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Lance totally rocks. Period.

Reviewed on 2/21/2013 Cortney E

Lance is an awesome videographer, not only is he super personable and fun to work with, he is also extremely creative and professional. In the days leading up to our wedding he made sure to take note of what we wanted and the style of video we were going for. Then on the wedding day he was prompt and professional in every way. In fact, he did such an amazing job and was so comfortable to be around we (and many of our guests) hardly noticed he was there. Because of this, he was able to get some of the most candid, precious moments of our wedding day. We originally chose Lance based on a friend's recommendation and after reading details on his website about the quality and caliber of equipment that he uses. It was important for us to get great quality in sound and picture, and he definitely did not disappoint! We were even able to get our wedding video on blue-ray, an option we definitely appreciated and took advantage of. This quality, mixed with Lance's creativity was definitely a home run. Honestly, we had a very unique wedding and he captured everything perfectly and we couldn't have asked for more. He went above and beyond. With all that said, if you are looking for a videographer (and you should be) just choose Lance, he's your guy.

Lance was GREAT!!!

Reviewed on 11/04/2010 Alycia H

We had an awesome reception video put together by Lance and we were SO happy with it. He was amazing to work with and ALOT of fun--I would HIGHLY recommend him!!!

PICK HIM!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed on 10/10/2010 Layodesi D

Lance was an amazing videographer! He showed up on time and captured every moment we asked him to. He traveled four hours to get to our wedding and we will be forever grateful for that. We met Lance at a wedding show at the Hyvee event hall and knew we wanted him to be our videograpgher right away. He was the only one who offered Blu-Ray and shot in HD at that time. We had an initial 7 minutes edited video back in one week! And our longer DVD's back in two weeks, with more special editing. We were in love with them. He even posted the short clip up on facebook, so that our friends and family could see. I highly recommend Lance as a videographer fro your wedding! Just imagine in 10 years looking back and watching your wedding video with tears in your eyes and remember, it is WELL worth the money.

Highly Recommend Lance!!

Reviewed on 1/21/2015 Laura C

Lance does amazing work!! From initially getting a hold of him to the day of our wedding, he was very professional and so easy to work with! He just shows up and does his thing!! He was a huge help to our photographer and very kind and respectful to everyone! Our reception was running a little behind and he was more than happy to stay to get all of our toasts and our first dance. It was so important to us to have those memories! The level of quality is outstanding. It was be something we will treasure forever! Pictures look nice in a frame, but nothing beats being able to watch your wedding day and live in the moment again. My only regret is I didn't book him earlier in the day!!!

5 Star Service!

Reviewed on 1/17/2015 Shelby T

I can't say enough about Harding Videography. Between the personal touches and prompt response, a bride can rest assure that her memories will be forever captured in the most beautiful way. Lance and his assistats where attentive to everything I was looking for and played close attention to all the details. Thier kind and comforting demeanor was a welcomed surprise helping to keep a bride calm before walking down the isle. The final product was received within weeks of the wedding and was stunning. Again I can't say enough. One of the most important things to spend money on for your wedding are the videographer and photographer. With Harding Videography you won't be disappointed and is well worth every penny!

Lance is fantastic!

Reviewed on 1/05/2015 Meesha W

If you're looking for someone that will do an amazing job Lance is your guy! We used him for our wedding/reception and love the video he put together. Lance was very professional but also fun. He let our personalities come through in the video, we couldn't be happier with it. I highly recommend him!

Excellent Quality and Service

Reviewed on 1/05/2015 Amy H

Harding Videography captured our wedding beautifully. Lance was very professional throughout our whole experience: planning, the event, and getting us the final product. He was very prompt with any questions or clarifications we had throughout the whole process. We are very pleased with our final product. His attention to detail captured small moments we surely would have forgotten, and he highlighted our big moments wonderfully. Getting a videographer for your wedding is a must, and Harding Videography is the videographer to do it.


Reviewed on 1/02/2015 Tyrrell D

I was on the fence with a videographer and am SO GLAD that I decided to get one! The highlight video turned out amazing!


