would highly recommend avoiding this place and only using as a last resort after trying all the other bridal stores in the cities. The ONLY good thing about this place was that I found my dress there, which I absolutely loved. Also, the staff person working that day who helped me was super sweet and I loved her. Her name was Kayla and she deserves a kudos. If there is one main point I want you to read it's that the owner of this place is terrible. I hope she reads this to know that she provided terrible customer service to us and I will be sure to tell everyone that I know about this experience. First, when we went in to order vests and ties the staff person never told us that these were pre-tied ties, and then she screwed up the order anyway. They told us "that is why she doesn't work here anymore" so I assume she was let go. Next, my mother in law called to purchase me a hair piece that I had fallen in love with about 2.5 weeks before my second dress fitting. I was so happy to have checked that off my list. When I went in they told us that they had sold it to someone else (even though we had already purchased it) and that they couldn't find another one. They never gave us a good explanation of what happened and seemed to giving us multiple stories about it, and she never offered anything to help make it right. No one called my mother in law to tell her this and give her the money back and no one called me to tell me that I now had to add finding a hair piece back into my to do list. At this point I only had a few days to find another one. HORRIBLE SERVICE! Lastly, they make you pay $200 up front with your dress purchase to be sure your dress is your size but I still had to pay $200 in alteration costs. This isn't necessarily the fault of the owner but be ware that your dress will be much more expensive than you originally think it will be. The alterations costs here are outrageous. Further, my dress came in a month later than they originally told me, so be ware of this as well. Avoid this place at all costs because the owner does not care about providing good customer service and she is full of excuses. She should be ASHAMED of herself and her store. Some of the staff were great but most were not good. They seemed to have picked up her excuses response idea.

excellent service with small town feel

Reviewed on 8/16/2014 Kristine S

Dena Marie Bridal and Tux has been great! I had found my wedding dress online and had been researching bridal shops in the Twin Cities that had the dress in stock - Dena Marie did and I was able to be seen the next day to try it on! Bridal Consultant Kelly has been extremely helpful throughout the whole process of ordering my dress and bridesmaids dresses. All of my bridesmaids lived out of state but they will able to work with me and get dresses in on time, with time left for them to get the minor alterations they needed. The BM dress quality and color was PERFECT! We did not rent tux's due to the wedding not being in the Twin Cities area so I am unable to review their tux rental service. Overall I would HIGLHY recommend Dena Marie to any bride! I felt important and not just another customer, the atmosphere is comfortable and I didn't feel that I was on display as I did at other bridal shops in the area. I was able to have the comfort of enjoying the special moment. Thanks Dena Marie Bridal & Tux (especially Kelly!)

Sheep pulled over our eyes

Reviewed on 7/11/2014 Jeni H

I went to Dena Marie's for my wedding gown and had an amazing experience. I was willing to pay more buying it at this store rather than the Wedding Shoppe just because my experience was that much better. I recommended this store to several friends. I then decided to get my bridesmaid dresses and tux rentals done here. These experiences were quite the opposite! The bridesmaids' dresses were two sizes too big so they had to pay a lot of money for alterations. Then all of the tuxes were the wrong size and all the shoes were wrong and not what we ordered. The ring bearers shirt was way too big so it was hemmed but the hem fell out before he even put the shirt on. I would not recommend them anymore.


Reviewed on 4/12/2014 Jennifer S

The staff at Dena and Marie are for the most part sweet, however completely phony. I ordered my bridesmaids dresses through them and when one of my BM's went to try on her dress she noticed a GIANT snag down the front! She came out of the dressing room and they insisted it was her who snagged it and it wasn't their fault. This was COMPLETELY unacceptable and after many arguments replaced it. Even worse than this they completely botched my wedding dress alterations and grossly overcharged me! It was one month before my wedding and I had to go and get them completely re-done. After going to Brenda at Amazing Alterations in Anoka she had to take my dress in another 5 inches and completely changed the horribly sloppy bustle. The seamstress there only knew how to do one bustle which was completely wrong for my style of organza dress. Amazing Alterations did more work on my dress in 1 hour than they did in 3 weeks and charged me $150 less than Dena and Marie. I strongly recommend you DO NOT go here for alterations and make sure you inspect your dresses thoroughly if you order them from this shop. I could have saved myself $400 and an ulcer if I would have just went to Amazing Alterations in the first place. I've never been so disappointed I felt the need to warn people which speaks volumes!


