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Serving Central Ohio Area, OH

Absolutely Awesome!

Reviewed on 10/25/2012 Brittany C

Talk about going above & beyond what we expected from them. Joe and Jason not only photographed the whole day, but they kept me calm, and acted as corrdinators as well. I really do not know what we would have done without them. At one point one of them actually said to me "tell me what to do and I will take care of it" and he wasn't even talking about the pictures. He was just trying to help out and make sure everything went well. I cannot say enough about how great these guys were. Totally worth the money. They have awesome personalities and make the wedding day so much more fun.

Best decision!!

Reviewed on 11/05/2012 Andrea W

My wedding photography was probably the most picky detail I choose within all of the planning. I mean these are going to be the images you view decades to come, and I wanted to make sure I had the best. And these guys definitely were, and were well worth the cost. From the initial meeting at the Vets Memorial Bridal show, I knew Melee was a vendor I was going to be checking out once I was home. Melee wasn't just the photographers at our wedding, they became apart of the day and we truly felt they were invested in making our day complete. From the engagement session, rehearsal, and day of the wedding these guys worked for every penny spent! They were able to bring out the real emotions of both myself and my fiance, and truly captured how happy we were on our wedding day. Looking back through our pictures I couldn't have imagined going with any other company. Not only did we love Melee, but so did my family and friends. Even so much that one of my bridesmaids have booked Melee for her wedding. So if you are still deciding on your wedding photography, definitely consider won't regret it!

Beautiful Photos & Great Personalities

Reviewed on 10/19/2012 Amber M

From the moment I met Joe & Jason at the Vets Memorial Bridal Show, I knew I wanted to book them for our wedding. Every other photographer I met with didn't come close to comparing. These guys have wonderful, energetic personalities and are so much fun to work with. We can't say enough about how awesome it was to work them. It truly felt like they were a part of our bridal party. Everyone, including our guests and the bridal party, loved them. Their photos are absolutely gorgeous! We couldn't be happier with the way both our engagement pics and our wedding pics turned out. We have received nothing but positive feedback from everyone who has seen our pictures. These guys really have a gift. They were able to capture every moment of our big day in a really beautful way. Years from now we will be able to look at our weddng album and relive that day all over again. You will not regret bookng with Melee Photography! We really can't say enough wonderful things about them. Hands down, the best vendor we worked with for our wedding!

Didn't get what I wanted

Reviewed on 11/22/2014 Brooke L

I used Melee for my wedding on July 25, 2014. I did a lot of research and met with many photographers before choosing Melee. I chose Melee because 1. I loved the work that I saw. 2. Was really impressed after meeting with Joe, seeing the studio, and seeing more samples of wedding photos. We scheduled an engagement session that came with our package. After seeing the engagement photos I was really disappointed with the lack of creativity and variety of photos we had to chose from. I then set up a meeting with Joe to let him know my disappointment and made sure to give him a specific detailed list of what photos I wanted on my wedding day. I felt better after this meeting and was confident we were on the same page. The day of the wedding Jason and Joe showed up on time and were easy to work with. After the wedding my husband and I set up a meeting to view our photos. The photos they took of the wedding were good quality but I was extremely disappointed with the lack of variety of photos and the photos that I specifically asked for that I did not get. I emailed Joe my disappointment and he added a few photos from our reception but I was still missing the specific family photos I requested. Guests reported seeing both photographers sitting a lot, my bridesmaids had to search for them to get a photo of us in the bridal room, and Joe asked the mother of the bride where their dinner was?! There was also a huge lack of communication. Joe took multiple weeks to respond to emails and phone calls. After expressing our disappointment they never once offered any reconciliation. I would not recommend Melee for a wedding photographer unless they become more organized, and more responsive to clients needs.

