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1207 Charlotte Highway, Fairview, NC (828) 338-9854

Reviewed on 1/09/2017 Fonda D

Absolute perfection! These girl's nailed not only the wedding cake but the grooms table was phenomenal. Everything exactly what I expected it to be! Would not have expected anything less and we were not disappointed.

Reviewed on 11/14/2016 Cassandra A

I was recommended to R&R by my wedding planner, she also had personally done her cake through them (what better way to go for it, right?). I had been living out of the country and so when I moved to NC, this was the last thing I needed to do. I spoke several times with Mia for a... Read More tasting and we were able to get one in for my fiancé and I a few months before our wedding. Let me tell you, they can bake! We actually requested for their fall flavor (pumpkin chocolate chip) as a tasting, and I was not disappointed. We had leftovers we wanted to take back to our family to confirm our decision and they were even willing to do mini bundt cakes for us as a way to get out of the "cupcake" obsession. Clair had been out on maternity leave so we were already told emails would be delayed in response due to that. I received my quote and contract within about a week or so. Their prices were hard to beat as well. Phone calls to them are VERY HARD as they don't always respond and I went about a week of no communication. The first week of Oct I actually drove up extra early prior to my bridal party to pay my deposit as I was so worried they would all of a sudden tell me they were booked with orders. We live in Charlotte. After that, I barely had any contact with them. I needed to make sure we had a gluten free option for one of my guests and I had to have my wedding planner contact them as I wasn't getting a response from them through email. About a week before my wedding, I sent another email about my gluten free option, updated amount and the style of cake I wanted. Clair wrote back to me within 24 hours and with a new contract price and when to pay. I didn't want to send a check, so I actually ended up calling several days, left a message and Clair called me maybe 20 minutes after? I paid for my cake and that was that. My wedding planner contacted and arranged everything else. My wedding was on 11/6/16. I was so happy with how my top tier cake came out. I did a nearly naked cake with crumbles on the side and mini bundt cakes, two flavors. They did macaroons for my gluten free guest complimentary. They give us a free anniversary cake too - so we only saved half our cake and have been eating the rest. One week later, that cake is still damn good!!! I took off 1 star as they do have an issue with the communication as everyone else has stated. I got lucky as I didn't have as much of a problem as others have had.

Reviewed on 10/12/2016 Abby H

My fiancé and I scheduled a tasting, which we thought went great. We had selected our cake and cupcakes and were to receive a contract in a few days. We never received the contract. I called several times. No one ever answered, so I left voicemails. When the voicemails were... Read More never returned, I sent an email; which also was unanswered. As a paying customer, I shouldn't have to chase a business to do their job. We found a wonderful business to make our cake and cupcakes. When we told them our story with Ruth and Ranshaw, they said they had had several couples who had experienced the same thing.

Reviewed on 5/28/2016 Janna P

If you are looking for an amazing cake and the most delicious spread of desserts, Ruth and Ranshaw is the place to go! They created a gorgeous dessert spread for our April wedding including a 3 tier semi-naked cake, cupcakes, pies (including an amazing white chocolate bourbon... Read More pecan pie), hand decorated butterfly cookies, chocolate and peanut butter roulades, and tri-berry cheesecakes. All our guests are still raving about it! Any time you are in Asheville, whether it is looking for a wedding bakery or you just have a sweet tooth, Ruth and Ranshaw is the place to go. A friend's bachelorette party will be in Asheville later this summer and there is no doubt I will be ordering goodies for that party as well! Highly recommend!

Reviewed on 5/24/2016 Amanda U

We ordered items for a dessert table at our wedding and are SO pleased with how they turned out! The chocolate whoopie pies are to die for; the cookies are moist and very chocolatey, and the inner filling is like a thicker whipped cream. The banana pudding cups were equally... Read More amazing, with real banana and 'nilla wafers - some of the best banana pudding I've ever had! And the chocolate mouse cups were good, too (other people LOVED them to the point of eating 6; I found them a little less chocolately that I would have preferred...). Ordering was a breeze, and I think the cost of everything was fantastic, too.