Reviewed on 11/09/2014

Lance did an amazing job capturing exactly what we wanted! We gave him an interesting task and Our video was amazing!!

Harding Videographhy

Reviewed on 11/04/2014

Harding did a FABULOUS job on our wedding video. We debated for a long time on whether or not it would be a necessary wedding expense, and now looking back we are SO happy we chose to have a videographer. We watched the sneak peek just the other night and it was great! So many memories flooded our minds, and we relived it all. Thank you, Harding!

Lance was amazing!

Reviewed on 10/19/2014

Lance did a phenomenal job videoing at our wedding! He caught all the important moments and made such a special compilation of our day to a song that we could choose. My dad says he watches the video whenever he feels down even. Everyone loves the compilation and my husband and I have personally watched it multiple times just to remember the moments of our special day. Lance was wonderful to work with and I will recommend him to every future bride that I know. We are really so grateful that he could video for us that day and capture all the important moments, especially since I felt so hectic that day that I almost feel like I missed things that he caught on tape for me. So thankful for his great talents and for being so wonderful to work with.

AMAZING - Best decision I made!

Reviewed on 9/25/2014 Emily G

When I started planning my wedding I knew already what photographer I wanted to work with and I kept thinking in the back of my mind that I wanted a videographer but I figured it was too expensive so I just put it out of my mind. For some reason it kept popping into my mind so I read online that if you keep thinking about hiring a videographer just MAKE IT HAPPEN in your budget somehow or save because it is something you definitely do not want to regret later and you cannot go back and redo. I am SO GLAD I met Lance and decided to hire him! Prices were way lower than I thought they were going to be (I really hadn't looked into this much) and Lance so was fun to work with! I started with a lower package that he offered but then decided to pay a little more to give me more time with the videographer the day of. In the beginning, I was a little worried like I would have a video camera in my face all day and night and you don't! He is just there filming sort of in the background and you begin to forget they are there! It is so natural and fun and the highlight video he did is AMAZING. Some people wonder what they will do with their ceremony video but I cannot wait to watch mine! I think it will be fun to watch as if I am a guest at my own wedding (future brides: the ceremony flies by and everything becomes super hazy from the whole day/night) I am so lucky to have these memories caught on video and can now relive our wedding day whenever I want to! Cannot recommend Harding Videography enough! If you have even thought for a second you might want a videographer, just DO IT! Go on Harding Videographys website and watch videos he has done and you will be hooked!

Awesome Videographer!!

Reviewed on 9/23/2014 Kelli F

When my wedding planning process began, I thought a wedding video was an expense that could be cut out of the budget. However, my mom was a very big advocate for a video so she did some research and came across Lance. After looking at his website, sample videos, and talking with him at a bridal fair, I was sold and agreed a wedding video was a must! Deciding to have a wedding video and most importantly choosing Lance was one of the best decisions I made in regards to my wedding. Lance was great at capturing so many moments I missed, all while staying completely out of my guests and my way. He was fun, professional, personable, and timely. I absolutely loved the highlight video Lance created for us. My husband and I watched it multiple times and shared it with all of our family and friends, who also all raved about it! The actual wedding video was of the same quality and excellence! We highly recommend Lance!!

Harding Videography

Reviewed on 9/18/2014 Holly B

Lance did such a great job filming our wedding day. He is very fun to work with, and did a great job working with our photographers. He captured all of the big moments and the little ones I didn't even realize I had missed. I had a hard time deciding whether I wanted a videographer, and am so happy I decided to invest in Lance. He is professional, prompt, and creative. I can't wait to share our full video with our friends and family and watch it with our kids someday.

Best Videographer in Des Moines!

