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House of Fashion Bridal Salon & Tuxedos carries many different styles for every member of the wedding party. We have an experienced team of people here to help you through each step, from finding your gown to accessorizing it and then altering and customizing it for a perfect fit. Our bridal & bridesmaid department offers styles that can be ordered or that are on sale and can be purchased off the rack. Check out our website for special events-we host trunk shows or open houses throughout the year.


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2101 J St, Sacramento, CA (916) 554-7440

Reviewed on 10/05/2015 Meaghan H

I loved working with the ladies at House of Fashion. They found me a fantastic wedding gown, worked very well within my budget and payed intense attention to detail. Everyone is very positive and knows what they are doing. I received a lot of help. My mother also bought her... Read More wedding dress here 22 years ago. I am a return customer within the family! the alterations department is the BEST. Gorgeous work. I had long sleeves put on and they look like they came already on the dress. Just flawless work.

Reviewed on 10/10/2016

The House of Fashion is so accommodation, great customer service, all staff is so nice, the store is beautiful, and all gowns and bridal accessories and so beautiful. You can lose your self in the store trying everything on and you will have a hard time making up your mind from... Read More what you want because everything is gorgeous! The House of Fashion has everything you need all in one store!

Reviewed on 10/10/2016 Gilda A

I had a great experience at House of Fashion! I found my dream dress there but wanted to add straps to from the beautiful lace that was attached to the cathedral length veil that came with the dress. The HOF team did an amazing job making my dream dress a reality and carefully... Read More made sure that the dress was exactly how I envisioned it. Scheduling appointments was a breeze and they even let me come in a couple of times when my out of town bridesmaids were in Sacramento so I could try on and show them my dress. I would highly recommended HOF to any bride!

Reviewed on 7/20/2017 Taylor R

PLEASE BEWARE!! My wife went to House of Fashion in September to pick out her wedding dress. Everyone at the store was very nice and helpful when she was there. The problem occurred after the dress was ordered. When she bought the dress she paid in full and was told that the... Read More dress would be delivered within 5 to 6 months. They even wrote it on the receipt. My wife waited and when March came around she called to find out when the dress would be in. The people that answered the phone were very rude and could not tell her when the dress would be in. They said a manager would have to call her back. The manager didn't call back until my wife called the store 3 more times. When she did finally call back should told my wife that the dress was not in yet and that she couldn't find out where it was. She said that it should be in by the end of the month. At the end of the month my wife called again and the manager said she didn't know where the dress was. She lied and said that the computer doesn't tell them when the dress would be in. She later told us this wasn't true and that they knew it wouldn't be in until the end of May! Every time my wife got off the phone with her she was in tears. She was extremely rude and said that no one told her 5-6 months and that 8 was normal. I even talked to Allure Bridal and they said that the store was lying that that the dress should have been ready in 4 months. Other bridal salons verified this for me as well. The dress took over 8 months to come in!! It gets worse. When the dress finally came in my wife went to try it on and looked for veils. House of Fashion offered to give her a free veil to make up for the trouble she had been through. They told her they already had a veil on order and that she could have it and guaranteed that it would be the right color. When we went to get it it was white instead of ivory and the manager herself tried to say it was ivory still. My wife knew it wasn't and after she called her out she admitted she lied about the color. My wife was crying and so I asked to talk to the owner who wouldn't talk to me. I talked to the manager and told her my concerns. We talked for a long time and she admitted that they lied about when the dress would be in. She also admitted to not managing the store well and that she needed to do better. I told her that this wasn't the first time and that the reviews were awful. She said she hadn't read them. Who doesn't read their own reviews?? I respect her for admitting it but it was too late. She had already ruined my wife's dress experience. This same problem is all over the reviews so if you want your dress on time DO NOT ORDER from them! They don't seem to take their business seriously and didn't care about us after they took our money.

Reviewed on 7/07/2017 Emily N

Worst experience with this shop. I bought my dress in September, was told it would be in early February, at the end of February I call to get an update because I hadn't heard from them, they tell me i was misquoted and it would be here in March, March comes and goes and again I... Read More dont hear from them so I call to get an update and once again they tell me it will be another month. I call AGAIN end of April because they still haven't called me with any updates and they tell me it will be shipped next week and will get here one week after its shipped, so I let two weeks go by, again i never hear from them. I call and they tell me it wasn't shipped and it will be shipped next week. This game is played for about 3 weeks when I finally have to call almost every day for two weeks to check on the dress bevause they never once called me. Every time I called I had to speak to Jessica/Jennifer (I dont remember which one was her name) and she was rude and unapologetic until the week before I finally got the dress when I was calling very angry. I got it less than 3 weeks before my June wedding date and still needed alterations. They didnt offer me any discounts on alterations after the mess they created. My biggest issue was that they kept misquoting me and never following up on those quotes to update me, as a bride I have 10000 things to do and checking in on my dress wasn't another thing I wanted to add to the list. We were going to get the bridesmaid dresses and all alterations done here but after what I experienced with my dress we went elsewhere.

