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7002 West 83rd St, Overland Park, KS

The best cake in the entire world (and I'm a foodie) and also affordable!!

Reviewed on 4/02/2014 Lindsay L

Lynn is just the most talented cake baker in the entire world. Period. I don't know how many people came up to me at the wedding and told me that it was the best wedding cake they had ever had! My mother in law judges how long a marriage will last based on how good the cake is so this piece of the wedding was very critical! We will definitely be married forever because it was absolutely amazing cake. I emailed a few ideas of what I was envisioning and she hit the nail on the head! It was exactly what I wanted. She coordinate perfectly with my florist (who put her own touch on it too) and it turned out wonderful. Not only is the cake itself delicious, but Icing on the cake is one of the least expensive that I have found around KC. We had a cake for around 300 people and it cost us less than $1000!!


Reviewed on 3/05/2014 Amanda K

The main thing I got compliments on about my wedding was the cakes. They are the epitome of what you expect a wedding cake to taste like. On top of that, I sent them a picture of what I would like my cake to look like, and it was executed perfectly! Definitely one of my favorite parts of my wedding!

So delicious!

Reviewed on 12/19/2013 Rebecca

Our wedding cake was delicious and beautiful. Lynn is so talented! I loved working with her to design our dream wedding cake. I met with lots of wedding cake vendors in the KC area and none of them came close to comparing to Icing on the Cake! You can't beat the taste and quality of work/design!

Absolutely Delicious!

Reviewed on 11/21/2014 Katie K

Our wedding cake turned out beautiful!! Icing on the Cake is the best wedding cake we have ever had. The guests were calling and complimenting the cake for weeks after the wedding. Thanks to Lynne for making an absolutely delicious cake for our wedding -- we cannot wait until our 1 year anniversary!!

Beautiful and delicious

Reviewed on 11/18/2014 Susan k

We have to admit, we were pretty particular when it came to choosing a cake for our daughter's wedding and met with several bakers before choosing Lynn and Icing on the Cake. She didn't disappoint!! The cake was more beautiful than they dreamed of and it tasted fantastic!! We received many compliments on the wedding cake from our guests. I would highly recommend Lynn to anyone planning a wedding!

mother of the bride

Reviewed on 11/18/2014

Icing on the cake did my daughter's wedding cake. The cake was excellent and as the mob, I received many compliments about the cake. Several of our guests wanted to know who did the cake and wanted to know if it had a drive through. I am all about the cake and have been to many weddings where the cake was dry. Lynne's cake was moist, the butter cream icing was superb and was all that we wanted. Thank you, Icing on the Cake!!!!

Best of the best!

Reviewed on 11/06/2014

Lynne Mueller made my cake when I got married in 2010. She is accommodating to the bride's needs of what they specifically want on their cake, she matches your needs perfectly! The price is very affordable and she is so great and goes above and beyond! I had the best experience and her cake was amazing! I got so many compliments on the look and taste. And a year later she gave us a fresh topper cake to compare with our wedding cake! I could keep going on about how amazing Lynne is!!!!!!

Best Wedding Cake Ever

Reviewed on 10/31/2014 Frances M

This is the best cake I have ever eaten. I have never eaten a wedding cake this moist. Lynne's cakes taste like homemade, with only the best ingredients. Many friends and family members commented on just how delicious our wedding cake was. Lynne is easy to work with. She is best reached by email.

The most delicious cake and the best price

Reviewed on 9/12/2014 Madison M

I absolutely love Lynne's cake. I went to 5 cake tastings, and her's was far and away the most delicious, fluffy, moist, etc. And, to top it off, her cake was the least expensive!!! Lynne was so responsive and helpful throughout the process. About 6 months before the wedding I wanted to try a few flavors and she whipped up samples for me at no extra charge. PLUS, instead of eating 1-year old, frozen cake at our 1-year anniversary, Lynne will bake us a brand new cake! Our wedding cake was EXACTLY what I wanted and so delicious. I'm so glad we had a bit left over so I could enjoy it a few days after the wedding. I will only use Lynne in the future for my cake needs. She's the best.

Best Cake EVER!!

Reviewed on 7/09/2014

This is by far the BEST cake I have ever had. I am a huge cake person... love it, and can never get enough of it. Besides saying "I Do" the cake was the 2nd most important thing to me on our wedding day. Well Icing on the Cake blew the cake competition out of the water. I cannot describe how fantastic this cake is. I had countless wedding guests comment on how amazing it was too. Ive never experienced anything like it. It is by far the most delectible, moist, not overly sweet cake and icing. I love icing. I mean, unhealthy relationship with it.... and even the cake was so awesome that I didnt mind the pieces that were slack with frosting (due to the way our reception vender murdered our cake...). Even with that, our guests LOVED the cake and most went back for seconds! I cannot wait for our next opportunity to indulge in her masterpieces! Thank you Lynne! How you do all of this as a one woman, homemade show I have no idea, but you have made our day perfect!


Reviewed on 7/08/2014

I am a huge cake person, its the reason I go to weddings, so I needed my cake to be amazing and it was! I had an out of the box type of cake design and Karen pulled it off beautifully and it tasted even better! We had white and almond cake, but I am sure all of her flavors are great! We had several guests ask us where it was from. Plus she makes you a fresh top layer for your one year anniversary!

