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Not just any dress...The Dress!

The Dress by Nicole is a bridal boutique for the discriminating bride looking for that exquisite, unique gown. Selected for elegance, beauty and high quality, we offer a wide array of special order and immediate purchase gowns and dresses. We are excited to help you find The Dress!



Bridesmaids, Flower Girls, Mothers Fashions, Other Attire & Accessories, Shoes, Wedding Gowns


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131 W Wesley St, Wheaton, IL

Loved everything at The Dress by Nicole!

Reviewed on 8/07/2013 Meaghan V

I absolutely loved The Dress by Nicole and my whole experience at the store. I went to the store after trying on close to 60 wedding dresses elsewhere, and not finding anything I liked. I told my associate that I was extremely nervous felt like I was starting over, but she was so calm and helpful that any nervousness and anxiety I was feeling quickly disappeared. She helped me choose about 8 dresses, holding one for last, saying she knew it'd be my favorite— and it was! I walked out in the last dress and my mom and godmother both started crying. I knew it was the dress and I was so excited to finally find it. We paid for the dress that day, but they let me come back a two months later to try it on again to decide what size I should order. In the meantime, they kept me up to date on the status of my order and payment through phone calls and emails, but never were pushy or rude. Everyone at the store was exceptionally welcoming and kind, and they really gave me the best wedding dress shopping experience I could have. I even bought my veil and earrings from the same store. Thank you, Nicole, and all of your associates!

The perfect dress shop

Reviewed on 7/30/2013 Brandi S

I bought my dress at The Dress by Nicole back in September of 2012. I have to say it was a fantastic experience. I loved the boutique style of the store and the intimacy that provided. The young girl helping me get in and out of dresses made me feel very comfortable and seemed enthusiastic about her job. Nicole was there as well to oversee the shopping and offer words of encouragement and compliments. My family and friends were with me, and they were made to feel very welcomed also. The prices of the dresses were very reasonable, and every dress fit like a dream - which made it hard to choose! I also loved that they suggested dress alterations with someone that was not associated with the store, their sales or commissions. That felt very honest and they advised me well on size choice. I did end up using the alterations specialist they had advised and she was wonderful, too. All in all, I paid $50 dollars to add a bussel and that was it! Loved The Dress by Nicole and have recommended it to all of my friends getting married, and anyone in need of a special occasion gown!

"THE" place to find The Dress

Reviewed on 7/18/2013 Debbie R

I found my dress here for my March 2013 wedding and am so glad I did. The store is so cute and quaint with a great selection. The staff are very friendly, but never pushy. My dress was so amazing and very affordable for the quality I received - I can't tell you how many compliments I received about the dress. I would recommend for anyone to check out this cute shop in the search for their perfect dress!

Great Service

Reviewed on 10/07/2014 Annika C

I absolutely loved my experience there. It was actually my first stop of the day and it was by far the best. They were personable, knowledgable and best-of-all not pushy! I ended up returning a week after my initial appointment to purchase my dress. It felt great to not feel hounded like I did from other stores. Nicole actually responds to you directly and they provide a cute gift bag when you buy from them. They also had a GREAT recommendation for a tailor (Mary Burlingame) out in the burbs. She was also phenomenal! Finally, they actually dropped off my dress for me to the tailors when it came in for free so that I wouldn't have to bring it over. Great experience and I would highly recommend them!

Worth the trip

Reviewed on 9/27/2014 Suzanne E

So I was the one that wanted to run to the courthouse and my fiancé was the one that wanted a big wedding. After a couple months into the process, I started to warm up to having our wedding and I was sold after trying on dresses at The Dress by Nicole. I decided to checkout their sample sale which was instantly appealing since it was by appointment. A little disappointing that I wouldn't have a throw down with another bride, but it was probably better since my mom, MOH and two cousins were there. I had tried on dresses before and none felt right. I'm a colorful person so white was just not doing it for me. I almost gave up, but with three dresses left, I found "the one". I knew instantly because my mom was head-over-heals (the whole courthouse idea came from her and my dad). Now we're both looking forward to the wedding! I cannot wait to wear my dress again. It'll be the third best thing of the day next to marrying my fiancé and seeing my family all in one space. The service was great and they were able to offer advice such as try on things you wouldn't normally think you would want. It was that advice that lead me to my dress. Side note: they have great accessories which can spice up your dress! Go. Don't wait. They're amazing.

Loved the dress!

