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Hero of the Day!!!


Patrick and his band was the highlight of our reception. Our guests to this day still comment on how great Green Thirteen was. His preparation, organization, and availability made the planning process so stress free. If it wasn't for his great attention to detail, me and my wife would have been truly unprepared and I feel that he cared for our reception to be a true success. Our reception was at Cafe Brauer in December. By chance the weather ended up being a beautiful 51 degree day in the middle of winter. It was a blessing, yet the warm weather also brought this unholy traffic in Chicago the likes of which god has never seen!!! About 3/4 of our guests were late and Patrick made the offer to delay the start until everyone arrived and continued the cocktail hour to keep the guests that were there at ease. That offer hit home for me as any other "band" would have kept to the timeline or charge extra, etc.. What I love about Patrick and Green Thirteen is their ability to adapt on the fly without any hesitation. I would highly recommend them for their professionalism and more importantly the ability to exceed ones expectations. They truly were the icing on our wedding cake!!! Thank You Patrick & Green Thirteen!!!

Green 13 is THE wedding band to book!

8/09/2014 Lisa H

Green 13 was one of the best parts of my wedding! Patrick was a pleasure to work with and did an amazing job staying in constant communication with me so the wedding day would go perfect...and it did! He was professional while staying light hearted and working with me every moment up until the big day. On the wedding day everything went flawless from the DJ'd ceremony to the live band set. We paid for an extra hour of live band (4 hours total) plus a saxophone player and it was beyond worth it! The band rocked the crowd all the way to the end and we have been hearing rave reviews ever since! I would HIGHLY recommend Green 13 to any couple looking for an organized band leader and a great group of musicians to blow your wedding reception right out of the water! Love everything about them!


12/14/2013 Kristyn B

My husband and I were planning a wedding in 10 weeks. We found our vendors quickly, except the band. We met with lots of folks, and just couldn’t get a good vibe. I came across Patrick about 4 weeks before our wedding; he emailed me back within 5 minutes of writing him. After exchanging about a dozen emails in about an hour, it was clear that he was a fun, personable, passionate, responsible band leader. We booked him! (And were excited when, the next morning, we had multiple emails from other bands saying, “We are booked on your date but you should try GREEN THIRTEEN because they are amazing!”.) Next up, we met up and had a long conversation where it was clear that Patrick was trying to get a sense of who we are as a couple, our personality, our interests. Patrick was never in a hurry in this meeting, rather, it felt like he would have sat there with us for as many hours as it took to get all the information he needed, from logistics to how to pronounce the bridal party’s names. (Their pre-meeting planning packet is awesome!!! They’re the only band I talked to who had something like that, and it just shows how organized they are.) Next Patrick created an amazing, detailed timeline, minute by minute, of the evening. For someone like me who plans events and is highly organized, this was awesome. I realized that I could let go of some of the control I knew I’d be trying to have (as a producer, I can’t help myself!) on that night. And sure enough, it was true. I totally trusted in Patrick to hit all the beats, speeches, special dances, etc, that we had talked about. He didn’t miss a thing. Not only did he do everything that we had talked about, he did MORE. We had a small wedding, about 80 people. One of the things we hadn’t thought about in terms of having a small wedding is that sometimes the dance floor can look EMPTY. When you have 250 people, it’s always full (if the band is good!) and if a dozen or so people take off early, it’s no big deal. We had an older crowd, and people did leave early to get home to babysitters. And I was a bit freaked out that people were leaving and that not enough people would dance. But… the music came on, and it was so good, that everyone who was still there was out on that dance floor. Now, here comes the amazing part: in the back of my mind, I knew that when the band was going to take their ONE scheduled break (most bands I talked to take at least two, and sometimes three or four) that we would probably lose a bunch of people who would stop, maybe even go home, and the second set would be pretty empty (and sad!). I was so happy when the minutes passed by and the band kept playing, because I was dreading them breaking and people heading home. But… an hour went by, a second hour went by, more time went by and I realized… THEY WERE NOT STOPPING! I leaned in to my husband and said, “Patrick knows that if he takes a break, we’re going to lose the rest of our party goers. I think he’s just playing straight through.” And that is exactly what he did. He and the band played for about 3 hours and 15 minutes with not a single minute of break. He SAVED my wedding!! I was so worried that the last 90 minutes would be empty and a waste, and he totally saved the day. I’m not even exaggerating. He read the room, and he knew what to do without even asking me or me having to say anything. It was amazing. The Knot says I'm out of room, so if you want the rest, email me at [email protected]



