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Since 1983 Katherine’s Bridal Boutique has been helping brides find their dream gown. We are a full-service bridal salon offering top designer gowns, skilled seamstresses and knowledgeable staff. We will make finding your gown a joyful experience!



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3104 Duke St, Alexandria, VA

Wedding Dress Shopping

Reviewed on 5/30/2014 Deb H

Had a fantastic experience at Katherine's! Katherine and her assistants were able to look at my shape and pull some spectacular gowns for me to try. Within a short amount of time I was debating between two different "keepers!" The quality of both gowns were beyond expectations and the prices right. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone who is looking for variety, quality, and good customer service. Debra H.

A Joy to Work With

Reviewed on 3/10/2014 Loretta D

I planned to spend the weekend wedding dress shopping and made appointments at three different shops. Am I glad Katherine's was my first stop! Azam worked with me, and she was so nice and FANTASTIC at what she does. I walked in with a vague idea of what I wanted and told Azam. She asked me a few questions and then said "I have your dress." She was right! It fit me perfectly and was exactly what I wanted without me really knowing what I wanted. She brought out two other dresses for me to try, just to make sure. I'd also had my eye on one dress in particular, which she brought over for me to try on too. Nothing compared to the first one she picked out. From the time my appointment started, I was done in 25 min and walking out with a wedding dress. Everyone at Katherine's was so nice to my mom and me and made our shopping experience incredibly fun! I cancelled the rest of my dress appointments and spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with my mom!


Reviewed on 2/11/2014 ashley a

I had the best experience ever at Katherine's. Azam was fantastic. I showed her some photos of what I was interested in and she knew exactly what to pull. I tried on about 4 dresses there and they were all fantastic. Great service, great prices, great experience overall. This was the second shop I visited and i ended up purchasing my dream dress from here. I'm glad i overlooked the reviews and went there myself. Every consultant there was nothing but friendly and patient. They were very helpful. When I went back for the second time the same day Azam stopped what she was doing to pull the dress out for me again. I say bypass the reviews and go there yourself, because I'M TELLING YOU - BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!

The Perfect Boutique

Reviewed on 3/10/2015 Katie A

Katherine & Kathleen made my wedding dress shopping experience perfect! They helped me find the perfect dress and my family, friends, and I had a great time with them! Great boutique, great dress selection, and great people!

Wonderful Experience

Reviewed on 1/28/2015 Amanda B

Believe me when I say that Katherine's Bridal is a safe place to go to either find your dream wedding gown or have perfect alterations done. I am so surprised to see any negative reviews of this little shop, and can only tell you that I think the selection of gowns is incredible (especially if you like the vintage look), and that the staff is amazing!! I think the negative feedback may be from run ins with Katherine, the owner, but the staff itself is fantastic. You'll be greeted by friendly faces, and women who really know how to look at your figure and find the right dress, and then give you perfect alterations no matter how many visits it takes to get right. I would recommend them to all my closest friends ( and have!), and absolutely loved my experience.

Horrendous Customer Service

Reviewed on 10/18/2014

DO NOT go to Katherine's Bridal Boutique of Old Town! Worst customer service experience in my life! To those who wish to continue reading my story, it’s lovely; otherwise refer to my last sentence for the summary. I went to pick a bridesmaid dress for my only brother/sister-in-law's wedding, found one I liked in a size 8. A little tight in the hips, but I could have gotten away with it - I would've been Pippa Middleton status walking down the aisle. Thinking I should probably order a size 10 though, the bridal boutique convinced me that I should order a size 12. I was told I would get a call in about three months when the dress came in. Four months later I got a call - a month after one of the other bridesmaids received a call (how only one could arrive of the group of dresses that were all ordered at the same time, I have no idea, but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on this one). I went in to pick up the dress only to discover that they ordered the wrong style. The boutique initially tried to convince me that I ordered that dress saying, “Katherine has been in the business for 25 years, she never makes mistakes.” As they went to check my order form, I found the sample dress I had tried on and showed them the tag which said “Tulip-49” after I had repeatedly said that was the name of the dress. Upon peaking over their notes to look at the order form, the word “Tulip-49” was written in multiple locations, clearly indicating that was the dress I wanted and ordered. The representatives then tried to backpedal, saying this could be fixed. They never took ownership for their mistake. When I asked if the other bridesmaids had been called, they assured me that yes, they were called yesterday. In a disdainful voice they informed me that normally they “call the bride and she disseminates the information.” Next they claimed they called my sister-in-law and all the bridesmaids. None of this was accurate. No one was called except myself. Checking with bride, ladies, and MOB, I found that none of them received calls or messages indicating the dresses arrived. The shop told me the correct dress would arrive by the end of September, or at the latest, the first weekend in October. The dress didn’t arrive till the second weekend in October, a mere 3 weeks before the wedding. For support I brought the MOB with me. When asked how they were going to compensate me, they said they would do free alterations. After speaking with several representatives (another long story) I was given an estimate between $65-120 for alterations. Preferring to take the dress to my own seamstress, I asked for that amount as a discount on the dress. They said no, that was their deal because they “cannot account for human error.” The only discount they finally gave me was $20 off the $275 dress (for my fellow mathematically challenged friends, that’s not even 10%). Upon bringing the dress to my seamstress, she said the sizing was a disaster and that it was much too large, and going to be extremely difficult to get the bodice to fit properly - I would've been better getting the size 8 or at the largest a 10. Thanks a lot, Katherine’s Boutique, for creating a disaster of an experience for my bridesmaids dress that now will not fit correctly nor look how it’s supposed to; for which you made me over-pay, never apologized, and will forever taint my memory of my only brother and sister-in-law’s wedding day.