Reviewed on 4/25/2016 Jessica L

I've been waiting for the right moment to leave this review for this business, and since my wedding is now 25 days away, I figured it was a good time. The only reason I gave Ruth & Ranshaw more than 1 star is because they are a good value. Their prices were very reasonable... Read More compared to other bakers I tried, and their desserts are fabulous. They are great if you just want to swing by the bakery for some desserts. If you are looking to hire them for your big day, run..unless you like taking HUGE risks for what is supposed to be one of the most important days of your life. Setting up the tasting was easy. It took a few days to hear back from Claire, but she was flexible with getting us in. She was very generous with the portions and even threw in some extras. She boxed up the leftovers for us to take home. Claire seemed very organized upon our arrival. She had everything set up and ready for us when we arrived, and she had a binder with all of our information already recorded from the online form. It took Claire a week or so to get the estimate to us. We went in the summer when they were very busy, so this didn't bother me too much. I emailed within a day or two of receiving the estimate and was told our date would be held for us until they received their deposit and a signed contract; after that, our date would be set in stone. I said that we wanted them to be our baker and asked them to send me the form so I could sign it and then mail in a check. They promised they would send it...weeks went by, I never got the contract. All summer long I called, emailed, and stopped by the shop multiple times and never got a response. I couldn't understand why it was so difficult for me to GIVE THEM MONEY. When I went to the shop they said they would email me the contract. The last I heard from them was in August 2015 when I got an automated email response that they were busy and would respond within 7-10 days. Our venue removed them from their preferred vendor list as well.

Reviewed on 12/30/2015 Emily C

I’ve personally been a fan of Ruth and Ranshaw’s desserts for years now. I have nothing but positive things to say about the quality of their products. Everything they make is delicious and they truly have the potential to eventually be one of the leading bakeries in Asheville,... Read More once they fix some glaring operational/staffing issues. For a small business that will live and die by word of mouth they have a serious need to fix their customer service and professionalism. Over promising and under delivering in this area seems to be a common theme with Ruth and Ranshaw. I was specifically told by my wedding planner they have been removed from the preferred vendor list at one of the most popular venues in Asheville and have experienced firsthand how stressful/frustrating it can be to communicate with the owners. I attempted to reach out and schedule a tasting 4 months ago, as of today the only communication that’s been returned was one email about 2 months ago (I've called and sent emails several times). I’m an out of town potential client and any sort of meeting during a week day has to be planned well in advance to allow for time off and scheduling purposes. Luckily there are several other bakeries that jumped at the opportunity to schedule a tasting and I will be taking my business elsewhere. Again, they make amazing cakes/pies/cookies/etc. and I would ALWAYS recommend stopping by to grab treats that are made daily, you won’t regret it! However, when it comes to booking them for an important event like a wedding or party I’d wait until they have a staff with more experience in handling the high touch needs of their potential clients

Reviewed on 12/20/2015 Emmanuel C

What a wonderful experience it was to work with Claire and the bakery! We went with a dessert table instead of the traditional wedding cake, and everything about it was exquisite—delicious, beautiful, and perfectly matched to the style of our wedding. Claire did a magnificent... Read More job guiding us through the process of suggesting what we would need for the amount of people attending. She was incredibly easy to work with (as others have noted, her responsiveness was not always prompt, however, she did always pull through.) We paid the extra fee to have them deliver, setup, and take down the display, and we couldn’t have been happier with that decision—it was convenient and really helped to relieve the stresses of day-of preparations. We want to respond to a review we read below, too. Ours was a same-sex wedding, and we were treated with nothing but respect from Ruth and Ranshaw. It's unfortunate that others have not had as positive of an experience as we had, but rest assured that it was not due to discrimination against gay couples. They even had put bow ties on our tasting pies after having met us, which just won us over.

Reviewed on 12/18/2015 Lesley F

Really disappointed with the lack of communication and professionalism from this vendor. I wouldn't recommend even wasting your time contacting them for a consult. It's a gamble whether or not you'll get a response, much less a signed contract. We are from out of town and... Read More traveled all the way to Asheville to have a tasting. The cupcakes and the cost were great. We decided on them and we were supposed to receive a quote and a contract within a week. We never heard from them. Our planner must have sent them a dozen emails. We were patient and waited nearly 2 months because it was wedding season and while they have a reputation for not being responsive, we were constantly reassured that they always pull through in the end. We never got that far. After 2 months we moved on. We wasted 2 months and had to find a baker with 2 months to go. Three weeks before our wedding, they FINALLY got back with us wanting to check with us about our contract. We never received one! It was a total mess and kind of a joke. Here's a helpful tip you guys: If your business is exploding, hire someone to only do your consults, weddings, emails and contracts. It will save you your reputation. They're really inexpensive but it's worth paying an extra $200 for someone who treats every customer as if they're important.

Amazing cakes and pies for great value!

Reviewed on 11/22/2015 Lindsay K

From the moment we had our tasting, we absolutely knew that Ruth+Ranshaw was the perfect bakery to provide the cakes and pies for our wedding. Clair was such a pleasure to work with, though the one minor thing was that sometimes responses were delayed because they were so busy... Read More (but always with an apology)! They accommodated our vegan and gluten free guests and provided a simple, but sweet, styling of our dessert table. The pumpkin chocolate chip cake is our favorite -- particularly for our fall wedding, but honestly, all the desserts are yummy! We had 4 cakes and 4 pies for well under $400. Such a great value. We wish that R+R were in Atlanta, so we could go to them for all our baking needs!

