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Reviewed on 7/08/2017 Sarah B

After reading these wonderful reviews, I felt certain that Thierry would impress me. Weddings aren't cheap, so I did a lot myself to save money, but I'd been told not to go cheap on a DJ/MC because they can make or break your event. As a DJ, Thierry was wonderful! As an MC,... Read More well, I did not have one... Negatives: 1. The mic(s) during our ceremony did NOT work. - Over half of our guests flew in from out of state spending so much time and money to be there with us on this special day, yet they didn't get to hear any of the ceremony/vows. Typing this makes me want to cry and breaks my heart as everyone was disappointed. Guests who arrived much earlier than the ceremony time approached me later saying he never once stood under the arch and spoke into the mics. 2. Thierry told me he does minimal talking/ MCing which is great because I don't like a cheesy MC. Unfortunately, he didn't follow the timeline, and I had to personally remind him when to do announcements such as the toasts and cake cutting, both of which were announced late. My friend who helped me set up the reception had to interrupt me during photos to ask me questions Thierry had about the grand entrance... I sent him a VERY thorough email and called him the night before to clarify any questions he had. 3. He did not introduce himself to any of the wedding party or my officiant who was vital in deciding when to start the ceremony. I filled out a questionnaire he provided me with lots of details regarding names and relationships which ended up being a waste of my time. Also, he announced the father/ daughter dance while my dad was taking a leak :/ 4. Not very personable or friendly the day of. He said congrats real quick and then asked if I could move the dessert table for him... not the caterers, but me. He seemed irritated because my dessert table was too close to his DJ table, but when I asked the caterers if they could move it some, they said no since it was already set up with the desserts and cake. So, that was all he discussed with me the day of the event. Positives: 1.His assistant was really nice! 2. He followed all of my music selections and had them set up for the appropriate events such as garter toss and cake cutting. I also encouraged him to take guest requests and go with the flow which he did wonderfully! Although the vows were a huge let down, he redeemed himself with my guests at the reception. 3. My husband was upset about the mics, so he wrote Thierry an email. Thierry's response was very professional, and quite frankly, he didn't even have to respond, so that was cool. 4. He has a lengthy contract which he did not break. He is not responsible for the mic issues which is my fault for signing it, and he did show up on time! He also has back up in case he isn't able to show at an event. Although I had fun at my wedding, I would have had more if I hadn't been so focused on time and timelines. I needed somebody to keep track of that for me and not ask me questions the day of the event. I needed somebody who could take initiative. With the money I spent as well as the time I took meeting with, emailing, texting, and calling Thierry, I can't say it was worth it for me. If you need an excellent DJ and you can afford a wedding planner to keep track of the announcements, then it's worth it.


Reviewed on 1/21/2015 Nicole R

ThierryJean gets an A++++ on all levels. I've seen him spin on multiple occasions in San Diego, the most recent was a party on New Years Eve. The crowds are always pumped and dancing. Thierry knows how to read the crowd and plays music that ranges from electro-funk to world... Read More music to current and 90s favorites. Being a musical mastermind, Thierry knows his music and knows what's hot. HiFi5 Entertainment has top notch music equipment, always excellent sound quality; I have yet to see Thierry disappoint. Thierry's got a unique style that sets him apart from all those cheeseball DJs around, he has a great personality, he's approachable and fun. Guess who DJed my wedding? THIERRYJEAN. Two family members sang special songs for us and he helped them set up their music and get the sound just right. It was an extremely special occasion and Thierry helped make it so. Thank you ThierryJean, we love you!!