Bridesmaid Dress

Reviewed on 9/03/2014

I went to Katherine's Bridal to buy an all white bridesmaid dress that I needed to have special ordered since the collection has not yet been released. This meant I couldn't try it on or even see it before ordering it. I got to try on a dress that is very similar before getting measured and placing an order. They made the process so simple and stress free. I will definitely be buying from them again!

Good place to go

Reviewed on 8/11/2014 Jeana L

When I first got there, it was packed with people. No one was available to help me. However, when it started to die down, Azam came over to help me. She let my sister-in-law and my mom pick the dresses. I fell in love with the second dress, but she let me try on other dresses just to make sure I got what I wanted. Since the dress fit perfectly, Azam arranged it so that I got to take the dress home with me at a big discount. She asked me what my price range was and matched it. I love the dress and I loved my experience there. Much better than another place that I went to

Awful service

Reviewed on 7/30/2014 Allison B

I went with my friend who lives locally. She had seen that they had a bunch of designers and dresses she was interested in trying on so we went. Such a disappointment. I had to bite my tongue from not telling the consultant she was doing an awful job. There was another bride in the store that was getting great service so it was clear to see what this consultant should be doing . Ours did not ask any details about the wedding or location ( other consultant knew all about that brides day). Ours brought in 1 dress for my friend to try on and then let her put it on her self. The consultant had to get a new dress each time versus looking at dresses in dress section with my friend and bringing in a bunch ( like other consultant). In all my friend tried on 3 dresses when there were a ton in the shop that she would have liked to try on had the consultant showed her. The other bride tried on a dress that was really nice and something different than my friend had seen and when we asked about it all she said was it was a designer that makes solely for that shop. So I had to prompt her to tell us if there are other sizes she could try on and what are some other dresses by this designer. She also tried for force my friend purchase a dress she clearly said she didn't want. The consultants name was Shanna. Also a shame because the owner was in the shop as well and if I owned that shop I would have been mortified at how terrible my employee was and how rude she was to a bride that could have potentially spent $2000 there. If you should to request someone than Shanna. They do have a nice selection minus the atrocious customer service.

Great wedding dress experience!

Reviewed on 7/15/2014 Abbey G

Overall, I was very happy with my experience at Katherine's Bridal. The women who helped me(primarily Kathleen and Ana)were very patient and flexible. At the beginning, I was a little uncertain about the dress I had chosen and they let me try it on about 100 times. I would definitely recommend this wedding shop.

Loved my dress!

Reviewed on 6/11/2014 Julie B

I really loved the dress I purchased at Katherine's. I originally went to the store because they carry Watters dresses, and there was one in particular I was interested in. The sales associate, Azam, was so sweet and helpful. I ended up purchasing a different Watters dress that she recommended, with a beautiful sash and veil. I couldn't be happier with the dress! However, we had some issues with alterations. I live in California, so I had to plan out my appointments in advance. They kept procrastinating on making any alterations until the last moment. Also, we wanted the sash to be made into a cummerbund so that I could wear it again in the future. The seamstress recommend having the sash angled in the back to mimic the dress. We agreed, but when we went to pick up the dress and sash (two days after the final fitting, and only 3 days before the wedding), the sash had not been angled as discussed! They fixed it while we waited, although we ended up waiting an hour for the change to be made! It was infuriating, because we had discussed this alteration two days previously and did not have the luxury of time. The finished product was okay, but certainly not as polished as I would have liked. I would definitely recommend Katherine's for their selection, but perhaps take the dress somewhere else for alterations.

