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Reviewed on 1/09/2018 Katy F

The most BEAUTIFUL selection of dresses ever! I didn't have to worry about having the same dress as everyone else, and the quality was top notch.

Reviewed on 8/01/2017 Allison W

Mauna was so sweet and wonderful. She knew how to interact with everyone I brought with me as well and listen to their opinions. She was very helpful when picking out a wedding dress and helped me stay within my budget. If you're going ask for Mauna to style you!

Reviewed on 11/17/2016 Becca B

Absolutely loved my dress! They were very patient and gave great recommendations! Highly recommended!


Reviewed on 11/13/2014 Traci S

I had an amazing experience and LOVED working with Rebecca. She listened to my wants and needs and picked out exactly what I was looking for without finding on my own. The entire staff was great to work with. They were all so sweet. The alterations were a little pricey... Read More and I had to go back several times, but in the end it fit like a glove. I highly recommend!

So helpful!

Reviewed on 7/08/2014 Theresa H

I had shopped at several stores for my wedding dress. I was very indecisive, feeling all the dresses looked nice. At Jeanette's a found a huge selection of dresses both in style and price. The ladies were very helpful even to the point of helping me realize which dresses... Read More looked the best on me and which ones made me feel comfortable. I was finally able to choose a dress with their help. Ordering the dress was simple and the dress came in several months ahead of schedule. I later returned when looking for bridesmaids' dresses. Again, I found a great selection of dresses and colors. All my bridesmaids and I were able to order, pick up, and even have our dresses altered in the store at times convenient to each person's schedule.

Thanks Jeanette's!

Reviewed on 6/20/2014 Brittany H

I had an overall pretty good experience working with Jeanette's for both my wedding dress and my bridesmaids dresses. My consultant who helped me find my dress is no longer there, but I did work with Jennifer for my bridesmaids dresses and she was wonderful to work with as well.... Read More They have a very good selection of dresses and I was able to find mine after only going to one other salon before Jeanette's. As far as cost, my dress was very affordable for the quality and intricacy of the gown, but the alterations are where they get you (almost half the price of the dress). With that said, the seamstress, My, did all the alterations perfectly and no adjustments needed to be made after my initial fitting. For my bridesmaids dresses, the only issue I had was that they came in later than I was originally told and I had to keep checking in to see if they were in the store (they finally came in about a month before the wedding). Other than that, I would definitely recommend Jeanette's if you are looking for somewhere affordable, friendly and convenient without all the frills of a high-end boutique.

I love my dress!

Reviewed on 8/27/2013 Holly C

Jeanette's was the first bridal store I visited and the one I came back to the very next day to buy my lovely Marisa dress. The staff was super helpful, and actually found my perfect dress after I pulled a bunch myself. The dress came in within the time frame they gave, and it... Read More fit like a glove, no alterations needed! They also let my mother take as many pictures of dresses as she wanted, so that we could look over them during the decision making process, certainly not the norm for a bridal boutique! My dress was prefect and I never had any second thoughts!

Beautiful Dress at a Great Price

Reviewed on 7/02/2013 Jen b

I had a great experience at Jeanette's Bridal. Looking for dresses in the DC area, it's hard sometimes to find a nice dress at a decent price. I went to Jeanette's one day while they were having a sample sale, and found my dress that day. (Note: It was not part of the sample... Read More sale.) My dress cost a little over $800, but looked like a million dollars the day of my wedding. I also had my alterations done there, which was also a great experience. Although they typically only do alteration appointments on Tuesdays, the seamstress was very flexible and allowed me to come in on a Saturday because I lived a fair distance away and had some trouble getting there with rush hour traffic. She also ensured that my bridesmaids knew how to bustle my dress and handle all those types of details, so we were fine when the day of the wedding came. I would definitely recommend Jeanette's to anyone looking for a great wedding dress at a reasonable price.


Reviewed on 6/17/2013 Ashley R

This was the last place that I looked for my dress. I made an appointment, almost on a whim, to check this shop out. Boy, am I glad that I did! My dress is stunning, the staff were so wonderful, and while my dress was pretty expensive, it was worth every penny!

Terrible experience and time wasted!

