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5 Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg, IL (847) 517-2542

Reviewed on 1/18/2018 Alex M

DO NOT GIVE BUSINESS TO THAT COMPANY! It is a waste. A ring we bought from them fell apart in less than 10 days. Small diamonds just fell out. Their customer service is non-existent! They place callers on hold for hours. They do not call back ever, after promising to call in... Read More next couple of hours. And if you want your jewelry to be fixed, that would take 3 weeks plus shipping time. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, FIND A BETTER BUSINESS TO GIVE YOUR MONEY TO

Reviewed on 1/18/2018 Alex M

DO NOT GIVE BUSINESS TO THAT COMPANY! It is a waste. A ring we bought from them fell apart in less than 10 days. Small diamonds just fell out. Their customer service is non-existent! They place callers on hold for hours. They do not call back ever, after promising to call in... Read More next couple of hours. And if you want your jewelry to be fixed, that would take 3 weeks plus shipping time. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, FIND A BETTER BUSINESS TO GIVE YOUR MONEY TO

Reviewed on 12/11/2017

Amazing quality! Incredible FIRE and BRILLANCE in the main stone. And a substantial/wide solid gold band. I would say the sizing is on the larger size - it is a bit loose, but going to see if we can get it adjusted smaller. A+ Guys, I LOVE my ring!!!

Reviewed on 10/21/2017 Ashley B

I started wearing the Irene wedding band after my wedding in 2013, and about 1 month later one of the tiny stones turned brown and then fell out. I took it to my local DN store at the mall and they kindly sent it out for repair free of charge (but only after I insisted that I... Read More should NOT have to pay; they would have charged me otherwise!). Just TWO WEEKS after my ring came back from being repaired, I lost another stone! I went to the DN store to have them send it back for repairs. This time, there was a man ahead of me in line who was returning his finance’s ring for repairs. He was complaining to the salespeople that this was the FOURTH stone that had fallen out of his fiance's ring over the course of 3 months! He was extremely upset, and hearing his experience solidified my belief that the craftsmanship on DN jewelry leaves much to be desired. I sent my ring back for repairs that day, only to lose a THIRD stone several months later! At that point, I just figured that my wedding band was a lemon since I have not lost any stones from my Irene engagement ring which I’ve had since 2012. I decided to go to the DN store and request a brand new Irene band free of charge. After hearing my story they were nice enough to ask corporate to send a brand new ring to me - and they did. After having the brand new Irene band for only about 6 weeks, though - you guessed it - I lost yet another stone! At that point all I wanted to do was to return the band for a full refund. I didn't want to upgrade and I didn’t want another replacement. I was done. There is no excuse for such poor quality. Nobody should have to send their wedding ring back for repairs every month. I have $5 costume jewelry that has held up better than my DN ring. To request a refund, I called customer service and was only offered a repair or an upgrade. I requested to be transferred to a manager and a woman named Michelle Edwards told me the same thing: I was only eligible for a repair or an upgrade. Furious, I called the corporate office and even left a voicemail on the CEO’s direct line. I got no response (unprofessional). I finally ended up looking up the name and contact information of the Director of Sales, because I figured that she would be the person with the authority to process a return. I emailed her (Brianne Smith) with my story, and she promptly replied with the kindest apology for my trouble and helped me start the refund process, no questions asked. I am glad that I got my refund, but I will never, ever do business with DN again or recommend them to anyone. Their short-sighted attempt to preserve their profits by not allowing me to return my ring right away has cost them a greater loss from losing my business, plus the business of any potential customers who will be swayed by my negative review.

Reviewed on 1/19/2017 Emily H

My fiance got me the Angelix style with a round 2 carat. It's absolutely beautiful! The sparkle is amazing. I'm going to link to a picture but idk if they'll block links: Anyway, I'm beyond... Read More happy with this ring and the customer service (we had to send it back to get it resized- free!). I clean it about once a week to keep it as sparkly as the day i got it. I'm not exactly gentle with it- I've accidentally knocked it on a couple things and there are no scratches or anything. I was so worried ordering online but I'm glad we did and I would recommend them to anyone.

