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13801 N Pennsylvania Av, Oklahoma City, OK

amazing quality for 1/4 of the price of others

Reviewed on 7/02/2013 Jenna M

The store is relaxed, you get to go through the dresses to see which ones you like. They respect your price range. I loved my dress and wish I could wear it again!!!

Great Service

Reviewed on 5/08/2013 Sheila N

I loved the dress selection at the store and they were very well organzied. Every time I came in every girl was kinda, very helpful and polite. The seamstress they use is awesome and tried her best to help you and listen to what you wanted. There is a couple of things that she didn't do that she said she was but it wasn't a big deal. I didn't know this until the day of my wedding, so I wasn't able to say anything. I'm sure if I would have let her known she would have fixed it no problem. Overall I loved this shop and recommend it to every bride I know.


Reviewed on 4/15/2013 Samantha J

Dress was perfect and came the order came in so fast!!! The prices are reasonable and it's nice not to just have one store as an option in this area.

Fall 2012--Impression Bridal

Reviewed on 10/08/2012 Karie S

I ordered my dress in March for my Sept wedding and when I called to see if it came in, they said it had but the beading wasn't up to their standard so they sent it back. I was glad they didn't wait for me to notice & slow up the whole process even further. There was never any pressure from salespeople and the alterations were dead on. Steaming & dress bag are included in the price which is not the case with some dress stores.

Great Dress way too big

Reviewed on 8/05/2012 Shaniee S

The staff here was very friendly which was quite helpful. But they suggested that i order the dress larger than i needed to make sure it would fit my hips. Sounds like a good idea expect that my $180 dress costed $250 to alter to fit. (and still didn't very well) All of my bridesmaid dress were way too big as well and most of them paid to $60 to have their's altered.

Needed a petticoat

Reviewed on 7/10/2012 Crystal P

Started at Davids Bridal...and after waiting for about 30 minutes I decided that I didnt want to wait any long. There was a Impression Bridal right across the street. The staff was a great help...and I didnt have to wait!! And I was very please with the petticoat!

They had what they advertised!

Reviewed on 12/04/2011 Melissa I

We had a destination wedding; therefore, I was looking for the lighter destination dress. Most places I made reservations with would tell me they had what I was looking for, just to get me in the door in an attempt to sell me something I didn't want. I had previously made and attended appointments at dress shops. Each time, I was told they had destination dresses. Yet would end up looking at heavy overly priced dresses that wouldn't suit my needs. I kept thinking, have any of the ladies attended or been in their own beach wedding? These dresses are too heavy and I don't want the bother of dragging this thing on a plane! They would also try to put me in bridesmaid dresses that could be ordered in something 'close to white'. No thanks! So, frustrated and not satisfied, I continued to look for options online. I found a place based out of Houston, that advertised destination/beach style dresses. I called one I had several options that looked as though they could work. They informed me they had just opened a store in OKC. So I called to set up an appointment. I didn't have to book at timeslot, they just told me to come by. They had so many options that met my destination dress. And they were a reasonable cost. Realize I was considering leaving and/or trashing the dress. Anyway, they ladies working were beyond helpful and I found the perfect dress!

80+ Dresses later, they had The Dress!

Reviewed on 11/15/2011 Crystal R

Turns out, I was a picky bride when it came to my dress. I literally visited every bridal store in the OKC metro area and tried on at least 80 dresses. All of them were just "Meh". On my 3rd (yes, 3rd) visit to Impression, my mom pulled a dress off of the rack that when I put it on, I got that "This is IT" feeling. It was gorgeous, made me look beautiful AND best of all it was below my price point! I was thrilled.


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