Reviewed on 9/23/2015 Alexandra H

DO NOT BOTHER with this bakery for your wedding. We did a tasting a and loved it -- the desserts were delicious and everyone was very pleasant. However, after that, it was an absolute nightmare. At the tasting I was told I would get a quote and contract within a week; after a... Read More week with no contact, I left a voicemail and emailed them, letting them know we were interested in moving forward. I heard nothing. I contacted them many more times since then, with my messages increasing in desperation as my wedding approached, and was completely ignored. Either they totally disregarded my messages, which makes their customer service terrible, or they simply do not check their messages at all, which makes their customer service non-existent -- either way, we were left to scramble to find a new bakery with only weeks to spare until the wedding. We were disappointed and heartbroken at the way we were treated by this business. For the sake of your wedding and your sanity, do NOT bother with this place!

Reviewed on 9/09/2015

After our terrible experience at R&R, we are left wondering whether they treat all couples like this - or just gay/lesbian couples. Everything went fine until after the tasting. We assumed that they knew we were a same sex couple because of our names and the email exchanges... Read More prior to the tasting. They were, for the most part, prompt in responding to our questions and tasting choices. The tasting itself was also nice - they did not seem surprised to see a same sex couple walk through the door. They treated us with kindness and respect. But that is where it all went downhill. We worked with them to set a tentative menu, and eagerly awaited our preliminary quote. And then we never heard from them again. We called and emailed, as they advised us to do if they didn't respond promptly. We waited....and waited...and then called and emailed again. Nothing. Ever. We have no idea what happened. We are not the kind of people to automatically assume that a company is discriminatory - but this experience has left us wondering. Is it all couples? Or just couples like us. We will never know. There are a host of absolutely wonderful bakers and dessert makers in Asheville - take your business there. We are so glad that we did.

Reviewed on 8/27/2015 Whitney R

It is extremely disappointing to read all these wonderful reviews and not have the same experience. I contacted Ruth & Ranshaw in February 2015 to begin planning my desserts for my wedding in October. After speaking with Claire, I came in for a tasting to determine flavors, etc.... Read More She was then to send me the contract and information on the deposit. That was the last time I heard from her. After numerous e-mails, phone calls and even stopping by the store (she was conveniently not there at the time), I have not received any call backs from Claire regarding my order. It is disappointing to try and give a company business and be COMPLETELY IGNORED! Even more so, I'm left back at square one, with only months away until my wedding having to search for a different caterer. Best of luck to future brides, I hope you aren't left hanging high and dry like I was.

Delicious & beautiful dessert table

Reviewed on 5/29/2015 Elizabeth F

We loved our dessert table! We were able to pick a variety of desserts so there was something to make everybody happy! Everything was delicious and Claire was so easy to work with! I look forward to swinging by the bakery the next time I am in the Asheville area!

I love them! I call them "My Bakery"!

Reviewed on 11/19/2014 Allison P

Claire and Colleen are amazing and have been so helpful in not only planning and making our cake for the wedding but anything else that has come along.


Reviewed on 10/07/2014 Brooke A

We used Ruth & Ranshaw for our cake for our wedding on September 21st of this year. We had a cake testing months before and decided on going with a two smaller two layer apple cake with caramel buttercream frosting. It was absolutely beautiful and tasted amazing. We had tons of... Read More guests asking where our cake was from and how good it tasted! We used succulents for part of our flowers and had two succulents on the cake. It was simple but beautiful and we couldn't have asked for better service! We also ended up renting a collection of old books from Ruth & Ranshaw to use in the centerpieces for the day. Everything was reasonably priced for such amazing work. I would definitely recommend them to others in the area!

Amazing Sister Team, Amazing Dessert

Reviewed on 6/04/2014 Anna S

My mouth is watering now just remembering the amazing desserts the Claire and Coleen prepared for our wedding. We met the sisters at the Asheville wedding show in Jan of 2013. At that point my wedding was a year and a half away but the minute we tried their carrot cake cupcakes... Read More I knew we had to have them. WE had tried so many bland, boring and basic desserts that day and theirs really stood out. The cupcakes are moist and delicious and full of flavor. Since Jan. 2013, we kept in touch through email and a few in person meetings to plan out the dessert table of dreams. We decided on a variety of items to include: cheesecake bites, brownies, cookies, fruit tarts, cupcakes, candy and a small cake for us to cut at the reception. The best part about their business is that they bring a variety of vintage furniture and decor items and arrange as beautiful display to showcase the desserts. We could not have been happier! I would recommend them to anyone in the area and all over NC. I plan to order their truffles and chocolate bark for Christmas again this year, I wish I could go there all the time.