Reviewed on 12/27/2016 Angela H

Extremely satisfied for almost 5yrs now. We had looked all over for the best price for the right ring and after going on line and doing some research DNL had popped up. I had been considering a Moissanite stone, but was never completely happy with the pinkish/grey look we kept... Read More seeing that was in the stones color. It felt like I was wearing my grandmothers costume very pretty just a little to fake looking and dull. I HIGHLY recommend DNL. I have been extremely happy with my wedding set and continue to get complements all the time. I found my ring at another jewelry store for almost $18,000 and got mine for $2100.00. We ordered Valencia Princess cut. I have had 2 of my little diamonds on the side fall out due to me cleaning it myself to roughly. I'm a hairdresser and I was trying to get an annoying hair and product out from under my ring. Both times I had my diamond fall out i found my stones, called DNL they sent me the return label and fixed my ring both times and had my ring back within 2 weeks time with ZERO HASSLE!!! I have since bought my daughter a ring for her 18th birthday and now looking into buying her something for college graduation this May. Thank you DNL for having such wonderful products!! I've referred friends and clients and I only hear wonderful things!! I'm a forever customer!! <3 <3 Angela

Reviewed on 12/09/2016 Carla H

I ordered the abigail wedding set after losing my original wedding set. I was extremely excited to receive such a beautiful ring. Upon receiving the ring and opening the box with so much anticipation and excitement, I was quickly disappointed. I immediately took the rings... Read More from the box in indoor lighting and it looked soo cheap and fake (the stones that is) i was devastated and embarrassed. My poor husband could quickly tell there was a problem by the look on my face and then i took the ring to outdoor sunny lighting and it had zero...i mean zero shine. No shine, no sparkle, no personality, no life at all. In indoor lighting it looked like a cheap white stone from costume jewelry and cheap jewelry at that. In outdoor lighting it looked like a clear piece of glass. Not only was I devastated I was extremely embarrassed that i'd convinced my husband against his better judgment to go with a simulated stone considering i'd lost the real thing. i was so upset i wasted no time on calling dnl and arranging for a return shipping label. they quickly emailed me a return label to print and instructed me to insure the item i was returning. I did as such...a week went by and still no refund. i called dnl back and at this point i discovered that they provided me with a return label missing part of the address...the street address. i didn't notice before hand as i printed what i thought was a standard label they send. so now the item is lost and dnl is refusing to refund me because they don't have the ring back yet. all of this due to them not providing the correct shipping label. including the foreign exchange as i am in canada i paid almost 3500.00 for this item. thankfully i paid with my credit card and used the insurance from the card to have the charges reversed. thank you visa for understanding i did as instructed and insured the package it was there fault the ring was lost. i feel like they did it on purpose so they would not receive the ring back with in the 30 days and they would keep my hard earned money. after finally receiving my refund i decided to go with a moissanite stone and ordered from another company online and for only 2000.00 canadian dollars i received the most stunning ring. i have had 3 separate jewelers compliment me on my "stunning" "beautiful" and "gorgeous" ring while shopping in there store and they did not have a clue it was not diamonds. please do your self a favor and shop around. i posted to dnl website after returning the ring and my review never went up. i think they only post good reviews. This occurred in 2012 and now in 2016 i must say my moissanite ring is as beautiful as the day i received it. i consider myself very lucky to come out of this unscathed unlike so many others. i am so happy with my moissanite ring and the money i saved that i am also now looking to buy another ring for my right hand. thank you for the great service. doesn't have as good of a return or exchange policy and that worried me at first considering what just happened with dnl but thankfully i didn't need to worry the reviews were right. if you want fire and brilliance go with moissanite you won't be disappointed. i do not work and am not paid by either group i am just someone who hopes that no one else has to go through that level of frustration. i will say DNL customer service was pleasant on the phone in every call. they just couldnt help me once the ring was lost.

Beautiful and affordable

Reviewed on 7/22/2015 Melissa R

These diamonds are chemically made to be perfect at a low cost.

