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Dallas, TX


Reviewed on 5/29/2014

It was all just a blurr! We planned all of this in less than 8 weeks. I was given very short notice of a job relocate so we had to get everything done quickly. We reserved all our vendors in less than 2 weeks and disc jockeys now was the entertainment company we chose. We really liked their prices and we got to have a lot of input on the dj. We picked some of the music from this big list they had on their site and we got to pick the important songs as well. He played a nice mix of our songs and some things he thought might be a hit. We had a few glitches with our groomsmen (They drove together and took a wrong turn, it was hilarious) so our bridal party introduction music got messed up but it was the best man's fault. It was all good though. the dj made it into something really fun. We all danced and had great fun but like I said it was over in a blurr. Our send off song was the perfect way to end a perfect night. We really enjoyed disc jockeys now and that site they have was super awesome and nice reviews. I'd give them a 10 out of 10 and the price was a lot less than we had budgeted. We wish we could do it all over again it was so much fun.

Danced the night away

Reviewed on 10/22/2013 Brittney C

My wedding was the best.

My Disc Jockey was from Disc Jockeys Now Last Week

Reviewed on 9/22/2013 Libby N

Wow that was all a blurr. Our wedding day was amazing. The ceremony was so romantic and sweet. Then when we got to the reception hall, the dj from disc jockeys now was there to greet us and introduce us to the Aggie's fight song which was just what we wanted. He kept things real mellow in the dinner portion and cocktails but turned it up when we all wanted to stretch our legs and dance. He was a very considerate person and was just fun to work with. We ended the night on the dance floor together and our friends helped us carry the huge number of presents we got out to our van. We are glad we used disc jockeys now at the party on our wedding day.

Disc Jockeys Now did a bang up job at my wedding

Reviewed on 9/08/2013

We hired Disc Jockeys Now back in March of this year and decided pretty quickly that we wanted them to be our disc jockeys. Everyone was pretty helpful and nice. The DJ was on time like he said he would be. He started things off with lower volume music choices that worked great for the guests who were talking and socializing with us in the beginning, during cocktails and then dinner. The best man used the Dj microphone to give the best best toast ever. The dancing started with a few of our favs then the dj added in some that really worked with everyone. We are going to put one of these reviews on their website because we were really pleased by all the things they did and we also cna plan on using them in the future. We have already talked about doing a 10 year vow renewal kind of party with maybe 100 people (We had 250 plus at the reception) and I know we can count on a great time all over again.

Awesome, Affordable, and Entertaining!

Reviewed on 7/18/2013 Stacia C

I loved Thomas from Disc Jockeys Now. However, everyone I spoke to throughout the process was very nice and professional. Thomas worked the crowd the entire night. I don't recall him ever really taking a break. He was super nice and took requests from the guests. They are a great company!

disc jockeys now did my wedding on July 4, 2013 loved it

Reviewed on 7/08/2013 Jasmine J

My new husband and I are finally packing to leave on our honeymoon later this week but I wanted to say how much we loved our DJ from For months I was totally thinking only about my dress. I wanted every stitch to be perfect. When we finally started lining up our remaining vendors for the wedding we made dozens of phone calls. The planning process for a wedding is way more work than they tell you. We called and first of all liked their prices. Also we got through to a live person when we called. They were nice and got us a good deal on their 6 hours package with those dance lights. was on time and he played good music and kind of ran the reception along with our planner. We asked him to play a few more slow songs for my mom and dad which he did. They liked that. It's hard to please everybody, we had 250 people there cause Juan has a big family but the DJ did good for us.

Disc Jockeys Now did my wedding on June 14, 2013

Reviewed on 6/16/2013 Mary M

My Dj was great. We didn't pick many songs for the Dj to play but he picked up the slack and filled in nicley. The volume was nice, softer in the start of the event then louder when the older folks had gone home and the real partiers were left. There were a few great slow dances that everyone liked and some oldies for mom and dad and my fav aunt. After a while we all started dancing like we did back in college and had a fantastic time. We asked him to stay longer so we could get our fill since we WONT be doing this again. We were made for each other and trust we will celebrate many more good times as husband and wife in our future. We like DiscJockeysNow and will call them again for sure. WE also saved some money that helped pay for a nicer honeymoon. We leave on our cruise on Monday. Can't wait, just gotta be careful not to fall over board lolol.

We used Disc Jockeys Now

Reviewed on 4/12/2013 Mary S

We reserved a DJ with Disc Jockeys Now 2 months before the wedding. They got there early and were set up and playing before anyone was there. The dancing didnt start until after we did our first dance because we wanted that to be the start of the party. The best man used the DJ's microphone and gave the best toast EVER. Really fun reception times and great songs all night with our DJ from We got so many gifts we had to use Ben's best friend's pick up truck to get them all back to our apartment.

Clair's Wedding Success!