Best Buttercream in Town

Reviewed on 7/03/2014 Ashley S

Lynne knows how to whip up a delectable wedding cake! Her premier talent is her homemade buttercream, which is truly heaven. Not only does it taste good, she can even do creative things with it: she fashioned the buttercream into icing roses on two of my four tiers without using any fondant! I feel like she really listened to what I wanted and made great suggestions. The cake looked so elegant and was a huge hit at the wedding. When the cake arrived at the reception, you could smell the freshness of the cake and frosting, and it was glorious! I would highly recommend Lynne to anyone who wants a product & service that is straightforward and wonderful!

Beautiful cake and Delicious!

Reviewed on 12/17/2013 Kelsey K

Our cake turned out exactly as we wanted it! It was beautiful and it tasted amazing! The price for the acke was reasonable, as well. Can't wait for our first anniversary to taste it again!

Amazing Cake!

Reviewed on 11/10/2013 Laura T

I am not a big cake person, but I had a piece of Lynn's cake and LOVED it! We ordered more cake than guests so that we could enjoy some left overs but we had none!! Guests had multiple pieces because it was so good. I would highly recommend getting your cake from here! As for flavors, we liked the traditional white cake the best but the almond is good too!

Rave reviews

Reviewed on 10/10/2013 Lauren B

Lynne was great to work with and the cake was fabulous. We had so many compliments on how great the cake was. My grandmother had four pieces! One great bonus is she will do a replica of our top tier at our first anniversary!

Best Cake Ever!

Reviewed on 7/18/2013 Shannon C

Lynne made a friends cake about 6 years ago. I have been SOLD on her cakes ever since. She is so easy to work with; she offers suggestions and can be as creative as you want her to be. Her mints are to die for and her cakes speak for themselves. It literally melts in your mouth, not heavy or too dry. Please NOTE this woman is always busy to it is best to book her WAY in advance.

YUM YUM YUM!!! Excellent!!!

Reviewed on 7/03/2013 Kayla B

Lynne is a-mazing and so are her cakes! She did everything we asked and was wonderful to work with. She was even willing to try a new flavor we wanted and let us sample it. She took 3 tries to get it to where she thought the quality was perfect before even letting us sample it. That was just for a sample of the new flavor! We received SO MANY compliments on our wedding cake and groom's cake on how delicious it was, how it was the "best cake" they'd ever had at a wedding! We ended up doing the almond cake with almond filling for our large cake and banana cake with peanut butter frosting on the grooms cake! My mouth is watering right now just thinking about it! :) Lynne will be doing all cakes I need for future parties! My husband, family and guests all HIGHLY recommend her and her services!


Reviewed on 5/14/2013 Shannon V

We got soooooo many compliments on our wedding cake. I love wedding cake, so when we were choosing a vendor, it was very important to me that the cake be beautiful and tast delicious. Our cake was absolutely delicious. Not many people tend to really notice the wedding cake, but people seriously raved about our cake. I'm not going to lie, my husband and I have already eaten the top layer. It lasted about one day after we got home from the honeymoon. But it's ok, because Lynne said she'd make us a new "top layer" for our one year anniversary. When the cake is that good, tradition can go out the window. Oh, and the cake was beautiful. AND, unlike every other vendor we spoke to, Lynne never tried to talk us into using sheet cake (at prices way too expensive for sheet cake, I might add). Every layer of our four layer cake was cake not cardboard. I don't know why that matters, but it mattered to me. Now I need to think of another occassion to order a wedding cake for...


Reviewed on 1/29/2013 Katherine R

Lynne did a great job making a cake just like the one we showed her in a picture that we brought. She also has several books of pictures of cakes she has made so you have plenty of options. She does not do fondant but her buttercream is smooth and delicious! This is on the smaller end of cake shops so the prices are reasonable (starting at $3.25/slice) and she truly wants to make you happy with your cake!

Sooo Delicious!!

Reviewed on 11/15/2012 Jenny K

Lynne did an absolutely amazing job!! The cakes were beautiful and so delicious!! My husband had a snickers cake and it was to die for!! It looked amazing and he was so excited about it. The wedding cake was beautiful. My sister and two of her friends also used Lynne for their weddings. I wish I had more wedding cake, but the best news is she does more than just weddings!! I think my husband might be getting his birthday cake this year from her!!


Reviewed on 11/08/2012 Carrie L

Lynn made all of my dreams come ture!!. our cake was everything that i had pictured!!! she did a perfect job and she made sure of it!! not only did it look pretty but it tasted amazing!!!... I got so many complements and can't wait for our 1 year cake that she remakes for us so we don't have to taste freezer burn ;)

Beautiful and Yummy Cake

Reviewed on 10/21/2012 Sarah B

Lynn made the cake just how I had pictured it and we got a lot of complements on how wonderful it tasted.

Best White Wedding Cake EVER!

Reviewed on 8/28/2012 Lynzee K

Lynne is extremely talented and I believe she can make anything you can think of. Her white wedding cake flavor is the best we have ever had! Bonus... Lynne even offered to make us a fresh new cake on our 1 year anniversary so we don't have to eat old dried out cake! Yumm!!!

Best Tasting Cake in KC!!!!

Reviewed on 8/09/2012 Lauren Y

Lynee is amazing!! She definitely has the BEST tasting cake in Kansas City. And not only does her cake taste absolutely delicious, but it looks incredible as well. She can do almost anything. I highly recommend her! You need to book her quickly though because she fills up super fast!


Reviewed on 6/05/2012 Christine W

This was the most delicious and beautiful wedding cake! My husband and I are not huge cake fans in general, but we both were blown away at how amazing this wedding cake is. The cake turned out exactly as i wanted it. Icing on the cake was extremely easy to work with. I received many compliments on my wedding day about how delicious the cake was and how beautiful it was. I will recommend Icing on the Cake to anyone getting married!!


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