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European craftsmanship and unparalleled service are not things of the past here. First impressions count, especially in bridal fashion, and there are no second chances. Along with our expert design experience, we offer selections from some of the best known bridal designers.



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618 E Colorado St, Glendale, CA

the dress of my dreams

Reviewed on 4/13/2014 Rachel Ariel L

This staff is so enjoyable to be around! They are helpful and understanding and very accommodating! They really listen to the bride and what you want and what your opinions are! The consultant found me my dream dress and I am forever grateful! Their alterations are perfection as well. Such a great selection and great staff

Loved my dress

Reviewed on 8/29/2013 Ansley E

two weeks to get my dress in! Rosa is a fabulous woman. Gorgeous facility. Would recommend.

Diamond in the Rough

Reviewed on 8/04/2013 Heather

After going to 6 other stores and almost taking a break from the exhausting process, my mom and I went here on a whim on a Sunday afternoon. They were friendly and accommodating on the last minute visit and hallelujah the last dress (7th store) I found the dress. It was perfect and exactly what I wanted: slim A with lace and beading. Since Karoza is a Maggie Sottero preferred seller, they were able to order me the gown as it was getting ready to be discontinued. And funny it was one of the first dresses I liked on the MS website but didn't find at any other store in LA, the valley, pasadena, etc. The staff is really knowledgeable about gowns and are interested in finding the one that fits YOU! They don't try to oversell a particular dress, and really work with your budget. Their selection is huge and sometimes even less expensive than other retailers for the same dress. All the sample gowns are in bags to help preserve their wear and tear. Although I can understand some reviews on yelp about a language barrier, this is family run operation and they really try to make you happy and treat each customer fairly. I also got my alterations done here. Not much, shortened the length, added the bustle, and changed the neckline to a sweetheart. They also even remembered me with only a few visits for alterations. Although I probably did spend more here on alterations than if I went elsewhere, with a bridal gown, I didn't want to chance anything and they do this all the time. They also have a dress preservation service which I will need to do soon. Ultimately, I highly recommend a visit to Karoza. It's a diamond in the rough store in Glendale and with their vast selection you can't go wrong.

Good quality....terrible service

Reviewed on 1/13/2015 Ashley Z

I chose this store because they were authorized sellers of a particular wedding dress brand that I loved. The salesperson that helped me was really quiet and not too helpful. After awhile, she finally got a feel for what I liked and ended finding a dress that I loved. The store itself isn't really big enough to have a huge group. They have your family wait in the cramped hallway and shuffle them in when you've changed into a new dress. My dress shopping wasn't a fabulous experience but it wasn't exactly terrible. The terrible part came later. When I ordered my dress I was told it would arrive in September and they would call me to confirm that in a week. A month later, there was no call so I called them. My ship date had moved to October. When I checked on it, I was brushed off saying that it was just a ship date and the dress could arrive at the store in November. A week later, I got a call that it had arrived and the had me make an appointment to pick it up. When I arrived my dress couldn't be found. Eventually it did, still in the wrapping from the manufacturer. Why have me make an appointment and not have it ready when I arrive? While trying it on to make sure it was right, I asked if I could get an estimate for alterations. I was told that they only give estimates if I choose to use them first. What?! Finally after bugging them they sent a seamstress who made me turn full circle then told me it could run from $100-$600 for alterations. She barely asked me any questions so I said thanks and that I'd shop around. It gets worse. They had my dress but my veil which I ordered the same day still hadn't arrived. So they said they would check on it and call me. No call. By mid-November, it still hadn't arrived and my wedding was 2 weeks away! After I called and complained because I needed it for my final dress fitting and hair trial, they offered me their sample until mine arrived. When I went to pick it up, they said I could have it for the weekend but needed to return it on Monday. My hair trial was Monday afternoon! So I returned it afterward and surprisingly my veil showed up right before I got back to there shop. I grabbed it and left. Overall, the quality of my dress and veil were outstanding and their prices are not bad, but their service needs a lot of improvements.