When we think back to our wedding we can't help but reminisce about how much fun it was. For our wedding, my husband really wanted live music and I really wanted music we could dance to. We knew it would be challenging to find the right band, so we contacted over 15 bands, narrowed our search to about 3, and then went and heard them all play. Green Thirteen had the best vibe for us. Patrick is such a cool guy, genuine and down-to-earth, and at the same time very professional. He was a breeze to deal with. We first met over lunch and he really took the time to listen to what we wanted, how we envisioned our wedding, and really dug into what type of music my wife and I were into. Patrick worked with us to narrow down what we were interested in hearing. He was awesome about making sure songs we really wanted were included, and was totally chill about filling in the blanks when we were so overwhelmed by the wedding planning process and didn't want to make any more decisions! When the day came, we were blown away by the whole evening. The band rocked it, played their hearts out, had our guests dancing the whole time, and, quite simply, made our night! They did the music for the ceremony, cocktail time and reception. Patrick was so amazing to work with and met with us twice before our wedding to make sure we were 100% confident. Our cocktail hour music helped set the tone for the rest of the night. At the reception Patrick was our MC and was perfect to help keep the event on track and make sure the right music was being played depending on what was going on at the event. WE LOVED THE MUSIC SELECTIONS! Amazing music and great band members! If there is one thing you can do to make your wedding memorable this would be it. Thank you for making our night amazing!

Wonderful band, especially for older guests


We LOVE Green Thirteen! When it came time to choose entertainment for my wedding, we were a bit concerned in general because we knew our guests were not dancers. We wanted to make sure all of our guests had fun dancing, but we knew that a big band with a lot of action and interplay would be better for us than a dj. Green Thirteen definitely made it happen! If you want to have the best party of your life they are just perfect. They fill the space with energy and enthusiasm and read the crowd. The people who aren't dancers and who normally sit awkwardly at their table were on the dance floor until the last dance. We had to make some last minute changes and Patrick was very professional and didn't make us feel bad at all. We had a worry free evening and a blast dancing at our wedding. I would recommend Green Thirteen to anyone who is getting married. Awesome day, we couldn't be happier!

Green Thirteen Literally Saved the Day!

9/13/2014 Tammy L

Words can't express our gratitude to Patrick and everyone in Green Thirteen for making it the most amazing wedding we could imagine. Our first band reassured us that they had insurance and a week before our wedding our hall declined them for insufficient coverage. Our hall recommended Patrick immediately and he essentially re-planned our reception in 3 days! He was helpful and fun and very patient as I asked my million questions. They catered to our every need. You name it, they did it, and did it well. All the vocalists were amazing. Patrick and the band were all about "showing our guests a good time", we couldn't have asked for more. Our dance floor was full of people all night long. We couldn't imagine the band being this excellent. The night was perfect and the band rocked everyone's socks off! The best pictures from the wedding are people going crazy on the dance floor. If you are looking for a wedding band, this is where you need to go. The managers know them and trust them for good reason. They will have excellent collaboration with your coordinators. Important--Important--Important! Thank you for saving my day and for making our special day spectacular!

Green Thirteen - Not your typical wedding band!!


