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Northern CA & Beyond, CA

The Best Wedding Decision You Can Make!!

Reviewed on 12/31/2013

I have been slacking on writing this review because I don't know if I can put into words how much I appreciate and recommend Drozian Photoworks. I will try my best... Drozian Photoworks was the first photographer I walked by at the first Bridal showcase I went to. Photography is a bit of a hobby for me and I always knew that it was the area that I would be pickiest about for my wedding. I was instantly attracted to their style and quality of work. I had no idea the quality of services I would get when we interview and chose them. Their service included our engagement shoot, which went very smooth. They compliment each other in their photography style and make you feel at ease. They made it a breeze for my husband who was dreading the idea of posing in front of a camera. Not to mention the pictures are breathtaking. I was going into the wedding day very confident with my choice. Drozian Photoworks went above and beyond on our wedding day. Dusty spent most of his time with my bridesmaids and myself capturing the pre-ceremony process. He made sure I ate and hydrated before the ceremony and even helped with my bustle after the ceremony. Amy spent much of her time capturing the venue and more artistic shots, which is what drew me to them in the beginning. They made every aspect of the wedding so easy they almost felt like wedding coordinators. They worked with our vendors to ensure the wedding day events ran smoothly During our post ceremony shoot, they gave us a few peaks at some of their shots and it was amazing how beautiful the images already were. When we received the edited images, it brought me back to the wedding day and brought back all those wedding day emotions. All I could think was that they will look amazing in 50 years and that someday I will be able to show them to my children. They are beyond exceptional. I couldn't give a high enough recommendation for Drozian Photoworks. Their quality of work speaks for itself, but their service and experience is an added bonus. Dusty and Amy take what you think a photographer is and blow that expectation out of the water. I will forever be grateful for the service and product they provided and the memories they captured for a lifetime.

The BEST photographers!!

Reviewed on 5/12/2014 Erin V

Working with Amy and Dusty was one of the best decisions my husband and made during our wedding planning process. The photos for our wedding we extremely important to me and so I had put a lot of emphasis on ensuring the budget we had for the Photographers was well spent. I came across Drozian Photoworks and was immediately drawn to the bold photos they did in their shoots. I knew I had to learn more about them. The first time we ever spoke on the phone, I talked to Dusty for over 45 minutes, I knew right from that point they were the photographers for us. If we could connect over the phone we would undoubtedly be able to in person, thats definitely a plus for those super awkward engagement photos. :) My husband and I had so much fun when shooting our engagement photos, it was 100 degrees at 8am and Amy and Dusty still managed to make it fun, entertaining and lighthearted. We kept looking forward to the wedding for many reasons, but getting to see Amy and Dusty again and see what moments they were going to capture the day of was a big part of the excitement. The day of the wedding they were amazing, making sure my husband and I were okay, that we had eaten, that we were remembering to breath (you'd be surprised how you forget!) and they ensured we kept the day running smoothly, but never made anyone feel late, rushed or unimportant. They really know how to read the families and their members and they work with them accordingly. Everyone complimented how they made our family and wedding party photos run very smoothly and efficiently, all while making sure they had all of our photos taken care of. They were so much fun during the entire day of shooting and they have amazing vision for photos, they took amazing photos that we will treasure for our lifetime. I highly recommend them, they will ensure your memories are recorded for a lifetime to look back upon.

Simply The Best!

Reviewed on 5/01/2014 Qing Z

We chose Dusty and Amy as our wedding photographers based on the reviews at The Knot. I am glad to say that they are everything those reviews said and more! We had a small wedding (only 12 guests) in Pacific Grove. We were so glad that they provide services for small weddings at a very reasonable rate. They were always prompt in responding to our questions and requests. On the wedding day, they made everyone at ease. They are extremely good at posing us for artistic shots. They made the pictures ready for us to view in less than 10 days after the wedding, and we couldn't be happier with the pictures. This is definitely the best decision we made for our wedding. The cake is gone, the flowers have long faded, but the pictures they took has made that day a perfect and permanent memory for us and our family and friends.

Best photographers!