Reviewed on 9/14/2014 Marion S

Dress shopping at The Dress by Nicole was a wonderful experience for me. Each time I went in, the staff was extremely helpful and professional. I ended up buying not only my dress there, but also the belt, hair piece, and shoes. Although you couldn’t really see the shoes – they were absolutely amazing and recommended by store. I wore Tom’s wedges and they were extremely comfortable!! The Dress by Nicole also recommended Mary for alterations. Mary was excellent. Also, what helped me out was that the store dropped off the dress to Mary. I know this is a small detail, but I live in the city so by the store doing this for me it relieved me from taking a special trip out to Wheaton to transport the dress to the alterations.


Reviewed on 7/11/2014 Jill S

Worked with Nicole personally - so nice and it was exciting that she was the actual owner. Did not end up buying a dress from there, but would recommend it. Wish I found something, would have been nice to help out a small business owner!

Wonderful People - Gorgeous Dresses!

Reviewed on 6/29/2014 Nikki L

I came to this shop based off of my MOH's local search of Dress Shops. We already had 2 other appointments set up, but I was set on having at least 3 appointments! As we walked into The Dress, there was some minor mix-up as they did not have my appointment on the books. Since my entourage was relatively small, and it was the middle of a snow storm, they were able to accommodate us still. They asked for me and my entourage to start looking through their inventory and to turn out any dresses I may want to try on. Knowing my price range, they did mention that some of their dresses were above my price range, and to make sure I checked the prices before turning them out. The last thing any of us wanted was me falling in love with a dress I couldn't afford. My consultant, Jessica, was amazing! She was extremely attentive, and helped me get into each dress asking me after each dress if I liked that one more than the one before. She made what could be a daunting process SO EASY, and Yes. I found my dress!! I didn't think I wanted a strapless dress, but that it what I ended up purchasing. Knowing that I was interested in a cap sleeve, Jessica was also able to show me what that might look like if I so chose to have that added. And I did. (It turned out AMAZING!) Once I had chosen my dress, she also put me in a cathedral length veil, and I knew THAT was also my veil. She flawlessly completed my look. While the veil was much more than I had wanted to spend, they were able to order it for me without the embellishments and it was PERFECT. Thank you to Jessica and Nicole both, who proved to be EXTREMELY helpful throughout the process. I would never have found my beloved Ellis Dress without you!!

Dress by Nicole

Reviewed on 10/15/2013 caroline G

I loved Nicole! I absolutely loved my dress and they were so friendly and helpful

Great Vendor

Reviewed on 7/22/2013 Rebecca R

Working with the Dress by Nicole was fantastic. She is reliable, prompt and very helpful. She also uses a fantastic tailor.

The dress

Reviewed on 7/17/2013 Alissa S

I love The Dress By Nicole. They were very patient with me through my decision process of dress shopping and I never felt pressured to purchase from them. I went in for two appointment with them before purchasing the second dress I tried on. They were very helpful and nothing but patient and understanding through a process that can be very stressful.

Such a wonderful experience

Reviewed on 7/17/2013 Amy A

I started my wedding dress search at a large bridal store and felt very uncomfortable during the whole process. It was inpersonal and not what I had hoped for. I knew I wanted to narrow my search to a small boutique and had read great reviews about The Dress by Nicole. I scheduled an appointment and I knew I was in the right place the moment I walked in. It is the cutest little store and the ladies are so welcoming. Once I found the perfect dress, I went back several times to find a belt and veil. Nicole helped me find the perfect ribbon for my belt, even though it was a color they didn't carry at the store. She called several designers and had swatches delivered to the store so I could choose. Every time I went to the store, the girls remembered me and my dress. Nicole and her staff made me feel like an absolute princess and I can't thank them enough!

Wedding dress success!

Reviewed on 5/31/2013 Lindsay P

The Dress by Nicole is wonderful! The girls working there are so kind and helpful and the experience is so personal. They have a wide range of dresses and are great at staying in your budget. I never felt pressured to buy anything or add anything like I felt at other places. The customer service is great. It is so nice to give my business to a local place like this. I have recommended The Dress to many and would recommended you go there as well! They helped me feel so beautiful on my big day and I am so thankful I found "The Dress"!!

The perfect place to find your wedding gown

Reviewed on 5/16/2013 Ali R

The boutique is simply adorable - from the décor to the staff - The Dress By Nicole definitely aims to please. I had a wonderful consultant whom, by looking at my body type, made suggestions for dresses I should try on. The service is personalized and they make you feel special.

Easiest wedding dress shopping experience ever...

Reviewed on 1/03/2013 Mary O

I looked at one other bridal salon before going to The Dress By Nicole. I made an appointment for a busy Saturday during of their sample sales. Prior to booking my appointment Nicole mentioned that they would be busy and I would have to be in one of their smaller rooms. When I arrived I was pleasantly surprised. Although there were several other appointments at the time I was immediately greeted by Nicole. She was very attentive.There was plenty of selection within my somewhat low price point. I tried on five or six dresses and bought my dress that very day. Since then I have been back to try on my dress and purchase a veil. Nicole and her staff are great! If you're looking for a pleasant, laid back shopping experience this is the place!