Reviewed on 6/09/2013 Kristin N

I want to preface this entire review by stating I worked in retail management for 10 years (for high ticket stores) and I have NEVER in my life been more disgusted, frustrated or disrespected. I went back a total of 6 times and 300 miles driven I ended up with a dress that... Read More didn’t fit (as in falling off my chest). Upon picking up the dress, I learned I had not prepaid as I thought. Also, the dress was MASSIVE, as in falling off my body to my feet large (no weight had been lost between order and pick-up). I scheduled the first fitting as recommended by Echo (the seamstress). Fitting #1: I came in for the first fitting to find Echo was no longer with Jeanette’s and my dress was assigned to Khalla. I discussed the desire to NOT have to purchase undergarments (a bra- as the dress was boned, and I said I didn’t want to wear Spanx or any other kind of corset/slimmer). I was measured and pinned, thought I was in good hands and left. #2: I returned the next week to a dress that was 5 inches too small in the bust and wouldn’t zip. Despite the dress being intricately pinned prior to leaving the previous fitting – the dress was sewn incorrectly. #3: The dress was fixed in the bust but continued to fall down, the bustle was done incorrectly (was supposed to be bustled outside, was bustled inside) and the dress was about 2 inches too large in the waist. Measurements and pins were taken again. #4: Frustration doesn’t begin to explain how I felt. The dress was STILL not fitting correctly, sliding, shifting, and falling down. The Manager got involved and this is where things got fun… We argued a bit, she told me I needed a bra and Spanx; which I was told before I wouldn’t need. #5: Armed with Spanx and a bra, and the DRESS still not fitting… The manager stating that it’s MY FAULT for going in without a bra for the first fitting, thus resulting in a poor fit at this point. All I heard spewing from her condescending lips was how she was RIGHT and I was WRONG (again my arguing the bust was too low and the waist too loose). She did concede to refund the $200 for the poorly ordered size. On the other hand- THEY LOST MY BELT, which was in the dress bag. Before the end of the visit, they did offer a belt. However, the dress STILL DIDN’T fit (as I walked it sailed down to my nipples. With and without a bra- And I was still being told this is how the dress fit). #6: Arrived to the shop to find the dress steamed and all work completed… Including the inside seams finished (meaning they were finished trying to help whether I liked it or not). The Dress was STILL falling off. One more war of wits, tears from me, and $350 in payment in order to get the disaster out of the shop. I STILL DIDN’T HAVE A DRESS TO WEAR FOR MY WEDDING. I went to Leesburg bridal. She immediately said the dress was “sitting too low”. Within in 5 minutes of placing the wreck on my body the seasoned seamstress pulled the dress up, took two clips to the back and had 4 inches in the bust and 6 in the waist had pins in and a promise to fix the mystery seam that buckled… She asked me to return the next day. I did, and the dress FINALLY FIT (no buckle in the seam either - however, the bust was crooked and had to be fixed by cutting a piece of chiffon to finish the edge as the lining was showing and the seam was crooked as a result from the "pro’s" over at Jeanette’s). One more peaceful fitting and the dress was finished, after another $400!


Reviewed on 5/30/2013 Toni R

Worst customer service... went to see what styles I liked, and by the grace of God found the perfect dress for 50% off... my mother bought it before I left the podium... but the staff tool away from my "yes to the dress" moment, and I deeply regret giving that store my business.


Reviewed on 4/21/2013 christine a

Great selection friendly helpful staff!

Beautiful dress

Reviewed on 4/18/2013 Elizabeth R

I absolutely loved my experience with Jeanette's. the staff was very accommodating and the dresses were beautiful!

Blow to the self-esteem

Reviewed on 2/20/2013 Ashley C

Unless you want to be ridiculed for your size, I would not recommend this boutique. I am a thin girl, and the second we were in the fitting room the first comment out of my consultants mouth was "Are you considered anorexic?". Are you kidding me?! Rude beyond belief, and she... Read More didn't stop there, the comments kept on a-coming throughout the entire appointment. No one should make you feel uncomfortable about yourself, especially when you're trying on wedding dresses. Unfortunately, this was my first experience shopping for a wedding dress, and I was alone. Had my mother or wedding planner been with me she would not have been treated so nicely. This experience has really put a damper on my self-esteem and the rest of the wedding dress shopping process. I wish I had spoken up for myself at the time. I do not recommend this boutique to anyone.

Really Friendly Staff

Reviewed on 1/31/2013 Leslie B

I had the joy of planning a wedding while stationed overseas which meant finding a dress was less than easy, so I had one custom made for me. That was a disaster! Which left me little other option than to try to buy a dress the week of my wedding. I figured since I was... Read More getting married in the DC area and I am of average size it wouldn't be too difficult. After a few days of looking I was thinking a white sundress might be my wedding dress... Then on a whim I went through the phonebook and discovered a wedding dress store a few minutes from my hotel. I went over there 20 minutes before closing on a Sunday and figured I wouldn't get much help but they might let me look around. I walked in and the younger lady looked a little annoyed but the two older ladies in the shop (I wish I could remember their names!) took me under their wing and helped me try on probably 25 dresses. We did it quickly and efficiently (which is my style anyway). I found a couple maybe's and then I got to the last one, which the saleslady picked, and I knew it was it, well maybe, or maybe it was the other one. I asked if I could come back the next day with my MoH and she said yes and even set me up with an appointment with the in store alterations lady. I came back the next day the very nice ladies had picked out a couple more dresses for me and my MoH grabbed a couple more too. I tried them all on and then saved the sales lady's favorite from the day prior for last. I tried it on and we all knew it was the one! Immediately the awesome alterations lady swept in and took over (she was from Japan where I am stationed so I loved her too). My wedding was on Saturday so I was nervous about alterations. She said no problem, and had it done by Thursday (this was Monday!). All well within my budget. The ladies in this store really took care of me and one even came in for my final fitting even though it was her day off. My dress was great despite not being what I originally had in mind and I got to have the wedding dress shopping experience that I had always really wanted. The only reason I am not giving them 5 stars is because the contact us link on their website didn't work when I had tried before I headed to the states (which is why they weren't one of the first stores I went to).