Gorgeous Dress

Reviewed on 9/09/2014 Emily V

I searched for dresses and boutiques for a short time, as I didn't have much time to plan and order a dress. I looked at reviews and went to Karoza. They were quick to get me in and my salesperson was very nice. She listened to what I wanted and allowed me to be involved in picking things out. I wouldn't say the service was amazing, but it was pleasant and they even shared photos of their personal weddings to help me understand how it would all come together. Price wise I think it was the same as most places in LA. It's always more expensive here. I wish I had not listened to Rosa and gotten the smaller size dress as I did lose a lot of weight and needed a lot of alterations that cost a lot of money. I should've gone with my gut and gotten a smaller dress. In the end my dress was still too big, but they did make it work. Overall it was a great experience but not above and beyond.

left a bitter taste

Reviewed on 10/23/2013 Danni S

I purchased my wedding dress, 6 bridesmaid dresses, and both mother's dresses from this store. ALl of that combined created a pretty penny of profit for Karoza. The day of my wedding when all of my bridesmaids got to my hotel room and hung up their dresses there was one of a different color. Upon receipt of the shipment of dresses how did they not notice one was blatantly different than the rest of the lot. Furious, I called the owner the morning of my wedding. Se proceeded to tell me "Daaaaaaahling, vhat do you vant me to do for you?There is noting to do... you come to me vhen you are back from honeymoon." So I did pay her a visit. I brought in the tag of the wrong color dress with attatched removable straps to dress and a shawl from one of the correct colored dresses. She proceeded to tell me " Daaaaahling, this is no big deal" Vhy you so upset?" UH BECASUE YOU MADE A HUGE MISTAKE THAT 1 SHOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED AND 2 SHOULD HAVE BEEN CORRECTED BEFORE THE DAY OF THE WEDDING! MY PICTURES LOOK ODD!! and its not something that can be fixed!! when I explaned this to her she proceeded to tell me that it is "No Big Deal" and "not her problem" and asked me "why didn't you see this before?" at that point I lost it. F you.... it IS a BIG deal.... it is not only YOUR PROBLEM but also YOUR FAULT and I didn't catch it because I didn't pick up the dresses the bridesmaids did! YOU were the only one able to compare the colors among dresses. HOw would the bridesmaids or I catch this with nothing to compare it to and why should they expect to pick up anything other than what they ordered. Oh, and they wanted to charge me $900 for alterations.... I took my dress elsewhere and it was only $300. Do yourself a favor and skip over this place when you go shopping

Great selection!

Reviewed on 9/28/2013 Erika S

From the outside it doesn't look that great but you have a pleasant surprise when you see all the different styles they carry. They truly have a wide selection from which any bride can find what they want. The service is hit or miss thankfully most of the women I dealt with were nice and helpful. I saw the same dress at two other boutiques and it was 200-300 more expensive. This place had the best price for a high quality dress. I had no problems with my order and they did alterations at the boutique. It was great! I loved my dress.

Gem in Glendale

Reviewed on 5/23/2013 Mari Z

By the time I found Karoza, I had been to nearly every bridal shop from Burbank to Anaheim and back. All of the stores had beautiful dresses, but not a single one was close to what I was looking for, so I decided to try the bridal store down the street from me. The shop is in a small shopping complex in Glendale, so I didn't have high hopes, but I was running out of options, so I bravely walked inside. Once inside, I could see that this shop was almost double the size of all of the bridal stores I had been in! They had the dresses divided by style, so it was easy to run through and find the dresses I liked. They also had the largest and most well appointed dressing rooms out of any of the bridal stores I had been to, which was great, my mother or sister could finally fit in the room with me! They assigned me a personal assistant who was bubbly, fun and very helpful. When I brought the dresses I wanted to try on into the dressing room, they immediately brought in a petticoat. At first I tried to tell them I didn't need it, I hadn't been offered one anywhere else, but then they explained that it would make the dress lighter and easier to walk in, Wow! Really? Why had no one else told me this? And they were right! I had picked out some big heavy princess dresses and instantly the dress felt lighter and very easy to walk in. I bought my dress on my very first trip to Karoza, I just knew I had found my perfect dress and perfect dress shop. They ordered the dress, kept me updated on it's arrival, planned my fittings for me, and even held the dress in their storage area so I wouldn't have to risk my groom seeing it or the cats getting to it. They altered this huge dress to fit me like a glove, rented me the petticoat, and steamed and cleaned the dress for me. They have a ton of jewelry and bridesmaid and mother of the bride dresses too. It's a family business and it felt good to be a part of their family for this important part of my wedding. I love Karoza and would highly recommend them to every lady looking for a fantastic wedding dress at a reasonable price!

