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Your flowers die, the dress gets put away & all you have is memories. Stop searching for another videographer. Your day is ONLY relived through video. I will work with you & my pricing is tough to beat for what I give. View my site for prices, reviews, and video samples. Compare my work to anyone.


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Serving Northeast Ohio, OH

Highly Recommend!

Reviewed on 5/27/2014 Kara L

I got married in Cleveland in February, 2014. I planned the wedding from Chicago while my fiancee lived in London. I went off of recommendations for all of the vendors I used and was by FAR most impressed with GH Videos. I thought the price was very good and came recommended from someone that used them at their wedding in 2013. The quality, editing, and overall product was AMAZING. My brother (who does a lot of this type of work) was highly complimentary from the moment they showed up at the church with their equipment. They were also very easy to work with: friendly, didn't know they were there, and always followed up and very responsive to e-mails, phone calls, etc, which I thought would be a given with all of the vendors I chose and quickly found out that most are not as quick to respond as you would like. That quality in GH Videos made them even more pleasant to work with. I can't recommend them enough!

The best decision I made during wedding planning!

Reviewed on 2/25/2014 Amy D

When planning our wedding I read an article about the biggest regrets bride's have after their wedding and #1 was not hiring a videographer. My husband and I were trying to keep our costs down but after reading that I knew I didn't want to have this regret. I hadn't totally convinced him until we met with Greg and saw some clips of video(s) he'd already made. My husband was so impressed that he agreed to include videography in the budget and we are so glad we did. Greg was such a pleasure to work with and he's so incredibly talented. We'd planned a themed wedding and our ceremony was held in a movie theater. Greg helped us create a "preview" to play before the ceremony started as a surprise for our guests. It was a 15 minute documentary about our relationship. We had the whole theater in tears before I even walked down the aisle. Making this video before our wedding allowed us to get to know Greg and at our wedding it was almost like he was another good friend joining us, not just someone we hired. He is incredibly friendly and really made an effort to meet all of our needs. Greg is also incredibly professional and has top-of-the-line gear. During the ceremony he used several camera's, including a crane that caught some amazing shots. He caught all the important moments and a few others that I wasn't even present for, including interviews with our guests, and edited them into a 90 minute video with transitions and music that we chose. Our wedding video is such a work of art and 5 months later I can honestly say it's the best money we spent. I can't wait to watch it over and over and some day share it with our children.

No surprise that GH Videos won Best of Weddings 2014 Pick!

Reviewed on 1/27/2014

It was no surprise for us that Greg Henry (GH Videos) won an award from the Knot for Best of Weddings 2014 Pick. Greg was an absolutely fantastic videographer/film maker/documentarian to work with and we could not be more pleased with how professional and well edited our wedding 90 minute video and highlight are. We were planning the wedding from overseas and he was very easy to communicate with before and after the wedding. Greg worked well with our photographers and other vendors and our guests were especially receptive to him. He was able to capture classic moments and create the most hilarious outakes and interviews with our flower girls, ring bearers and our other guests (without us knowing). It was so fun to watch the film months after the event and hear these thoughtful and at times comical messages from guests (nothing inappropriate of course - just fun!) I was enthralled with the 4 minute “highlight,” essentially a music video with overdub of selected moments from the vows and the wedding day which he was able to creatively and artistically center around first dance which we spent some time choreographing. I had numerous friends and family tell me that the highlight even had them tearing up. He worked with an assistant so that our first and second dances were filmed from two angles which made the dances look – dare I say – borderline professional (versus the smartphone videos that friends shared). I can’t overstate what a difference a professional camera, a good eye and juxtaposition of perspective can make. My husband and I just watched the 90 minute documentary/video that Greg put together from 8 plus hours of footage and were extremely pleased with the result and quality. It is clear through the footage, that Greg and his crew put a lot of time into understanding the bride and groom and what makes each wedding unique. His work is highly professional and at a PHENOMENAL value. In fact, I can say this now after the fact, he should probably raise his rate because he is just that good. We HIGHLY recommend him. Many thanks, GHvideos!


Reviewed on 1/21/2015 Andrea K

Greg and his crew are fabulous! So friendly, easy to work with, easy to get a hold of and was very detailed! We didn't even realize he was here ans he captured everything perfectly. We HIGHLY recommend him! He isn't over priced and you get more than what you pay for. BOOK HIM!


