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Everything was great!

Reviewed on 11/02/2011 Lakesha J

Hey Brideys! I used Loveflowers last month for mine and DeShawn's wedding and they was really great. Everything looked perfect. We used silk flowers for everything but my bouquet. Our colors was lavender, mint green and chocolate. My bouquet was lavender roses, chocolate lilies... Read More and mint eucaliptus. We had a small wedding with just 2 bridemaids. The party was at a friend's party house. The centerpieces were silk orchids, cala lillies, and lavender roses and chocolate ribbons. In the middle was a long tube vase with lavender color water and a chocolate candle floating in it. We hIad lavender roses on our cake with chocolate icing. Everything was so pretty. My cousin Roshonda reccomended them cause they did her wedding too and it was beautiful too. Thank you.

They saved us after another florist lost our order

Reviewed on 10/30/2011 Cora C

Hi brides! Just a note to tell everyone that Love Flowers totally saved my wedding day! Seriously! Here's what happened...I had a different florist, paid for, all that, but that person lost our order. Thank God I called a few days before to check on stuff or I never would have... Read More known! Enter Love Flowers. I called my mom, crying, and between the two of us, we must have called 20 florists. This was on WEDNESDAY before the wedding, 3 days! When I called Love Flowers, which was the last place I called, I was crying my eyes out. The lady on the phone turned out to be the owner Cindy. She told me to breathe and calm down because she couldn't understand anything I was saying. That made me laugh! I asked her if she could do my wedding THIS Saturday and she made me laugh again by saying, "Well at least you're not waiting til the last minute!" I explained the situation and she told me she had two other weddings that day. Then she surprised me by asking what my color scheme was. I told her pink and red. Then she asked what all I needed. I told her we needed 4 bouquets including mine, 4 corsages, 7 boutonnieres, pew bows, a unity candle arrangement, and 12 centerpieces. She asked how I felt about silk flowers and I told her I thought they were okay, but I don't want one for my bouquet. SHe put me on hold for about 5 minutes, came back and said that they could do my wedding IF the centerpieces could be silk and she could use her discretion as to the bouquets, using what she already had available. She said it was too late to special order anything. I immediately went over there and we wrote everything up quickly. She told me I should go to the other florist and demand my money back and pay her with that money. I did, but the other florist refused to refund my money on the spot. Cindy accepted a money order for the full amount and said everything would be ready on Saturday. To my surprise, everything was gorgeous and beautiful. I cried when I saw everything. I really did! My bouquet was red and pink roses with crystals and silver spirals. Beautiful. The bridesmaids all had pink roses and white carnations with pink edges. The corsages and boutonnieres were perfect. The pew bows were red and pink sparkly bows with leaves woven into them. The centerpieces were all silk day lilies, orchids and callalilies in pink, white and red. Very pretty. Nothing looked last minute. I don't know how they put everything together and so coordinated, but they did. Everything came to a little over eleven hundred dollars, which was less than the other florist. When I finally got my money back from the other florist, I hand-delivered the difference to Cindy to say thank you. That was about three hundred dollars. They saved my wedding day and it turned out much nicer than the other florist probably could have done. Thank goodness for good people.

WEDDING PLANNER SAYS: This is the BEST Columbus fl

Reviewed on 10/29/2011 Daphne R

I AM A WEDDING PLANNER, so I know who's who of central Ohio's wedding professionals. I know who are the great florists, the bad florists and the mediocre florists (and caterers, DJs, photographers, bakers, etc.). When it came time to plan my OWN wedding, I already had my... Read More "preferred" list of vendors. For my florist, I would only chose LoveFlowers-Flor del Amor. I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH ABOUT LOVEFLOWERS. They do the coolest, most original designs I've ever seen. Their prices are reasonable. The owner is accessible. She gives brides her PERSONAL cell phone two weeks before the wedding. She even texts photos of things as they are made. How cool is that! They double-check everything. I've worked with them on probably 100 weddings over the years and I have NEVER EVER heard a single complaint. This is the ONLY florist I can say this about and trust me, I've worked with them ALL. I had a HUGE wedding and reception at the Columbus Athenaeum. The flowers were fresh to the point of looking artificial! NO FLAWS! They MAKE the ringbearer pillows from scratch. Their flowers just don't wilt. They smell amazing. I found out that unlike other florists, they order their flowers directly from organic growers, so there is no down time in a warehouse. The owner picks up the flowers from the airport shipments herself. I just can't stress enough how very very different this florist does everything. Everything is detailed in an itemized proposal and contract, right down to the number of each flower in each bouquet and centerpiece. And yes, I COUNTED THEM and they were all there! Okay, I didn't count every single flower, just in my own bouquet. Plan on a very long consultation. It will be the longest of all of your wedding professionals. Every detail will be planned out. Also worth noting, I found out that the owner has a background in painting and sculpture, has won several awards including an international award for the best wedding florist in the Americas (North and South America). That seems significant to me. Yet they are very down-to-earth, easy to talk to and will take all the time you need as though you are the only bride in the world. The best according to THIS wedding planner and bride. The owner's name is Cynthia Ubaldo.