Beautiful gowns!

Reviewed on 11/30/2012 Kristin M

Like many brides, I LOVED my dress! I was so lucky to find it early on. This shoppe was recommended to me by my friend who also bought her dress here. Mauna helped me find the perfect dress, however, I was not as impressed with some of the other people working there. The... Read More service at times when dealing with others was not as friendly or accommodating. I fell in love with my dress so I let the other things go. In addition to Mauna, our seamstress was INCREDIBLE! Aiko did a fantastic job and was a riot!


Reviewed on 10/31/2012 Elizabeth B

I was so happy with this place, the woman knew what looked good for me and helped me out so much! I wasn't planning on getting a big dress but she said try it on and see since I wasn't loving anything else, and as soon as I put it on I was in love! They were great!


Reviewed on 10/21/2012 Kimberly S

I bought my wedding dress from Jeanette's Bridal 6 months before my wedding. The dress was beautiful, and unlike any other dress I have ever seen before. They were wonderful in finding the right dress that fit me and my budget. Jeanette's ordered the dress to my measurements,... Read More and then the seamstress made the dress fit me perfectly, including bustling my train. Since we had a destination wedding, Jeanette's even mailed my dress to a dress shop near my wedding location. The customer service was wonderful and thorough. They knew how to find the right dress in my budget. The alteration prices were reasonable. I'd easily recommend Jeanette's for future brides.

Great Dresses and Friendly Service

Reviewed on 9/04/2012 Katie T

I had gone to a few other wedding dress places, and no one seemed to take the time that Jeanette's did with me. The staff was very nice, and they didn't get frustrated when I didn't like the first few dresses. They seemed to really enjoy working with me to find the right... Read More dress. When I came back in for my fitting, the lady who worked with me (I think her name was Moira) was there again and it was comforting to have her by my side when my mom couldn't be there. I really did have a nice time there and they made me feel very welcome and didn't rush me like other places did. I have recommended my friends to go there as well!


Reviewed on 8/24/2012 Crystal M

My dress turned out simply perfect. I originally got the wrong dress but they turned around and rushed me the correct dress. And to show that they had great customer service they even took care of the cost of my slip. My alterations were done in time for the wwedding and I... Read More really couldnt be happier. I looked as perfect as I had dreamed.

Great customer service.

Reviewed on 8/05/2012 Nancy K

The staff was more than friendly and Accommodating. I got my dress and all six bridesmaids dressed, plus two flower girls. I spent a lot on my dress and I know I spent it at the right place.

Gorgeous Dress

Reviewed on 8/01/2012 Jennie H

I had a great person working with me when I found my dress. She was so helpful and really encouraged me to try different styles. I am so glad she did because I picked something so different from what I thought I wanted. I wish she was there when my dress came in 3 months... Read More later. The person there didn't tie me in well and I was actually really sad when I got my dress because I didn't think I liked it....but in the end once I had it tied properly so it fit I loved it...I just wish the paid a little more attention when I picked it up.

Just becareful

Reviewed on 7/24/2012 April W

I purchased my wedding gown from here. Theirs prices were reasonable, but poor selection. My sales person was very patient and nice. However, the seamstress that takes your measurements, told me I need to purchase a plus-size dress (extra cost of coarse). When the dress came in,... Read More it literaly fell off of me! I couldnt get in for alterations, so I had to go elsewhere. After all the alterations were done, they had to take 5 1/2" off of my dress. So the money I saved going to Jeanettes, I spent in extra charges for plus size and then alterations to bring it back to the right size. Not sure that I would recommend them

Great Dress but problems with the alterations

Reviewed on 6/05/2012 Kim D

So I found the perfect dress at Jeanette's and everything went great. They tailored it to fit perfectly. Then I picked it up and it looked bustled, but no big, we could unbustle it. On my wedding day I put it on and we realized it was not bustled, they sewed up the train for... Read More some reason and NEVER mentioned it to me. I paid a LOT for the dress and was really mad that there were problems. We cut as much of the sewing as we could but if we cut the full train out it would have been too wrinkled from all the bunching.

Wedding Dress

Reviewed on 5/02/2012 bonita s

plenty of dresses to choose from and all price ranges to fit your budget