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Each Pros Photography package includes: - The perfect Photographer to capture your wedding vision - 8 hours of coverage - Unlimited shots taken - Non-watermarked, high-resolution JPEG files of every image on DVD-Rom. Ready to print and share! Check availability & pricing for your wedding location today!


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Photographer, Videographer, and DJ were PERFECT!

Reviewed on 11/10/2015 Christine S

The Pros were amazing. We hired our Photographer, Videographer, and DJ through The Pros and I have to say that it was smooth sailing on all accounts. David was an amazing photographer with a great energy and was always there taking shots- he seemed to be everywhere at once!... Read More Rodrick was very sweet and attentive as a videographer and worked well with David getting shots and covering all of the angles. Bruce (DJ Latif) was AMAZING- our venue was less than awesome and Bruce really stepped up to act as a wedding coordinator and he had our backs the entire time. He read the energy of the room, played great music, and kept people occupied and dancing. He really made our night and we can never thank him enough. The three of them together were PHENOMENAL and I HIGHLY recommend them for your big day. I completely trust them and they made our day perfect.

2017-10-05T14:07:42 Response from the vendor

Thank you so much for your great review! We are so proud to have David, Rodrick and Latif represent The Pros Weddings! Hugh Riley, Vice President

Reviewed on 1/14/2018 Linda T

So many pics and I can't really remember seeing our photographer. This company is easy to work with and the overall cost was fair. We received our pics to peruse while still on our honeymoon.

Reviewed on 1/13/2018 Candace D

Loved our photographer!!! Totally chill and open to any and all idea throughout the day.

Reviewed on 1/13/2018 Courtney H

The Pros did a great job from beginning to end. Lots of communication prior to the wedding. Xenia my photographer was great!!! My pictures came out amazing!! And the customer service following the wedding was great, I love my photos & album. Great experience!!!

Reviewed on 1/11/2018 Jessica Z

Our wedding day was amazing with the exception of the services we received from The Pros. The first incident that puts a bad taste in my mouth is the fact that they sent the wrong videographer to our wedding. My husband and I met with many videographers at a few of their shows,... Read More and we picked who we picked for a reason. I reached out to the rep and informed her of this when I saw it on our contract. She assured me that the person I was describing was correct, but yet, the wrong guy was the one who showed up to my house on the day of my wedding – a guy we specifically did not pick for certain reasons. While this was not ideal, I tried not to let anything bother me that day. The second thing that disappointed me was the fact that during the booking process I was informed that we could always extend the time we need him there. In the middle of my reception when the videographer went to leave, a very-near-and-dear to my heart event was happening on the dance floor. My uncles who helped raise me because my father died when I was 3, were taking turns cutting in and dancing with my mother. When I asked him to stay for a little longer to get the shot, and offered to pay him more, he flat out said no and packed up. On a day where everything is supposed to be magical, I was losing out on documenting something that I wanted to remember forever. Obviously, I did not have my video camera on me to get the shot. This made me very sad, but over time I convinced myself that it was not that big of a deal - I'll have that as a memory in my head and that is what is important. But I realize, as I'm sitting here typing this story to you, that I have tears running down my face at how sad and frustrated this makes me. The third, and most frustrating reason I am disappointed, is because it has been over a year, and I still have yet to receive the product that I purchased. Everyone that we looked at, we made sure would provide us with those adorable 5-minute shorts of the events of the day. We paid extra for this upgraded package that would include this. Yet, here we are over a year later with no 5-minute video, AND no edited wedding video. All we have is the raw footage. And why is this? Because my husband and I are expected to "make our own edits." We paid a great deal of money to have this (we thought) taken care of. We are not professionals and know nothing about what will be good in the video, but more importantly, we barely have time to have dinner together 3 nights a week, let alone be able to sit down at the computer together to edit this video. The fourth and final disappointment is that I contacted The Pros with this information 3 weeks ago, and received one email stating that someone will call me, and giving me instructions on how to edit my video. When I sat down with my husband to edit it, the link didn’t work. After that, I received one call that when I called back and left a message, I didn’t receive a return call. I had to follow up and call again to get another call back. When I did get the call back, the gentleman informed me that I would get another email resetting my username and password so I could go on and say I don’t want to make edits, and that I trust them to make a video. I still have no email, no link, no working username, no edited wedding video, and no 5-minute clip which I’ve paid extra money for. I've hesitated making this review because I don't want them to now make a crappy video out of spite, but I couldn't hold it any longer.

Reviewed on 1/10/2018 Candice M

I was excited to work with this company and came into contact with them at a bridal expo in Delaware. Long story short the contract I needed to sign was wrong (wrong price total, certain information was not added on as i was told it would be) so i asked that it be changed... Read More before signing it. This was the end of October 2017. Fast forward to now Jan 2018. I checked and still have no updated contract, therefore the contract has yet to be signed..still. After some thought I just had some very serious doubts about the company being apart of my wedding. So i inquired about cutting ties and was told today that I would not get my down payment back (although I asked for a revamped contract previous to the 14 day deadline) but ok. Then I was also told I had to pay 80% of the contractual amount!!! What?! 80% of a contract amount that was wrong? 80% of a contract that was never signed? I have emailed my representative and am hoping the situation can be rectified (I no longer want their services) without having to go the legal route. It’s so sad that I have to go through this,. I’m extremely stressed during a time when i should be happy and excited ...great wedding memory.