We were introduced to this group by our planner. We saw them perform at the Rookery in Chicago, when we heard a few songs we were sold. Patrick met us and presented everything they offered in a very relaxed dinner meeting. We felt that entertainment at the wedding was a very important part of the experience, and he worked with us to bring everything together. They sing the newest music available and do a really great job at it. They all looked GREAT!!! Not your typical wedding band here. From the moment we arrived they totally set the mood for all my guests to have a good time. In our opinion the songs they sang were better than the original. Patrick introduced all of our events and speakers really well. They definitely know how to do weddings! Trust them. Patrick was even kind enough to include live piano music for my cocktail hour because we offered to include dinner for the band, a great trade off. We were so happy with everything they offered. Would highly recommend over & over!

Green Thirteen Delivers!


Green Thirteen played our wedding reception and my wife and I couldn't have been happier with you! You were always there every time we turned around or looked up. Great job hosting the night and introducing everyone. You said something early on that really struck home with us. You said that our wedding was more important to you than it was to us. We both honestly felt that you did, and we want to thank you and the band again for one of the greatest days of our lives. Green Thirteen Delivers!

Mother of the bride. Thank you Green Thirteen.


An absolute pleasure to work with from beginning to the end. They arrived long before us and were very professional all day. They play from song to song without a break keeping everyone on the dance floor. They know what gets the crowd motivated to keep them dancing. We have recommended them to all of our friends and another guest booked them at our wedding. Fantastic gala band!

The BEST Mix Of Music


My parents hired Green Thirteen for my sisters wedding. At the time my husband and I knew when the time came we wanted them included in our day. When the day arrived, I spoke to my father and we reached out to Patrick. He answered all of our questions, and met with us long before we even looked at a contract. He is always present to answer emails and phone calls no matter what time of the day or night. We chose the larger band with the saxophone musician and more singers than my sister had. They also learned songs that we requested that were not on their extensive song list. On the day of the wedding, the band sounded better than ever and kept everyone on the dance floor just as we expected. We chose some of the same music, and also requested a lot of current hits. Super fun, not too loud for the relatives, just a great mix that had everyone dancing all night. They all did a superior job!

Highly recommended


The Green Thirteen wedding band was great. They played songs from what I'd say was the sixties to todays top radio hits. They had a fast pace that kept everyone dancing. Highly recommended.

Talk Of the Town!!


Green Thirteen traveled all the way from Chicago to Traverse City, Michigan for our wedding day, and truly exceeded all of our expectations! Their high energy set sounded amazing and kept our guests of all ages on the dance-floor until the very end of the evening. We received rave reviews from all who attended, in fact the band was the main topic of conversation. Patrick was wonderful to communicate with throughout the entire planning process and effortlessly helped us re-coordinate a couple of very important last-minute schedule changes due to weather on our wedding day. Green Thirteen made our entire celebration incredible and we couldn't have asked for a more perfect reception! Thank you Patrick!!!



Green Thirteen completely blew us away. For starters, Patrick works with you to refine the song lineup and style of your ceremony, cocktail, dinner and reception. We really felt he got a sense of our personalitys in our meetings with him. He has the experience to combine all the standard "crowd pleasers" and an appropriate number of all genres to appeal to the guests. The 5 vocalists were INCREDIBLE. I lost count of compliments we received. If your anything like me, the last thing that you'd think about when considering music for your reception is the order of events that happen. Not a problem! Since Patrick becomes your MC, planner and coordinator for the night you can't put a price tag on this. He helped us create a great flow, balancing all the important events (speeches, dinner, cake cutting, etc) with dance floor momentum and general room energy. He is passionate about the psychology behind how people feel at different times of your day. He was right on! I won't give away Patricks philosophy, but he has packing the dance floor down to a science! Seriously! Great job!

Excellent music!!


Patrick and his team were a pleasure to work with and over delivered! We received so many compliments on the music, and they had our guests dancing all night. All the vocalists were amazing and the musicians kept the crowd going with older and newer songs. I would recommend Green Thirteen to any couple looking for a stress free planning process and fabulous music.