Biker chicks like flowers too.

Reviewed on 10/29/2011 Derrick L

My wife and I got married last Memorial weekend. We are not a traditional couple. We are motorcycle "enthusiasts". Bikers you could call us. My lady wanted a fancy wedding but we compromised and this florist did a great job. She had lots of those big red daisies. And our party... Read More was a barbecue cookout. Laid back with picnic tables. The florist made these cool-looking flowers for the tables in mason jars. More big red daisies, regular daisies and some purple fuzzy things. Sorry, I don't know much about flowers. My wife Marilyn told me to write something nice, so I am. It was all real pretty and stayed in our biker moteef. I wish she would write this stuff. Oh well, she promised me a steak if I did some stuff on her chore list! Thanks for reading. Derrick L.


Reviewed on 10/27/2011 Carmen M

SPECTACULAR!!! Not much more to say. I had a huge outdoor wedding with 14 bridesmaids and 400 guests. 50 centerpieces. Everything was pink roses and yellow lilies. The girls wore mint green dresses. We were married at Buckeye Lake. Love Flowers does incredible work. Very clever... Read More arrangements unlike anything I've come across. We paid about $5500 which sounds like a lot, but compared to the other quotes we got, this was a better value and I couldn't have been happier.

Latin flavor

Reviewed on 10/27/2011 Ericka G

I just joined the knot so I could write a review for Cynthia. Lol. She did my wedding flowers. They were great. We are from the Dominican Republic and wanted some Latino flowers. Nothing against American style, but Latin flower styles are more exciting and vibrant. More original... Read More too. Flor Del Amor did my friend's wedding and it was great so I got the number from her. We met with the owner Cynthia and it was nice to be able to explain stuff in both English and Spanish. She's bilingual. We had yellow and red roses, orange calla lilies and purple orchids. Very colorful! We became such good friends that we even invited her to the wedding and reception. She's a great salsa dancer by the way too. Lol. Thanks Flor Del Amor, Love Flowers for everything. I promise to email you some photos.

Perfect and Pretty

Reviewed on 10/27/2011 Natalie S

Cynthia and LoveFlowers did my wedding and reception flowers last month. Everything was simple perfect. We rented super tall vases that made our centerpieces about 7 feet tall. Nice! The wedding was small we had four people on each side. So we had big bouquets for everyone. The... Read More reception was only 14 tables so we decided to splurge like crazy. They did this thing with orchids under water with lights inside the vases, then big gladolas and hidrangies and lilies on top that looked like a big umbrella. They put little lights in that too. I definitely recommend them We spent just over $2300 and worth every penny.

"Our Gorgeous Commitment Ceremony"

Reviewed on 4/17/2011 Mike S

Hello Knotties! My partner Rick and I had our commitment ceremony two weeks ago on April 2, 2011, at a friend's beautiful home in Dublin (thanks Matty!). Loveflowers was our florist. We had contacted a few other florists who REFUSED us because we are GAY and they won't do... Read More Commitment Ceremonies! Can you imagine in 2011? When I called Loveflowers, out of frustration with other florists, I immediately told them - "We are gay, do you have a problem with that?" She just started laughing and said, "Good heavens no, we've already done serveral commitment ceremories. So when are you getting married?" I knew right then, we had found our florist. Everything was, to use a stereotypical word...FABULOUS! We were married in our friend's spacious home. The entrance was decorated in big red rose balls suspended from the ceiling. The banister had spiralled ivy and red roses. There were 2 large rose bouquets on either side of the "alter". Our boutonnieres, our mom's corsages, everything was beautiful and unique. We didn't want standard boring red rose bouquets for the ceremony, so they made these spiralling bouquets that mimicked the staircase. Ingenious! At the reception, held downtown, all the tables were decorated with enormous tubes of water with lights inside, candles on top and laminated photos of Rick and I inside. A large rose wreath was around each tube. I don't have a clue how they did that. I've never seen anything like it. I highly recommend Loveflowers for your wedding or commitment ceremony. They do amazing and unique designs. And the price was great too. Thanks for reading!

