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Reviewed on 11/11/2013 Kristina R

Beautiful wedding and groom's cake. Exactly what we wanted. Delicious cake. I was amazed at the affordable price for such detailed wedding and groom's cake when compared to other bakers we met with.


Reviewed on 10/31/2013 Heidi I

I was so impressed with the mini cupcakes and small anniversary cake that we ordered for our wedding. It was stunning and completely blew me away. Erin was so helpful and just did a wonderful job. I don't normally like Lemon flavored cakes but she completely changed me with hers. Even my husband, who doesn't like cake at all, when he took his first bite was taken back by how amazing it was. So pleased and would recommend Sweet Pea Cakes anytime. They were very reasonably priced too.

Great Value and Gorgeous Cake!

Reviewed on 10/30/2013 Maggie U

The cake was gorgeous and the almond cake was DELICIOUS! We had a 6 tier cake, bottom three layers fake and top three real. It turned out beautiful. Exactly as described and we got a LOT of compliments on it! Best of all was the grooms cake, very reasonably priced again, Erin made us a Husker stadium cake that was too awesome to eat! Every little detail was done with perfection and she even put a picture of us on the jumbotron. We are very happy with everything Erin made for us and she was very easy to get a hold of and understanding of changes late in the game.

Tasty and gorgeous cake

Reviewed on 8/28/2013 Elizabeth S

I recently used Erin to make the wedding and groom's cake for my August reception. Both cakes turned out so beautifully. The cakes were both delicious and I had so many people tell me that this is the only wedding cake they've ever had that they actually liked. The groom's cake was the best part...everyone adored the ski mountain cake she made for my avid skier of a husband and I think I had more compliments on that cake than on anything else in my wedding, She was also easy to get in touch with and work with through the whole process.

Absolutely Perfect

Reviewed on 8/11/2013 Whitney J

Sweet Pea Cakes created EXACTLY what we wanted in a wedding cake - it was absolutely stunning!! Erin, the owner, was so easy to work with, coordinated with the other vendors easily, and made the most delicious cake I have ever tasted. Truly - white chocolate! Our friends could not stop raving about the flavor and it was so beautiful it was decoration in and of itself. We simply could not have been more thrilled. Highly recommend!!

Amazing, beautiful and tasty!

Reviewed on 6/09/2013 Brian B

We had a beautiful cake in mind and sweet pea took our ramblings and ideas into a wonderful piece of art! The different combinations of fruite and chocolate, vanilla and carrot proved to be the rave of the wedding. People went back for seconds even thirds! The groomsmen cake, in the shape of a wildcat was awesome!

Absolutely Perfect

Reviewed on 1/31/2013 Emily S

Erin made the cake for our December wedding and I cannot express how thankful we are that we chose her! She is efficient, creative, thoughtful, responsive, open to your opinions, and an absolute joy to work with. I wanted a white cake with white chocolate shavings covering each of the five tiers. Not only did she say yes with no hesitation, but because the handmade shavings did not meet her standards, she also special ordered the correct shavings for me at no extra cost. And talk about affordable. For 125 guests, our total cake bill was around $300. And we had a lot left over. What a bargain. She is easy to work with and will change her plans as many times as you change yours...and with no complaints :). Plus her cake is delicious! As my groom is English, she even made a English flag for his groom's cake. It looked AND tasted great! Choosing wedding vendors can be difficult, but Erin was such an easy choice for us. Not to mention she had just delivered a baby three weeks before our wedding. What a woman! She is a true professional. You cannot go wrong with her.


Reviewed on 1/17/2013 Molly W

the red velevet cupcakes are the best!

Amazing Groom's Cake

Reviewed on 10/29/2012 Seanica O

WOW....Erin at Sweet Pea Cakes did a WONDERFUL job on our Groom's Cake and I hadn't even actually met with her in person before the wedding! I just emailed her, sent her pictures of what I envisioned and the details, and she delivered the cake to the reception. It was PERFECT!!! Guests were so impressed with the design and how she made the cake come to life, and the cake quality/taste was excellent!


Reviewed on 10/14/2012 Samia K

Erin makes the BEST cakes! I've been to a lot of weddings, and our wedding cake was the most unique, moist, flavorful and delicious. Our guests agreed. They were also beautiful. She listened carefully to our cake vision and crafted something with even more amazing detail than we envisioned. If I lived closer, I would order Sweet Pea cakes for every special event,and make up events just to order more.

Awesome cake!

Reviewed on 9/30/2012 Mallory H

Erin did such a great job for our wedding. Our cake was beautiful and delicious. My mom mentioned to her that we ran out of cake at the wedding and she even made me my own layer! Definitely recommend her for your wedding!

Delicious and Beautiful Cakes!!

Reviewed on 9/17/2012 Sarah A

I used Sweet Pea Cakes for my wedding back in July. It was beautiful!! Erin was so easy to work with and designed the cake just as I would have imagined it. The butter cream frosting was soo delicious. We unfroze a layer 2 months after the wedding to share with people we work with and it tasted just as good as it did the night of the reception! You definitely need to use Sweet Pea Cakes!