Great Service, Cute Shop

Reviewed on 12/09/2012 Deena Z

What a cute wonderful boutique. Prior to visiting The Dress by Nicole, I had visited a few other bridal shops (large and small, privately owned and chain) and probably tried on over 40 dresses. I was tired quite frankly of dress shopping. I came into this shop for three specific dresses - all by the same designer. One of the dresses I had tried on at another store (HOB), but I chose to buy it from The Dress by Nicole. They were friendly, attentive, not overly-priced and accommodating. They also recommended a seamstress for me, but with no strings attached. I felt no pressure to 'have' to use them or their shop for fittings or storage. i would HIGHLY recommend this shop.

Great little store, great service

Reviewed on 11/19/2012 Jennifer B

I saw the dress of my dreams in a magazine and immediately ripped it out. The Dress was having a trunk show, so I made an appointment. Nicole and her team were great to work with. They let me and my mom take our time and look through everything. I didn't buy the dress right away, but instead left to go grab lunch and think about it. Nicole was sweet enough to let me try the dress on again, even though they were really busy and had other appointments. Nicole was always very responsive and wonderful to work with! Unlike other bridal salons, I never felt pressured to make a decision or to pick more expensive dresses. Also, other bridal salons will insist you try on dresses that perhaps you have no interest in. At The Dress I was able to select only the dresses in which I was interested. Please visit this boutique - Nicole will surely take care of you!

Wonderful Dress Shop

Reviewed on 11/08/2012 Randi L

I found the dress I loved on the first day that I went looking. The Dress by Nicole helped me find my perfect dress, and they were extremely helpful along each step.

Quality Beautiful Gowns, Impeccable Personalized Service

Reviewed on 11/07/2012 Cathy N

I knew The Dress By Nicole was going to be a lovely experience from the moment I spoke to the friendly and polite staff on the telephone to schedule my initial appointment. The Dress was the first bridal shop my mother, sisters and I visited when looking for my perfect dress. I knew I was looking for a beautiful and unique mermaid gown but was keeping an open mind. One of my favorites when leafing through bridal magazines was a Kitty Chen gown, and The Dress was one of the only local bridal shops that carried Kitty Chen. I brought in a photo, and The Dress had the sample in store for me to try. The consultants understood that it was my first time shopping for dresses, and allowed my sisters and I to pull as many dresses as we wanted while pulling some other selections they thought might work for my petite frame as well. While the shop itself is small, my consultant said she pulled some additional dresses from storage in the basement. The consultant was not pushy, and I felt like I got the full experience of wedding dress shopping in one location trying on a fuller gown, a form fitting sheath gown, satin, taffeta, organza, and lace. In the end, the Kitty Chen was still my favorite. For peace of mind, I felt like I needed to do my due diligence and try on other dresses at other bridal shops. In total, I went to 4 different shops: The Dress By Nicole, Crystal Bride in St. Charles, Here Comes the Bride in Addison, and Jasmine in Lombard. I always went back to photos of that first Kitty Chen gown. I ended up coming back to Nicole for the dress, and the ladies informed me that Kitty Chen does a trunk show there in October which would help me to save some funds for other wedding planning adventures. I was hesitant about waiting, so Nicole called Kitty herself to make sure that my dress would arrive with ample time for alterations to be completed before my June wedding. To make sure that I didn't lose any of the beautiful rosette detailing in the skirt, the ladies also suggested I hollow to hem. With Nicole's background in Fashion Design and Pattern-making, I have full confidence that my dress will turn out perfectly with her custom measurements. I also found a beautiful veil to complement my gown during a 50% off veil promotion this fall. I truly feel like I was able to get a boutique couture gown and veil without compromising my budget. The Dress by Nicole by far was the best combination of unique selection of quality beautiful gowns and impeccable, caring and personalized customer service. I cannot wait to get back into my wedding dress and veil!

Beautiful Salon and Wonderful Service!