Uniquely Beautiful!

Reviewed on 4/16/2011 Kelli B

My April 2011 wedding was anything but traditional. I carefully selected vendors that would be open to my unique style & flair. I was a little late finding a florist I liked, and luckily I came across LoveFlowers at a local bridal show booth. I was especially impressed... Read More with how full, colorful and authentic the silk bouquets looked. Several days later I contacted the florist and she said "I've been waiting to hear from you." I really appreciated that quality of commitment. We arranged a meeting and had an absolutely fabulous time talking and exchanging ideas! The florist stayed in regular contact with me as well as the venue in the days leading up to the wedding. The wedding & ceremony flowers were beautiful and beyond my expectations. LoveFlowers provided me with a customized & affordable wedding & ceremony package that made my special day totally beautiful! If you're looking for something beyond the ordinary, I highly recommend this florist!

Hands down, the BEST florist in Columbus. Period!

Reviewed on 4/13/2011 Melissa M

Hello fellow brides! I know you're planning away right now and hoping to find the best vendors out there. Well, if you're still looking for a florist, and you must be if you are reading this, then bookmark this page and stop looking! Loveflowers is the best of the best of the... Read More best. Cynthia is a Master Florist and does the most amazing things with flowers! First she will meet with you and get to know you and your family, your fiance, your likes and dislikes, hobbies, allergies, etc. You won't feel rushed; in fact, this was by far the most detailed consultation I had! She will ask if you have a budget and will try to stay within it and still try to give you your dream wedding flowers. Then she gives you the most detailed proposal. It has everything on it, itemized right down to every flower. Now granted, the first proposal will have everything you guys talked about in it, and it will probably be over your budget. But as Cynthia told us, this is the first draft and it can be changed. Ours took three tries to get it perfect, by maximizing key flowers and cutting back where it wasn't important. For instance, we originally wanted pomanders on every pew. That's very expensive! We switched to every other pew. Once it's agreed upon, you sign a contract and pay a deposit. Since our wedding was a year away when we signed the contract, they let us put only 1/3 down and make monthly payments. That was a budget-saver since we were paying for everything ourselves. They let us make changes up to a week before the wedding. I had lost a bridesmaid who was hurt in a car accident. Also We added two centerpieces three days before the wedding!! The day of the wedding, Cynthia was there at the church before anybody, decorating it and WOW! Unreal! It was more incredible than I had imagined. I have been to a lot of weddings and you couldn't smell the flowers in the church. With Loveflowers, their flowers were incredibly fresh and intense. We opened the doors and pow! Roses and lilies. Everyone noticed that and loved it, even our Pastor. Then she brought us our flowers to hold or wear. She pinned all the boutonnieres on the guys and showed all 7 of my bridesmaids how to carry their flowers down the aisle (fingers interlaced, and the bouquet at the navel). Everything was labeled with names and in boxes. Very neat and organized again. When we got to the reception, OMG! I couldn't believe my eyes! The centerpieces were very tall "pillar vases" with curly willow, crystals, hydrangies, and calla lilies. The crystals were suspended from the willow branches and even swooped down below. Some of the callas appeared to float (I don't know how she did that!). The centerpieces were easily SIX FEET TALL from the table to the top of the tallest willows. People actually gasped!! How cool is that!! And everyone was taking pictures of these wild centerpieces. I had never seen anything like them, not even in a magazine or online! Oh yeah, almost forgot. Cynthia gave me a silk keepsake corsage with a little bit of everything in it, right down to a piece of willow branch and a tiny crystal. She said that was to remember all the little details in one tiny place. Nice! I have it in a glass box on my dresser. Our budget was $3,000. We had 8 bouquets, 20 boutoneers, 4 kids, 5 corsages, 16 pomanders, sand ceremony, 2 standing arrangements and 18 centerpieces. Total price: $3,015. Choose the best, Loveflowers.