Reviewed on 11/16/2013 Christin S

The staff at Dena Marie were very helpful when I shopped for my bridal gown. I felt that they gave me space and I did not feel pressured. Since my first experience when they was great I also took my bridesmaids to Dena Maire. We were able to find a dress that we all liked and again the staff was not pushy. The bridesmaids dresses came in quickly, however, I waited just over 11 months for my bridal gown. The store owner wasn't the nicest to deal with when I would call to check on the status of my gown. She kept telling me dates that my dress would arrive by and then I would call and she had not received it yet. My dress arrived just under a month before my wedding. Once I got it, everything was fine, but I was concerned since they never told me it would take 11 months. I feel that the owner should have provided some type of discount for this, but it also probably was the manufactures fault and not hers. I would still highly recommend working with them!

Wonderful Experience!

Reviewed on 11/14/2013 Katy

This place was wonderful! No pressure and very friendly sales people! This place is not very pricey in my opinion - great for the Twin Cities area.


Reviewed on 10/20/2013 Kristi B

We went with the intention of getting bridesmaid dresses and we got those AND I ended up finding my dress. Everyone was very nice and accommodating and made for a wonderful experience.

Go Somewhere Else for BM Dresses and Tuxes!

Reviewed on 10/11/2013 Alicia L

We got both our bridesmaid dresses and tuxes through Dena Marie (Tip Top Tux). The bridesmaid dress experience wasn’t that bad, although the dresses did come in late and customer service was sometimes poor. The tuxes were the real screw up, we had several different people assisting us in the few times we went in to look at tuxes, and the notes for our order were all being scribbled down on a messy paper that I couldn’t read. Three days before our wedding we found out the tuxes came in in the WRONG style! We were deciding between two styles and months prior to the wedding decided on the more elegant style (which we were told was $10 more than the other style). Unfortunately by the time we found out the tuxes were wrong, the ushers who live in St. Cloud had already picked up their tuxes and their ties (that also came in in the wrong color). We had to go to Dena Marie three times in the three days before our wedding and argue with them about what we ordered and the cost of the tuxes, MONTHS AFTER we made an agreement with them! I wish we had some paperwork or that their paperwork was legible because there was absolutely no documentation of what we ordered. TIP – Get a receipt from the tux place when you make the order that states the tux style number that you ordered and the final price!! After my husband and I spending hours and hours in the three days immediately prior to our wedding driving to Dena Marie numerous times and trying to straighten everything out, the tuxes finally came in (on Friday-we got married Satruday) and my dad’s tux came in without shoes! They said if we rushed there Saturday morning, hours before our wedding, they would have the shoes. Dad just wore shoes he already owned. Save yourself the stress and go somewhere else!

You have one job.

Reviewed on 7/08/2013 nikki l

I got my dress from here and the service was nice. I called to check on my dress when it was 'supposed to be in' (about 3 months after it was ordered) and they said, oh yeah, your dress will be in in about 12 more weeks. Meaning, they must have forgotten to order it in the first place. Luckily I found my dress really early compared to the wedding, so I wasn't worried, but if I had a spring/summer wedding that year I would have been freaking out! After the dress came there were a few places that needed to be fixed because the threads were sticking out. I was a little annoyed with everything.

Wonderful Experience!

Reviewed on 7/07/2013 Kristin S

My experience overall was wonderful at Dena Marie. They made me feel so comfortable trying on dresses, and I fell in love with the dress that I tried on. They worked with me and the dress was very affordable. I would not, however recommend the seamstress at Dena Marie. After multiple fittings my dress still did not fit right.

Wedding Dress

Reviewed on 2/15/2013 Beth E

Dena Marie was great to work with! Not only did I buy my dress from Dena Marie but we also got our bridesmaid dresses, tuxes, and both mothers bought their dresses there! A bit pricey and remember know matter what dress you buy you will be spending at least $150 on alterations.