Reviewed on 12/05/2014 Amy B

My fiancé and I got engaged in January and wanted to take our engagement pictures during almond blossom (he's a farmer) Dusty and Amy were so flexible. They met us at the ranch and took the most beautiful photos! We knew right then that they would be doing our wedding. Photographers can advertise how great their photos are, but Drozian brings a whole new element to the table. Their ability to keep a shoot moving was extremely helpful throughout the whole process. My now husband is not a fan of taking a lot of photos, dusty and Amy were able to keep everything moving so we didn't waste reception time taking photos. One of my favorite parts of working with them is how they make you feel in charge. They didn't make us stay outside the reception taking hundreds of photos while our guests were inside. After completing our list of photos, we were done. I've been to a lot of weddings where the photographer keeps pulling the bride and groom away for more photos, Drozian did not do that. It didn't feel like a photoshoot, it was a wedding. Another great reason to hire them is they are really helpful and know how to make a wedding run smoothly. For example, Dusty carried my plate from the buffet line so I wouldn't trip and spill food! I know that seems like a small detail, but the whole day was filled with kind gestures like that from Amy and Dusty. We got the pictures in less than 3 weeks and I am so excited to start printing them out and sharing! Seriously, stop looking for photographers and hire Drozian. They were the best decision we made. You will not regret it.

Awesome people!

Reviewed on 11/05/2014 Caitlin C

Amy and Dusty are such great people, and the quality of their work is exceptional! They are so easy to get along with and we quickly were laughing and joking with them. They made us feel very comfortable and gave us clear directions to make sure and get great shots. We just got all of our digital images from the wedding, and the presentation of the thumb drive was beautiful too! These two are a must have on your big day!

Vineyard Elopement

Reviewed on 11/01/2014 cindy s

Drozian Photoworks did all the photography and videography for our elopement ceremony. They did a phenomenal job. The pictures and video were absolutely incredible. I know I made the right choice. They were helpful in my getting ready and helped the whole event run smoother. They were a joy to have there as it was a private event of just myself, husband-to-be and minister. If I ever have a renewal ceremony, I will certainly have them there for the event again. I couldn't be happier with their work.

Drozian Photoworks is amazing!

Reviewed on 10/23/2014

Dusty and Amy (Drozian Photoworks) made our wedding day run so smoothly! I cannot say enough wonderful things about the service you'll receive from Dusty and Amy from start to finish on your wedding photography. My bride and I searched quite a bit to find the perfect photographer for our wedding. We know that for us, the photos were the most important part of our day, and we wanted someone that would be able to capture the moments as they deserved. We first saw Drozian's photos online at their website. We instantly fell in love with the images they captured, both in close up views as well as distant shots that were able to convey emotions just as heartfelt. We set up a meeting and were elated to find that all the things that we loved about their photos were done with natural lighting (rather than photo shop). We immediately knew that Drozian was the perfect choice for us. Our first photo shoot with Amy and Dusty was for our engagement session. I have to say, I'm not a huge fan of taking photos so I was a bit nervous about how it would all go to say the least. Amy and Dusty did such a great job! They were friendly and attentive and even gave us advice on which outfits would look good with which backgrounds, etc. By the end of the shoot we were all laughing and having a great time and it felt more like Dusty and Amy were good friends than our photographers we just met. And let me tell you - the photos are GORGEOUS! On our wedding day, Amy and Dusty were even more attentive than they had been at our engagement shoot (we didn't know that was even possible). Dusty was with me for the entire day - he not only made sure I was eating before the ceremony (brides I'm telling you, you will forget to do that), he was also answering any questions that me, my parents, and my maid of honor had. Right up until the ceremony he was checking in with me and making sure there wasn't a single thing that I was in need of. He was wonderful. Fast forward to the family photos after the ceremony - Dusty and Amy handled them so amazingly!!!! Both my bride and I have large families (like around 75 total people we were trying to cram in to different photos) and Dusty and Amy made it look effortless. So many of our family members have commented since the wedding on how easy they made that part of the wedding seem. And it continued this way for the rest of the night. Amy and Dusty were by our side the entire evening making sure that we were relaxed and having a great time and not worrying about any of the little details. And again, the photos are FLAWLESS. I seriously could go on and on about the services that Dusty and Amy provide that are so above and beyond services typical of photographers. Dusty and Amy are like having photographers that double as wedding coordinators on your big day. They are so amazing that they will be filling all of our family photography needs in the future as well.

Amazing & Professional Photographers!!!

