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Marcia Selden Catering and Event Planning

Is any celebration more precious, or personal, than your wedding reception? Intimate and exclusive or large and effusive, this is a day to honor whims and wishes. Whatever your vision... refined black-tie or backyard Bar-B-Q... we will create and orchestrate the reception of your dreams.



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65 Research Drive, Stamford, CT

The raves are still coming in!

Reviewed on 9/30/2013 Cassandra V

We could not have been more thrilled with Marcia Selden's catering... The wedding was a month ago but our guests are STILL writing in to rave about how delicious and beautiful all the food was! Everything was delicious - and everyone at Marcia Selden was a joy to work with.

Simply, the best.

Reviewed on 8/26/2013 kimmery s

I can not say enough good things about the whole Marcia Selden crew, especially Jennifer who helped make our wedding day everything that I could have ever wanted. Everyone had an amazing time, and had nothing but good things to say. Our chef friend even commented on their amazing Parmesan truffle fries, and said that is the true judge of a good chef. From the staff who were truly detail oriented to the gorgeous food, the day was everything I could have wanted.

A spectacular day

Reviewed on 8/26/2013 Jen M

Jennifer and Jeffrey created a spectacular and flawless day for us. It's hard to believe they were able to pull it off given our busy schedules. The food that Robin made was amazing, and the staff were courteous and professional. I appreciated their patience in dealing with my husbands and my scheduling issues, they were always flexible in scheduling our meetings. We can absolutely recommend them for your wedding or any party.

The definition of perfection.

Reviewed on 10/24/2014

Everything about our daughter's wedding was superb, the amazing staff were the very definition of perfection! I continue to get phone calls raving about the food and the service! Robin and Jennifer were at the top of their game, and we felt truly blessed and grateful for them, and everyone who helped make it the best wedding we've ever been to!

Marvelous Staff

Reviewed on 8/12/2014

I have to say that Marcia Selden Caterers was at the top of their game for our daughter's wedding. Just about everything their organization touched was perfect. We had a marvelous staff led by always on-top-of things Shelly, but the team that night was exceptionally hard working, personable, and totally service -oriented. The food was terrific. The menu drew raves for being healthy and delicious. The presentation was pretty impressive, and the food I had was terrific. Big winner for me was the swordfish skewers. The hors d'oeuvres were as usual excellent, and my other favorite was the manchego cheese and quince. A winner! Bottom line, I have to say this was perhaps the best Marcia Selden catered party we've ever had, and as you know, we've had a few. Kudos to their organization.

Awesome from start to finish!

Reviewed on 8/12/2014

I wanted to thank Marcia Selden Catering and all of their staff for everything they did to help make Christopher & Kellian's wedding a huge success. Everything was awesome from start to finish (or from the truffle fries to the Twinkies, if you prefer...). The food was absolutely delicious, the staff amazing (especially Jennifer, Stacy and Wayne!), their help and guidance invaluable, and the entire evening just flowed so smoothly. The consideration they showed to the kids was very much appreciated. Marcia should be very proud of her kids Jeff and Robin. They are the consummate professionals, and I was so comfortable knowing that Chris and Kellian were in their hands. I can't thank them enough for everything they did.

Great staff and food!

Reviewed on 7/22/2014

What a perfect evening! Everything was delicious and went together so well. The Marcia Selden staff were fantastic-such great people. Everyone especially loved their candy boxes, what a hit! I can't thank them enough for making our wedding so seamless.

Fabulous Food and Service

Reviewed on 7/16/2014

As the lucky recipient of their fabulous food and service, I had to share and thank Marcia Selden Catering for making my son and daughter-in-laws wedding one to remember. The hors d'oeuvres were delicious, one more enticing than another, and so copious. The dinner and dessert were also incredible, ooh, that dessert! I can't forget to mention the always gracious and expert service, made the whole experience a complete joy! I wish there was a grade about A+ to give them.

Beyond Perfection from Beginning to End

Reviewed on 7/14/2014

OMG! The wedding was beyond perfection from beginning to end! The planning was great, the crew was fantastic, and the food splendid. There was not one thing I would do differently if I had to do it over again. Everyone had great praise for their food, the menu and the style in which they served and presented everything. I don't know why anyone would consider using another caterer, Marcia Selden Catering truly are the best!

Simply the Best!

Reviewed on 6/30/2014

Our wedding weekend was amazing. We can not begin to thank them enough for all of their hard work. Everyone raved about the food, even the old-curmudgeony one who'd been to a lot of weddings. She said our wedding food was the best she's ever had! We wouldn't change a thing!

5 Star Caterers

Reviewed on 6/30/2014

Their service and hard work made our wedding perfect. They are definitely a 5 star caterer!

Excellent food and staff

Reviewed on 6/23/2014

Everyone really enjoyed our wedding. We did their "Dinner By The Bite" concept which our guests really loved. The idea of passing all of their wonderful food was really fun and elegant. Their staff were all very professional and wonderful.

They outdid themselves!

Reviewed on 6/23/2014

Their team outdid themselves for our wedding. What a lovely, warm, talented group of people they sent. The food and service were amazing, and I simply cannot say enough good things about Keith, Kim and Sue. Their passed apps were fantastic! They made our party perfect!

Everything was bellissimo!

Reviewed on 6/23/2014

The staff and food from Marcia Selden Catering were just fabulous!!! Everyone was so happy and sweet and the service was flawless... I can't thank them enough! Everything was bellissimo.


Reviewed on 6/23/2014

The staff and food were just fabulous!! Everyone was so happy and sweet and the service was flawless... Everything was bellissimo!