We're Permanent Fans

Reviewed on 11/10/2013 Natasha

My husband and I were so impressed with our wedding cake from Ruth & Ranshaw. Clair and Colleen were both wonderful to work with. During our tasting, our only feedback was “more” - as in, cut us another slice! The cake and icing flavors were amazing and made us permanent Ruth... Read More & Ranshaw fans. To top that, the cake looked as amazing as it tasted. Clair and Colleen took customer service to a new level when they helped me surprise my husband with a special groom’s cake on our wedding day. (This was harder than it sounds, as he asked for one just about twice a month for our entire engagement.) They kept the groom’s cake under wraps until our reception, when it was unveiled and he truly was surprised. Our guests loved the cakes too – look and taste. We’ll be using Ruth & Ranshaw to recreate the top of our cake for our first anniversary…and probably to make every birthday cake in between!

Amazing desserts!

Reviewed on 10/07/2013

I attended my college roommate's wedding and was blown away by the desserts (and bride of course). I've never been a big fan of sweets however these desserts became the exception. They were absolutely amazing and most notably, addicting! From chocolate covered marshmellows... Read More and pretzels, to cookies and ice cream sandwiches everything was scrumptious. I can't wait to stop by the bakery on my next trip to Asheville!!!

Just what we were looking for!

Reviewed on 10/07/2013 Leah H

I love all things vintage and shabby chic. We were looking for a dessert table that would blend right in with our wedding. Not only did they do an outstanding job making sure the decor was perfectly set to represent us, but the desserts were fabulous. I am gluten free, which... Read More can be a pain to work with, but they were more than accommodating and it was the best gluten free desserts I have ever bitten into! If you don't want to stress about your desserts on your big day,and if you want to make sure your guest's will leave talking about how fabulous your wedding, including your cake was, Ruth and Ranshaw Bakery is your only choice!


Reviewed on 10/06/2013 Holly H

Yesterday, my uncle got married in Brevard, NC. Him and his fiancé chose Ruth & Ranshaw for their wedding cake. Not only were the bride and groom amazed at how delicious the cake was but it was all the guests could talk about! This cake was exactly what the bride had... Read More imagined...absolutely perfect! I was pleased with how prompt and professional Colleen and Clair were through the entire process, as I helped my uncle and his fiancé find this vendor. To top it off, they were extremely affordable! Thank you Ruth and Ranshaw for a great experience!!


Reviewed on 10/06/2013 Cory T

Clair and Colleen know how to treat their brides right. I, have now had the honor to have a taste of two wedding cakes by Ruth and Ranshaw and I must say both equally exquisite. The set up was extraordinary and both of the brides were more than pleased. My brother's wedding cake... Read More really fit them. This cake was simple, classy and beautiful much like their relationship. While my friend's wedding cake had a very vintage and country style. Both delicious and both had each and every guest wanting seconds with whispers of, "where did she get that cake from?" Clair and Colleen are vey versatile and will fit the needs of their brides and grooms. I would highly recommend using these girls for your wedding dessert needs. You will not be disappointed. I know one day they'll have a cake and dessert table in my wedding.

The Best Unwedding Cake!

Reviewed on 10/04/2013 retha s

My daughter refused to have a wedding cake. Ruth and Ranshaw were absolutely the best dessert caterers! We could have doubled our dessert order because everybody came back for seconds. The trifle was my favorite but all the desserts received raves from our guests. I cannot... Read More recommend these girls enough.

Above + Beyond!

Reviewed on 10/04/2013 Caroline B

From the moment we met with Clair about the desserts we had in mind for our wedding day, I knew we were in good hands. We had a general idea of what we wanted - and Clair and Colleen took it, and turned it into magic! They were helpful, knowledgable, flexible, kind and so much... Read More fun to work with! Our dessert table was beyond stunning - and everyone commented on how delicious everything was! We went with carrot cake and chocolate cupcakes, apple pies, strawberry pies with fresh whipped cream, beautiful fruit tarts and a small wedding cake. I was all beyond thrilled to work with these talented ladies, and I highly recommend them for any event.

Not even a Question.....

Reviewed on 10/03/2013 Megan P

I was a guest at a wedding where Ruth and Ranshaw provided the wedding was gorgeous and delicious. I have never been to a wedding were the cake was beautiful and actually tasted good! Since this wedding I have purchased cupcakes from them and they will be the only... Read More vendor that I look at for my upcoming wedding in Spring of 2014.