Reviewed on 10/16/2014 Kacy A

Drozian Photoworks was one of the highlights from not only our wedding day, but also our entire experience of planning a wedding. My husband and I were together for 10 years before we got married, so we both had a pretty good plan on what type of wedding we wanted after attending many weddings together. We had seen Dusty and Amy previously shoot a wedding 2 months before we got engaged, and the bride/groom raved about how great they were, which really sparked our interests in them. But we also had interests in another photographer from a previous wedding my husband actually was in as a groomsman. It came down to the week we went looking for a photographer… we called both Drozian Photoworks and the other photographer we were interested in. Dusty and Amy answered right away, and wanted to set up an appointment to get together and talk about their work. The other photographer didn’t get back to us and finally told us a week later she’d “be interested” in doing our wedding. Dusty and Amy were the obvious “professional” choice to us! And we’re so glad it worked out that way, because the day we met Dusty and Amy, we knew we wanted them to be apart of our big day! Due to having a short engagement, they worked with us on our engagement shoot timing. Since we wanted snow pictures and it hadn’t snowed in California in February yet, they offered doing a half session at the time, just so that we could get our Save the Dates out! It was such a generous offer and such a relief as a planning bride! Later, we were able to get the snow pictures we finally wanted in April, and the pictures were EXACTLY what we wanted! They worked so well with my stubborn-picture-taking husband, and made us laugh the entire time! The day of our wedding, Dusty and Amy were by our sides the entire day! And thank goodness for that! They weren’t just there to take pictures, but to help support us throughout the day! They helped the groomsmen with ties, bustled my dress, and made sure we ate/stayed hydrated at our 97 degree wedding! The best part of it all… they stayed for our entire wedding day, up until the last dance at 10pm!!! That was the greatest thing, because it showed they really wanted to capture every moment of our big day!!! Our wedding pictures turned out better than we would have ever imagined! Drozian Photoworks’ dedication to their passion in photography is greatly noticed! And we have already been able to recommend them to another engaged friend couple of ours, who has actually decided to use them for their upcoming wedding! You absolutely won’t go wrong with choosing Drozian Photoworks!

Elegant, talented, fun, professional team to help capture one of the best days of your life!

Reviewed on 10/13/2014 Kathy K

I was so lucky to have Dusty and Amy of Drozian Photoworks capture all of the moments of my wedding day! They were so much fun to work with; both during our engagement session as well as the wedding itself. They are a great team and it helps to have photographers who really enjoy spending time with eachother as well as with their couples. Being photographed is more challenging than you would think, so it really makes a difference to have them guide you through poses and lighting, with the end result being memorable photographs that you can enjoy every time you see them. The day of our wedding went by in a blur, but through it all Amy and Dusty really helped keep everyone calm, relaxed, laughing and on time! One of my favorite photographs is of me with a sandwich, all thanks to Dusty's work to make sure I was eating during the day of. My husband and I looked through our photos recently and it was so incredible to see the day through the eyes of our families and friends, which was brought even more to life by the talents of Amy and Dusty. I highly recommend Drozian Photoworks as photographers for your engagement, wedding, and even post wedded family photos! They truly understand the concept of customer service and are incrediblely professional. You will not be disappointed if you choose Amy and Dusty to help capture your special day.

The Best of the Best, Bar None - Book Them NOW!