I wish 0 was an option

Reviewed on 1/12/2013 Feren J

DO NOT BUY A DIAMOND NEXUS RING! I proposed to my fiancee in October of 2012, less than a week later we had noticed that a side stone had fallen out. Within the next few days there were a total of 3 side stones that had fallen out! My fiancee was devastated, I've never seen... Read More her cry so much. We returned the ring and it took more than two weeks to get it back. The very next day after we got the ring back, another stone had fallen out! We sent the ring back again, and paid for it to be repaired again. This go around, the ring lasted two and a half weeks before we noticed earlier today that yet another stone had fallen out! I want to just return the ring and never deal with Diamond Nexus Labs again, but because I waited more than 30 days after I bought the ring to propose, I can't return it. My fiancee doesn't wear the ring out anymore because she is both afraid that more stones will fall out and she is embarrassed to show people a ring with missing stones. She literally only wears the ring around the house and even that seems to be too much for the ring as stones keep falling out. I am done with Diamond Nexus.

Poor Quality, Very dissatisfied with Diamond Nexus

Reviewed on 12/15/2012 Angela G

Hi, I am the bride to be and the issues I've had with this ring has brought me to tears from both embarrassment and being extremely dissatisfied. As I type up this review my ring is making an obnoxious rattling noise because the main diamond is loose, again! My fiance... Read More proposed to me this past Oct 2012 and I was so excited. At first glance the ring was beautiful. Within about 30 minutes I noticed the mil work on the sides of the ring was very poor. Looked like somebody took a soldering iron and just through diamonds on the side. Nothing was symmetrical. Also I noticed that the swirly engravings were not symmetrical and not consistent in shape. Within a few days the main diamond was loose. Seemed like the ring just got worse and worse everyday. When we got back from our week long trip my fiance called customer service but they said since it had been over 30 days since he originally purchased it he could not get his money back nor get a brand new one. All they could do is fix it at no cost. No cost being a lie since you have to pay for shipping. This was extremely embarrassing since I was newly engaged and our friends and family wondered where the ring was. It took 2 WEEKS from the time we sent it out to the time we got it back. I told people that i had to get it resized when they asked where my ring was. When we received the ring back from DN I noticed that they tried to fix the mil work on the side but the quality was ok, still looked like an amateur jeweler worked on it. Literally within the next day the main diamond started to become loose again and rattle. Wow, was I upset. I talked to a customer representative and they said they can't do anything about it except return it back to them to get it fixed once more. I asked how can I expect DN to fix it when they didn't the first time? I can't keep returning it over and over again. We had an engagement party after we received it from getting repaired so I could not send it back. Now with the holidays I can't deal with family asking where it is once more. What do I tell them this time? I do not believe if I send it back they will fix it. The ring already looks damaged. Very poor manufacturing and quality. I will only be satisfied with DN if 1.) They give us our money back or 2.) Give us a brand new ring that was manufactured correctly from the get go. My fiance and I were going to buy our bands from here but with this service not sure about it. FYI, I am planning on putting this review on wedding wire, the knot, etc. until I am 100% satisfied with Diamond Nexus. Thank you, Angela

Simply the Best

Reviewed on 11/07/2012 Rachelle L

Diamond Nexus has a superior product. Both my husband and I proudly wear rings that have high quality gem stones, are masterfully crafted and unspeakably beautiful. And if that said nothing about the company, the fact that you know the company is eco-friendly and not... Read More destroying the earth, makes them that much more special. You are missing out as a bride if you do not have Diamond Nexus as your jeweler.

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! My ring! (oh & my husband too!)

Reviewed on 11/07/2012 Nichol I

I can't express how happy I am with my Cinderella Staircase engagement ring and wedding band from Diamond Nexus! I have gotten so many compliments on it and I love that we didn't spend the amount you would on a car on my ring. People are shocked when I tell them it's not a... Read More diamond, it's better! And the customer service at DN is phenomenal! My husband's wedding band is from DN as well and he loves his ring and gets tons of compliments too. Thank you Diamond Nexus! We will surely recommend them and purchase from them again.