Reviewed on 4/25/2017 Nicole W

First off, my dress turned out beautiful and the alterations department was great and fast! BUT, I was not comfortable with the turn around in actually getting my dress - I ordered the first week of August for my late April wedding, and the dress barely arrived not even two... Read More weeks before my wedding. Every time I called I felt like the attitude I got was "it will be here when it gets here," with no sense of urgency. And the actual designer site says their turn around is 12-20 weeks, which means worst case, the dress should have arrived in January. I think they wait to place orders until they get a minimum or purposely late so you have to pay huge alteration fees.

Reviewed on 10/26/2016 Nicole S

It was truly a pleasure to work with Dawn at House of Fashion. My wife and I both needed dresses for our August wedding and Dawn helped us both at the same time! She was so friendly, helpful and very patient with us as we tried on all of the dresses she brought us. She had a... Read More great eye for detail and seemed to know just the right dresses for our body types. We brought some of our family along too and Dawn was very sweet and accommodating with them as well. I highly recommend going to House of Fashion. We found our perfect dresses and had a great time!

Reviewed on 7/08/2016

I dont like to bash on businesses but I feel that all the brides to be should be aware of what they might be walking into if they go to House of Fashion. I orders my dress Aug. 2015 and didn't receive it a few days before July 2016. My wedding is in August 2016. They stressed me... Read More out so much, I called and called and never could get a straight answer of why it was taking so long. They either blamed the manufacturer or shipping. For a business that has been in business so many years they should be a little more professional and give a honest answer on when they think the dress should be in. As a bride I think we already enough in our plates then have to worry of we are going to have a dress on time. At the end I still love my dress just not the service. Definitely didn't leave it there for alterations. Just be aware!!

Reviewed on 3/28/2016 Devonette M

The worst dress shop ever. I ordered my wedding dress in August and they said by March it would be in. It's been 8 months and march is over and haven't heard anything. They were so rude to me when I called to enquirer when it would be in. Don't bother going here. I was pressured... Read More into buying a dress, and ended up not wanting it. I pleaded if there was anything they could do for me. And all they said was the dress had to be picked up when it comes in. Horrible experience, and stuck with a dress I don't want.

Don't bother

Reviewed on 10/28/2015 Amanda B

I had emailed specifically asking if they had 3 dresses in stock - their site says they have them.... they emailed me back and said they had them... When I showed up they said they didn't.... I get that I might not have picked one of the dresses, but I didn't appreciate being... Read More lied to, and definitely set a bad taste in my mouth from the get go. I also didn't appreciate that even after I specified I didn't like a particular cut (mermaid) on the dresses and that it made me feel insecure that it KEPT showing up in the dresses they brought. It just felt inconsiderate when I had been very specific about what I felt were my problem areas... not a great way to try to sell a dress. I left in tears and frustration and with little hope of ever finding a dress. Always Elegant was where I ended up picking out a dress that made me feel like a size 2... and I'm a size 12. So there's that!


Reviewed on 8/04/2015 Ally O

I got my alterations done here, as well as the cleaning and steaming before the wedding. The alterations were very expensive but I unfortunately did not have the time to find other places. The alterations were done fine but the one thing they did wrong was clean before the... Read More alterations were done. I told them precisely, do not clean until alterations and my last fitting were done to ensure that I nor the alternator got it dirty. But they didn't listen and cleaned before alterations. The dress had a small stain when I picked it up but it was able to be taken out luckily.

My dress

Reviewed on 7/30/2015 Joleen B

This was the first bridal salon I went to and after visiting a few others, returned here to buy the very first dress I tried on. The price was good (alterations ending up half as expensive as the original dress price, but for the convenience of doing it all in one spot I was ok... Read More with that, especially since the base price of the dress wasn't bad to start with). The customer service was great, my original assistant Carol was a straight shooter and made me much more comfortable than any of the salespeople at other salons I went to. The assistant who helped me when I came back for my fittings was also helpful, and I felt like it was an overall good experience. It did take the full six months they tell you to allow for the dress to arrive, but if you're dress shopping with plenty of lead time I would highly recommend House of Fashion.

Good Variety, Fittings Not Special

Reviewed on 10/27/2014 Danielle

Loved my dress but they didn't make me feel special during my fittings.

proceed with caution

Reviewed on 11/01/2013 melissa

i ordered my dress in december 2012 for an october 2013 wedding. they said it would be here in june 2013. needless to say june, july, and august came and went with out the dress and every time i called it was "oh next month your dress will be here" in september when the dress... Read More still wasn't here i was finally dealing with Jen, the manager, who really handled the situation well. she ended up having my alterations free and the dress showed up miraculously five days later. the seamstress was a total witch. she was not pleased with my free alterations and did a terrible job! my dress was to tight in the waist and to spacious int he bust with a shoulder strap that rubbed my skin raw! the seamstress even went behind Jen's back to get me to pay for her lousy alterations. luckily for the wedding i only cared about having fun with my groom because if i could do it over again i would have gotten my dress somewhere else!