Reviewed on 10/05/2014 Miranda S

These two photographers photographed my engagement and wedding last night. Though most people go on a honeymoon the day after, I had to stop to write a review to tell people about how truly amazing these two people are, and if you're at all considering them as your wedding photographers, for your sake, choose these two. I started my wedding day off late, in a hurry, and stressed to the max. The first person I saw at my venue was Dusty, and his first words were, "Hi! Let me help!" as he took the, what felt like million pound bags, out of my hands immediately and told me to "smile." The next thing he said was, "what can I get you for breakfast?" which rang like music to a starving bride's ears after already being awake for 5 hours come 11 am. After taking my order, he immediately went to get breakfast and returned with the most delicious ham and cheese sandwich I think I have ever had, or will have. Amy was just as wonderful as Dusty. She took photos of me and my girls getting ready for hours, and reassured me the entire day that I looked beautiful and was doing everything right (which is something a bride needs to hear when it seems like everything is going so, so wrong.) My makeup artist and hairdresser failed miserably so I was left, on my wedding day, with nothing to do but hope for the best. My mom ended up curing my hair, and my friend and I did my makeup, but a week before the wedding Amy and Dusty let me know of at least three hair and makeup people, should things fall through. Day of, they were right there with their phones giving advice, helping me primp, etc. and soothed me through one of the most stressful times in my life. That was just the beginning of my day, and it ended up being so awesomely perfect, I can't even describe it, and I know, for certain, it ended up that way with the help of my awesome photographers. They worked very well with my groom, who is super camera shy, and all of the family, who were probably just as stressed as I was. There were SO many moments when I thought to myself, "hiring them was the best choice I made about the wedding (a close second to marrying my groom)." They practically helped direct my wedding, as I ignorantly coordinated it all myself and had no clue what I was doing, and it ended up being more than I could ever have hoped for! I would talk about the fantastic quality and content of their photos, but Drozian Photoworks photos speak for themselves. Take a moment to look at their blog, Facebook, whatever you need to do to see the artwork that is their photography, and you'll see that ALL of their photos are breathtaking. Let me assure you, if you are the same type of bride as me, and you've research 25 different photographers, interviewed 15 of them, made lists, "thought of everything," etc. don't think about it any more...hire these two. I promise, from experience, it will be the best decision you will never regret. Thank you so much Dusty and Amy! You guys are absolutely the BEST!

Hands down favorite vendor...book them now!

Reviewed on 10/02/2014 Nicole H

We're convinced they're the best ! Amy & Dusty shot our engagement and destination wedding photos. We were referred to them by our friends and it was the best decision we made. Hands down favorite vendor. From the beginning of the planning process to the end they were so easy and fun to work with. They made us feel comfortable in front of the camera, were always quick to get back to us and were the glue that held the wedding day together. We hired a wedding coordinator but on the day of our wedding I can honestly say they outdid our coordinator. They had a way of always putting me at ease and letting me enjoy the day and not fuss with the details. They arrived at our hotel at 9 am to begin shooting us girls getting ready. We had to take a limo to our wedding venue and it was close to lunchtime. Dusty and Amy offered to grab lunch for the entire bridal party while we continued to get ready at the venue, and they did. They always made it a point to check in and see if there was anything at all that I needed as the ceremony got closer. Then came picture time. AHMAZING shots. They also did a great job at directing everyone so that the family and friend shots moved quickly while also making sure we got all the right shots. After the ceremony they continued to check in with the both of us making sure we were never without a drink or food in hand. We were so impressed to have felt so taken care of by our photographers. They're beyond good at what they do and will make your wedding day exceptional.

Wedding Day MADE!

Reviewed on 10/02/2014 Megan E

After the wedding is over, all you have are your awesome memories from the day and your continuing warm fuzzies for your lady or dude-in-wedlock. That is why it's so important to have an amazing photographer that you can trust. The photographs are that one tangible thing from the day that you get to take and keep with you always. (They also provide epic Facebook pictures for DAYS. Don't act like you haven't thought of that aspect.) Therefore, choosing the correct photographer for your big shindig should be considered a close second to choosing the correct spouse. I could not have been MORE excited to have Dusty and Amy photograph my wedding this last May. Dusty has a knack for putting anyone and everyone at ease on what can potentially be a very high stress day! As a bride, I remained calm knowing that everything would go smoothly that day thanks to the team I had in place, but other attendees were a little more high strung. Between Dusty's jokes and Amy's sweet calming presence, by the time it was ceremony time people were laughing and ready to relax! Dusty and Amy personable and are also incredibly efficient which is something you DEFINITELY want in a photographer on your wedding day. It was very important to my husband and I that we spent the majority of the time WITH our friends and family that day instead of hours taking pictures so having a photographer that was insanely on top of their game was a MUST. I ran slightly late (shocking, I know!) but, Dusty and Amy kept everything running smoothly. We got all the "must" photos and are SO looking forward to our Ever After session with them so we can do a more extensive shoot with them as husband and wife! I highly recommend them. You will not be disappointed.

Best investment EVER!