Reviewed on 11/04/2014 Sarah M

We hired Greg after researching many different videographers throughout the Cleveland area. We were instantly impressed by his affordability and the quality of the work he produced. We communicated and met only once before the wedding day, however, Greg made sure to get every detail. The day of the wedding he arrived, set up and worked behind the scenes (we hardly knew he was there)! We recently received our highlight video and we are overwhelmed with the quality of the video. The video is such a great memory to have weeks after the wedding is over! So glad we chose Greg to be there on our big day. Five stars and high recommendations!

Perfectly Captured our Wedding Day!

Reviewed on 10/31/2014 Arthur S

Greg was fantastic to work with. We coordinated months before, making sure that we got all the shots and events prepped prior to the wedding. Wedding day, you can hardly tell he was there or was in the way. He did a great job blending in. The video quality and product was better than we imagined. He got all the major events and even included a few surprises! He did not miss a single thing and he perfectly captured our wedding day. I would recommend him to anyone I know, friends and family. He is respectful, organized and incredibly professional. More importantly he is incredibly talented!


Reviewed on 10/28/2014 Alicia G

My husband and I absolutely LOVE our video!!!! We were obsessed with the highlight video and then when we saw the full video we were completely blown away! The way Greg captured all of the little details that we would have never remembered made it so special. I have been telling everyone about him!! I feel so lucky that my mom found GH and that he was able to capture everything on one of the most important days of my life! My only regret is that we didn't book him for the whole night! More couples need to know about Greg Henry!


Reviewed on 10/09/2014 Kelly F

My husband and I decided to get a videographer after a couple friends talked us into it! I am sooooo glad we listened to their advice! Greg did an amazing job on both the highlight video and full DVD!!! He is professional and very talented at what he does!!! We received the videos in only a few weeks after the wedding! It is so great to be able to relive one of the best days ever!!! If you are thinking of getting a videographer, hire Greg! You will not be disappointed and his prices are very reasonable!!!! Thanks Greg!!!! Troy and Kelly

You will be AMAZED!!! A+ WORK

Reviewed on 10/08/2014 Rubin G

This is the second event that I hired Greg Henry for. He is so wonderful to work with! For a young guy, he is extremely experienced and full of great and amazing ideas! His prices are EXTREMELY competitive for A+ work. He takes your event/wedding, enhances it into an art, and then locks it up into a DVD or MP4 that you can relive. He gives you a chance to experience your wedding as a guest because there are so many parts that you miss or dont see. I Highly recommend GH Videos!!!

Wonderful to work with!

Reviewed on 6/25/2014 Sara M

Greg did a wonderful job for us at our wedding. We love the way the video looks, especially the highlight clip. He was there to capture our entire day right up to the end of the reception. Our video was very high quality, He was very easy to work with, and He was friendly and professional. I would highly recommend Greg to cover your special day. Both my husband and I could not have asked for a better way to remember our wedding. Thanks Greg

Best Videographer in NE Ohio!

Reviewed on 6/22/2014 Leah F

I can't say enough good things about Greg and GH Videos. First, you can't beat the price. Videography was kind of a last-minute add-on for us, and we were looking for something affordable. The number of things you get for your money: full video on dvd, highlight video, many many hours of can't be matched! Secondly, Greg and his team were very professional and dedicated to capturing our wedding day. They stayed all day and all night - even traveling with us when we took photos with the photographer. Thirdly, the quality of the work Greg does cannot be matched. The way that he edited and put together our movie was so beautiful. It should also be said that Greg got our highlight video and full DVD to us in such a timely fashion. We had everything in our hands just two weeks after the wedding. It was awesome! If you're trying to decide whether or not to spend a little extra money by hiring a videographer; DO IT. At the end of the day, all you have to look back on from the wedding day you spent months and months planning, are photos and videos.


Reviewed on 6/11/2014 Rachel b

Couldn't be happier with our highlight video that we just received. Greg was great to work with! He captured the essence of the day perfectly and presented us with an outstanding 3:09 highlight reel. I get to relive my most favorite day in just a few minutes every time I want. He did a great job editing it together and we had the highlight video in a very timely fashion of our wedding (and that was with me being slow on responses back to him- never Greg. He has prompt answers). I can't wait to get the extended footage here in a few days and I just know it will be awesome! Highly recommend Greg! He also did our photobooth and some of my favorite pictures came from it! So funny!!!

