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Your perfect gown awaits. Whether you know exactly what you want or are feeling adrift in a sea of organza, lace, satin, and silk, we are here to help. We carry a beautiful selection of bridal gowns, mother's gowns, flower girl and bridesmaid dresses, headpieces, veils, tuxedos and so much more.

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9038 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park, KS

Beautiful dress!!

Reviewed on 10/03/2013 Beth H

I went to Ida's and found the most beautiful dress Ida got herself from the runway in Barcelona, Spain! I have received nothing but compliments on how beautiful my gown was, and many have said it was one of their top 5 favorites of all time(including the alteration shop where they do bridal gowns on a regular basis!). The service was excellent!!

Beautiful Dress

Reviewed on 9/24/2013 Jessica S

I found my dress after only trying on 8, my consultant knew what I wanted better than I did, and it was on sale! Very professional and kind staff. They gave me the experience a girl always dreams about.

Ida's is amazing!

Reviewed on 7/29/2013 Jenna K

I had been to a few other places but a friend told me to go to Ida's. I knew the second I walked in there it was different than the other places. They were so friendly and were able to pick out the perfect dress for me! Absolutely loved the entire experience.

mostly helpful up until you give them money

Reviewed on 3/11/2015 Sarah S

I would not recommend Ida's. When I went to try on dresses one weekday evening, the woman helping me kept disappearing while I was changing, so I had to track her down. They told me that night the price of the dress was X amount. I went home to think about it. When I came back in, the price had gone up and they failed to explain that the original quoted price was with a discount for buying the same day you first come in. They send misleading coupons that they don't honor due to their unclear fine print. They won't answer emails when you try to get clarification. They tell you your dress should be in on x day and then fail to update you that it will be in a month later. I've heard horror stories about their work with alterations, so I'll be going elsewhere for. Save yourself the hassle and go somewhere that treats customers well through the entire process.

The BEST dress buying Experience

Reviewed on 2/08/2015 Abby S

I wouldn't trade my experience I received at Ida's for the fanciest bridal shop in all of Kansas City. I had been to most of the bridal shops in the area for past friends and family when they were brides but had never been to Ida's, my mom wanted to hit every shop in the city but my heart had other plans. From the moment I walked into the store Ida herself and the team greeted my guests and I and listened to my every wish and want in a wedding dress. I took about 5 dresses back to try on and Vangie, my consultant also brought a few in, they were patient as I tried on each dress and let my audience choose their favorites, but it was a princess ballgown dress that Vangie had brought into the room that I hadn't seen on the floor that I wanted to try on and immediately began crying as she zipped me up. I had never thought that crying in the perfect dress thing was real until it happened right there at Ida's! Sure enough, my mom said that was that one. To be honest, it wasn't what 26 year old me had pictured but it was the dress that 8 year old me had dreamed of since I was a little girl and she won! The designer, Maggie Sottero, didn't offer a discount if the dress was bought the first day trying on in the store, but Ida offered me 15% of the dress price as store credit to spend on a veil or anything else I wanted. I ended up getting my veil, mother's dress, bridesmaid dresses and tuxes all at Ida's with the help of Kirstin, Ida and her daughter Julie which was about a 6 month process and those women treated me like the most special bride every time I walked into the store for each fitting or with a bridesmaid to have her measured. When I went for my final dress fitting, my dress was a little too tight, and I was adamant on not having any back skin puffing over the back of my dress even though it zipped all the way, Ida hand beaded every single bead for the half inch my dress was let out to the waist (the top of the dress was intricately hand beaded to begin with), just for me on a quick time schedule and didn't charge me any more than my original alterations. She showed my the pokes and scabs on her fingers and that she did that just for me, and on my wedding day I knew just how much love and work was put into that dress! The staff at Ida's goes above and beyond to make their brides happy and I couldn't be happier with my choice to have the as my bridal and wedding party outfitter! (And just a shoutout to Julie, who is Ida's daughter and in charge of the tuxes, she is absolutely one of the nicest most genuine people that exist on this earth) I know the dress is important on your wedding day, but what is most important is the feeling you have on that day with the love of your life, and seeing everything you planned come together with the vendors who made it unforgettable!

a great place to shop for your dress

Reviewed on 1/19/2015 Jessica L

I found my perfect dress at Ida's, the first place I shopped for dresses. The store is very large so it accommodated my friends and family to come help decide. I was also able to do my altering at Ida's so I didn't have to pick my dress up until the day before the wedding. However, when my bridesmaid picked up my dress, they gave her the wrong one and we had to drive back to the store a few hours later to switch out the dresses. It was a bit of an annoyance because we were trying to decorate for the reception but it worked out fine in the end.