Sweet Pea Cakes

Reviewed on 9/07/2012 Jill W

I absolutely loved Sweet Pea Cakes! Erin was so sweet and completely tailored my cake to my tastes. The wedding cake tasted and looked delicious, and I was even able to get 4 different flavors at no extra charge! Definitely a great value and great service - I highly recommend this business.

beautiful and delicious

Reviewed on 5/01/2012 Mark A

Erin was great to work with! Delicious cup cakes, and she listened to our ideas and came up with a beautiful design! I would recommend sweet pea cakes for every occasion

Sweet Pea Cakes is Amazing!

Reviewed on 11/14/2011 Sara R

We had such a wonderful experience with Erin at Sweet Pea Cakes. She does an amazing job with her cakes! Not only do they look beautiful, but I had so many people tell me that our cake was the best thing they had ever tasted. Erin made the entire experience super easy and she was so flexible. I came in with a picture and she totally made the cake look better than we could imagine. My husband is a huge Chiefs fan and he was so suprised and touched that his groom's cake was a Chiefs jersey! I would recommend Sweet Pea Cakes to anyone I know, and in fact, I have already used her to make amazing cupcakes for the Baby Shower I threw for one of my bridesmaids! You can't do any better than Sweet Pea Cakes! -

Great cake, great service

Reviewed on 11/05/2011 Lisa S

Erin was a pleasure to work with, both in person and via email. Her cakes are delicious and we got so many compliments on them! We had both carrot cake and vanilla cake; she was very accommodating and didn't put nuts (allergies) or raisins (yuck!) in the carrot cake. Great value, too--I spent less than I budgeted! Overall, I'd recommend her to anyone.

Beautiful+Delicious= Awesome

Reviewed on 10/14/2011 Jennilee T

Sweet Pea Cakes was very easy to work with, very accommodating, very helpful, and very delicious. We gave her so little to go off of and she delivered beautifully. The decorations on our cupcakes were fantastic, everything we asked her for was exactly as we hoped and her creativity and artistic ability came across wonderfully where we were too indecisive. She did a wonderful job making our wedding day delicious and beautiful. Highly recommend to any and all. She was great about communication and being helpful. The price was also great. Thanks!


Reviewed on 10/09/2011 Michele K

Erin was great to work with, and the cake was delicious!!

Highly Recommend!

Reviewed on 8/15/2011 Andie A

Erin at Sweet Pea Cakes did the cupcakes at my friend's wedding and I loved everything about them that I had to have her do the cupcakes at my own wedding as well as the groom's cake. And when another friend saw her work at my wedding she booked her for her own next month, too! Her work really is great and she's so wonderful to work with!

Beautiful & Delicious!

Reviewed on 7/12/2011 Kasey R

Erin was fabulous to work with! So flexible and provided amazing service! She made 3 tiers as well as cupcakes in 4 different flavors for our wedding and they tasted just as wonderful as they looked!

Beautiful Cakes

Reviewed on 6/04/2011 Mollie R

I had Erin do both my wedding cake and the groom's cake. They were both perfect! The wedding cake was exactly what I wanted and had pictured. For the groom's cake we did Allen Fieldhouse because my husband is a huge KU fan. It looked awesome and he of course loved it. Erin was willing to work with us to meet our price point which was nice as well. We had sheet cakes for the majority of our guests but her sheet cakes are layered to where they look like they came out of the wedding cake so my guests couldn't really tell. All in all, Erin is awesome and I will be using her in for future occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Beautiful Cake and Cupcakes!

Reviewed on 2/09/2011 Katie N

Erin was amazing! She was so easy going and helpful that I didn't even have to think twice about the cake stuff getting done!! The cake was a beautiful 4 tier white cake and was delicious! She also made 100 strawberry and chocolate cupcakes which were amazing too! I would recommend Sweet Pea Cakes to every bride I know! She had the best pricing I could find and was well worth every penny!! Thanks a million Erin! :) Katie Newton

Grooms Cake

Reviewed on 12/01/2010 Ashley H

I decided to do a last minute surprise groom cake. Sent Erin a picture of my now husband's dauchaund, and she was going to duplicate the picture for the cake. The dog looked a little different than a dauschaund but he loved it regardless. Overall quality taste wise was about 3 stars. Appreciate how flexible she was on short notice.

Wonderfully Perfectly Amazing CAKE!

Reviewed on 11/18/2010 Erin C

I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful cake for our wedding. Erin is wonderful to work with, and she made our cake absolutely the way we wanted it. We even had her do a flavor she had never done before and it was absolutely delicious! I highly recommend her. You won't be disappointed!by iamcaboose718


Reviewed on 7/20/2010 Gina M

Erin was nothing short of phenomenal when it came to both the wedding and groom's cake. She really listens to what you want and brings it all to fruition on the big day. Her aesthetics were not the only thing our guests were talking about, her flavors were also exceptional. The cakes were very moist and delicious. The butter cream was just the right amount of thickness and not too sweet. And if should something go wrong on your day, rest assure that Erin always has a plan. I trusted her 100% with her decisions on the cakes and she came through with 110%. Sweet Pea Cakes comes highly recommended and we plan to use them for more occasions in the future!


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