Very poor service

Reviewed on 10/05/2013

My experience at HOF was pretty poor from start to finish. When I went to try on dresses, I told them what I wanted and they brought me dresses that were nowhere close to what I asked for. I eventually ordered a dress through them that I had tried on at a different salon -... Read More the reason I ordered through HOF was because they didn't charge me for tax. Looking back, I would have rather paid for the tax rather than go through all the stress that came next. They told me my dress would arrive 8 weeks before the wedding, and it did not arrive until barely 2 weeks before my wedding. During this time, I kept calling and they couldn't answer my questions. Once I came for rushed fittings, the ladies ignored me at the counter, taking phone calls or helping other customers. The seamstress forgot about one aspect of the dress I wanted altered and had to rush that, too. HOF did give me a free veil and discounts for all my trouble, but it was definitely not worth it. If I could do this all over again, I would go somewhere else in a heartbeat.

the bride

Reviewed on 7/24/2013 Susan D

Took over a year to get my dress but i loved loveed loved it it is georgious!!!!

Go here to feel like an ugly mannequin

Reviewed on 7/12/2013 Libby R

The shop ladies here made me feel like I was a walking checkbook, and like my business was a guarantee. When I arrived for my appointment, no one asked if they could help me until I got someone's attention after a 10 minutes wait. When I was trying on dresses, I was moved... Read More between dressing rooms multiple times in some sort of power play between the women selling the dresses. I honestly wish I hadn't wasted my time by coming here. Also, I have heard from a reliable source that if you express interest in a dress, they will hold the sample in this store until after your wedding date, just so it won't have a chance of being available at their outlet shop until after you won't need a dress anymore.


Reviewed on 7/03/2013 Shaylene S

Don't get me wrong, my dress was absolutely stunning and I am so happy to have found it. I could not have been happier.... IN THE END. The hours leading up to the event not so much. I ordered my dress in August for a June wedding. Plenty of time one might say? Yes I would... Read More have thought so. They told me the dress would be in in six months. Great! Plenty of time for alterations and so forth... WRONG. The dress did not arrive until early May. My wedding was June 15th. When I called to ask THEM about it, they never called to tell me it would be late, they said it was late because of Chinese New Year. I'm sorry WHAT? Chinese new year... really? That is ridiculous. Anyways, I would never go back there or tell ANY brides to go here. I'm just glad my dress arrived before my wedding. ugh.

Great bridal shop!

Reviewed on 6/24/2013 Rozlynn R

This is a wonderful bridal shop! Very helpful with a huge selection of dresses to try on.

Good product, not so great service

Reviewed on 6/18/2013 Krista M

I absolutely loved the dress they found for me. The initial appointment to try on the dresses went well, however I could tell that once I hit the hour slot they were less attentive to me as a customer. Also, they selected a dress that was over my budget for me to try on, which... Read More was a bit disheartening. The alterations were pricey, and they had trouble getting it right. At one point the dress was taken in too much. When I picked up my gown, they put it in a pink garbage bag as oppossed to a nice vinyl zip up bag. Then they messed up the measurements and size order for my maid of honor and wanted to charge over half the cost of the dress to fix it. Good news is they were able to remedy her dress for a much lower cost.

I loved my dress

Reviewed on 5/02/2013 Cristal G

They have a large amount of dressed to pick from. I had picked my dress be for I was even getting married lol. But I still tried other ones on but still went back to the ONE ;) they offered my three different colors to pick from ivory/ white or diamond white so I picked... Read More diamond white 7 months later 3 weeks before my wedding my dress gets here and I go for a fitting and it's the wrong color not good. So I guess they no longer made diamond white and never told me. But still placed the order for my dress:(

My Wedding Dress

Reviewed on 4/16/2013 Kristin C

Overall I had a fabulous experience at the House of Fashion. The consultants are very intuitive and new exactly what I was looking for. I found my dress after trying on just two others. The service is excellent, but there can be a little bit of a culture difference. Some of... Read More the consultants and semstresses can be a little abrupt. HOwever, they did a fabulous job making my dress exactly what I had wanted!

Wedding Dress

Reviewed on 4/04/2013 Kim M

Staff was great and very helpful. Alterations were perfect.

Best Service I found!

Reviewed on 1/11/2013 Paula C

Bought a Pronovias Dress and Bolero for my December wedding. The staff was superb, they really know the wedding dress industry. Also, after looking at several shops, they were the only one who had on-staff alterations. I really thought it was important to have the same store do... Read More the altering. They did everything they promised on time and at my convinience. I had a great experiance and absolutely loved my dress.

Beautiful dresses ok service

Reviewed on 11/06/2012 Leah R

This salon was pretty easy to work with. They have a large selection of dresses. They are a little lacking in the service department. For the most part you pick out what you want to try and they bring it to you. They offered no input or options. I allowed 7 months when... Read More ordering my dress and it barely came within a week of my wedding. I was told when I ordered to expect it 2 months before my wedding date. The alterations department was amazing when it finally got there and rushed everything for me for no extra fee.