The Pennsylvanian

Pittsburgh, PA

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  • Handicap Accessible

  • Indoor

  • Reception Area

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$$$ – Moderate

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Ballroom, Historic Venue

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1100 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA (412) 391-6730

Beautiful Venue- Beautiful Pictures- Miserable Staff

Reviewed on 7/22/2013 Ashley N

This is one of the most unique and beautiful venues in Pittsburgh. You will not find a more beautiful venue in the entire city. Certainly not a cookie cutter hotel ball room. However, the residential leasing staff is in charge of the event rental as well. They are less than... Read More interested. Lest you think I was a Momzilla, I made one call to ask a question in the 18 month planning process and was rudely told my concern/question was not a valid one. The week of the wedding, my soon to be son in law dropped by the office to pick something up. An administrative assistant actually told my son in law, "You are going to have to take a seat, be quiet and wait until we can help you." If you have read the other reviews, museum curators was a term used to describe the staff. And, although that fits, curmudgeon(s) is the term that always came to my mind. Frankly, I have to agree with the previous reviews. I certainly wish I had read the reviews prior to booking. You are paying top dollar for a venue and you expect a modicum of courtesy from the venue staff. Pros: Beautiful Unique Stunning Architecture Please know that ALL of the exclusive vendors who service this venue are highly professional and their services and products are top tier. Cons: Venue rental staff who is rude and uninterested in this part of their job.

almost booked here...but

Reviewed on 5/07/2012 LAUREN S

I almost booked here for our wedding as it is one of the most beautiful places in Pittsburgh for sure. That said, I decided it against it for a few reasons, the first and more critical was because of the staff. My fiancé and I visited a few times to get a feel for the space,... Read More and even when we had an appointment we were greeted rudely by the receptionist. We said hello, and she more or less looked at us like we had interrupted her and were totally inconveniencing her. It was off-putting to say the least. My friend just got married, and their bridal party went to take pictures in the rotunda. I totally get this is a private space, but they were spoken to very rudely about it by the staff, and were asked to leave. Not sure why it is such a big deal to take some pictures, it’s not like they were some hoodlums, they just wanted a few pictures and everyone had formalwear on. Their overall demeanor towards my friends was rude and really did not make me excited to use this space. I wondered, if they have been so unfriendly for these little things, what will it be like to plan my wedding their? Our initial meeting with the person who manages the space really was hands off, and that’s fine, but again, does not make you want to use the space. He really wanted nothing to do with it, why not hire someone who cares about the events that take place there, rather than someone there just to sell the space? Someone put in a prior review, they are like mean museum curators, and that is a perfect description. Another issue I was concerned about was the sound of the space, which more or less required a special DJ who knew the space who would ultimately be more expensive. Overall, this was just not a place I was going to put 30k plus into to be treated like that…we went with the Carnegie Museum of Art, and are still in the planning process, but are quite pleased so far. Just consider this before booking the space. The one positive star is for the woman from Opening Night Catering, she was very warm and friendly, and was very open with us. If only the Pennsylvanian had been…

mother of the bride

Reviewed on 10/21/2010 Rebecca K

There is no other venue more beautiful in Pittsburgh than the Pennsylvanian! It is not an easy place to work with, however, and the sound for entertainment and toasts is very difficult.

Beautiful Venue

Reviewed on 9/20/2010 Rebecca R

The most spectacular wedding venue in Pittsburgh!

Management needs to match quality to price tag.

Reviewed on 8/10/2010 Natasha K

Pros - Ambiance - Prettiest venue in downtown Pittsburgh - Space - you can fit a ton of people in the space! - Rania's Catering (required vendor and provided great service) Cons - Sound - Due to the vaulted ceilings, we were never able to get good sound on the mics. There... Read More was an echo and most people could not understand anyone talking (MC's, Speeches, etc). Super disappointing not to hear your father or father in law's speech. :( - Management - The venue attracts well to do clientele, but the service does not match the price tag with high quality and accommodating management service. They are more like mean museum curators in the planning process. :) Hotels are far superior in management service. - Common Space is NOT Exclusive, Building Residents are Allowed to Join (and sometimes harass) - During dinner, my fiance, I, and the photographer went to the rotunda to take pictures. A resident came downstairs and started doing Tai Chi in the middle of my party. A 70 y/o man brought out a lawnchair and watched her. We held our tongue and ignored them, but the man shouted at us "of all the places in Pittsburgh why do they have to take pictures on our property, and in our way?" . I told them we had rented the entire venue and it was actually private property, and they told Me to shut up. Me, the bride! My father in law tried to pacify the situation and told everyone to just calm down. Then the old man stepped up to my new father in law in a aggressive way as if to make him flinch. I told them, "I am the bride, why are you trying to ruin my wedding day?"..response "shut up B***, and go inside." They were joined by another older couple that also chimed in with aggressive and angry language about how they lived there and I was on their private property as we cut our session short and walked back inside. I didn't know I had to hire security to protect myself from the Pennsylvanian residents. When they started behaving physically aggressive, my coordinator called the police. The angry senior citizens also told the police that my photographer (who never even spoke) instigated the situation. Afterwards, PA management did not take a side in the situation. -$$$$ Everything must be brought in from the outside. Tables, chairs, kitchen supplies, silverware)

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