Do Not Spend Money Here

Reviewed on 4/13/2014 Jesse R

I would not recommend this boutique to anyone. We made an appointment here because they were one of the few stores in the area that carried a particular dress style and designer we found online, but I'd give anything to have spent money elsewhere. We weren't greeted when we went in, despite having an appointment, but we figured it was just typical DC area snobbery. I was taken to a back room full of bridesmaids dresses to try on the dress I wanted, we were not allowed to take any photos, and the woman left me and my mother to decide on the dress ourselves without telling us anything about the style or the fit or other dresses. I decided I wanted to buy it, so I was finally allowed to take photos and was measured for the dress. The owner herself took my measurements and told me they would order a size up to fit my bust and take in the waist. The dress gets shipped out to the midwest where I'm at school and it's not only too short but the bust comes nowhere near fitting me. I call Katherine's and speak to Katherine herself about the poor fit and she tells me there's nothing she can do without my measurements so I send measurements and send photos, and not only did I lose weight (the dress should have been even more likely to fit) but the seamstress out here tells me that by taking it in at the waist and trying to cover the bust the dress will become even shorter (I asked for floor length). Katherine said there was nothing she could do after repeated phone calls, wouldn't take the dress back, and told me my body shape was responsible for the problem!! My mother and I were appalled. For the amount we spent on that dress, to have it arrive so ill-fitting that it's impossible to alter and have the owner herself criticize my body and refuse to take back a dress she should never have ordered was completely unacceptable. The fit of the gown was something professionals at a nice boutique should have been able to manage. I had to purchase a different dress, alone, out here at school, off the floor of a boutque in order to have a dress in time for my May wedding at all! Any good owner of a boutique should have known their dresses well enough to fit me for one-- I'm a size 0/2 with a D cup bust and I purchase perfectly well fitting clothing every day, it's not difficult. The dress I purchased at a much lower profile boutique out here had no trouble fitting me perfectly for a beautiful gown at half the price. Katherine is rude, runs a business not worth the prices it holds out, and doesn't know her merchandise. Buy elsewhere and get treated the way you deserve to be, it's your big day and a snotty and unskilled vendor shouldn't have the opportunity to ruin your experience.

Great Shop

Reviewed on 1/30/2014 Megan G

While I found my dress at a salon in a different city, I ordered it and did all my alterations through Katherine's. We worked with Kathleen, who is just the most fun, sweet, wonderful person to work with in creating your look for your big day! I went without a veil, but Kathleen helped me select the perfect headpiece to match my dress. We also worked with her to select my mothers dress for the wedding, as well as my bridesmaids' dresses. All turned out beautifully and Kathleen was just the best person to work with!

Very professional and helpful on a short timeline

Reviewed on 9/28/2013 Tricia M

Katherine's was the second dress shop I tried, and my mom and I were there for less than an hour. I appreciated their efficient help and their feedback on each dress I tried. My wedding was only five months away when I bought the dress, but they got it in about a month before the wedding and completed two fittings with minor alterations in plenty of time.


Reviewed on 6/30/2013 Hannah K

I made an appointment at Katherine's Bridal with high expectations given all the rave reviews on this site. Boy was I disappointed. The service was frankly not great and one of the ladies was downright rude. I specified that i wanted a strapless or illusion mermaid gown (not rocket science) and the attendant was only able to find me one gown in that style. I tried it on and it was beautiful but too heavy. When I explained to her that I liked it but couldn't move, she was openly disappointed and wasn't able to find anything else similar. To make matters worse, all the dresses were so tightly packed on the racks that when my sister and I went to look through their stock dress we couldn't even see what they had. This alone wouldn't cause me to write a bad review since my attendant was very nice. But I while I was trying on a dress, the other woman working in the store said in a very snooty tone "uhh my bride wants that dress" while I was wearing it and proceeded to tell me to take it off. I completely understand that another bride would want to try on the same dress but the message was so poorly delivered that I wanted to leave right then and there. In sum, I've had much better experiences at other bridal stores in the area and would suggest looking elsewhere before making an appointment at Katherine's. I would especially suggest this if you are the type of bride who likes to look through the racks to see what a store has since that was impossible at Katherine's.

