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Reviewed on 9/27/2010 Cherish C

Ceremony music was one of the last vendors we booked and we were looking to save a little money here, mistake! Amy Tobin is the main contact and I emailed her about 4 times prior to the wedding . I tried calling Amy too but she would never answer and then she would email me back several days later. One time when there was about a 2 week gap in hearing from her she said she had been sick but I would think a person could still take 2 minutes to email me back....? I did decide to book her because she was really flexible with song choice and encouraged picking non-traditional songs which was right up my alley. Day of Amy and her Cellist were so late that we had given our song list to the DJ (who was there hours early thank goodness) and they were getting our song list ready. About 20 minutes before our ceremony began and after guests were already being seated they strolled on in. I would have gotten over the fact that they were late but then during the ceremony they never switched songs in between "seating of the parents/grandparents" and the processional/wedding party!! This was the only thing that went wrong on our wedding day and it was because they were late and not prepared! I thought they were also going to forget to switch songs before my Dad and I walked down and I wouldn't have any of it. We waited for probably an awkwardly long time before walking down because I wanted to make them switch the dang song!! I would not recommend Amy Tobin or Music to Wed By unless you pay them extra to come to your rehearsal. I thought about doing this but Amy assured me it would be no problem and she seemed uninterested in coming to our rehearsal, she talked me out of hiring her for that part! I learned my lesson and would not recommend them to anyone.

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