Best place in town

Reviewed on 10/25/2014 Jenni P

Went over and beyond to help me find my perfect dress! They have a huge selection and the best variety. Make sure you check this place out!

If you aren't a size 2 don't bother.

Reviewed on 10/19/2014 Abby B

I had an idea of what I wanted to try, told the woman helping, and she basically said that I needed to work with her. None of the gowns fit me; she said Ida only buys smaller sizes. The woman wouldn't even try to zip up the dress. She just had me stand there in it with the back wide open and have me go model it. It was an awful experience in general. I was overwhelmed by how they have you find a gown. I will not be finding my dress here. The woman was more worried about getting to the Royals game on time and I felt shooed away.

Loved my dress, but...

Reviewed on 10/08/2014 Jennifer K

I got my dress from a trunk sale at Ida's Bridal. I absolutely loved my dress, however, if another vendor in the area had access to order my dress I think I would go through them. I had issues of being overcharged at one point, we found later that they had us pay for an item that a group in our bridal party had ordered. We also got our tuxedos and bridesmaid dresses here. Half of the tuxes didn't fix properly and had to be reordered. The bridesmaid dresses were fine as well as the flower girls dress. It also can take them a while to find the dresses so a warning to anyone getting anything here. Allow plenty of time to pick up your garment.

It all worked out in the end!

Reviewed on 7/06/2014 Ali F

Ida's ordered my dress and it came in the wrong color and style. I don't know if it was the manufacturer or Ida's fault, but luckily we had plenty of time before our wedding and Ida's made it right! The right dress came in and everything else was perfect!

Mixed feelings

Reviewed on 7/03/2014 Sharon S

I chose Ida's Bridal & Tuxedo's because I was looking for a specific designer. That designer's website told me Ida's carried their dresses. I called ahead to make sure the dress I was looking at was available. When I went to the store I found they only carried two dresses in the designer so I'm wondering if they weren't ordered because I called ahead. The assistance I received while shopping for my dress was good. The consultant was able to hear what I wanted and helped me weed through all the dresses the family thought I should try on. I was very overwhelmed. I was very nervous about my dress but I loved it! My only complaint was with the top of my dress wasn't snug across the top. It gaped open which didn't look right. I had a corset put in the back of my dress so I wonder if that didn't have some part to do with that. I did lose about 6 pounds around my final fitting so that could also have something to do with that. Ida handled the alterations and she was great to work with. When we went shopping for bridesmaids dresses it was a different situation. The dresses will definitely be more than David's Bridal and other places like that. When we showed up for our appointment, myself and the bridal party was taken to a room and told to go look and try on. If we found a dress we liked and were ready to order we were to find someone. We went through all the racks ourselves and the girls tried on dresses. There wasn't a consultant readily available to answer questions as they were all booked with brides. I had two bridesmaids that just had baby's and were still nursing. We asked for this to be taken into consideration when dresses were ordered. One of the bridesmaids dresses was ordered to fit her measurements and she asked to have it down a size and was told "the designers want it ordered by measurements". Because of this, her dress had severe alterations needed. I was disappointed that our requests weren't considered. Over all, the quality of the dresses are great. I loved my dress and the girls looked amazing in theirs. I was disappointed with the service during the bridesmaids appointment. The service for bridal shopping was pretty good.

Excellnt vendor!