Wedding Dress

Reviewed on 11/15/2012 Veronica B

I was so excited that they had my dress that I wanted. I found this beautiful Christina Wu dress and Karoza had it thank goodness!! The staff was very professional and nice to me. The only negative thing I have to say is that they recommended 2 sizes too big and the alterations for just the top of the dress was $350 :( The alterations lady even said "this dress is way too big? Did you order this size?" The alterations lady did an amazing job at the bridal shop. The top of my dress was all beading so I was very happy with the end product! I was absolutely in love with my dress and I received several compliments on my dress. Everyone said it fit like a glove.

Big shop and good prices

Reviewed on 11/15/2012 K A

Karoza has dresses... it's a big shop yet the service is attentive. You can also get a 10-15% discount if you pay cash. They are open 7 days a week and close at 7pm during the week. Even when I got there just at 7pm, they would keep the shop open for all clients. (Roza, the owner is usually there). For alternations, this is little tricky. I think you can get a better price elsewhere. So as soon as you have ordered your dress, start looking around and comparing alteration prices. I paid way too much because I wasn't prepared. Final advice, I suggest you give them a wedding date that's 2-3 weeks BEFORE your actual date... this will give you some flexibility (and less stress for you) if the dress is delayed or if the alternation is delayed.

Great Selection!

Reviewed on 8/27/2012 Caroline C

I was looking for a particular dress from a particular company so I was actually referred to Karoza Bridal by another bridal shop. Karoza had the dress I was looking for along with a large variety of other dresses to sway my mind. I ended up purchasing the original dress I wanted but the store is huge and they have a large selection of bridesmaid dresses too. The staff was friendly and helpful. Just one note of conflict is the pricing for a bussel was a bit outrageous.

Very affordable

Reviewed on 8/15/2012 Leah S

I made an appointment at Karoza with my parents and a budget of $1000. I told her I wanted lace and either an A-line or mermaid. She began pulling dresses right away and I immediately fell in love with a lace, beaded A-line dress. The price off the racks was $400 and it didn't need any alterations! The staff was fantastic and were always available when I called. I would definitely recommend this bridal shop.

Super Experience!

Reviewed on 7/05/2012 elizabeth d

The staff was great and went the extra mile to make sure I tried on many dresses. And with that said, I found the perfect dress. Thanks

Beautiful Dresses

Reviewed on 6/12/2012 Caryn S

I did a lot of research while looking for my dress & everytime I searched "find this dress", Karoza bridal had it. So I devided to go. It is i8n the heart of Glendale so the shop is primarily Armenians, but the dresses were beautiful. The alterations were over priced, but everything else was great!


Reviewed on 1/25/2012 Sophia A

I walked in with 2 photos from random websites and they had both! They gave me everything I wanted with a fabulous price! I LOVE YOU KAROZA!!!

Beautiful dress

Reviewed on 10/24/2011 Christine C

I fell in and out of love with my dress, but in the end, it was a match-made in heaven. They have a good selection of dresses that are reasonably priced. I had alterations there and she did a good job. I also added crystal detailing to the dress, which added a nice touch. Overall, they were good but sometimes a little poor in customer service.

beautiful dresses.....

Reviewed on 10/05/2011 robin t

i found my dress here during a trunk show and got an amazing deal. this is a family owned store and they are all really friendly. i felt really uncomfortable during my visits due to the fact the primary language spoken was armenian. the owner was super sweet though.

Large Selection & Good Prices

Reviewed on 6/22/2011 Kathleen D

Karoza Designs is not a fancy shop - no champagne while you're trying on dresses, no grand storefront in Beverly Hills. But that's not what I was looking for. What I was looking for was a shop with a huge selection of dresses; a store that is well-kept and clean; a store with helpful & knowledgeable people working in it who can give me real advice when I need it. I found all of those things at Karoza. They have a huge selection of dresses, all in good condition (some stores I went to the sample dresses were stained or beads were falling off). Not here! The dressing rooms were spacious - four of my bridesmaids and I all comfortably fit inside with room to spare. They matched the price of another store for the dress I wanted, and did all the alterations in-house for a very reasonable price. They will even rent you a petticoat if you like so you don't have to spend another $100 buying one. Overall, if you're looking for a place that's clean, has helpful sales associates and a large selection, I would recommend coming here.

