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912 Locust Avenue, Charlottesville, VA

Reviewed on 6/27/2015 Kristen K

I held my wedding in Blacksburg but decided to go all the way to Charlottesville for my tent per a recommendation of my wedding planner. From day one, Skyline worked with us to create the perfect tented reception at my venue for my guests. They were extremely professional and went above and beyond to deliver us exactly what we wanted. These guys definitely know what they are doing and knowing we were in good hands was worth every penny!

stay away, far far away

Reviewed on 10/16/2014 Linda D

Skyline has a stranglehold on Cville. They are rigid, overpriced, flippant, and condescending., They refuse to allow a customer to utilize vendors who offer better rates on dance floors, lighting, etc. to "tamper" with their tents. HOWEVER--this is NOT consistent. They do permit some things sometimes, and there is no reason given for other refusals. There are no price lists or info on the website, which should tip you off right away. They charge for delivery when they are already driving out for another matter. They will rip you off at every possible turn. The staff does not know what the manager won't allow, and the manager does not know what the staff has already promised. We had the absolute worst experience of my 62 years with these people, and was coerced into an unfair payment just for the sake of our daughter's sanity. The treatment we received, when it is clear that clients dealing with a wedding are in a vulnerable position and strictly budgeted, and the vendor has you in an adhesion contract, is unethical and almostt immoral. I believe they should be closed down. They're trying to monopolize the market, and my advice to anyone considering rentals in Cville or from venues who deal with Skyline is to RUN from anyplace that insists on using them.

A refreshing experience

Reviewed on 9/20/2014

I used Skyline Tent Company for lighting and decor needs in the outdoor pavilion at Ash Lawn and was delighted by their professionalism and courtesy. As a close family friend of the groom I was tasked with decorating the otherwise bare-bones pavilion and after minimal research I discovered that Skyline was by far the most reputable company in the region. Their inventory selection is phenomenal: they had everything from simple bistro lights to giant chandeliers. I worked with Lee who was very helpful in offering advice as he was familiar with the location. We discussed several different options, eventually settling on a combination of strings of bistro lights in the pavilion ceiling, drapes on all of the posts, and a black and white dance floor. Lee was easy to get in touch with and it only took a few conversations to decide on the order. He was even able to get 6 portable heaters out to venue last minute which was a huge relief. On the wedding day, the delivery crew was timely and professional. Definitely a company that knows what they are doing and was a pleasure to work with.

Take your business elsewhere

Reviewed on 7/13/2014 Kate N

RESPONSE TO COMMENT: Sorry, not true. We were told that we had to use Skyline Tent Company for tents/lighting/dance floor. I specifically asked to use a different vendor after gathering quotes from other companies. Skyline was in our contract with the venue. *** We were very disappointed with Skyline Tent Company. We would not have given Skyline our business, however, they have an exclusive relationship with the venue where we held our wedding (Clifton Inn), and so we were forced to use them. The customer service was poor and the service overpriced (we did some research). In December, Skyline sent us an initial estimate for tents, lighting, and a dance floor. In January, we had an initial call with a Skyline representative to discuss the event. After Skyline sent us a revised estimate, it took the representative nearly a month to respond to some of the basic questions about the types of tents and lighting that Skyline offers. A Skyline representative eventually responded with a revised quote (leaving many questions unanswered) and a note that she would be leaving for a weeklong vacation the next day. During this time, we also noticed that Skyline had significantly increased the dance floor size, which also significantly increased the price. Options were never discussed with us. We also discovered that Skyline was charging significantly more than other similar companies in Charlottesville, and more than most companies we contacted in Washington, D.C. and New York. For example, 300 feet of bistro lights was going to cost us $900 at Skyline whereas other companies in Charlottesville charge $400-450. The price difference was similar for dance floor wash lights. We understand that quality and service may vary from vendor to vendor, but our experience did not meet our expectations for satisfactory customer service, much less the “superior service” that Skyline cites in support of its significantly higher prices. In the end, we asked to work with a different Skyline representative who was responsive. We managed to reduce the contract price by $2,000, by getting rid of a few items, and negotiating a reduced cost for the event lighting. Skyline reduced our lighting costs by 30 percent, which meant we still paid more money than if we had gone with another reputable company in town, but at least we were back in the ballpark of fair market value. Before bringing the negotiation to a close (working out terms of service issues), my husband spoke with one of the Skyline owners who was very defensive. Unfortunately, Skyline’s business practices reflected poorly on our venue. A number of venues seem to have a similar relationship with Skyline Tent Company including Keswick Hall, Afton Mountain Vineyards, Keswick Vineyards and others. Tents and lighting are an expensive part of a wedding budget, so please be warned of our experience. We are giving Skyline one star because the equipment was set up and it worked.

2014-09-15T13:15:51 Response from , the member

They are a preferred vendor but you are not forced to use them. You are able to use any vendor you like.

Beautiful tent at Clifton Inn

Reviewed on 2/05/2014 Natalie P

We used Skyline Tent Company in Charlottesville for the large tent to cover the back deck of the Clifton Inn so we could have our ceremony and reception out there (January wedding). I loved the clear-top tent and the bistro lighting that Liz suggested. I think we could have done without the 4 heaters (it got really hot in there!) but the tent was very beautiful and was exactly how I pictured it. The event technician was sometimes hard to find but he regulated the heaters for us when we got too hot. We also had a freak snowstorm with high winds that blew the sidewalls around but all in all it was a good experience with Skyline.

The Best!

Reviewed on 11/13/2011 Kelley Y

Skyline was wonderful to work with and their tents was so beautiful. They arrived on time and set it up quickly two days before the wedding and left it two days after. We were able to use it for both the reception and brunch the next day. They also worked with us to hang lights I had bought at Ikea and brought last minute heaters (which didn't work as well as I had hoped, but we danced the cold away!)


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