Reviewed on 6/26/2014 Branlyn F

When I walked into Ida's I was pretty exhausted from already trying on dresses earlier that day at another shop. I wasn't really "feeling it". The staff there was great and super welcoming. Laine immediately met me and started inquiring about what type of wedding I was planning and what I was envisioning for my special day. While my friends and I started looking through the gowns, Laine began working her magic. She pulled gowns that she thought captured my vision. The first gown I tried on took my breath away!! It was exactly what I had described! To keep an open mind, I went ahead and tried on the other dresses she had pulled as well. All of them fit the idea that I had descried to her. With all her help, I ended up picking the first gown she pulled for me!! I did want to make some alterations to the dress and she was very knowledgeable and gave her expert opinion on what could and could not be done. She was very easy to work with and actually listened to what I wanted! Net she walked me through the ordering process and what steps came next. I left there feeling absolutely amazing about my choice! Once I got home and started looking at pictures of me in the dress, I began to question the size that was being ordered. I called Ida's and told them my concerns (and apologized if I was acting like a crazy bride). They were VERY understanding and friendly and agreed to hold off on ordering the dress until I could get back up there to get measured again (and put that dress on one more time!) The staff there have been amazing to work with and I am so happy I get to have that memory!

Found My Dress! Just a couple minor things though...

Reviewed on 6/25/2014 Taylor S

Ida's was the third or fourth store I had been to after not having much luck. After trying on several dresses, she brought out a THE DRESS and it was the perfect! The only negative thing I would have to say is that I fit perfectly in the sample gown, and the consultant told me she would see if there was any way for a discount to be taken off so I could take it home that day! I was excited. The consultant came back and told me they had "just gotten the dress in" so there wasn't any point in not ordering my own gown, instead of the sample. Maybe I'm naïve about wedding dresses but I thought, "just getting something in," would consider it new, but when I looked at my dress online and it was from a fall 2012 collection. I was just a little confused why they were getting dresses in over a year and a half later. In the end, I received a percentage off because of purchasing my dress on my first visit so all was well and I have my dress! Lastly, make sure you ask them when your payments are due. We paid half when we placed the order, and then we were going to pay the rest when the dress came in. My dress came in a month earlier than they told us and when I was called about it being here, the lady told me they need the balance paid within two days of the dress coming in. Thankfully, it wasn't a problem for us, BUT we were not told the dress had to be paid off within two days of it's arrival when we ordered it. Overall, great experience, just a couple minor things to look out for and ask about.

Custom Fascinator

Reviewed on 6/17/2014 Lisa F

Ida designed my hair piece & it was gorgeous! The price was just right compared to other shops in the area. She did a great job!

Perfect In Every Way

Reviewed on 6/11/2014 Elizabeth M

I absolutely loved my experience at Ida's. My consultant, Vangie, was so wonderful to work with. She was helpful without being pushy, she was knowledgeable and very honest. She helped me get the perfect wedding dress in a matter of an hour. I am so glad I happened to visit when I did! I would recommend this store to anyone.

Nice but disorganized

Reviewed on 5/11/2014 Kristin S

At each appointment I had from trying on dresses, showing it off to friends and family, alterations and picking it up, they never quite seemed like they knew I was arriving. Or what to do with me. I didn't feel like the owner wanted to go above and beyond for each of her customers. The night I picked out and bought my dress, I was rushed because I was told the owner didn't like to stay past hours. So I had to come back another day to be measured and sized, so they could order the dress then. They tried very hard and meant well but are in need of some serious communication amongst employees and organization. No one was ever rude or unpleasant to me, but I felt awkward each time I was there.

March 22, 2014

Reviewed on 4/27/2014 Allison O

Despite the decor of Ida's being somewhat dated, their inventory was far from it. From visiting other shops, I had fallen in love with the Provinos line because of all the intricate lace. They had the most selection of any of the shops I visited. The only thing that I wasn't a fan of was that I had purchased a matching veil (with my dress) and they hadn't written down the style number. So I ended up with a different veil, but very close to the original. I would just double check that on the receipt. They were, however, very helpful and incredibly kind. I would definitely recommend.

The worst customer service I have recieved yet!