Seriously lacking service quality

Reviewed on 11/01/2014 Nichole L

My fiancé and I met with Joe from Melee and were impressed with his work. Joe himself was very personable and friendly and he even talked to my fiancé about ways to expand his business. After working with him on only the engagement session, I don't see how he can handle any additional clients. We have not been given the time or attention we deserve. We were told we would have our engagement photos back after 2 weeks. At 3-4 weeks my fiancé and I tried to contact him. It is next to impossible to get ahold of anyone! It takes 3+ attempts. We got the photos with no instructions on how to let him know which ones we wanted. Took more phone calls and emails to get a response and when we got the ones back we selected, they didn't look like they'd been touched up at all! We expressed our concerns and Joe asked if we were available to talk but never responded to us on a time or returned our phone calls. At this point we're looking to have our engagement sessions redone and hire a different photographer for the wedding. Melee is definitely not holding up their end of the deal and we don't want to chance it on our wedding day! The photos we viewed in the studio look great but I haven't seen that effort put into our photos. My fiancé has now bought software to try to do Melee's job so we can finally announce our engagement. I'm sure the quality for some clients is exceptional as their studio proves but the service is seriously lacking! I would not recommend Melee photography! I want to also mention that my parents suggested I check their grade on the better business bureau website and they have an F rating. I will definitely be checking this for my other vendors too.

Great photos, but SO disappointed with the service

Reviewed on 10/25/2014 Molly M

I used Melee for my wedding, they were referred to me by a co-worker. Our first meeting with Joe was great, we also enjoyed our engagement shoot that was included in our package with him at the location of our choice- the Franklin park conservatory. The photos we got back from it were great & everything we asked for. Then the wedding day came... Two other photographers came to the salon where I was getting ready, they asked what I wanted from them photo wise so I handed them a list & even showed them ideas and photos I had saved. The day slipped away from me with all the excitments and events that come with your wedding day. I thought both photographers were pleasent and my husband and I enjoyed joking with them during the day, and we loved the slide show they played on an iPad at our reception of photos taken that day to show off to our guest ... It wasn't until after I got home from the honeymoon that I began to become unsatisfied with my services with Melee. My mother brought it to my attention and actually contacted them herseld about how upset we were on the matter... I did not have a single photo of my mother and I together in my wedding dress. It was for sure on my list of photos I want captured (and I realize they get caught up in all the events of the day and are human.. People make mistakes) but as an only child, and my mother being my best friend , that is a day & a moment I can never get back or re-create. Melee apologized when confronted and offered to send me a gift card to order some prints on their behalf. I to this day, 3 years later have never received that giftcard. It also took almost 4 months to get any photos back from them. Over-all I was disappointed and haven't recommend them to anyone.

Amazing Wedding Photos!

Reviewed on 10/23/2014 Christina G

I chose Melee Photography not only because I loved their style of candid and artistic, yet very classic and timeless photography, but they also offered many things in their package that set them apart from other photographers. They did not make you squeeze into a set number of hours on your wedding day. The getting ready photos in the morning are some of my favorites that really help capture the feeling of the whole day! I also loved that they bring a flatscreen to the wedding reception to show a slideshow of photos from earlier in the day that very night! Guests love it! I loved the end result of my wedding photos and engagement photos. The pictures really captured the love between my husband and I are there are so many good ones to frame. They also were so easygoing on our wedding day, lots of fun. One of my favorite vendors!


Reviewed on 8/18/2014 Amanda D

Wonderful and so fun to work with. Quick response with the new assistant. Beautiful, classic photos.

Great Photos

Reviewed on 7/23/2014 Gail S

I used Melee for my wedding in November 2013. We got an engagement session with our package so Joe could get to know us before our wedding day. He came to our location of choice and spent an hour with us; we were pleased with the experience. On the day of the wedding Joe and Jason came early in the morning to my house where we were getting ready. They were very personable and laughing/talking with everyone there. They took some great photos which my husband really enjoyed seeing after we got the pictures back. They spent the whole day with us; met us at the venue and spent a lot of time driving that day. We got all of the shots that we asked for (I had someone with a list that I gave to someone and she crossed off the shots once we got them). (There still was one picture that I know they took which I never received, and I asked Joe about it a couple of times and he never got back to me on that picture). About a week after our wedding Joe told me that the pictures were ready for me and my husband to come look at them. We made an appointment and went to his studio to look at them (it is a very nice and clean studio, very impressive). After that experience we had some troubles getting a hold of Joe and getting our products. It was a little disappointing, but now we have all of our products (and a little extra for our inconvenience). Good products.

Melee was great!