Superb Caterers

Reviewed on 6/05/2014 adria r

The wedding was perfect, everyone had a terrific time and our guests raved about the food and service! Everyone from Marcia Selden Catering did a superb job, we can't thank them enough.

True professionals

Reviewed on 8/26/2013 Dale B

Marcia Selden Catering outdid themselves for our daughters wedding. We were beyond thrilled and they did a fabulous job with everything from the food to the service. Our guests had a spectacular time and absolutely loved the food. I felt so relaxed the entire time, and my wife and I were able to enjoy ourselves. I would not hesitate to use them again for a party.

They are the best!

Reviewed on 8/13/2013 Erin L

Jeffrey and his staff created a wonderful evening for us. EVERYONE loved the food, and their staff went above and beyond-the food presentation was stunning, the staff were so friendly, genuine and accommodating, everyone was on-time and on top of it, and the food was delicious. I was especially impressed with their attention to detail, even their clean up was thorough. I had heard such wonderful things and read all of the reviews, and they were all true. We will definitely use Marcia Selden in the future.

Can't get any better than Marcia

Reviewed on 8/13/2013 Marya C

What an incredible experience we had with Marcia Selden Catering, we couldn't have asked for better service. People were talking about how amazing the food was for weeks after...the most common comment is that people said they loved every single dish, and they couldn't say enough nice things about the staff. I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Professional in every way

Reviewed on 7/31/2013 eve b

EVERY person at my wedding told me what a phenomenal job Marcia Selden Catering did. The food was incredible, and the team was professional in every way. They made the evening perfect, and I can't wait to work with them the next time I have a party.

Beyond our wildest expectations!

Reviewed on 7/25/2013 pat g

BRAVO! KUDOS! EVERYthing was fabulous, amazing and superior. The food was superb; the service extraordinary, every detail was executed flawlessly. Of course, that's why I enlisted Marcia Selden Catering to do our children's wedding, I would have never considered turning to anyone else, but everything was beyond our wildest expectations. We thought their team was superb and everyone was buzzing about what a glorious evening it was. The food was interesting and memorable, most of the guests have said they have never been to a wedding that was as lovely. We are so grateful to them for executing such an amazing party to honor our daughter's marriage. Their crew is the best in the business, and from beginning to end, we were thrilled with the way everything was handled. It is hard to think of enough new glowing words to describe how thrilled we were.

Glorious and Gorgeous!

Reviewed on 7/18/2013 Jane W

What a GLORIOUS + GORGEOUS wedding for our kids! For the 3rd rainiest June in CT history, we were ultra lucky with our FULL MOON and balmy weather, and with our FANTASTIC STAFF of chefs and servers. The staff at Marcia Selden Catering made the wedding run as smooth as silk, 'seamless' my California friends said about the catering from start to finish. The experiment in having stations, no sit-down, place card directed seating, having it as a walkabout wedding party was sensational. Everyone liked the movement of dabbling at one station for food, sitting and enjoying some friends, then up and away to another type of cuisine and joining another group for socializing. I always love their food, and always appreciate how their staff nourishes and pampers guests, always looking after everyone, remembering special requests and reaching out with elegant hospitality. A special thank you to Jennifer for leading the way, working with us on the menu, and incorporating any glitches with grace and guidance. And I look forward to seeing the Selden's when next we celebrate together.

Made us feel comfortable

Reviewed on 7/09/2013 Jay M

These guys were an absolute dream to work with. Everything including the set-up, service, and food made the night a smooth and enjoyable night for all!!! The staff were the best and were so pleasant and wonderful to work with. I was so impressed with how organized and clean everything was when they left. A class act for sure! They all made us feel extremely comfortable and we enjoyed the entire evening.

Definition of perfect!

Reviewed on 7/09/2013 Kathleen C

Where do I even begin to describe the pleasure it was to work with Marcia Selden and her wonderful team? First of all, my coordinator I had the pleasure of working with for over a year was Emily. Extremely attentive, honest, flexible, helpful, friendly, and a great person to work with. She was full of knowledge and helpful ideas and always willing to provide an answer when I didnt know what to do. She was wonderful. She kept in contact with my other vendors and made sure everything that needed to get done was done. I would not have been able to plan my wedding without her help. Second, our wedding day coordinator, Jeffrey Selden, was nothing short of amazing. His enthusiasm, helpfulness, calm demeanor, and professionalism was incredible and an absolute pleasure to have with me the day of my wedding. He obviously has coordinated many events and is extremely experienced but treated my husband and I with the utmost sincere kindness and respect, and never let any issues that arose be a problem for us. His attention to detail and willingness make everything perfect for us was impeccable. We were lucky to have him the day of our wedding. Everything was perfect because of the hard work he did with his team. Third, the staff at Marcia Selden catering was the most talented and professional people I have ever encountered. They were friendly, calm, attentive, and always smiling! Every person that was helping that day were professional and incredible at their job. I have received so many compliments from my guests weeks after this event on how it was the best wedding and the best staff they have ever encountered. I couldnt have asked for a better to team to help make our day perfect. And last but not least, the food and venue! We had our wedding at the Darien Meadowlands. The venue was perfect and beautifully set up exactly how we wanted it. The food was unbelievable. It really was so well done, I cant say enough about how much everyone enjoyed themselves. Thank you Marcia Selden and Team for making our wedding day absolutely perfect. I highly recommend this vendor for ANY event!

Beyond amazing!

Reviewed on 7/03/2013 kate M

Everything was fantastic- the catering and kitchen staff were excellent, the food was delicious, and the presentation was perfection. Everything went off without a hitch with regard to timing, with my family remarking how the event "went off like clockwork". It could not have been better. Marcia Selden's staff created an amazing wedding.


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