Tons of options... HORRIBLE service

Reviewed on 6/08/2011 Shannon R

Upon arriving at this shop I thought "wow they have a lot of options this is going to be great". The consultant looked at me and coldly asked "do you know what you are looking for?". I proceeded to flip through several options out of bridal magazines showing her what I liked. She just kept saying "I don't have that, I don't have that, I used to have that but not anymore"...I politely said "it doesn't have to be this exact brand but do you have anything similar?"...her response: "no." okaaay. "Could you bring me a few options and I will just try?" So she brings me 3 to try on and when I do I realize they are all mermaid cut (or whatever the official term is) I asked her for a few more specifics and told her I really didn't like that mermaid style. She walked out without saying anything and comes back with 2 more mermaid ones. Finally I asked if I could go look myself and she just shrugs and walks away. This was terrible, horrible customer service. I left with zero desire of returning or ever suggesting this place to a friend.

very rude, DONT go!

Reviewed on 6/02/2011 Danica D

I was very appalled with Karoza, Horrible customer service. Actually none. The selection was minimal and limited to out dated ball gowns at ridiculous prices! Actually i went to another salon and seen an exact same dress for about $300 less. Waste of time

Lots of Dresses to Choose From

Reviewed on 5/21/2011 Kristin L

Karoza Designs has lots of dresses to choose from so it's pretty easy to find something. I found three dresses I really liked. The lady helping me the first time we went there was very good at figuring out what style I liked and finding more dresses like it. She found the one I ended up going with. And it was only $1,200 which was great. It was a stunning dress. The service after the first visit was so so. Whenever I called about my dress, they always seemed to be confused about who I was and my dress arrived a couple weeks late, which freaked me out a bit. I was also called with them mistaking me as someone else and saying that I was supposed to have come in already and paid for the remaining balance of my dress. This was a day after I had spoken with someone who said my dress wouldn't be in for a week. I did get the lady unconfused and she apologized. The alterations were pretty good, but the bust was still too big and the padding put inside didn't totally work properly so I had to wear additional padding to make my boobs fit into the bust. It turned out fine - my dress was beautiful and I got tons of compliments, but it wasn't the best service experience.

Nice Dresses but Horrible Owners

Reviewed on 12/10/2010 Albina M

I liked their selection of dresses but would never recommend them to anybody because of Roza, she is HORRIBLE at managing her own business. P.S. Do not use your debit/credit card at their store, not even a week after I used my card at their store I had fraud on my account( It was our wedding account and I didn't use that card anywhere else except that store)

Perfect experience

Reviewed on 11/29/2010 Samia T

Great help finding the dress, gave me an awesome discount, arrived on time, looked more beautiful than their sample, tailoring went perfectly... whole experience PERFECT!!!

Amazing Selection

Reviewed on 11/05/2010 Diana S

MY dress was purchased here after only having to try on 3 dresses in the store. I got so many compliments on my dress and everyone could tell i didn't buy a "david's Bridal" dress.

So many dresses!!!

Reviewed on 10/14/2010 Jennifer P

Karoza was my one-stop shop for my bridal gown experience. I came here upon a friend's suggestion. They found the dress that met the specifications I wanted and found the dress that looked good on me! I found my dress with the second dress I tried on and definitely had the "this is the one" moment! They helped us in fixing out bridesmaids dresses however the bridesmaids dress selection seemed less stunning to me. Only thing is that they do rush a little bit, I wish they let us browse a little more and shop, but I was rushed and did not want to delay, and understandably this could end up with a bride who will never make up her mind. The alterations are another matter. They were very nice to accomodate us on a very busy night, but the alterations staff was rude, and they completely did my bustle differently from what we had planned during my fitting and it looked like napkin folded to look like a 3 point curtain... horrible. I did not have the time nor the patience to ask them to fix it so my mom and I jimmied the bustle to make it into a one-point bustle as originally planned and this worked fine for the wedding night. They pushed the timing of our alterations to only allow for one fitting which was ridiculous. This caused much more stress and grief than needed, and was probably because they ran out of time that they decided to do some retarded alteration on my dress which was completely wrong but seems to me they were trying to make things easier for themselves and skip steps to avoid more complicated alterations. All in all, go here for your dress, there are many many beautiful dresses that are reasonably priced. Find a trusted alterations/seamstress expert who you love and who loves you and go with them instead. The alterations there were horrible and this brings down the rating.


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