We planned a Chicago wedding from London. We both have extremely particular personalities, and we also knew that booking a band that we hadn't seen live would be a risk. We also know that a great band could make our party and a bad one could break it. We interviewed over 15 orchestras and bands, until we had a list of 5 potentials. I sent my sister to see all 5 bands in Chicago, she chose Green Thirteen and promised us that we would not be disappointed. They were half the price of all the other orchestras in their category. They were not cheesy at all, looked phenomenal, and had energy for days. Every musician was exactly who we saw and purchased. Patrick was not pushy and he was exactly the opposite of some of the other managers that we had interviewed that tried to sell us additional items as well as the kitchen sink. When it was time for us to plan the wedding details, Patrick was very easy going, he also accommodated our schedule and time zone difference for all of our conference calls. He was always available and answered our emails promptly, not just a couple of times, about 50 times actually. Green Thirteen learned songs for us and they played NON STOP. Yes NON STOP, as in THREE HOURS NON STOP! They played every song we asked for and more. We had our wedding at the Intercontinental Hotel in Chicago and the venue said they have never worked with a band that was so easy to deal with. They didn't need dinner, and they didn't have a list of a hundred specifics that all the other orchestras that we looked at requested. Wrapping up...From start to finish there was not a single person sitting all night. I can not express our gratitude towards this band. Simply put, they made our wedding. Period!

Thank you Green Thirteen!


My husband and I had our ceremony and reception at The Rookery in Chicago and Green Thirteen was our band. Patrick and his band are AMAZING. Since day one at their showcase we were impressed with their professionalism, their talent and knowledge to the art of entertaining. My guests are still talking about how well they performed and interacted with everyone to make the night so special for us. There were a couple of songs that we asked them to perform special for us, and the band learned them for us. I would recommend them hands down to everyone.



Green Thirteens performance on my daughter's wedding day was truly outstanding! I was 100% confident going into it, but what we all experienced was nothing short of amazing. Green Thirteen had all of our guests in the palms of their hands. They were flawless throughout the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. Everyone was attracted to the dance floor immediately. The guests danced all evening long, from the youngest to the oldest. The singers were full of enthusiasm and did a fantastic job at getting the guests fully involved on the floor. I strongly recommend them.

Make Your Wedding INCREDIBLE!


Wonderful band! Humble people! Fantastic Music! Everyone loved the music and thought Green Thirteen was incredible. We had a Greek / Italian wedding and music was very important to us. We were very picky about choosing the right band. We immediately loved the sound of Green Thirteen live when we saw them at a casino. It was exactly what we were looking for. High energy, fun and incredible to watch. They performed a great variety of music from current hits to older hits, that didn't sound old, but that actually was. We thought that was pretty amazing to pull off actually. All of our important ethnic selections were DJ'd at the requested time, and when the band started, it just went to the next level. Their talent and professionalism is proof of years of experience with weddings. Green Thirteen is a SURE THING!



We can't say enough positive things about Green Thirteen. Our 300 wedding guests ranged from age 4 to 90, and the band kept everyone on the dance floor until 1am. We wanted a non stop party and Patrick informed us that the band could do a 3 hour concert-like performance to keep the momentum going once they started. All the other bands and orchestras we interviewed charged more for this, Green Thirteen did not! This was just one of the many reasons we chose them. They have the greatest selection of songs and they sounded better than the original. Green Thirteen had over 6 lead singers in the band, and all the singers interacted with our guests, even my grandmother got extra special attention. Our photographer got a great photo of her singing and that moment will always be treasured by us. Thank you again for that Green Thirteen. We met with Patrick 3 times in the 9 months leading up to the wedding. We had a couple of revisions that we wanted to make after attending multiple weddings in this time period. We wanted to add things that we saw work, and deleted things that we felt wouldn't work. Patrick was very accommodating through the entire process. I always received quick replies to emails as well as text messages just to reconfirm that we received the emails! The band learned 2 special songs that were extremely important to us. We didn't want them DJ'd, so we created special times through the evening to spotlight these moments. Patrick suggested the appropriate times and they couldn't have been more perfect. Since our wedding, family and friends have been telling us that it was "the most fun they ever had at a wedding". Without Green Thirteen I can say that our wedding would not have been the same. THANK YOU!

