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Not good.

Reviewed on 12/30/2014 Jennifer P

I feel the need to write this review after seeing other posts. My wedding was in October 2012 so this was long overdue. We chose Kelly because of her price and also the meeting with her went fine. Totally agree with the negative comments. She was unresponsive, our cd of photos... Read More arrived late and the pictures were terrible. In ALL of the photos with the entire wedding party someone was blurry or cut off. In hindsight I wish we do not hire her.

Scam Artist-Thief

Reviewed on 12/11/2014 Anthony M

I wish I could attest to Kellys photography skill, but I can not. I can tell you about her character, well wait I can't even do that. She has none. I paid Kelly in full for my wedding back in February 2014. As time came close to my wedding Kelly vanished. No returned emails, her... Read More phone was disconnected, she even took down her not so impressive blogspot website. Cut to my wedding day in November 2014, it was perfect. No Kelly, and maybe that was for the best. About a week before my wedding I had another photographer on stand by, and she was able to take great pictures, I was still livid though. First thing Monday I found her on facebook. She told me some sob story about how there was some crazy family or personal thing that happened and that I simply "fell through the cracks" , which judging by the other reviews, seems to be a recurring theme in her life. She promised to pay me back. She wanted to send me a paypal payment, and I told her I wanted a check. That was two weeks ago. Still no check. This lady is a true piece of work. I expected more from Kelly, since she was a member of the gay community and had shot several gay wedding.

Absolutely TERRIBLE photographer. Beware!!

Reviewed on 8/28/2014 Jennifer Z

Kelly was very bad with communication prior to the wedding, which made me nervous. I should have trusted my instincts. The photos of your wedding day are so, so important. You get one chance and if you end up with someone like Kelly, your memories wont be captured. The day of... Read More my wedding, she showed up dressed very unprofessionally, she was rude and seemed crabby the entire night. I was worried that she was in a bad mood, or had a bad day, but I pushed it out of my mind trying to enjoy my wedding day. She breached her own contract by sending me the "pictures" 5 weeks after the wedding instead of within 21 days as is stated in her contract. The pictures are absolutely awful. I didn't want many posed photos, and she didn't do many. But the ones she did were important to me and they were all terrible. In all the photos someone is blinking, or a persons head is blocked, or people are looking off into nowhere. I wanted photojouralistic pics, which she did a VERY poor job at. People's eyes are half shut, we're in unflattering positions, the pictures she took of the decor were awful. I took some photos with my iPhone and they are far and away better than the terrible pics she sent. I think I could've gotten a disposable camera and given it to my seven year old and had better results. I contacted her to let her know how unhappy I was and how I actually cried for hours over how bad these were, she responded with a very indignant attitude like she was offended that I was upset. Then I see these reviews. She leaves a trail of miserable, unhappy brides and doesn't care. I will be filing a class action suit against her as she is obviously a con artist. If you've been a victim of hers, please email me at [email protected] if you are interested in joining the suit.


Reviewed on 8/09/2014

It was like she was always in a hurry and did not do her job. She was always crabby, and she left hours before out time was up. We did not get many pictures we wanted and was in a rush to leave. The pics we got on cd were not that many but they were ok quality. Wish we went with... Read More someone else.

2014-08-28T13:36:35 Response from Jennifer, the member

She did the same to me, I am going to file a civil suit against her like the bride the the review below. Contact me at [email protected] if you're interested in joining together in the suit. My pictures were so bad I cried for hours,... Read Less Read More


Reviewed on 11/22/2013 Omonike F

I am very dissapointed in the services offered by Kelly. I made the biggest mistake of hiring her for my wedding and it was the worst decision I made. I have filed a civil lawsuit against her because she is a con artist and I will not let her get away with it. She left my... Read More wedding event 4 hours early (she was paid for 8 and stayed for 4) claiming a family emergency which has yet to be proven. She not only missed very important pictures and memories, but she did nothing to find a replacement to help fill in. These are memories that will never be relived!! Not only did she leave early, she breached contract TWICE by delivering my pictures to me almost 3 weeks later than her contract stated (which is weird when all she does is put them on a dvd with no touch ups and mail it). I tried numerous times to contact her and communicate with her and received very minimal responses. Only a horrible person would dod that to someone on their wedding day. She dressed unprofessional and had a bad attitude the few hours she was there. I am spending money to have someone else do a few touch ups on the handful of photos I did receive. She is NOT worth the money and she may do the same things to you.

2014-08-28T14:15:24 Response from Jennifer, the member

She did the same to me! I've contacted her and she refuses a refund. I didn't see these reviews prior to my wedding. I'm just sick! I would also like to file a civil suit. Could you contact me at [email protected]

great photographer, great value

Reviewed on 2/06/2012 melinda t

We are so glad we chose Kelly as our photographer. She was so reasonably priced that when I looked at her work I was so surprised that it was better than the photographers that charge thousands of dollars! We didn't get married at a church so I was a bit nervous about where... Read More we'd take all of our "posed" photos. She totally worked with what we had and it came out way better than expected! I am so happy with our results.

2012-02-23T21:34:22 Response from Alisha, the member

A new years eve wedding, how fun! I have a question. How soon before your wedding did you book her as your photographer?

Excellent Wedding Photographer

Reviewed on 9/27/2010 Kira M

Kelly was our wedding photographer and she was great to work with and provided us with beautiful photographs. She is extremely professional and did exactly what we wanted her to do. She does a great mix of traditional photography, photojournalistic shots, and candid shots. She... Read More was one of the best vendors we had at our wedding and we are extremely glad we hired her. I highly recommend Kelly to any bride and groom.

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