Best decision ever!

Reviewed on 10/29/2013 Andrea V

We were on the fence about a wedding video, but after a recommendation from a friend for Greg and reading all his reviews we decided to go for it and it was the best decision we made! Greg was extremely easy to work with, responsive and he got us our final product very quickly after the wedding. The long video and the highlight video were both absolutely amazing! He captured so many moments I didn't even notice happened on our wedding day and it was great to relive the parts I felt flew by that day. His work was creative and beautiful- I laughed and cried through the whole thing!

Professional and our video

Reviewed on 10/03/2013 jdm m

I had GH Videos tape my daughter's wedding in August of 2013. They did a fantastic job and blended into the wedding wonderfully. We almost didn't even know they were there until we saw the video, they captured everything beautifully and even let us preview the video to make sure that we were satisfied before they burned the actual copies. The video is professionally done and we got three copies. We loved watching it. Greg caught parts of the wedding day that we missed and it was so wonderful to be able to see them. We also did the photo booth from them and it was a big hit. The attendant was knowledgeable and very helpful, they had funny props, some used them, some didn't. They put together a great scrapbook and the guests all made a comment under their pictures. The bride and groom even took this book on their honeymoon to remember their special day. We are so glad that we chose GH Videos and recommend them highly!


Reviewed on 10/02/2013 Deanna R

It's true, your wedding video is the only way to really relive your wedding day! Greg is not just any videographer, he is the BEST! He is so easy to work with, and trust me, you can relax and know he will take care of everything. Our wedding video is our favorite part of our wedding now! Greg had it completed so quickly and such professional quality. We cried and laughed watching it! As a bride, you cannot believe how much you miss. I am SO happy to have had Greg capture such sweet memories for us. I'm so happy to have this AMAZING piece of history to show our future family someday! Believe me when you read all his reviews...eEverything is true! I highly, highly recommmend Greg! :)

THE BEST wedding investment!

Reviewed on 10/02/2013 Shiann A

If you think you'll be fine with only a photographer, think again. My wedding was only 6 weeks ago and as I watched our video from GH Video, there were things I already forgot, and also things I didnt even see on our wedding night. This was the most important part of our wedding that we spent our money on. GH Video went above and beyond anything I could of ever imagined. Ive only had my video for about a week and have watched it about 15 times. He captured EVERY single moment. his creativity is amazing. Such a nice guy and he knew all of the important parts to catch because of his experience. He put together a 3-4 min highlight of our wedding, then gave us a long version of it that showed it all. I loved having him at our wedding, very professional and personable. He even went to EVERY single table and recorded our guest, let them say something to us on the mic if they wanted (I Loved that part) Seriously, I know weddings are stressful but stop searching for your videographer!! If you go with GH Video you will NOT regret it. This is the most important decision you will make while planning your wedding, so make it with GH Video and have all of the memories forever on video.

Very Professional

Reviewed on 9/16/2013 Jacqueline A

I recently hired Greg for our August 10, 2013 wedding and I couldn't have been more pleased with his work. I was shocked at how many touching moments Greg caught that I had missed in the hustle and bustle of the wedding. The video was thoughtfully edited. Now we have a great video to show our children in the future! I would recommend him to everyone for their weddings. He was a joy to work with!


Reviewed on 8/19/2013 Teri M

Greg did a FANTASTIC job with our video. He captured some really great footage. The 3 minute YouTube video is fantastic, and I cant wait to see the video. He is very creative, and wonderful to work with!