Military Friendly!!!

Reviewed on 1/22/2013 Karly V

I received a FREE wedding dress from Dena and Marie's because of their support of the Brides Across America program. Participating bridal stores across the US are giving free wedding dresses to military brides. My gown is beautiful! The staff have been wonderful to work with. Victoria has been my main point of contact and has taken care of me every step of the way. I am so very grateful for their generosity and the opportunity to look fabulous on my wedding day. Furthermore, I have purchased several accessories from them and have been very pleased. I highly recommend them, especially if you are a military bride!!

Quality Service and the PERFECT dress!

Reviewed on 10/22/2012 Kate J

I purchased my wedding gown from Dena Marie in December. It was the last store of the day and we arrived an hour or so before closing. Nancy, the dress whisperer, did a wonderful job making us feel comfortable and not rushed. I let her know what I was looking for and she brought out many dresses. The final dress was perfect! Overall Dena Marie was professional, had a great selection of dresses, and made us feel extremely welcome. I had my dress shipped to me and all was shipped in a timely manner complete with phone calls to let me know the dress had arrived and when it shipped. I would recommend them hands down to anyone who needs a bridal gown in the Twin Cities area!

I won't be going back

Reviewed on 10/15/2012 Brianna M

My bridesmaids and I went here to find bridesmaid dresses for my wedding. When we got there it was very unorganized (and we had an appointment) Someone helped us look through the dresses for a few minutes but then had to go help someone else so my bridesmaids started looking by themselves. We got our own fitting rooms and my mom helped the girls try dresses on because no one was there to help us. After about 15 minutes of us being on our own a lady came over to see if we needed help. When we found the dress and needed the girls to get measured it was rushed along because one of the workers had a date to get to and they were closing soon. The service here is beyond bad and I would not reccomend it to anyone. The dresses were great all the girls loved them.


Reviewed on 10/11/2012 Amy J

Can't say enough about my experience at Dena Marie's! Chelsey was amazing! She was always right there when needed her and made us feel like we were the only gals in the boutique. I cannot wait to see my gals in their dresses!

Very Happy

Reviewed on 10/06/2012 Amanda S

The owner of this salon was very helpful when I called her in a panic looking for my gown that was a sample. She was willing to sell me the sample off the floor and even at a discount if I paid in full. She was extremely helpful when I needed it and my gown was beautiful and everything I wanted

Do not go here

Reviewed on 9/06/2012 Tressa L

The bridesmaid dresses were over priced, and they did not get my orders right the place was not put together at all. I wanted ivory for the groom they gave us white.

Nickel and Dime

Reviewed on 7/08/2012 Nichole O

Nickel and dime you after the fact none of the later cost were mentioned. As a first time bride you don't know all the questions to ask I had to pay ahead of time for this certain type of hem. I ordered the exact size I needed (the size they had that I tried on). When it came in it was too big so of course I had to pay more money to have it taken in. Then the kicker, I had to pay an additional cost to have the string and buttons put on to be able to bussle the dress. All these addition cost were a shock to me non of my friends/family had to pay for a bustle - that should come with the dress. I absolutely loved my dress but so close to the wedding it was very discouraging to have to shell out more money that I was unaware of.

bride's maid dresses and mother of the bride dress

Reviewed on 6/25/2012 Patricia C

My bride's maides got there dresses here and my mom got her dress here. Although the ladies were very nice when they were helping you try on dresses, there were big problems with all of the dresses we ordered. The bridesmaid dresses were ordered too small even though my girls tried on the dress there and were measured there. Taking a dress out is much more difficult than taking a dress in. One of the girls had her dress altered there and at the end it still didn't fit her well at all. And that is saying it nicely. My mom's dress was also ordered I believe incorectly even thought she went in and tried it on and got measured there. It really had to be altered but we took it to a wonderful lady in Eagan that altered the whole dress. She pretty much took the whole thing apart and re-did it. Mom mom however did look beautiful after all the alterations.


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