Reviewed on 1/29/2014 Megan D

These guys did AMAZING! I couldnt be more happy with all of the pictures they took. They captured every detail of my wedding and now everytime I look back through my photos I can relive my wedding day over and over. They also did our engagement photos and those were just as beautiful, you could really see our personality in every picture. I recommend Melee to eveyone becuase they dont just take beautiful pictures but they are just fun guys to work with. I didnt worry about anything with them and they made it all so easy! Thanks for everything, Megan

All Around Great Quality

Reviewed on 10/03/2013 Kailee M

Melee Photography not only provides outstanding quality photos, but the photographers are of really high quality as well. Photography was a top priority when it came to our wedding experience, and I had no doubt that I wanted to use Melee. I was lucky enough to see the great work of these photographers at one of my bridesmaids weddings, and from there I knew i only wanted to book with them! Joe and Jason make the wedding day experience fun and relaxed for everyone. We truly enjoyed having them a part of our wedding!

Wonderful service

Reviewed on 10/03/2013

I met Jason of Melee Photography at the Columbus Expo in 2012, and by his charismatic appeal, I knew instantly I had found my photographer. We purchased their middle package ($2500) and we couldn't be happier with our engagement and wedding pictures. Jason did our engagement session and did his best to make my fiancée Greg and I feel comfortable in front of the camera. At the wedding, Jason and Jared took charge not only of the task of photographing our most memorable day, but also of making sure everything went as smoothly as possible for Greg and I. They had our wedding party doubled over laughing during the party photo session, and during the reception, you hardly knew they were there, but they captured some of the most amazing shots. Again, we couldn't be happier with our pictures. Our only very small complaint was communication, and it took a little longer than expected to get our engagement and wedding photos, which we were impatiently awaiting. A small price to pay, as we got over 3500 shots! Thank you, Melee, for capturing our special day, frame by frame.

Wedding Photography!

Reviewed on 10/03/2013 Brittany V

These guys are a BLAST to work with!!! They allowed me to relax on the wedding day because I had full confidence in their work. I was able to get my photos the week after we came back from our honeymoon which is suppppper quick!!!! Some delays in replying to emails, but outweighs the service you get!!! Highly Recommend these guys!!!! Blessed to had the opportunity to work with them!

Laid-back and friendly

Reviewed on 9/23/2013 Erin W

Joe and Jason at Melee were the perfect fit for my husband and I. The two of them have a lot of experience and some really beautiful photos to show for it. We were lucky to be able to have them as our photographers as our first photographer fell through about 6 months before the wedding. In the short months remaining before the wedding we managed to get some amazing engagement photos from them as well as working out all of the details for the big day. Their relaxed attitudes helped keep everything calm on what can be a very crazy day. They were constantly there with anything we might have needed, beyond pictures, including getting hors de ouerves for my husband and I after the ceremony to bringing safety pins to my mother at the end of the ceremony when her dress ripped. I cannot wait to receive my photos, I know they will be great!

Not Just Photographers!

Reviewed on 8/23/2013 Melanie K

Jason and Joe were awesome from our engagement pictures all the way through the wedding, they were more than photographers and really helped with all kinds of aspects of the event. Very professional while still knowing how to have a good time, some moments that stand out were Jason laying on the wet ground since it was raining just to get a picture of us from the ground up, as well as Joe getting our trolley's engine to be turned off so we would not have that noise during the ceremony. All this extra plus the pictures were great! They were nice to work with and we would recommend them to our friends and family.

A+ Photographers

Reviewed on 8/03/2013

Joe and Jason did an amazing job for our wedding day! They did a session of engagement pictures for us which came out amazing! On our wedding day they were so fun and captured so many perfect pictures! Joe and Jason were fun to work with, easy to communicate with, flexible, and did an absolutely awesome job! During our wedding they showed some of the pictures that they had already taken that day and we had numerous guests tell us how amazing they were and how beautiful the were! If you're wanting a pair of fun photographers to capture amazing shots of your special day then go with Joe and Jason! A+! -Zach and Logan


Reviewed on 7/20/2013

Highest possible recommendation for Melee Photography!! Joe and Jason were GREAT!!!!! Super to work with, super at what they do and produced results that were magical! They put us at ease, listened to what we wanted and then did so much more than we would've ever thought of. Awesome job! The guests at the reception loved the slide show too. The pictures from both of these photographers were absolutely priceless. You MUST use two photographers and you must call MELEE!!!!