2011-04-13T13:25:03 Response from the vendor

Hey Missy, Wow girl, thanks for the great review today. I guess I'll be waiting for my sainthood letter to come in the mail any day now. Haha! Seriously though, It was so wonderful to work with you and your family. I told you from... Read Less Read More

Beautiful Garden Wedding Flowers

Reviewed on 3/19/2011 Khrysten S

If you're reading this, it's because you're looking for a wedding florist. Well STOP! YOU JUST FOUND THE BEST!! Love flowers did my wedding flowers and they were beautiful. We had an outdoor garden wedding on my grandparent's property and everything was so pretty thanks to... Read More love flowers. I especially liked the archway. It was covered in daisies and potted ivy and twinkly lights. The ceremony started at sunset. There were candles hanging in lanterns to light the path thru the garden. As we walked back up the path, everyone threw rose petals in our path. It was surreal. At the reception, we wanted something alive and re-usable. Love flowers suggested using potted colorful daisies. They put 8 small potted plants in a spirally circle from top to bottom. They were surrounded by river rocks. The flowers doubled as favors! We wanted a very earthy feel to our wedding and everything had to be certified organic. Cynthia, the owner, went out of her way to assure us everything was certified organic. I was so happy with the way everything turned out. We are sort of hippies I guess. I loved working with Cynthia because she was so laid back and reassured me every step of the way. She even stopped by my house after we got back from our honeymoon and gave us a flower box filled with the leftover potted daisies. I hope they live forever! It was so nice of her. I can even call her my friend now.

2011-04-13T13:35:02 Response from the vendor

Hi Khrysten, Your wedding was one of the most significant for me, honestly. It really made me stop and take note of the problems with pesticides and chemical fertilizers. We have always strived to buy organic flowers and plants, but your commitment to this really... Read Less Read More


Reviewed on 3/06/2011 Guadalupe R

Muchisimas gracias a Flor Del Amor! Mi boda fue un evento extraordinario en parte gracias a uds. Apenas me case en el 5 de febrero . La decision fue muy facil porque Flor Del Amor habia hecho los arreglos de flores para mi quinceanera hace 4 anos. Es maravilloso tener una... Read More floreria latina aqui! Era un placer a planear mi boda y fiesta con la confianza que todo va a salir exitoso. La patrona Cintia es muy simpatica y nos ayudo demaciado. Solo teniamos 800 dolares en nuestro presupuesto para gastar en las flores pero con mucha imaginacion todo salio economico, hermoso y pues perfecto! Me gustaria recomendar FLor Del Amor a todas las novias Latinas en Colombus. Quinceaneras tambien! Atte. La nueva Sra. Guadalupe Ramirez de Santiago

2011-04-13T13:15:18 Response from the vendor

Hola Lupita, Muchisimas gracias por tus hermosas palabras. Fue un gran placer para servirte y tu maravillosa familia. Y gracias tambien por las tres referencias. Agradezco tu confianza en mi para que nos recomiendes a tus amigas y familia para sus bodas y quinceaneras. Cuidate... Read Less Read More

terrific flowers

Reviewed on 3/06/2011 deborah g

Love Flowers did my wedding last year (07-03-10). Their work is wonderful. I want to thank Erika for going above and beyond for us. My mom and I are sadly clueless about flowers, and Erika brought photo samples to our consultation and it became a simple 'point and choose' to... Read More build our package of green and gold flowers. The first proposal seemed a little high, but after a few changes, we got everything we wanted at only $20 over our $1500 budget. I was very happy with everything.

Thank you for a perfect wedding

Reviewed on 2/25/2011 Teri L

I hardly ever write reviews, but wanted to tell prospective brides to go to Loveflowers, Flor del Amor. I got married in December 2010. We only had a month and a half to plan everything. Loveflowers gave us lots of free advice and resources of creative people. They made all the... Read More decisions easy for me by walking through everything like a road map. We were able to pick and choose based on our budget which was tiny. We chose lots of rentals and silks to save money. We splurged only on my bouquet, since it would be in all the pictures (their advice). Everything was easy, fun, very different. They are so helpful. My husband Carlos and his half of the wedding party didn't speak much English, so things were labeled in Spanish. That was nice too. Bottom line is simply that they give you UNBELIEVABLE SERVICE, great prices, gorgeous arrangements, you name it. My wedding was excellent. Carlos says GRACIAS too! Sincerely, Mrs.Teri Loren Perez