Reviewed on 2/12/2014 Caitlin M

I chose Ida's because all of the wonderful reviews on here.From the moment I decided on my dress the customer service just kept going downhill. I loved my dress consultant she was amazing.I paid everything upfront and you'd think when you spend almost 2 grand you would be treated with some respect. I was not told my dress came in different colors, had I known I would have gotten another color. And although I called well before my ship date the shop would not call the designer to change the color and insisted the color I had would look best with my skin tone, which obviously I didn't agree with since I wanted that different color. Either way I also ordered my veil at the same time I bought my dress which was 11 months before my wedding. Ida was supposed to make my veil, which I would think it would not take over 10 months to make. I wish she would have made it right away but she waited until the last minute. When my dress was a week past the ship date I called to find out where it was. They told me it was missing and give it another week and then they'd track it in the mail.. Then they called me and told me Ida had talked to me and it was in alterations.. Ida had not talked to me and my dress didn't need any alterations. I live an hour away from the shop so when I came to get my dress and my veil was not done it was a huge inconvenience for me. They made me set up an appointment a week later to get my veil. So yet again I drove an hour out of my way to get my veil, when I got there it was not done! I let Ida know I was not happy and this was very inconvenient she knew I did not live in town. So she told me she'd finish it and send it out that week. Two weeks later I call wanting to know where my dress is. The receptionist put me on hold for awhile and told me Ida would send it that day. A week later I called and asked for tracking info. The receptionist then tells me they waited until the day before I called to send it. I am disgusted by the service I received because I was a nice person and did not freak out like a Bridezilla. I should have been treated with respect, I paid well in advance and was more than patient. I will never recommend Ida's after this experience. I work in customer service you don't treat your customers like this. The consultant and other employees were wonderful all my problems started with Ida. You could even tell by her employees reactions with her that they did not approve how she was handling my situations. I hope this review helps deter someone from dealing with this headache.

Has both Pros and Cons, unorganized

Reviewed on 1/29/2014 Melanie E

In the end, everything turned out fine for my wedding day but my experience at Ida's added a lot of unnecessary stress. They do have a great selection and I loved my Victoria dress! Plus it was a great deal, my budget was around the $1,200 but you would have never know by the dress. I also found Ida's to have a very nice staff. Where Ida's falls short is organization and alterations. First my dress was ordered in the wrong color (white instead of ivory) so the store had to accept a rush shipment from the designer that was the right color, but a much bigger size. I WILL SAY, that they stopped doing alterations in-house, so the new alterations shop they use may eliminate the issue completely... but altering it down was the problem. Ida is extremely talented, however my dress just never fit quite right during my several fittings. While I was thankful for the dedication and attention to make it right, it was very inconvenient to go back to Ida's four times the week of my wedding for fittings, picking up my dress the day before. The dress ended up great for the day, but I hesitate to recommend them because I was not a bride that got ruffled by a lot of things, but my experience the week before made it hard to stay relaxed. We also got the bridesmaids gowns at Ida's which were ordered correctly and worked great (got a discount too since I bought my gown there). However, my sister-in-law had issues with their organization when ordering the flower girl dress (which they also offered a bundle discount). My vail, which was beautiful, was made by Ida. Overall, Ida's is great, the people and selection are nice, Ida is a wonderful lady, but I found the operation a little unorganized, which can turn into a huge problem quickly when weddings are involved...

Beautiful Dress

Reviewed on 12/31/2013 Megan J

My experience was good, but not the best. It was the first time going dress shopping and my appointment was with an 18 y/o girl. While she was very helpful and professional, I do feel like she was a bit inexperienced. I had to ask to be taken out to a big mirror in the show room. I did buy my dress off the rack and got it 50% off, because it was a few seasons old. To me that was worth it, because it was only around $520 for a Pro Novias gown.