Simply the Best - Can't Recommend Greg Highly Enough

Reviewed on 8/16/2013 Abby R

Greg was honestly the best videographer, and I couldn't have gotten luckier in finding him. I was at my wits end - not willing to pay $2,000+ but really wanting a video of our wedding day. I found Greg on a whim - he was incredibly affordable, and more importantly, such an awesome find. He truly loves what he does, and he cares about making every bride/groom happy. We talked several times leading up to our wedding day so he would know exactly what we wanted. I actually asked him to do a style of video he'd never done before, and he embraced the opportunity and knocked it out of the park. It's one of the coolest things I've ever seen. He took all the footage from our wedding day, including all the reception speeches, pieces of the ceremony, etc. and wove them throughout our entire 20 minute video. It's a beautiful compilation of words, music, still photos, video footage - and it perfectly captures the day from beginning to end. It's honestly amazing, and everyone we've showed it to cries, laughs, and can't stop saying how much they love it. On top of what he delivered, Greg was an absolute pleasure to work with. He followed up with me multiple times before the wedding - even calling me a couple nights before to make sure I was comfortable with everything and to firm up all details. That is so different from that bulk of the vendors I worked with! On the day of the wedding he was flexible and super laid back, making it easy to have him around. After our day was over he didn't stop with the great customer service. He got us our video within a couple of weeks, and even called me the night he sent it to tell me how much he hoped I liked it, and to tell me to be honest in my feedback, because he would change anything I didn't like. If you're looking for a videographer that is easy to work with, produces amazing videos, and won't cost you an arm and a leg, I can't recommend Greg Henry highly enough. He was hands down the favorite vendor I worked with, and I would recommend him to any bride, anywhere. Abby Cleveland, OH


Reviewed on 6/25/2013 Stacy R

Greg and his assistant did an awesome job! I was very pleased with how professional they were. We added extra hours and he stayed with us the entire day. I will recommend him to my friends!

By far the best money I spent!

Reviewed on 6/15/2013 Shannon G

Greg and his assistant were so easy to work with and such fun people to have around on the most important day of our lives. They captured all the little details that you miss when you're the bride and groom and having this video to look back on is so fantastic. Greg's pricing is so affordable and he breaks it up into three easy payments, one of which is due AFTER the wedding, which helped so much. The highlight video had all of my friends and family members in tears the first time they saw it, and the full length video is to die for. I have literally watched it every day since I got it. What Greg gave us is absolutely priceless, as photos are great but they don't capture what a video does. I am so glad we decided to book a videographer and so glad we chose Greg.

Best Decision that will last forever

Reviewed on 4/08/2013 Danielle S

VERY pleased with Greg's work. Greg was very easy to work with and made the whole process very smooth. He mixed right in with all the guests. He was able to capture all the moments of our special day. Having a video is so very worth it because the day goes by so fast that you don't remember much of the day. He even traveled further than expected. He was out in the cold and shot videos of us the whole time. The editing was AWESOME and very smooth. We love our video. We also used the photobooth and our guests were constantly using the photobooth. There were also props that our guests could use to take the pictures. Then we were given a scrapbook with the photobooth strips and people could write next to their picture. I am so happy that we went with Greg (GH Videos). Now we will have this video to remember for the rest of our lives. Such an amazing blessing to be able to have this special rememberance. GH Videos is the best!!!!!

Great video

Reviewed on 1/15/2013 Molly M

I am very pleased with Greg's work. He and his team captured every minute of our day. He even came out with us in the cold while we took pictures! We also used his photo booth. We got a scrapbook with all of the pictures in it and he put them all online so all of our guests could see them.

Best last minute decision!

Reviewed on 12/06/2012 Kellie C

We were on the fence about having a video done for our July wedding. Last minute I found Greg online and luckily he was available. The whole process was incredibly simple and Greg was amazing! He mixed right in and you never felt like he was in your face. Having Greg do my wedding video was the best decision I made!! I have watched this video so many times and my entire family loves it as well! The editing was awesome. He asked me to select music and he put it together from there. I LOVED the results, romantic, sweet, funny....PERFECT!! We will share and cherish this for the rest of our lives!!!

A MUST for your wedding!

Reviewed on 11/07/2012 Sherry Z

My wedding was this past September. With all the costs associated with planning a wedding, my husband and I had gone back and forth on if a wedding video would be necessary. We found Greg at GH Videos who had affordable pricing, along with a great style so we thought we would give them a try for our wedding. I am SO happy that we did! Greg captured those moments that a photographer never can. There were 2 camera's going at all times. The ceremony video was beautiful. He really captured the beauty and emotion of the day. It was so touching looking back and watching the ceremony. I saw things I hadn't been able to see that day, which was incredible. He also did interviews at the reception and really captured just how much FUN everyone had! The dancing was hysterical to watch... overall I am so happy that we went with GH Video's and have this amazing video to remember our day. I would 100% recommend going with Greg... he's the best!


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