Reviewed on 11/15/2012 clair s

It's finally over and everything went Great! We so enjoyed our reception. Disc Jockeys Now did a great event for us. The music selections during dinner were just right and not too loud like you sometimes see at other receptions. The DJ added some tunes that even my grandparents liked which was nice. All our formal dances went perfectly. Our first dance was so nice it was the high light of the evening. I absolutely loved dancing to that song with my new husband (xoxox) in front of All my family and friends and his too of course. My danc ewith my dad was really sweet. Dad surprised me with an extra wedding gift during the dance (extra money for the honeymoon) which was really sweet to do for us both. The DJ had us dancing line dances, dancing to rock oldies country disco top 40 you name it he had it ready to go. He even honored our request to avoid any dirty words and no rap! Late at night we were all getting tired but he still had us going over and over again. When it was all over, we cleaned up and headed out for the airport. We just got back a few days ago from an incredibly fun romantic thrilling honeymoon (best trip of each of our lives, no doubt about that) and are ready to begin our new lives together. Sweet!

Keep the party going!

Reviewed on 10/12/2012 Brooke M

Disc Jockeys Now is a great company to host your wedding reception. From the beginning they were easy to work with and quick at responding to any emails or phone calls. I loved the organization of their wedding playlist and wedding timeline and felt confident that the reception would run smoothy because of them. My DJ, Branson, was so much fun and kept the party going from start to finish. They are an affordable company that I highly recommend.

Easy booking

Reviewed on 7/23/2012 Tracie A

We enjoyed being able to reserve the date with a company, who then assigned a local DJ. The day of the wedding we recieved a voucher to give the DJ at the end of the night, but you only have to give it to them if you believe they deserve to be paid.

Cool DJ

Reviewed on 7/08/2012 Morena V

Patrick did really good!! My biggest concern was the ceremony since he had to set up outside and I wanted the right songs to be played. He was awesome and he got my guest on the dancing floor. Very easy going...


Reviewed on 6/14/2012 Caroline M

The DJ was good and played good music. The company was very easy to work with.

disc jockeys

Reviewed on 1/08/2012 robin a

most of the time we had to ask them to turn up the music but other than that they did a real good job

good prices

Reviewed on 11/23/2011 Janine P

We initially hired this company to do our DJ services, but decided to go with someone local. They refunded our money (which is almost unheard of in the DJ community), and were extremely nice.

Excellent Job

Reviewed on 11/07/2011 Gina P

I did want you to know that our DJ did an excellent job and we thoroughly enjoyed his talent Friday. Thank you again for helping us out. Gina and George

We loved it

Reviewed on 11/03/2011 Dale J

We had an amazing, down to earth, very professional DJ. Thank you for your services. We had a great reception. Thank you all soooo very much! He was excellent....thank u!

We greatly enjoyed the DJ service

Reviewed on 11/01/2011 Kari L

I want to thank Disc Jockeys Now for their assistance in making the wedding a success. Our DJ was exceptionally friendly and professional. He ended up being a friend of one of the groomsmen and we immediately hit it off. The DJ helped me through the jitters and kept the crowd engaged. Thanks Again.

"He is the best dj I have ever heard"

Reviewed on 10/31/2011 Debbie G

I heard that several times. Everyone had lots of fun. Thank you for making this wedding reception a blast!

No Review

Reviewed on 10/23/2011 Lana K

No Review

You get what you pay for

Reviewed on 9/26/2011 Amos B

We booked a DJ for our wedding in Missouri through Disc Jockeys Now, which apparently is a national company (still not sure where they're based) that subcontracts the work to "local" DJs. Our DJ apparently came from Kansas City, which is about 3 hours away from the wedding venue. We chose the company because they were cheaper than several others in our area, but in hindsight should have paid the extra $200 dollars or so for a local DJ. Contrary to the claims on their website, we didn't get a chance to talk to our actual DJ until 2 days before the wedding, and then only after several calls to the 800 number. They also tout a huge song selection, which is true ... except the DJ didn't start playing our selections until the end of the night, playing the same old tired, Michael Bolton junk through most of the ceremony/bouquet toss/cake cutting, etc., despite our express instructions otherwise. The DJ didn't have much personality and his equipment was subpar, with lots of distortion, etc.The wireless mic kept cutting out, making it essentially useless for the readings and toasts. The few times we asked the DJ to make an announcement, he left the music playing and was totally unintelligible. My advice - go elsewhere. If you're just looking to save money, you'll get what you pay for.

Disc Jockeys Now

Reviewed on 7/07/2011 Kristin B

everything was great! he was right on time and made sure the party was fun! they only two things i have that i wish were different was that we were supposed to have a wireless mic for the ceremony and he didn't have it so nobody could hear our officiant through the ceremony! My dad asked him if he had one and he told him no but later he pulled one out? Anyway, although we couldn't hear our officiant everything else was great.


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