Our wedding=PERFECTION! Thank you GREEN13!

4/30/2011 Chris L

After experiencing Green 13 at our friends wedding we chose to work out an agreement with a DJ that we had originally hired so that Green Thirteen could be our entertainment. All bands are NOT the same and once we witnessed what Green 13 offered, WE HAD TO HAVE THEM. The DJ option is very safe, but we are so glad we changed our mind. Im sure everything would have been great, but what we got with Green 13 was a once in a lifetime chance for us. Patrick was extremely professional, organized and passionite. He was responsive to all of our questions, and typically answered us within minutes. He then met us at our hall, went through every minute of our timeline, took us out for some food and finalized every detail of what we wanted. At the reception, Patrick coordinated the evening to make sure that everything flowed perfectly. He poured champagne in our flutes (that our hall FORGOT) before my big toast, and he even checked on our food during dinner! We told Patrick that we planned to arrive early to take pictures in our hall which was something that was important to us. They arrived 4 hours early for us and had everything perfect for our arrival. Patrick even supplied up-lighting for us at no charge. A HUGE PLUS! The party was the greatest! They keep people on the dance floor. That's what they do. They impressed every one of our guests, and made me look like the rockstar. Our friends wedding was perfect, our wedding was beyond perfect and YOUR WEDDING WILL BE PERFECT! Trust Green13!! I would highly recommend Green Thirteen to anyone who is looking for a reliable, professional, energetic and unforgettable experience. You will not regret it!

Easy to work with


Green Thirteen was so easy to work with, they were just a dream. The dance floor was packed from the moment they started until the moment they finished. They were extremely flexible and attentive to all of our needs during the contracting and planning process. We had a unique set up with our hall as our "flip-style" ceremony and our reception was going to occupy the same space. There was no issues or ala cart charges associated with our package. They turned our room around without a complaint and no one knew what was actually going on behind the doors. Patrick came to us to get approval of the room before guests were invited in, and when they opened the doors it was like we all walked into Disneyland. The band was playing, people were dancing and having the time of their life, and we hadn't even had salads yet! Bottom line, they made our night unique, memorable, one of a kind, and brought our dream to life! Patrick is a delight to work worth, and the band is a talented machine!

Green Thirteen was superb!


GREEN THIRTEEN was superb! They had our dance floor packed all night and everyone at the reception raved at how great they were. They didn't take a break and the music was perfect!

Green Thirteen is the entire package


I was extremely excited when my best friend asked me to be her maid of honor and we couldn't wait for the day to arrive. She and her husband chose Green Thirteen. I can honestly say that from the moment we arrived on site after ceremony pictures, until we were gathering the table floral arrangements at the end of the night, Green Thirteen and Patrick were there at every minute to see that my best friend and her husband had the incredible day they had dreamed of. Incredible live cocktail music, organizing and introducing all of the bridal party, introducing toasts flawlessly, the perfect dinner music, also even checking in to see that the bride and groom and their immediate family members had drinks during dinner! Everything was extremely professional. When the live band started there was not a couple sitting in the room. The band played about 3 and a half hours without a single break. They performed a perfect mix of songs that kept every generation dancing all night long. Green Thirteen is the entire package, a class act. Highly recommended!

Wonderful band!

9/27/2014 Carolyn S

Very much enjoyed the music even though I can't dance. The band set the tone and rocked it out the whole night! Would highly recommend this band to anyone!

Great Party!


We chose Green Thirteen to be our wedding band after my now husband spent hours talking to probably 20 different bands. After talking with Patrick and watching some example videos, we felt pretty confident that Green Thirteen was just what we were looking for - FUN! Patrick was super organized and everything ran so smoothly on the day of the wedding. The band played nonstop all night and kept all of our friends and family on the dance floor! Thank you Green Thirteen!


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