Reviewed on 8/07/2014 Kate B

Harding Videography (Lance) is by far the BEST choice we could have made for our wedding! (and, anyone who is going through the wedding planning process knows - making decisions on this kind of thing can be exhausting). Let me start from the beginning: We reviewed dozens of websites & hundreds of videos looking for a videographer for our wedding. We narrowed it down to only two options in DSM, and scheduled interviews with both. Lance ROCKED the interview - you could tell right away that he's passionate about what he does, he enjoys it, he's good at it, and most importantly - I would enjoy hanging out with him for my entire wedding day! (keep in mind - whoever you pick will spend more time with you than almost anyone else will on your wedding day - other than your spouse-to-be!) During the interview, I mentioned that my fiance & I didn't want to do paper invites - we wanted to do a video! Paper seemed out-of-date and licking envelopes is not my thing. Lance said he'd never done one before, but he would love to try it! I loved that he was enthusiastic and willing to out-of-the-box. The Invite Video: It was raining that day and my plan for an outdoor invite was out-the-window. I had no clue what we were going to do (where would you go indoors to shoot an invite video!?). Lance was able to think quickly on his feet & come up with a plan for us that involved mostly indoor shooting. His improv skills are impressive - and that's important because you never know what's going to happen at your wedding. It's nice to be able to count on someone who is optimistic and willing to take on challenges. Lance shot an AMAZING video for us to send to our friends and family as our invite - in fact, he actually cut two videos for us because he had so much awesome footage! His ability to use rain to his advantage is incredible. vimeo.com/92065118 The Wedding: Lance went ABOVE AND BEYOND our expectations for the wedding - he was happy, fun and very professional. He brought a second videographer to help get us the angles that we wanted (thank you Courtney!) as that was one of our requests during the interview - we wanted at least 2 shooters for more angles. He also remembered requests that I had forgotten about! During the interview, I asked him if we could do a transition from outdoor/ceremony to indoor/reception in a specific way of incorporating the party - he didn't forget and made sure we got the shots we needed! We had so much fun with him and I can't stress enough that not only is his product amazing, but you will enjoy spending your wedding day with him! The Product: Lance gave us a teaser video right away so we were able to share everything with our friends ASAP (after it's over you can't wait for photos & video!) It was a stunning video and the perfect thing to hold us over until he sent us our full 6-minute video! tinyurl.com/mw54byv We got the longer video a few weeks after the wedding (less than a month!). I highly recommend watching his videos to see for yourself. His transitions are flawless, his angles were perfect, and he knows how to line the shots up with the music. He has amazing attention to detail. He was everywhere at the right time and I didn't even notice him during the ceremony (he was never in the way - that's also very important!) Choose Lance as your videographer and you won't regret it! His videos speak for themselves. vimeo.com/101881386

Above and beyond

Reviewed on 8/04/2014 Shaunelle T

Lance was amazing to work with! I found him online and lived out of town so only spoke with him over email. From the very beginning I knew lance would be a great fit to our wedding! We just lost the videographer (I thought was the best) and Lance assured me that it was his loss and how excited he was to work with us! It was very easy to communicate with Lance, he responded promptly to ever email and always was available to answer my questions. I finally meet Lance on wedding day he fit in to our wedding party perfect!! He even offered to help me with my hair!! Lance went the extra mile to make sure he was with us for all the special events but yet still stayed out of our way and worked great with our photographers! Our video was amazing highlighting all the special moments. We will treasure it for a lifetime! The case it came in was more than just a fancified cd case! I would HIGHLY recommend Harding photography to anyone wanting an easy going, fun videographer to work with!

The Best Investment of Our Wedding!!!

Reviewed on 7/25/2014 Megan S

Lance is an AMAZING videographer, and I highly recommend hiring him for your wedding! It was probably the best investment on our wedding day. The highlight video and full length video have such amazing video and sound quality. He captured the best moments including ones that we missed on our wedding day. Not only that, but he is a super cool guy. He's the kind of guy you will want to hang out with on the weekends :) He went above and beyond on the wedding day. I was dehydrated and he brought me water throughout formal photos without me even asking anyone. He always asked us what we wanted captured for our video. He's the best!

Our wedding video

Reviewed on 7/21/2014 meaghan b

Harding Videography did an amazing job with our big day! They were very friendly and very professional. Both of our videos we got in our package are outstanding and we are so thankful we have such an amazing thing to keep forever. I would definitely use them again for another occasion.

Highly recommended!!