Reviewed on 9/11/2014 Nicole B

From the moment we spoke with Amy & Dusty we knew they were the ones! They are incredibly professional but they also feel like your best friends, sweet and down to earth! After hiring Amy & Dusty they even sent us a very special treat, I won't tell you what it is because I don't want to ruin your surprise! Our engagements photos turned out amazing and we constantly get compliments on them. Now Amy & Dusty are fantastic photographers but they are also so much more! On our wedding day they made sure I ate throughout the morning while getting ready and kept us all on track, so we never had to worry about time/schedule. They took the most gorgeous photos I have ever seen all the while checking in to see how we were doing and if we needed anything. Dusty got me Tylenol and even helped me change my shoes 3 times. They made us laugh and smile until our faces hurt! I also did a glamour shoot with Amy as my grooms gift and I felt like a super model. It was such an incredible experience I would recommend every bride do it! The photos are gorgeous and it is something I will remember forever. They really make it all about you without feeling like they are even there, it's magical! We can not wait to do our Ever After session with them this Fall!

Drozian Photoworks - Two Years Definitely Worth the Wait!

Reviewed on 7/20/2014

Amy and Dusty are simply the best!! We booked them 2 yrs before our wedding and they were definitely worth the wait! Not only are they very responsive with any and all questions via email or phone, they are the friendliest, most easy-going, and fun to be around photographers you will ever meet! Thank you Amy and Dusty for being one of our favorite vendors. We were SO happy that you were able to be a part of our wedding to capture those special moments. Photos turned out AMAZING! I'm excited for all your successes and congrats on THE KNOT Top Pick!! Well deserved!!

Such a great experience!

Reviewed on 7/11/2014

We first met Amy & Dusty when they did our engagement pictures in 2012 and loved them so much that we did not even consider anyone else for our wedding this past May. They are so friendly and make you feel as if you've known them for years right off the bat, my bridesmaids cannot stop talking about them and I have no doubt that they will be booked again for upcoming wedding in my circle. Their photography style is so romantic, and they really see the love between two people and are able to bring it out through pictures. Everything from the detail shots of the location and dress/accessories, to the wedding party and family, and shots of myself and my bridesmaids being goofy with the flower girl were perfection. I speak for myself and my new husband when I say we would highly recommend Drozian Photoworks!

Best Wedding Photographers Hands Down!

Reviewed on 6/12/2014 Alyssa S

Amy & Dusty were hands down the best photographers i have ever worked with. They are so professional and go above and beyond what there job requires them too! They made my day go so smoothly & they made me feel like i was there with friends not just someone i hired to get a job done. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great photographer/photographers.

The Best of the Best!

Reviewed on 12/03/2013 Joanna H

My husband and I could not have been happier with our choice to use Drozian Photoworks for our wedding! Being an out-of-state bride, I relied heavily on the reviews I read on the knot and wedding wire, and after viewing their extensive and amazing portfolio, I knew I was choosing the best!! Amy and Dusty were so fun to work with, and they are both so extremely talented! They were very flexible each step of the way with package options, payment options, communication before and after the wedding, and everything in between. They were more than prepared when they arrived on the wedding day, had every name of the bridal party down, and literally did not miss a single shot!! They were extremely efficient with getting the family photos done quickly after the ceremony, so that we could enjoy most of our cocktail hour. They took photos of each couple, as well as photos of me and my husband with the couples and specific groups of friends, but never made it feel invasive. They were so friendly with all of our guests, all of our vendors, and everyone raved about what a great photographer we had. Amy and Dusty went above and beyond to capture every special moment of our wedding day! Those who could not attend the destination wedding said they felt like they were there when they looked through all of the photos. Friends and family also commented that ordering prints from the site was extremely easy, and the pictures arrived in perfect condition less than a week later. Everything about Drozian Photoworks is top notch, best in class. Amy and Dusty are such genuinely nice people, and their work is nothing short of amazing! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to have any sort of photography done! They are the best of the best!!

The Best Photographers -- Hands Down!

Reviewed on 11/03/2013 Theresa R

Dusty and Amy did a fantastic job shooting photography for both our engagement photo shot and for our wedding day. They are easy-going, professional, personable, and genuine -- which made working with them a smooth and fun experience for both us and our wedding party/guests. Their work product is second to none; their shots are creative, sharp, and classy. In addition, their turnaround time is quick, as they produced our engagement photos within a few weeks of the photo session. Last but not least, their prices are very reasonable. We highly recommend Drozian Photoworks to anyone in need of a professional photographer for any event. You won't be disappointed!