A Special Boutique

Reviewed on 5/10/2013 Megan I

I found my gown at Katherine's Bridal Boutique three years before I was even engaged. My mother was dying from ovarian cancer when I had the idea to get my dress before it was too late. Every mother and daughter should have this experience together and I knew my mother deserved to have this precious moment with me before she passed away. My friend called Katherine's and explained the sensitive situation. They were more than willing to be part of this moment and worked their tails off to find the perfect dress. My consultant actually found the dress I wore on my big day! It had everything I asked and was more than I could have ever have dreamed of wearing on my wedding day! I am so thankful for her expertise and knowledge of the inventory. After picking out my dress, I went on a second date with my now husband! :) He knew my plans all along and was so supportive of my decision. After I found my dress, I made an appointment for my mother to come see me in it. Katherine's gave us the back room for privacy and jazzed me up so my mother could see her daughter as a bride. I stepped out of their dressing room only to catch my mother's eyes gazing at me in awe and pride. We were able to take pictures and spend an exceptional amount of time together enjoying this moment. I never wanted it to end because I knew it would never happen again. Katherine's staff was right there with us and also shared in the emotional moment. My mother died 3 weeks after we bought the dress but her heart was whole and at peace after spending time seeing me as a bride. I can't thank Katherine's Bridal Boutique enough for their patience, sensitivity, and support. These pictures are beyond special to me and will forever be grateful for them for allowing us to spend this time together.

Great Dress Shop

Reviewed on 4/27/2013 Rebecca A

I went to Katherine's because they carried a particular designer I was interested in. The shop is small and I wished the parking lot was bigger; but the service and staff make up for it. They were the best around price wise. I was also able to negotiate my alterations, but make sure you get that in writing! My dress arrived fast and we were able to get alterations done quickly. I wasn't disappointed.

Katherine's Bridal Boutique - AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!

Reviewed on 12/31/2012 Lynn K

I bought my wedding dress from Katherine's Bridal, and Katherine and her staff made the entire experience absolutely wonderful! I went dress shopping by myself, as my family does not live nearby, but the women at Katherine's were quick to fill in as family members, as they all stood around and "oo'ed and ah'ed" at each dress I tried on. I went in with a pretty good idea as to what I wanted, and the assistants went right to work, pulling out the dresses I was describing - they did not try to get me to try on anything other than what I described, which was fabulous. They were also patient as I took my time trying to make my final decision. After I purchased my dress, I returned to Katherine's to buy my bridesmaid dresses, and again, Katherine and her staff were extremely helpful and catered to our every need. One of my bridesmaids became pregnant after we ordered her dress, but no issue was too big for Katherine's staff - they ensured we took the best route to get a dress that fit for my bridesmaid, with no hesitation at all. Katherine and her staff are professional, extremely flexible, great listeners, and they really care about their brides! I highly recommend Katherine's Bridal to all!


Reviewed on 11/17/2012 Emily W

This shop had the most beautiful dress I'd seen and they were able to make my dreams come true to wear it on my wedding day! Love them!

Perfect Dress!

Reviewed on 10/23/2012 Heather B

My dress was perfect! It was the third dress I tried on in the store. The women there know what they are doing and will help you find your perfect gown! We even went back purchased all the bridesmaid dresses here. The people are wonderful and though a little expensive it's worth it. One of my bridesmaids bought her wedding dress here when she went in for her bridesmaid dress final fitting! Only complaint is when they do get busy it is hard to keep their attention. There are times you feel a little abandonded, but it is made up for in the dresses!

great selection

Reviewed on 10/21/2012 Lindsay S

Katherine's is where I bought my gown as well as all my bridesmaid dresses. They had a great selection of dresses that were very unique, although the atmosphere was a little crowded and hectic at time, but the ladies were always helpful and pleasant.

My Wedding Gown was just Gorgeous!

Reviewed on 10/03/2012 Veronica G

I had an excellent experience with Katherine and her staff. They helped me to find a beautiful dress that was within my budget and that made me feel fabulous and looked like a Princess on my wedding day. A good thing about this boutique is that even if it's packed, they always have the time for you. Katherine is very flexible with prices and payments and her staff make sure to space out appointments and flexibility with each Bride. They want the brides to have a great and positive shopping experience.

Sweet little shop

Reviewed on 8/07/2012 Micah S

Bought my dress here. It was priced a bit more than the suggested retail price, but it was a hard to find dress and I was short on time.

Love my dress!

Reviewed on 8/01/2012 Lorena M

What can I say, I absolutely love my dress!! I received a great service every time I went, and the alterations were awesome! I am petite, and they had no problem making all the changes! I ended up buying my veil, head piece and dress from Katherine’s!!

Made Me a Marvelous Model

Reviewed on 7/18/2012 Shantrell B

In the beginning I was skeptical about the service I was (or lack of) receiving. Once Shoshanna helped me find the perfect gown...I was sold! I have yet to see the gown I wore for my day in any catalog and almost everyone said that the dress was gorgeous! It fit perfectly and the only alterations were the hem and busle. I even ordered my blusher/veil from Katherine's. I felt stunning and that's exactly what I wanted to feel on my wedding day!


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