Reviewed on 7/01/2013 Amanda A

I used Melee for my wedding and engagement pictures. They truly went above and beyond to make my day extra special. I wouldn't have had the wonderful memories I have if it wasn't for their great work!

Great Photographers

Reviewed on 6/18/2013 keshia k

I really enjoyed working with Jason, he was a very relaxed photographer and very open to my opinion and ideas, he showed great direction, my only complaint is the response time to emails or phone calls, but there is only one point of contact between the 2 photographers.

Creative extra ordinary Photographers

Reviewed on 6/13/2013 ciara s

For Engagement and Wedding day it was all about what we wanted. When we had suggestions or ideas about what we were looking for they were excited and ready to capture the shot. They kept me calm and on schedule. Can't imagine our sharing our wedding day with another photographer. Beautiful Pictures!!!

Absolutely Superb!!!

Reviewed on 5/20/2013 Sarah K

I cannot tell you how wonderful these photographers are! My biggest detail in finding a photographer was getting the rights to the photos without spending $5,000 or more. When I found that I could do that with Melee, at half the cost, I was thrilled. When we met with them, they were down to earth, real, and didn't nickel and dime you over every detail. They made us feel truly special about our big day. They arrived early when we got ready, blended in seamlessly, and were so fun! I have TONS of compliments about how personable and fun they were, making the experience not only special for us, but for the guests as well! Guests also LOVED that they could see the photos in real time at the reception on a screen. It was so wonderful to them that they could see photos of us getting ready, the bridal party shots, our first look and etc., only hours after it happened. Melee photography is an amazing company. My husband and I were so pleased with their dedication before the wedding, the day of the wedding, and even after the wedding. They made sure they made everything perfect, and we were floored with how well our pictures turned out. If you're looking for value, personality and great photographers.... this is your best bet!


Reviewed on 5/07/2013 Melissa E

My husband and I first met Melee at a bridal show in Columbus, they seemed so fun and down to earth. We went to their shop in Newark and viewed their work. I loved them from the beginning. But as others have mentioned they were very hard to get in touch with. They showed for the rehearsal dinner and Wedding so i wasn't worried. However, by time the wedding came i still hadn't received the engagement photos and hadn't realized due to everything happening. They DID NOT do the slide show as PROMISED on their website, we DID NOT get the free guest book and here we are a year later and still no engagement photos. I have tried calling and emailing numerous times. DO NOT CHOOSE MELEE as your photographer. What a headache and a waste of time. The pictures were fine but not nearly as nice as they show on the website or facebook. What a mistake. i give a 0. I am at my wits end, we have paid in full and this is how they treat us. If i could go back i would not choose them, i would rather pay more and get what i expected.

Great family guys

Reviewed on 12/28/2012 Jessica R

I loved the idea of having two photographers and the unlimited time on the day. We had a catholic wedding which usually starts early and ends late! The guys were great the entire day- very professional and very respectful at each and everyone moment. The one true reason I would always choose Melee is their family values. My grandparents live abroad and because of their health couldn't make it to our wedding. Joe overnighted a copy of the photos to my parents so they could take the disk to England for Christmas. My grandmother now has all the pictures she could ever want! I know that this meant the world to them and there are no words to explain how much I appreciate the extra effort they went to!


Reviewed on 10/28/2012 Erin D

Great personalities, made picture takin comfortable, great quality, and wonderful slide show at reception

Melee Photography

Reviewed on 10/22/2012 Cheyenne S

I had a pretty good experience with Melee Photography. It was great that the engagement session was included in the price (Note: getting the picture disc costs an additional $150). Communication was usually pretty good, and they were very flexible with us and our constant changes. Looking back at our wedding pictures, I am now seeing some kind of basic pictures that are missing that I wish we had, but I think some of this can be attributed to us running out of time. But it was very cool having the slideshow of the day so far displayed at the reception. Overall, a pretty good deal for the money!


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