HUGE THANKS TO DROZIAN - Love The Tempus Wedding

Reviewed on 10/13/2013 Maria P

We are soooo grateful for Drozian photoworks!!! They were amazing the entire way through!! Not only did the capture AMAZING pictures of my entire wedding, but Dusty and Amy helped so much throughout the hole wedding process! Always giving good advise and suggestions for the day of or leading up to it. They are very professional and very quick to respond to any emails or phone calls. We had 22 people in our wedding party and both Dusty and Amy were so good at instructing everyone and got beautiful pictures of the whole party in a very timely manner. Amy picked flowers from the yard and helped fix my bouquet they was beginning to wilt and made it look soo beautiful. Dusty helped bustle my dress and made sure I ate food while I was getting ready and at the wedding. He was basically like my wedding coordinator on my wedding day. If I needed something he made sure it would be fulfilled. HUGE HUGE THANK YOU TO DUSTY AND AMY!! We are sooo happy with the pictures, you captured so many wonderful moments! We can't wait to do the ever after pictures with them! Hopefully soon :) - Love Mr. and Mrs. Tempus

**Top Notch**

Reviewed on 9/20/2013 Candice N

We met Dusty and Amy at a wedding expo at UC Davis. We won a raffle for an engagement shoot and we are so happy we did. I think their work speaks for itself, so I don't really need to go into detail about how amazing their photos are :). They are just great people. Dusty stayed with us girls while we were getting ready and even ran to In-N-Out just to make sure we ate. Not only that, he anticipated our needs the entire day to ensure I wasn't stressed and the day went great! They are both easy going and make taking 500+ pictures feel natural and not awkward. Believe me, my husband does not particularly enjoy taking pictures- though I do not believe most guys do. They give great direction, which makes the day run smoothly. Our wedding guests had nothing but great things to say about them and the pictures turned out great! If you can, have them shoot a video on your day as well. We absolutely LOVED the one Dusty put together for us (you can check it out here: http://vimeo.com/72566262). All in all- Dusty and Amy are a great mix of professional, laid-back and talented. We will definitely be calling them when we are ready to shoot a baby bump session.

Worth Every Penny

Reviewed on 9/06/2013 Lisa D

Professionalism: Amy and Dusty were great to work with. They responded to all communications in a timely manner, were always on time, and always willing to work with us on making appointments. For photographers who travel a lot, they are incredibly flexible. They were always up front about what we were going to get, and have a lot of services to offer for those who want everything. They were always very professional in their conduct and appearance. They were also willing to work with us on a payment schedule that allowed us to get everything we wanted. Photography: We booked them for our July wedding, and as part of our package we also got an engagement session. Working with them for both photo sessions was a pleasure from start to finish. They are both very pleasant and very skilled. Dusty is incredibly personable and kept us comfortable and talking the entire time. Meanwhile, Amy is doing whatever she has to to get the shot, including tramping up hillsides. They work very well as a team and because of this, we received some amazing photos. During our wedding, they caught some awesome moments. It is definitely worth it to have two photographers present, and they were there from beginning to end. I was dreading the group photos because they always seem to take forever, but Dusty knew everyone in the wedding party by name, worked from the list of photos I gave him (it was a LONG list), and got everyone in an out within about 30 minutes. I believe they also got pretty much every picture I requested. During the reception they took so many great shots of our family and friends, while also staying festive and part of the party. We just got to look at all 500 photos they took (though the actual number was probably higher), and they were all fantastic. I don’t normally consider myself to be photogenic, but they made me feel beautiful. I also love their style of photography. They keep a slightly romantic, artsy feel, but they aren’t over the top, so the pictures come out soft and pretty. If you can afford to spend a little extra for some great photography, Amy and Dusty are worth every penny. These pictures are something I will cherish forever and never have any regrets about. I look forward to working with them in the future.

Love them!

Reviewed on 9/05/2013 Sabreen S

The Drozians are an excellent team and they went way above and beyond their call of duty at our wedding. They were what made the wedding day flow seamlessly (they were basically day-of wedding planners) while still managing to take amazing photos without missing any moments. They work to please ensuring that everyone is happy (especially the bride) while capturing gorgeous memories. Dusty even fanned me for a solid hour when I was melting in my dress at our hot August wedding; who else would do that!? Amy and Dusty make it so that you don't need to think or worry; just relax and smile (for real) so that you can love your photos later. Plus, the photos are gorgeous works of art that we were blown away by. I had multiple people ask who our photographers were commenting on how awesome they were and I couldn't agree more. They will be our lifelong photographers and I couldn't imagine anyone else. Thanks so much guys for all of your hard work and amazingness. You made our wedding far better than we expected.

