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Starting at ONLY $950, package includes highlight video, all footage, full audio, rehearsal dinner, and NO time limit. No travel fees!! See website for more details.


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6/21/2013 Alysha d

We spoke to Chris from Urbane soo many times before booking. He had great communication so we referred some friends to this company. We paid the deposit and got a email confirmation for 3 videograhers. A few days before my wedding we emailed the client manager and asked why no videographers had contacted us. They gave us our lead shooters info. We called him and he said he was not taking weddings from Urbane anymore because they were fraudulent. We blew them up on email and phone NOTHING! But we did find out they were posting craigslist ads about our wedding to try and get videographers at midnight before our wedding!!! so only one videographer showed up (answered the craigslist ad) but said we might have to pay him to get the footage if urbane didnt pay him since he had never heard of them. This is 5 days later and despite a million phone calls and emails to them, no one has responded! Im disputing the charges right now! Way to make me loose out on memories of the best night of my life URBANE!! -our friends used them a few weeks before us and their videographers left early and they were dissapointed with the results but at least urbane was working with them to give them a discount. They messed up so bad with our wedding they wont even call us back!


5/04/2013 Kari F

DO NOT WORK WITH THIS COMPANY! We hired them to video our wedding and they never showed up. No explanation, no apology, nothing. They just didn't show up! My planner and her assistant tried tracking them down up to the last minute before our ceremony, to no avail. Surprisingly, they did refund our money, but I still have not received any explanation from them as to why they failed to show up to the one event in our life we wanted videotaped. Instead of focusing on getting ready for our wedding, we were scrambling to find someone with an iPhone or camera who could record little bits of our evening. As any bride can imagine, I was completely devastated. Please don't let them ruin your wedding - run the other way!!!!! In response to the company's comments below, we paid the 50% deposit as specified in the contract. The contract stated the following: "Please specify deposit (50% of total) - Use this amount also for the PAY NOW button below.*:" We paid the amount agreed upon, received a receipt of payment, and then never heard from them again. Their response that they tried reaching us numerous times is absurd! We emailed them repeatedly leading up to the wedding, and never heard from them. When we didn't hear from them, we should have booked someone else. I didn't want to have to pay another company since this one already took our deposit, but I should have known better. As stated in my initial review, do not hire this company.


3/01/2013 Katrena H

Chad and Tasha were our photographers, and I cannot express how wonderful they were. With reasonable prices, full printing rights, and unlimited time to make sure you get pictures of the whole day, these guys are the whole package. Professional, innovative and with just a camera (no big equipment that gets in the way or adds any unwanted flash or glare), they will surely capture every beautiful moment of your big day! We highly recommend them!!

Photo and Video

12/01/2012 Lynsey R

This is no doubt one of the best vendors we could have chosen! From the moment we saw our engagement photos we knew we were going to love working with them! Everything turned out amazing and we could not be happier with the photos and video we will keep forever to remember our special day. Not only do the photographers make you feel comfortable but they will bend over backwards for great customer service.

Creative, On Time, Efficient

10/13/2012 Michelle A

We loved working with Chad and the gang at Urbane. They provided no time limits for us and that was extremely important so they could capture the entire day! They were very reasonable in price and the 2 videographers that were at our wedding were respectful and diligent to get different angles of the important moments throughout the night. Our highlight video was creatively edited and very special, we will cherish it forever. They are efficient and knowledgeable and fun to work with! Would recommend to anyone.

#1 Fan of The Wedding Guys!

5/12/2012 Misty E

First, I have to say, that I cannot stop looking through our wedding photos and watching our wedding video. The Wedding Guys capture your special moments and create a beautiful medley of memories. I cried (and so did most most of my friends and family) when I watched the video. And the creativity and vivid colors in each photo are amazing. The best thing about the photos is that The Wedding Guys capture the moments you miss being the bride. They have a gift for capturing the perfect shot and I greatly appreciated seeing all of those moments throughout the evening that I was too busy to see at the time. They are extremely professional, you barely notice them shooting photos, and they work with you and get to know you so that they can help carry out exactly what you want your wedding album to be. I believe that the photos (and video) are the most important wedding item you will spend your money on and I have absolutely no complaints about The Wedding Guys. I know a lot of photographers and I would not recommend anyone else for your wedding!

Amazing video

1/14/2012 David H

As the father of the bride you know this is a moment you don't get back. If you pick the wrong people, it could haunt you forever. After going to several bridal shows throughout the valley, I picked up a card from The Wedding Guys. Man was I glad I made the call. From start to finish they were INCREDIBLE. They didnt treat me as a customer, but more like a good friend. They paid attention to details, and were always making sure they were in the right place. I will always consider them friends, and will recommend them in the highest way. They truly gave me memories for a lifetime. Thanks guys


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