Reviewed on 11/07/2012 Andrea D

When I started my search for dresses, I eased into the process. I didn't want to overwhelm myself, and I knew that what I would like was going to stand out to me. That being said, in preparation for my appointment at The Dress by Nicole, I would occasionally check out the designers' sites and create a list of dresses that stood out to me. Once I narrowed it down, I contacted Nicole at the shop to share which styles I was interested in, and she kept a list and set them aside for my visit. Going in there knowing I already had a good list of dresses to try on made me already feel at ease! Once I walked into the shop, I was immediately excited. Not only does the design lend itself to a classy feel, but it also felt warm and comfortable. Even though I already had a list of dresses set aside, Nicole encouraged me to look around and see if anything else jumped out at me. She made some great suggestions based on styles I had already liked, but there was no pressure to try anything that didn't catch my eye. One of the things that I absolutely LOVE about her shop is that the designers Nicole carries are not found everywhere. They are all unique and beautifully made, and carefully chosen by her. I so appreciate her taking the time to let me go at my own pace, and look around some more, because that is how I found My Dress. It was a designer who doesn't share her dresses online; but as soon as I put it on, I knew! Since this was the first shop I went to, Nicole told me to take my time and think about it, but since I live out of town (yes, i traveled to go to her store specifically), she took my measurements to have on hand. She even alerted me on the timeline I had to ensure that I would have proper alteration time if I did decide to order. Needless to say, I went to one other shop and couldn't stop thinking about The Dress, as well as how poor the service was at the other salon in comparison to Nicole's. Nicole didn't make me feel rushed or like I was forcing myself to like or decide on a dress! If you're looking for a beautiful boutique with an owner who loves and understands the business and wants you to share that same love in your dress, I highly recommend The Dress by Nicole!

Wonderful experience & beautiful selection

Reviewed on 11/07/2012 Emily S

I bought my wedding dress here for our wedding back in August 2012. The shop was so cute and had a great selection. The staff was super attentive and friendly. From the first phone call I made to set up my appointment to them helping me find a fabulous alterations person I felt at ease. There are some stores that will be pushy and arrogant, and The Dress is NOT one of them. I felt comfortable and trusted them throughout the entire process. My dress came in on time and they even brought it over to the alteration place for me - which was a huge help. I would defiantly recommend them for any Bride!

The Best

Reviewed on 11/07/2012 Samantha W

My fiance and I were in Downtown Wheaton, still glowing from our recent engagement, when he noticed this bridal shop. Nervous to start looking for a dress (still couldn't believe I was engaged!) and thinking this must be some ritzy snobby boutique, he walked me in and made an appointment for me to start trying on dresses. I am so glad he did because The Dress By Nicole is fantastic! That afternoon, my mother and I returned to the store for my very first attempt at finding THE dress. I didn't have an idea of what kind of dress I wanted, but the women working at The Dress By Nicole were truly wonderful. They listened to my likes and dislikes, never tried to convince me of choosing a dress and purchasing that day, and were patient with me. I did find a dress I LOVED that day (the first one I ever tried on!) but couldn't commit just yet, which they said was OK --they even encouraged me to look elsewhere and keep them in the back of my head. Over the next few months I went to different, bigger retail dress shops and just didn't have the same experience. Yes, they had the dress I loved but I always felt pressured to buy that day (the make commission off of every sale). I knew I had to go back to The Dress. I ended up purchasing a Saison Blanche Dress (style B3079) and ordering extra crinolen to make it a mermaid/trumpet style dress. The women at The Dress By Nicole are absolutely wonderful. They truly love what they are doing and do not pressure women to buy. I never felt rushed to make a decision and I had someone helping me the whole time (didn't have to juggle between multiple brides). I wish I could get married again just so I can go back to them for another dress!

Amazing, Personalized Service

Reviewed on 11/07/2012 Kasey S

I went to a few other shops before coming to The Dress and I am so glad I found this place! Nicole and her employees were super professional and patient. I nearly tried on every dress in the entire store and was having trouble deciding between the two. Instead of pressuring me to buy, they told me to sleep on it and come back the next day. They were having a trunk show for the designer of the dress I ended up buying the following weekend and offered to give me the discount anyway. Every time I came into the store, they knew my name. Not only did they help me find he perfect dress, they hand delivered it to the alterations place. I highly recommend checking out this place! The dresses are affordable and beautiful!

Flower Girl Dress

Reviewed on 11/07/2012 Becky W

I bought the flower girl dress for our wedding from Nicole at "The Dress" and had the best experience there. We ordered the sweetest little dress well ahead of time but the vendor canceled the order without warning. Nicole went out of her way to work with us to create the most amazing dress that I even liked better than the ill fated ordered one. What started as a disaster became a great experience and perfect dress. Thanks again, Nicole!


Reviewed on 11/01/2012 Jenna S

I purchased my dress from The Dress By Nicole at the beginning of their second year of business, but you would not have been able to tell it had only been open a year! The staff was professional and my family and I had such a joyous experience! I LOVED LOVED LOVED my dress! I cried when I had to take it off. I also purchase the most fabulous belt to match the dress, a veil, and my wedding shoes there. Nicole actually picked out my dress. It was the first one I had tried on. I want to get married again (to the same guy of course!) just so I can buy another dress from The Dress by Nicole!


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