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5018 Wilmington Dr., Fort Collins, CO (970) 215-8358

Reviewed on 7/06/2017 Hannah G

BRIDE BEWARE!!! Do not use this company. Our limo started breaking down on the way to our ceremony site and made a huge scene as it pulled in to the wrong side of our ceremony site- BILLOWING SMOKE. Then the driver put us back in the same limo (like it would magically fix... Read More itself) and tried to take us to our reception. The limo broke down on the side of the road and we sat for 45 minutes as the emotional driver tried to reach the limo company with no success. Our friend picked us up in his Kia, we were very late to our reception. I still don't know how the poor driver got home.

Reviewed on 7/03/2017 Caitie W

We booked them for our rehearsal dinner, which was 30 mins from the lodge where our wedding and guests were at. Tad gave good service on the phone and sold us on a "33" person party bus. The bus arrived about 5-10 min late which ultimately was okay cause our group wasn't all... Read More together yet. When it arrived the bus looked like garbage on the outside, dented and beat up.. The inside was thankfully in good shape however we were told not to touch the stripper pole as it "wasn't secure." When it came down to it we fit 26 people in the bus, maybe could of fit 3-4 more but DEFINITELY not 33. None of our party is obese either. This meant unfortunately several groups of family/friends had to get off and drive themselves. We had a return trip for 9:30, the driver was there and waiting, everyone returned to our lodge safely. What happened later was 1 week after using their service and returning from our honeymoon I check my credit card statement and see the agreed upon charges then an additional $49. When questioning the owner Tad on the charges, he said it was a cleaning fee and that he had to pay it so I have to pay it. While I have no doubt we left beer cans and trash in the bus, we were sharing the bus with my grandparents, hardly a case for the bus to be so trashed that it required above and beyond cleaning over what was included in the $600 we paid for 5 hours. When questioned Tad said "the glasses were dirty," The glasses I said? Apparently there are champagne glasses that even if they get a splash on are $3 a glass to clean, LOL!! If he or his driver had been up front about this hidden charge I would of absolutely told them to take them out, we were not drinking champagne on the way to a brewery... When asked for pictures of the so called excessively dirty bus the owner promised to send them to me... What I got is the attached picture showing his invoice to the cleaners, I absolutely feel this was a fee that should of been included in the purchase price and not tacked on at the end to eek out an extra $49 out of a customer. Hope you enjoy the $49 Tad, it will cost you negative reviews all over the internet.

Reviewed on 9/10/2016 Samantha M

This is my far the worst company I have ever encountered. We booked a limo three months before the event which was a quinceanera.On the day of, we called and Tad said that there was no reservation made for that day even though the deposit was already withdrawed form the bank... Read More account. He contacted another company that was able to show up about three hours late. Later, we called and asked for a refund for the deposit at least and he was extremely rude and even asked me if I was on drugs. In my opinion, he was extremely unprofessional and rude. We tried contacting again and he hung up. I suggest everyone who is reading this to not book anything and go to a more reliable company because this one doesnt take its business seriously.

Reviewed on 8/24/2016 Kyle E

Do not use this company. We booked two limo buses in April for our September wedding. We got a call about 25 days before our wedding that they overbooked their limo buses for a concert and cancelled both of our buses, even though we had booked ours first. The owner, Tad, was... Read More extremely rude and unprofessional the entire time we tried to sort everything out. He hung up on us and refused to return our calls even though we remained polite to him the entire time. We ended up booking with NoCo Party Bus in Fort Collins and so far they have been much better.

Reviewed on 8/06/2016 Jamie C

Absolutely the worst business I have ever dealt with. Needed transportation for my wedding guests and booked back in May. I dealt directly with the owner, Tad, the entire time. He gave me a great quote, and mentioned it would only last if I booked within 48 hours, which I... Read More did. Two months later, when I went to book an additional vehicle, they mentioned that the original quote they gave me for the previous vehicles was too low and that they had to cancel my entire reservation weeks before the wedding. They completely lied to me saying that they had to fire the person who gave me this low quote...BUT I only ever spoke with Tad, the owner, the entire time! When I asked what the cost is that they are looking for, they would not even discuss with me and just canceled my trip. I realized they canceled my trip while I was on my way to my bachelorette weekend (completely stressful situation as my wedding is weeks away). I called Tad right away and he was completely unprofessional and unreasonable with me, even while I was staying kind and professional with him. Ended up booked with Denver Limo Company and my experience with them so far has been much better.

Reviewed on 8/03/2016 Skylar S

Tad was professional and the driver, Patrick, was good about contacting me to get details about pick up and drop off. Overall, an okay experience. However, we had originally requested a bus and they sent a limo - telling us this only hours before the ceremony. The limo only made... Read More it about halfway up the dirt road to the venue that was relatively windy and steep. All of the male guests in the limo got out and had to push the limo before it left them to walk the rest of the way up the hill to the wedding. Not such a great look being all sweaty and late to a wedding because the limo wasn't quite able to make it up the hill. I asked for a 50% refund and ended up getting about a 20% refund. At least he gave us that but I probably won't use this company again.

Rude and Unreliable

Reviewed on 10/05/2014 Angela M

The Longest Limo did everything right at the beginning. I needed a limo bus to get my wedding party from our rehearsal at the wedding venue on the east side of Denver to the rehearsal dinner in Golden. I didn't want my party to be driving during rush hour in a city they were... Read More unfamiliar with, having a few drinks at dinner, then having to drive 30 minutes back to the hotel the night before the wedding. Longest Limo quoted me at $450 + $180 tip. I had to email Tad after talking to him to remind him to send me an invoice which didn't end up being an invoice, but just an email stating what we had discussed. I planned on rounding the tip up to $550. I contacted them 2 weeks before the wedding to make sure that we were still on track, to which they responded with a confirmation. 3 days before the wedding, I got a call from Tad checking in. As he talked, he began to change some of the things that we had agreed upon. He requested that I pay in cash at the beginning of the ride before they picked us up at the end of the night which I thought was odd, but I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. When I mentioned that I was going to give an additional tip, he said thank you and then requited me at $530 as the "base" charge before tip. He got more and more irritated with me as I started questioning the charges. He talked over me and kept talking in circles without answering my questions. When I mentioned that I still have the confirmation email he send me he got belligerent stating "I'm not sending my drivers to deal with YOU!". My fiancé was with me and witnessed the whole conversation and we were both shocked at his behavior. I told him I wanted a refund of my deposit if this was the case and he hung up on me. He called back in 5 minutes and left a voicemail saying that he would be sending me the full refund. I would suggest recording every conversation with Longest Limo. If they are writing an email or leaving a voicemail, they sound professional, but in person, Tad is rude and unprofessional. If you catch them in their own lie, they react poorly. They might be good for a night out with friends, but I would not suggest using them for an important event. We called up Denver Limo and they matched the original quote by Longest Limo and threw in a fully stocked bar.

Review for The Longest Limos

Reviewed on 9/25/2008 Katherine H

The limo was very nice and the driver was willing to take us around a bit.;This was included with our second venue a nightclub we rented. Even though we had a signed contract with a time they almost didn't show up I had to call 15 minutes before they were supposed to be... Read More there and be mean... We didn't pay a lot but we didn't get a lot either.