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Sierra Vista, AZ

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Sarah Neyhart Photography


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Boudoir, Trash the Dress



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Under $1,000


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3332 Yosemite Ct, Sierra Vista, AZ

Chipper and Sweet

Reviewed on 1/13/2015 Nicki H

Sarah was always so sweet and friendly on the phone every time I talked to her! Our wedding was only a couple weeks ago so we haven't received our photos yet, but I am totally confident that they will be gorgeous. She got right to taking some photos of our small details (my shoes and the rings, bouquets, etc.) while my hair and makeup finished up and took TONS of photos while my mom and sisters buttoned my dress. She showed me one of their hands on the buttons and it was beautiful! We began to lose light during photos after the ceremony (mostly due to my own poor planning with sunset… whoops!… and a groomsman not getting on the bus -.-) and she was super great getting a bunch of important pics (bride with each bridesmaid, cute bride and groom pics, etc.). At one point she was in some sort of bush and MAY have been halfway in a cactus just to get the pic she was working for. LOL I can't wait to get our photos and I just know they're going to be gorgeous! Every photo I've seen of hers has been and I am so glad I know that she got photos of all the small details in our wedding. MILLIONS OF STARS! Sarah Neyhart is awesome. :)

December Wedding

Reviewed on 1/13/2013 Savannah D

Sarah was great the day of the wedding- so fun and creative! She was hard to get a hold of before the wedding, and tit takes about 2 months for her to get them back to you (but in my case these 2 months included Christmas and New Years, so that may have been part of the delay). I guess those are the downsides of a small business/ independent photographer, BUT these 2 small issues were easily made up for by Sarah's talent, creativity and willingness to work with you make your ideas a reality!

She is wonderful! Fun and takes great pictures!

Reviewed on 5/15/2012 Nicole L

Sarah is wonderful to work with. Not only is is fun and makes pictures into a good time, her pictures turn out beautifully. She fit right in at our wedding, and I loved that she had no problem with people standing behind her taking their own pictures. She thought that was great. It was hard to reach her at times in the planning process, but all and all, I was very happy with her.


Reviewed on 3/06/2012 Meghan C

Sarah did the best job capturing our day and her photos are just amazing! She was wonderful to work with and so nice!

Loved her!

Reviewed on 5/04/2011 Libby C

We hired Sarah not just for the wedding but for our engagement photos as well. She does spectacular work, is very professional, and is really fun and personable. She's not the cheapest option, but in my opinion you get what you pay for. I would highly recommend her, and will definitely use her again myself (she also does family, maternity, and baby portraits).


Reviewed on 3/31/2011 Adrianna T

I only have 3,500 letters to describe Sarah Neyhart Photography and that is not enough! I cannot say a single bad thing about Sarah or Bryan. No amount of words will ever be able to describe how happy I am to have had them apart of my wedding day! This is the best investment I made into my wedding. Sarah Neyhart Photography is well worth every hard earned penny! At our engagement session Sarah climbed into a stream of water, up a tree, and chased of Javelina all just to get the perfect picture! At our wedding her and Brian arrived early to assure they were ready for our big day! They both are so kind and loving. They were never once push or unkind to a single person! I wanted a photographer that would be able to capture the intimate moments that my husband and I shared that day. She did more than that! Every picture shows how much we love each other! Every picture tells a story! I was not worried about missing a second of my wedding because I knew that my pictures will last much longer than any memory! I am now able to relive every moment of my wedding through Sarah and Bryan's eyes! If you are looking for an amazing photographer weather you are on a budget or not this who you want book. Prices are great! There is a package to fit every budget. They are an amazing team with a great heart! Call Sarah today if you have not found a photographer! Cross your fingers and hope she is not busy the day or you’re weeding! As soon as you meet her you will know why she is amazing! Good luck with your wedding! Sarah Neyhart Photography will be one of the best investments you will make into your wedding!

Amazing photographer!

Reviewed on 3/25/2011 Trina Q

I don't think there is a bad thing to say about Sarah! She and her husband arrived on time, and made everyone feel comfortable with them. She brightens the room, and makes pictures fun for all involved. Her ideas are fresh and exciting, and she perfectly captured the moments of our special day. Book Sarah far in advance...she's perhaps the best in the area!

Review for Sarah Neyhart

Reviewed on 6/10/2009 Megan S

Full of energy very flexible passionate about her work BEAUTIFUL pictures!


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