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Reviewed on 9/03/2014 Kristina C

This company is comprised of a bunch of thieves who don't care an ounce about your wedding day. My sister (I was MOH) ordered orange/yellow flower mix with other elements associated with fall. They delivered her bouquet LATE, a bouquet of wilted, dented dark pink roses. You could tell by the look of her face my sister was very disappointed. I told the delivery guy to fix it, who, by the way, looked st*ned out of his mind, came back from the delivery truck and shoved different colored roses in between the bouquet. It was a mess. The centerpieces were filled with cheap (purple) carnations, not what she had asked for. No element of fall at all. None of it looked like the pictures she had taken and showed them. When we called to tell them how disappointed we were, and that we could never recommend their company in good conscience, they said, "Okay," and hung up.


Reviewed on 6/20/2013 Ashley S

Wade totally made my vision come to life, I just told him what I liked and he made it happen. I loved my bouquet so much! He was awesome and easy to work with!

Wade is AMAZING!

Reviewed on 11/27/2012 Rachel F

Wade and his team did a fantastic job for our June 2012 wedding. When I first met with him to discuss my visions (contemporary, candlelight, romance, crystals, crystals, crystals) I was not sure how to verbalize what I really wanted, but Wade got it right! My orchid bouquet was amazing. From the centerpieces to the bouquets to the runner to lighting, Wade really made sure that every detail of decor was perfect. I didn't have a flower girl and worried that walking down the aisle would not be special. We didn't need a flower girl, Wade decorated the runner and the aisle perfectly. My chuppah was glamorous, elegant and one of a kind- all crystals, candles and truly a unique design. Wade was easy to work with and very responsive. He made mock-ups of my bouquet, centerpiece arrangements, and really gave me a feel for what my day would look like. Still, I was in awe of the final product, especially the chuppah. Wade was not just the florist, but really a designer of the night. He spent time working with my cake maker (Sylvia Weinstock) to make sure the flowers on my cake went with the floral arrangement of the night. I definitely would recommend Wade to any friends getting married, and I know my parents will be calling them in the future for my sister. Thanks Wade!

Nailed It

Reviewed on 10/09/2012 Rebecca M

Wade and his team did a fantastic job for our wedding. I have never seen such large roses in my life and they executed my vision perfectly. I was extremely happy with the results.


Reviewed on 8/10/2012 megan s

We worked with Wade in thy NY office. He was super nice and easy to work with. We provided a lot of direction and they delivered. Everything was gorgeous. I've read negative reviews about them in places - but I have to say our flowers were fresh and pretty - and my family said they lasted well into the next two weeks.


Reviewed on 2/18/2012 Nicole M

Hurricane Irene forced cancellation of our wedding.We were told that we would not be penalized.The week of the new wedding date an additional charge of $6000 was levied .The big boss told us he had spoiloage on his flowers ,even though we cancelled the day before.Blackmailed into agreeing on the overcharge we compromised on $4000.Flowers in the sanctuary were pitifully sparse ,the card table was made of fake flowers and the chupah had flowers only on the side facing the runway,those sitting on the sides saw a naked canopy..The owner was determined to short us on everything as a punishment for my lack of sympathy to his lost money on all the weddings affected by the storm.The candle on the runway were adorned with plastic ivy instead of real flowers.I cannot recommend spitz and peck except if you need to be ripped off,they are your venue.

lovely flowers

Reviewed on 12/30/2011 Rachel L

wade was great to work with!! made my vision come to life! able to work close to my budget. a bit pricey, but its nyc....

Amazing florist

Reviewed on 11/08/2011 Bani C

Spitz and Peck is an amazing florist. They not only provided the most beautiful floral center pieces, but designed an amazing ceremony and many other details of the wedding.


Reviewed on 10/26/2011 Jacquelyne K

We were working on a budget of $3,500. We went to many florists and the vibe we got was as if we were working with a budget of $100. However, when we met Brian he told us that any amount of budget is a lot for "flowers" and he would do what it would take to give us our vision...SOLD. We met with Brian a few times in the Huntington office (recommended since it is quieter). I showed him a ton of pictures and came back a few weeks later for our first showing. To say it was way off base is an understatement. It was as if I never even showed him anything. We discussed it further and we came back again for a 2nd showing. This time the colors were right but the design was terrible and lacked any creation. I know we were asking for a lot on a smaller budget but that was just unacceptable. It just so happened they had a sample for someone else displayed and it was exactly what I wanted. We came back for a 3rd trial and they got it exactly right. The whole time I felt they lacked creativity. They do not allow a sample bouquet but if you push it they will (I did and it was the wrong colors). I was not happy with the rehearsal dinner flowers, especially for the price. They were off color and weird looking. I was also not happy with the church decorations. I specifically asked for no tooling, and tooling was what I got. The flowers at the alter looked like big balls of cauliflower. Overall, you definitely have to guide them as to what you want. At times, some of the visits got uncomfortable since they were just not getting what we wanted. The woman that runs the office does not help either, she is a little snotty and I often found myself biting my tongue. At the end they went over our budget by about a thousand. However.... The day of the wedding I was STUNNED at how beautiful the room came out, I couldn't even believe this was OUR wedding, they truly came through to give us the vision we dreamed of.

Beautiful flowers

Reviewed on 7/16/2011 Kristen C

There is no words to explain how beautiful and perfect my flowers were. Brian from Spitz and peck did an amazing job and made my dreams come true. He is truly talented and amazing. My guests were WOWED by my flowers and they even lasted a week after!!!


Reviewed on 11/28/2010 Noemi M

Very accommodating and good customer service.

Beautiful Flowers

Reviewed on 11/02/2010 Amy F

Spitz and Peck is expensive but they do a beautiful job. I especially loved the bride's bouquet, the aisle and the chuppah. They also did a beautiful job with the centerpieces. John was a pleasure to work with.

Review for Spitz and Peck Florist

Reviewed on 5/10/2010 Andrea C

They were so nice, so easy to work with. Offered great ideas, listened to what I wanted and supplied amazing flowers.

Review for Spitz and Peck Florist

Reviewed on 5/10/2010 Nicole D

he was talented and made beutiful arrangements. evefryone raved about them. even thought he did not make what i had in mine it was gorgeous. he was puchy on what holders to use for the centerpieces but he knew what he was talking baout and it came out great.;he does what he wants but it look greats.

Review for Spitz and Peck Florist

Reviewed on 5/10/2010 Joanna A

They did a great job - - the flowers lasted all day. I really had no ideas and they were able to work with my color scheme and find what i liked. They even drove out to the hotel we were getting ready at and dropped the flowers off which was helpful as well.;They waited till the last week before to really finalize anything, including the table linens. As a result we ended up with one table decoration on the place card table that we were not crazy about and cost us more than expected and we had to shell out an extra $1000 for table linens because the cheaper were already rented from the company. Everything was beautiful just a bit more expensive than ever expected.

Review for Spitz and Peck Florist

Reviewed on 5/10/2010 Marie L

They captured our thoughts completely.


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