Fairytales really come true

Reviewed on 2/22/2011 Roshonda J

Loveflowers is the best. My new husband and I JUST got married on January 8, 2011. We came to Loveflowers by accident. I overheard a consultation on the OSU campus last Spring where we were both grad students. I interrupted them and asked for a biz card. I thought it was nice... Read More how the owner actually came and spent two whole hours with us! We had one other florist appt, but they only spent 20 minutes, didn't ask anything about us and it seemed wrong. Loveflowers was wonderful because Cinthia asks lots of questions--how we met, where we like to go, what music we like, lots of stuff to get an idea of who we are, not just a wedding, but the people in the wedding. Our personalities. And the reflected in our flowers. I told her what I wanted and got 1000% more! I actually cried when I saw my bouquet; it was so beautiful and different. Our colors were red, purple and pink. The arrangements had an artistic flow to them. The colors really blended well. We chose real flowers for us and our attendants, and silk flowers for the church and reception centerpieces. I didn't know silks could look real, but these did. Real. They felt real too. I will definitely give a shout to Loveflowers when anyone I know plans a wedding. They are so talented. Artists. Not just florists. Roshonda Jackson-Williams

2011-04-13T13:42:30 Response from the vendor

Hey Ro! Thanks for your wonderful review. It was my pleasure and I appreciate your kind words, even if you did misspell my name. Just playing. Thanks also for referring your cousin LaTonya. Check out our Facebook page, and you'll see a couple pix... Read Less Read More

Beautiful and Elegant

Reviewed on 2/21/2011 Cynthia C

We had a huge Catholic wedding for my daughter in November 2010. She is our only daughter (we have 5 sons) and our baby, soooo...we decided to give her anything she wanted. There were 15 attendants on each side and the guest list topped out at a little over 650. We met... Read More with the florist once we booked the hall and they met us at the cathedral, then went with us to the venue. We got everything we wanted and the quote came in at $800 less than the next closest florist bid. Honestly, I was a little leary of that because 3 other florists priced us at over $9000 (one was $11,350!). We got everything we wanted for $8300 and some free surprises (a corsage and a bottle of champagne waiting in the limo for them at the end of the night with a Thank You note from love flowers--classy). My niece is getting married next year in Newark and they decided to use our florist because my daughter's wedding was so spectacular. And they got a discount for our referral. I would reccommend Love Flowers on the basis of value, service, personality, artistic designs, originality, beauty, and quality of work and flowers. Elegance and beautiful designs at the highest level. Thank you.

Awesome! Awesome!! AWESOME!!!

Reviewed on 2/21/2011 Marisol H

Hi. My name is Marisol. I was married 3 years ago in Worthington and Love Flowers did all my flowers. I have recommended them to several friends of mine who were getting married and EVERYBODY booked them as their florist! Their work is so cool! It's not all that generic... Read More stuff you see everywhere else. AND THEY WORK IN YOUR BUDGET! We only had about $1200 to play with for the wedding, reception, church, bouquets, all that. They stayed within that with some creative ideas like renting impressive vases and using a few big flowers, instead of a bunch of little ones. I mean, it was more than just that of course. The owner gave me her PERSONAL cell phone and didn't get upset when I called at 1am in the morning a week before my wedding to add a flowergirl basket. I worked mostly with the owner Cynthia, because she is bilingual. My mom is from Cuba and her English is a little bad, so it was nice that she could talk to Miss Cynthia about the flowers in Spanish too. I like that they sit down with you and plan out every last detail. My wedding was AWESOME! The flowers were so viberant and the colors perfect. A few key flowers were actually hand-painted to match and I DIDN"T get charged extra either. We had mostly cala lilies, roses and orquids. My colors were chocolate, lime green and ivory. I saw a picture of my 3 flowergirls on the their page. Cool. I have since recommended them to several friends and family that were getting married too. And everyone booked them. My best friend Jennifer is getting married in a month.. I can't wait to see her flowers. All hydrangies and roses in fuschia and burgundy. If you are looking for a wedding florist, go to LOVE FLOWERS (aka Flor del Amor). They are better, less expensive, fresher, awesome service, fun to work with (thanks for the margaritas!), stay in your budget, you name it. Awesome! Thanks Cynthia, Erika and the whole Love Flowers staff for making my wedding the envy of all my friends! You guys rock!!