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25 Spectrum Pointe Dr, Lake Forest, CA

So much fun, truly knew what he was doing!

Reviewed on 10/10/2013 Sheryl S

Jason at LSM was an amazing DJ, and extreamly helpful when it came to picking out songs. I would shoot him and email or give him a call and he had answers for me! He was so much fun to work with and all the guests said how wonderful he did!

Missing Tasos

Reviewed on 12/26/2012 Amber H

Our wedding coordinator raved about Tasos as a DJ and his lighting abilities. We met with several DJs and we clicked with Tasos right away. He gave us a great package deal and we truly liked his personality better than any of the other DJs that we met with. He also knows Rancho... Read More Las Lomas well, which is apparently tricky to work at because of the electrical limitations. Sadly, Tasos was diagnosed with leukemia just a few weeks before our wedding and we had to have a replacement DJ, which we understood. Tasos' employee Jason, stepped up and did a good job coordinating details with us trying hard to make the best of a hard situation. We went over our music preferences with him, he spoke to Tasos about the lighting, and he met with us and the new DJ (Jesse) in the few weeks before the event. Although Tasos wouldn't be there, Jason said he would be there as Jesse's assistant, and we felt comfortable after coordinating with Jason for the past few weeks. Just prior to the event, Jason was booked as a DJ at a different event so Jesse came with a different assistant. I think Jesse did an average job. He was not bad, but he did not stand out as excellent either. We thought it would be easier for us to not give a lot of details on what kind of music we wanted, since we weren't that picky. We had spoken with Jesse at one meeting about particular genres that we liked and didn't like, and gave a few suggestions, but I don't think there was enough guidance for him. We had only talked with him for ~20 min once. There is a lot that you learn about people from phone conversations and negotiating, a lot of little chit chat that we didn't have with Jesse that we did have with Tasos and Jason. I was disappointed when Jesse played a lot of very old songs when we had asked for Top 40 and popular things. I had also requested that a few New Kids on the Block songs be played since my friends and I were big fans in our teen years, and he didn't play any. He came up to me about 11:15PM and asked what those songs were that I wanted, but by then, I was kind of irritated with the song choices that he was playing (Salt and Peppa) and the crowd that was left that late into the night was not my girlfriends that would have appreciated the New Kids, so I told him to forget it. He also didn't play the type of New Orleans style jazz music during dinner, oh well... Anyway, I kick myself for not providing more input on the form about what music to play and what music not to play. If I had put more effort in on that step, that would have given Jesse more guidance. Jesse is probably fine if you work with him from the beginning. He seemed nice but he just didn't know us.