Reviewed on 7/20/2014 Kyle A

I met Lance when I was in a close friend's wedding and he was their videographer. I loved the work he did for them and when we were thinking about using one too, I immediately thought of him. He came highly recommended! When I talked with him on the phone the first time to learn about his packages, he was so friendly and answered all my questions without hesitation! He was always quick to email me back whenever I had a question or wanted to keep him in the loop. He welcomed our song suggestions for the highlight video and incorporated them which turned out awesome! His response time after the wedding day was very reasonable and we have heard nothing but great things from our guests who have watched our highlight video so far. On our wedding day, he worked really well with our photographers and was just overall awesome!! I'm so glad we chose Lance, you won't be disappointed!!


Reviewed on 6/24/2014 Sarah D

Lance was OUTSTANDING. We hired him to film our wedding and we couldn't be happier with the outcome! Him and his assistant really captured the most amazing moments of our wedding. Our highlight video is SO good I literally watch it like 5 times a week!!! I would recommend Harding Videography to anyone looking for filming services!!! Simply AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

Lance Harding Videography is WONDERFUL!

Reviewed on 6/22/2014 Emily G

Lance Harding was recommended to us through our photographer and we are very glad we chose him to be the videographer for our wedding! Throughout the whole wedding planning process and on the wedding day, we felt that Lance put my husband and I first. He had phenomenal costumer service and I always felt well-informed about what we would be receiving following the wedding day. He had great communication through emailing and over the phone. I always felt I could ask him any questions or share concerns I had. On the day of the wedding I felt very comfortable with Lance and his assistant, Cortney. They let me know from the start of the day that they were there for me and to let them know any concerns or worries I had. Throughout the day, I never felt like they were in the way. I was able to focus on what was important - my HUSBAND! They did an awesome job getting ALL the footage and (for lack of better words) staying out of the way ; ) We were very pleased with the video we received from Lance just 3 weeks after the wedding! It was very fast and the video is great! He asked my suggestions on music and even made a few minor adjustments I asked for after viewing the video. We HIGHLY recommend Lance Harding Videography for your wedding! He did a wonderful job, has great prices, and is very easy to work with!

Absolutely Fantastic!!

Reviewed on 12/06/2013 Stephanie K

Lance was so great to work with! He's very relaxed, fun, easy going, and definitely open to doing what the bride and groom want. We had such an awesome experience working with him. We received a message from him that our cameo was available for online viewing one week after our wedding. Talk about efficient! We also received our HD Blu Ray DVD wedding video, full version and it was top notch! Both quality and sound were great! We were pleased to have the opportunity to work with Lance and would highly recommend his work to any bride and groom looking for Videography! -Eric and Stephanie

AMAZING Viedographer!!!!

Reviewed on 11/17/2013 Audrey D

Wow! Lance is hands down the number one videographer in Iowa. You must choose him. He gets 5 starts on service and quality. He is so willing to help you and he captured BEAUTIFUL video of our wedding. I am going to cherish the moments from our video forever. I HIGHLY recommend you hire Lance because you will be able to relive your wedding over and over for years to come.

Lance is AMAZING!

Reviewed on 9/16/2013 Kate D

We had such a fun day and were so glad to have Lance capture it all on video. Originally, I didn't care about having a video but after seeing the work he did at my friend's wedding I knew I needed to have him! I was very late in the game and luckily he had an open weekend. He was very prompt at responding to my e-mails and requests. He was a great addition to my wedding "team" and I would HIGHLY encourage anyone thinking about getting a videographer to A. DO IT and B. have Lance be your guy!!! I have watched the highlight video countless times and the full video (which only took a few weeks to get!) has been so amazing to watch. They are very high quality and I can't wait to show them off! THANKS AGAIN, LANCE!!!

Amazing work!

Reviewed on 9/16/2013 Markie M

My new husband and I could not be happier with the work that Lance did for us! We got both pictures and videos done and they are all absolutely stunning. He worked with us on the budget and made sure to ease our minds any time we had questions or concerns. Both Lance and the photographer that he hired for extra help turned up on time and got our video edited up and posted very quickly. Highly recommend and well worth every penny!


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