Absolutely Beautiful

Reviewed on 11/07/2012 Leah B

I wanted a fabulous ring with out breaking my finaces budget. I am so happy that I just happened to be wandering in May Fair Mall in Milwaukee WI, looking at all of the possiblilities. What first caught my eye was this stunning photo in the window of Diamond Nexus, the... Read More Valencia. This ring just shouts WOW! So I tried on the ring, felt it may have been a little too big for me, but the price was hard to walk away from. The employees are amazing at helping out deciding what I would soon have as my engagement ring. I took a few magazines home, read some reviews online and there it was, in the wedding magazine, the Cardiff. This ring has a cusion cut stone, with a simple elegant detailed band. Never have I had so many compliments with my ring, it sparkles and is just so beautiful. My soon to be sister-in- law is recently engaged too, and didn't want to break the bank, and she and her fiance picked out a yellow saffire at 3Ct. Once she saw my 1.67Ct Cardiff was just amazed at how amazing this ring is! I will be paring it up with the Melanie wedding band for some more sparkle. If any of you ladies want a WOW factor, I would definitely recommened Diamond Nexus for your engagement and wedding rings! Because Diamond Nexus is always have a sale or slight percentage off, my fiance was able to get my ring under $1000! They have beautiful styels for mens wedding bands as well. We will be buying our entire wedding ring set from Diamond Nexus.

Abigail Engagement and Wedding Band

Reviewed on 11/07/2012 Lisa B

When I received my engagement ring I was blown away by the beauty of the ring. The center stone is fantastic, It sparkles is surround by smaller high quality stones. I received the wedding band on my wedding day and it really completes the ring. I have received many compliments... Read More on it, For our first wedding anniversary my husband bought me another matching wedding band to wear with the set. I sent them back to be polished and soldered. OH MY what a statement this set makes. Very pleased with Diamond Nexus and their products. Their customer support staff are wonderful.

The Perfect Ring

Reviewed on 11/07/2012 Susanna P

My engagement ring and my wedding band both came from Diamond Nexus and not a day goes by that I do not get at least one compliment. When my husband and I were dating and first discussing the possibilities of making our relationship more official I told him that I had no... Read More interest in a diamond ring. For ethical reasons I would not accept anything that might have even the remotest possibility of being a blood diamond. He did some online research for lab created diamonds and found the Diamond Nexus website. I read some information in the online Learning Center about the lab creation process. The customer service representative we contacted was also very friendly and knowledgeable. Not only are these stones environmentally and ethically responsible, they are also made in the U.S.A. For the engagement ring my husband wanted something special to reflect his Irish heritage so we chose the Liliana with emerald accents. For my wedding band chose Elements with emeralds and diamonds. Even though this was a complete mix and match choice the band looks like it was made specifically to go with the engagement ring. My husband works in heavy industry so we chose the tungsten Sawyer ring for him.

Beautiful Radiant Cut

Reviewed on 11/06/2012 Debrah L

I purchased a 2.60 carat, Radiant Cut, from Diamond Nexus and was extremely pleased with my purchase. It sits in the center of my existing wedding band that has side invisible set real diamonds. After about two months of wearing my 'new' ring, I noticed that one of my side... Read More real diamonds fell out and I had to go to a jeweler to have that small stone replaced. When I removed my ring, the jeweler commented on my beautiful center stone and I told him it wasn't 'real'. He said it was a great look-a-like and took out his loop and said it still was a beautiful stone and it fooled him! His comment really cemented my loyality with Diamond Nexus stones and their incredible beauty.

Simply Amazing!

Reviewed on 11/06/2012 Caroline B

My husband and I absolutely LOVE Diamond Nexus! Not only were we thrilled to find their jewelry so affordable, but also that it is ethically sourced. Diamond Nexus gives you flawless alternatives to mined diamonds, for a fraction of what mainstream stores charge you for stones... Read More of possibly questionable origin, and that are often heavily flawed. Not only that, but their customer service is incredible! I had to send my ring back to have it sized down, and probably called them 4-5 times while my ring was enroute, being worked on, and being sent back, because I was worried about it getting lost in the mail (and missing it!). They were incredibly friendly, helpful, and understanding. My husband and I will use Diamond Nexus for all of our future jewelry purchases!