Good Selection, but terrible service

Reviewed on 11/14/2013 Kelsey K

Where do I begin with Ida's Bridal... Ok, first, everyone was pretty nice there. However, there was little that they got right. There was a lot of selection at the store for brides, bridesmaids and mother of the brides. That was probably about the best thing. I got my bridal gown here, my mother got her dress here and my husband and the rest of the men in the party got tuxes here. I ordered my dress 8 MONTHS in advance from Ida's... it started off by arriving two weeks later than they told me originally. Then, my first dress fitting went just fine. I went back for my second "fitting" and almost nothing had been done(this was a month before the wedding). Ida pinned everything to be altered again during this fitting and I was scheduled for another fitting two weeks later. This fitting was cancelled by the store because the dress was not ready. I went the Monday before my wedding and the dress was still too big and Ida did not even take in the bust area which was the part that needed the most adjustment. I had to go back yet again for my final fitting two days before the wedding and the dress was WAY too tight around the waist. Ida would not let it out for me, although it was very uncomfortable. Luckily, the day of, I didn't have to use the top hook and eye and it was ok. However, the bust was still not taken in! Ida added cups inside the dress but they did absolutely nothing. I was almost exposed several times throughout the night even with use of double sided tape. On the wedding day, it was discovered an hour and a half before the ceremony that my veils were not in the bag with the dress as Ida had said they were. A bridesmaid called the store and they did not even want to put her on hold to check. They said they would call her back in a bit! Once the veil was found there, they did not even offer to bring it to the church, the maid's mom had to go get it! Ida also made my mother's dress extremely tight as well and she could not even breathe in it. Ida also refused to let it out. My mom was shafted on her appointments a couple of times, as well. Her dress had not been altered at all during one of her fittings, too. On to the tuxes-- it was very difficult to communicate with the tux specialist on the phone. We had to constantly repeat what we wanted on every call. When the tuxes got into the store, they were not even right. The vests were not the right pattern on some of them and all but one tux had to be totally re-ordered (the day before the wedding). I don't know how all of the measurements were SO off on everyone's pieces. Another problem was that the tuxes had to be returned by Monday morning at 10am after a Saturday wedding and the store is closed on Sundays...really? Last, one of the groomsmen paid for his tux at the store and his card was run 8 times which he later discovered that night that it was charged over $900 freezing his card's account. This whole experience was a mess and I am astonished that Ida's is still in business. We spent a great deal of money here and really regret it.

Gorgeous dresses, decent service

Reviewed on 11/05/2013 Kristen T

I chose a gorgeous (in my opinion!) San Patrick gown (from the Pronovias line), that had been discontinued for 2013 and was therefore 30% off! So that was a great deal. I did have them to quite a bit of alterations, all of which were done very well. However, I did have to wait quite awhile for some appointments as they would run behind schedule. And they also had to reschedule my final fitting which was frustrating because I had scheduled it on my day off of work and had to take extra time off due to their scheduling conflicts. Other than that, I loved my dress and wouldn't have changed the way it looked at all.

Great dress, not great service

Reviewed on 10/30/2013 Hannah L

I was able to find my perfect wedding dress at Ida's the first time I went to try on dresses. My experience went slightly downhill after that. I took my bridesmaids to find their dresses and each found one they liked. We weren't given any direction on when the dresses needed to be ordered which resulted in us having to get our dresses elsewhere 3 months before the wedding.

October 12, 2013 Wedding

Reviewed on 10/29/2013 Jessica D

Everyone was very helpful when looking for dress. Only tried on three and knew had the one. Got a Maggie Sottero gown at good price and came with free alterations! Ida is amazing at what she does. I did have one issue with picking up my dress but would still recommend them. My dress wasn't ready when was suppose to be Friday before my Saturday wedding. The dress wasn't steamed and when finally got done steaming wasn't done great do to rush and missed a hole that was suppose to be fixed. Was easy just pick up Saturday morning on way to church fix but know a lot of others wouldn't stay calm in that situation.

Very Happy with my Dress!

Reviewed on 8/19/2013 Emily M

Everything is really secondary to the fact that this is where I found my dream dress. You are going to spend a bit more here, but it's worth it. I really like the set up in the store, the little "viewing" areas make the bride feel like she's the center of attention. The only negative thing I have to comment on is the scheduling of fittings/alterations. We had 2 of 3 rescheduled and one of them was rescheduled on the day of. That made for disappointing experiences when you schedule them for when bridesmaids are in town to watch. Other than that, great shop!


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