The Best Choice I Made IN LIFE.

Reviewed on 8/20/2013 Elisa P

Not gonna lie, I deeply love my groom, but I think I may love my wedding photographers more! Dusty and Amy not only gave me some of the highest quality photos in the industry (as their ranking would suggest), but they jumped over the moon for me and my husband constantly from the day we hired them to the week after the wedding during our epic coastal Ever After Photo Shoot! Essentially I had an 8 month period during which I had professional wedding angels to make any dream or idea I had come true. They gave me photos of my husband and I kissing on railroad tracks with a train whizzing by, of us posing on a Victorian couch in the middle of a blooming almond orchard, of us rowing on a gorgeous lake beside a weeping willow, of us on the top of a huge rock overlooking an endless horizon of ocean - they did it all! I am confident that once these photos hit Pinterest, they will go viral. Amy's imagination just harnesses the bride's imagination and puts the idea on steroids. These two are delightful during shoots - they are warm and hilarious and they transform shooting areas into paradises with a few clicks of their cameras. As for their performance quality on the big day, it grossly outshines all other wedding vendors involved in the ordeal. They made all of the other companies I hired look like crap; and this is coming from a bride obsessed with quality who only hired top-notch vendors. :) Dusty and Amy made sure that they were my bubble of protection from any possible form of stress on my wedding day, so that I could be genuinely smiling for every sing picture of the (literally) thousands that they took that day! They not only did this for me, but for my whole bridal party and my mother! ESSENTIALS, THESE TWO! :D My advice to brides-to-be considering Drozian Photoworks: LOCK IT DOWN WITH THESE TWO; IT'LL BE THE BEST CHOICE YOU MADE FOR YOUR WEDDING DAY AND THE YEARS TO COME REMEMBERING THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE! Totally worth every penny! :)

Amy and Dusty are the Best!

Reviewed on 8/16/2013 Sarah H

Amy and Dusty first of all take amazing photos they have a truly unique ability to identify exactly what you are looking for in your photos. Amy and Dusty are more than just photographers they are there to make sure you are feeling and doing okay on your wedding day. They supplied me with cold water made absolutely sure that I ate something I think this is wonderful because they really care about you and want to make sure you are having the best day possible. I have received many compliments on our engagement and wedding day photos that they are the best they have ever seen. Wedding photos are something that you have forever and they capture the moments perfectly. I will always enjoy looking back at our wedding photos I truly love all of them and couldn't have asked for a better team of photographers. Amy and Dusty are husband and wife and they both bring something to photography. You are really getting two photographers for the price of one. They each take photos and you can see the difference in their individual unique ability to take amazing photos. I promise you will have a difficult time deciding which ones you want to hang up in your house because you end up with a large amount of photos that you like very much. Hope you choose Amy and Dusty you will not regret it.

Best decision you will ever make!

Reviewed on 8/08/2013 Grace R

I've never had to hire a photographer before so I wasn't exactly sure what to look for when meeting with Dusty & Amy. They came with tons of stuff, brochures, options for photo albums, videos they had made, and samples from other weddings they had done. It was great to see all of the work they had done and gave me a sense of their style. We met with one other photographer, but before she even showed up my husband and I both knew we wanted Drozian. She never stood a chance. I think one of the things that makes them such a great team, is that they are married and dating since 15. They know each other and work so well together. Plus we got two photographers for the price of one. The packages are great, and reasonably priced. You get them for the whole day, it's not per hour which is amazing. Also, no matter what package you get, you get an Engagement session. This was something I had really wanted, but my husband was not really into. Having it included made a huge difference. My husband and I lived across the country and our wedding was moved up about 6 months, so we weren't able to do our Engagement session before our wedding. Not only were Dusty & Amy were awesome with all the changes in date and venue, they are letting us do an Ever After session instead of the Engagement session. It took about 4 weeks to get our pictures back, I know some brides who waited 3+ months. The pictures are amazing and I can't stop looking at them. I feel like I'm reliving the day over again. Dusty & Amy have the unique ability to capture emotion in the photo, I can look at a picture and feel what myself, my husband, our family and friends were all feeling when it was taken. We are so happy we made the decision to go with Drozian, the photos are what we will have 50 years from now and we could not be more thrilled with the result. Thanks Dusty & Amy!!


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