Diamond Nexus

Reviewed on 11/06/2012 Marlene B

This will be our jeweler from now on for all occasions.

Absolutely stunning in every way from start to fin

Reviewed on 11/06/2012 Amanda P

When it came down to talking about taking that next step in our relationship it became very clear that my fiance and I needed to find something cost effective as well as stunning for my engagement ring. We both agreed that we didn't want it to cost an arm and a leg and he still... Read More understood that I wanted something nice that I would be proud to show off daily! That is when I stumbled across Diamond Nexus and we fell in love with their jewelry. Not only has every item we have purchased from there been absolutely stunning but their customer service is beyond anything else I have ever experienced! I had many many questions and pestered them regularly about details on different rings and what it would cost to customize different ones if I liked something on one and wanted to add it to a different one. With each question I received a very informational response which helped out beyond belief. On a regular basis I had spoken to a worker by the name of Jenny. She was a delight to work with and after being asked by my fiance to list my top 5 favorite engagement rings, Jenny help my fiance nail down all the final details and helped answer any other questions he had. It makes me so excited to tell people about this amazing company and to show them the beautiful pieces that i have from them. Thank you Diamond Nexus for making exquisite jewelry affordable to everyone! Cant wait to see what you guys come out with next!!


Reviewed on 11/06/2012 Jessica E

I have many pieces of jewelry from Diamond Nexus & I love all of them, I am now hoping & praying that my engagement ring comes from them too. I've been to all the "real diamond" jewelry stores & for what I want in an engagement ring they want to charge over $450,000 as for DN... Read More comes in under $2000. It doesn't take a genius to figure this math problem out. Plus if you're worried about it not looking like a diamond NO ONE CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE

Stunning jewelry

Reviewed on 11/06/2012 Jessica A

These rings are beautiful an PERFECT!! No one knows the difference. Even our jewelry store jeweler couldn't tell the difference. The lab made diamonds are crystal clear and the cuts are perfect. On top of all of that they are affordable. I was able to get exactly what I... Read More want without putting my fiancée and I into debt.

No one knows!

Reviewed on 11/06/2012 Sara M

I bought a Diamond Nexus ring after my husband and I got married for the second time (long story). It is the Cardiff. I have had this ring for more than 5 years and it still looks as good as the day I got it. I will never buy a "real" diamond again. Why would anyone waste... Read More the money when you cannot tell the difference. Diamond Nexus has excellent customer service. My mouth waters over some of the custom creations they are doing now! I have also purchased some of the Lorian Platinum items and my daughters really enjoy them.. I am convinced they would never want their future fiance's to spend thousands on an engagment ring now that they know about Diamond Nexus

Love my ring!

Reviewed on 11/06/2012 Ellen G

I introduced my now fiancé to Diamond Nexus when he expressed his dislike of the diamond industry. I got a gorgeous ring that he didn't break the bank for and he didn't have to give up on any of his beliefs. Its a beautiful set and their customer service is amazing!

Happy Bride

Reviewed on 11/06/2012 Tenecia P

I love my ring! Great clarity and quality with the affordability we needed! My husband was able to get exactly what I wanted and I get so many complements along with ooh's and ahh's

My Engagement Ring

Reviewed on 11/06/2012 Cherie T

I love my ring from Diamond Nexus. My boy friend had shown me the website previous to our engagement and asked what style of ring I liked and I decided to order earrings for me and my mother. I am still in awe from the purposal and my rin. everyone loves it and complements it... Read More and it would have cost my fiancé $20,000 to get me this three princess cut stones and six round stones. I love this ring. I love my man and everytime I look at my ring I see the smile he had on his face when he gave it to me i love that it has a life time warranty too