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Mountain Home, AR

Capacity: 251-300 PHONE

Amenities + Details

  • Handicap Accessible

  • Liability Insurance

  • On-Site Accommodations

  • Indoor

  • Outdoor - Not Covered

  • Reception Area

For more details about amenities, please message the Venue.

Price Range

$$$ – Moderate

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Ballroom, Waterfront, Historic Venue

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Contact Info

987 Teal Point Road, Mountain Home, AR (870) 492-5393

My sister's big day left us all wanting

Reviewed on 6/20/2013 katelyn D

This venue is hands down gorgeous. The moment we pulled up we were all in awe. It overlooks the lake, the bridal room is gorgeous, and the landscaping is tasteful. The first problem that I foresaw was parking. The venue may have a capacity of 300, but good luck finding parking... Read More for everyone. It is on the end of a County Road and there is pretty much only street parking available. My sister had no more than 75 people attend her wedding and parking was difficult for several guests. Not a huge complaint from attendees, just a comment that everyone seemed to have. The biggest problem of the day was that as the bride (my sister) and the rest of us in the bridal party started to get ready we were told that we could not put on any makeup in the room which we had been given to dress and prep in. The bride was frustrated and angry. We weren't given an immediate alternative so I went to find the Venue owner (her employees were the one who told us we couldn't put on makeup). I spoke with her calmly telling her that my profession is a wardrobe supervisor for theatre so I could assure her that there would be no mess. She claimed that in the contract it states that no makeup could be put on in that room. I asked for a copy of said contract, which she said she did not have on hand. I later looked over the one my sister had and it did not state that anywhere. When I asked where we could apply makeup she said "outside". It was over 90 degrees outside. I told her that it was unacceptable for my sister to pay as much as she has to apply makeup outside in the heat. The employees stepped in and offered to turn on A/C in the guest house and have us apply makeup there. The owner reluctantly agreed. The whole ordeal left a very bad taste in my sisters mouth and frankly everyone who heard about it. It was just one more thing that the bride had to worry about. The final problem of the night was that there was only one bathroom available for all guests to use. One. The bathroom and room that we had gotten ready in was the owners bedroom and we were kicked out by 8. This could be very very problematic for larger weddings. Overall, we had fun and got some amazingly beautiful photos. However, I feel that every bride should know any of the problems before hand.I highly recommend getting a wedding planner to deal with clean-up and set up. The three young women who are employed will do their best to help, but they can only do so much so quickly. This venue basically just gives you a scenic spot with few amenities for the money.

not worth it

Reviewed on 6/10/2013 Tawnie B

I don't know where to begin, so I guess I will start with the positives. The place is pretty, & I am sure that the pictures are going to be 1st class. 2nd, the 2 girls who showed up while we were setting up (Planned 2 Perfection) were a great help. These 2 things were the only... Read More things that made the day bearable. Now the negatives 1st, are the absolutely ridiculous restrictions on what you can do. She really talks up the bridal suite, but you will need a place to get your bridal party ready, because she doesn't let you use hairspray in the room. It makes it impossible to get a group of girls ready in the room, & there isn't another place out of guests' view to get your hair done. Have a banner you want hung? Good luck finding an approved way to hang it. No tape, no push pins, etc. We were told we couldn't have red wine, because if it spilled there is a chance we might stain the concrete. But as of our 1st meeting, the pros still outweighed the cons. Our 2nd meeting was less than 2 months before the wedding, when we went up to finalize plans with vendors. If we hadn't already ordered invitations, we may have changed venues after this meeting. At our 1st meeting, Cynthia told us that the venue included 2 girls (P2P) who came & helped set everything up & helped throughout the ceremony. She also told us that the wedding the day before ours was over in the early afternoon, so we could rehearse the night before. At our 1st meeting, she told us she only did one wedding a day, so we couldn’t have the date we wanted, so we accepted the following day. At the 2nd meeting she informed us that she booked a 2nd wedding on the night before ours so we couldn't have our rehearsal the night before. We were upset, but said that was okay that we could just rehearse while the girls were setting up in the morning. Then she informed us that they wouldn't be coming. I really pushed, & she agreed to get them to come, but told us that we would need to pay them. Fast forward to the day of the wedding: The place was still very messy from the night before. There was trash everywhere. When we got there at 6:45 to rehearse, the maid was just coming down to clean up, which is unacceptable for an eleven o'clock ceremony start time. We ended up having to really eat into our getting ready time to clean & set up. The girls did show up & when they were apologetic & a huge help. Cynthia never came to offer her congratulations or greet us. I took a break from the reception to go pick up our things out of the bridal room & consolidate the little bits of trash into one bag. She followed behind me and, 2 hours before our scheduled time was up, came out & rudely asked if was planning on leaving that trash & told me I forgot a baby shoe, which she proceeded to drop from the 2nd floor balcony onto the ground below. I found this ridiculous since, at this point, the venue was much cleaner than it is when we got there. She shows a lot of contempt for her customers. She made a groomsmen move a car that was parked in front of the house, then realized it was the local caterer's car & apologized to the caterer, saying if she had known it was hers it could have stayed there. It was very cramped for our 55 guests because it sprinkled, 150 plus would NOT have fit like she claims. I say all this, to make it clear, the place is pretty & it may be worth it to you. But be sure that you get EVERYTHING in writing. Do not take her at her word

We had a perfect day

Reviewed on 11/29/2012 Laura Ashley T

This place is beautiful!! My advice is to get a planner who will set up and clean up. We didn't have to do anything but get ready show up get married and enjoy the day! We could not have asked for a more perfect day!


Reviewed on 6/02/2012 Kayla W

Lydia's made my outdoor wedding a fairytale! Everybody loved it and couldn't get over how beautiful the venue was. I would highly recommend it! Makes for awesome pictures too!

Ceremony and Reception

Reviewed on 7/26/2011 Kaylyn B

Everyone said this was the most gorgeous venue that they have ever seen, and I have to agree. For the money, we got a lot of extras such as chairs, tables, and linens. It was the most gorgeous place to have a wedding and Cynthia Johnson was a dream to work with.