Reviewed on 12/31/2017 Elizabeth S

I have mixed feelings about The Pros, but the end products were great. We used The Pros for our engagement photos, wedding photographer, photo booth, and videographer for our wedding. The woman (Nancy) that we had for our engagement photos didn't fit well with us, so we... Read More switched to Amparo for our wedding photos and she took some great photos. Nancy was short with her replies and kept pointing us to her website instead of naturally talking to us with suggestions for a location and photos, so coordinating the engagement photos was not particularly pleasant. And she kept trying to change the time to fit her schedule as she wrapped up with another client early and wanted us to show up early and then cut our session 15 minutes short because she couldn't think of any other ideas and I felt rushed and obligated to be fine with it. The photos were fine, but because I wasn't comfortable around Nancy and she didn't try to make us comfortable/relaxed, we didn't get lovey dovey photos like I was hoping. So overall, with Nancy, I felt like it was a business transaction and not capturing the love and excitement of our engagement. Amparo was our wedding photographer and her pictures were much better. She was much more attentive and tried very hard to make sure she understood what we wanted out of our photos. The only thing is that she irritated myself and all of my bridesmaids at some point on our wedding day with her pushiness. I think that she felt rushed when she was running a few minuets late and let that get to her instead of relaxing, so she kept pushing and rushing us when we finished our first look and family photos 30 minutes early. I know she meant well and I had to politely tell her to breathe and give me a minute to make my way over to the position she wanted (as it wasn't easy to move on grass in my dress and shoes), but everyone else loved her (especially the groomsmen) and again the photos are great. We had a photo booth and it was good. The guy who manned the photo booth called a few nights beforehand to discuss logistics and timing and everything went smoothly. I discovered at the end of the night that only a handful of people used the photo booth and I think it's because we put it in the corner, didn't have a sign, and many relatives were older and probably didn't know about photo booths. But the guy was very nice and I enjoyed working with him. The videographer was Tu and he was like a ninja in that he showed up and just worked his magic. I haven't seen any video yet (it takes 2-3 months to be prepared since we had him filming for 8 hours), but I could tell that he knew what he was doing. The only thing that got to me was he had a BRIGHT light shining on us in our dim/romantically lit reception location and dance room. So that blinded me and irritated me at times, but otherwise I think he did a great job of not making me feel like I was on camera. Renee was very nice and accommodating when I'd have questions or problems. And the price was very reasonable (I got a discount with a March Madness promotion in March) and overall, what I've seen so far was great in terms of pictures. I just had mixed levels of communication and interactions with the photographers and that caused me to give a lower rating, even though I know they've won a lot of awards. I just wasn't in love with my overall experience and I would only recommend them for their price and ease of coordinating and booking.

Reviewed on 12/29/2017 Alana H

Chris “Duffy” Roorda from The Pros Wedding Services was a phenomenal DJ. I can’t sing his praises high enough for so many different reasons. Chris is friendly, patient, kind, and extremely talented. He hit exactly the right tone that we were going for with our wedding, which was... Read More elegant and classy with an eclectic mix of music. The Pros has a great website set up for couples to give a great deal of information about the tone of the wedding, the order of special events, introductions of family/friends, and the type of wedding music the couple wants to hear. I filled all of that out, and Chris and I spoke on the phone the week of the wedding to hammer out the details. He went out of his way to help me time the music for special entrances and dances, and played literally all of the music my husband and I wanted to hear. In fact, he had never heard of our wedding song, but obtained it for us and cut the song down to the right length so that we weren’t up there dancing for a full 5 minutes ☺ I was a little diva-like when it came to the music selections. My husband and I wanted to hear very specific music during dinner- Chris played ALL of it. We asked for dance music ranging from Motown to salsa to R&B, and then Greek and Polka music for traditional dances- Chris nailed it. You couldn’t keep our guests off the dance floor!! I can’t imagine why anyone would want a DJ other than Chris. I’ve been to a lot of weddings, and he’s the absolute best there is. Thank you for giving us the soundtrack and experience of a lifetime!

Reviewed on 12/20/2017 Jessica B

The week of the wedding we were told that the photographer we chose was suddenly unavailable- so we adjusted when they reassigned someone, no big deal right? The photographer that was assigned to me at the last minute, and was supposedly one of their top photographers, was... Read More pretty much the only thing about our day that we did not like. He was condescending to us and our wedding parties, he sat around quite a bit, fell asleep in the room that we were getting ready in, he wouldn’t take photos we asked him to take during that time, etc. there was one photo I asked him to take in the hotel room and that was a picture of my engagement ring on the flowers that my groom had bought and he said no. He didn’t get very many photos of us getting ready, he kept asking people when they got ready for the photo ‘why would you do it like that?’ or 'What would make you stand like that?' & the 2nd photographer was late. Our day was nearly perfect and very enjoyable but everyone dreaded dealing with Robert. It definitely brought down the feelings whenever we did deal with him. Other comments Robert made to guests included that they looked 'like they had to pee' and that they should 'never bend over at a wedding because their butt is going to be facing a camera...' There was not a lot of variety through the photos. He also informed us multiple times that he covers for Sandy very often because she “is sick “ so not sure if this is a frequent occurrence with her not but that was what he implied. The DJ on the other hand (Scott H) was great. I would have hired him again.

Reviewed on 12/18/2017 Anna R

They were great.

Reviewed on 12/16/2017 Brooke W

Photos turned out very nice, but one of our photographers was late getting to the wedding & then we had to contact the Pros director to get her to upload the photos. It took three weeks to get our digital photos. But the other photographer was really good & overall the pictures... Read More came out nice. Price was good. I'd recommend them.

Reviewed on 12/11/2017 Cynthia J

We loved David Aspinwall who took our photos! He did a fabulous job! It was easy to keep in touch before, during and after the wedding. I would HIGHLY recommend the Pros!

Reviewed on 12/05/2017 Jenna S

Dale F was our photographer. He was an absolute pleasure to work with, very friendly, had great suggestions and was open to our wacky ideas. Receiving a copy of the original photos, with rights to print ourselves was a great value. I would definitely recommend The Wedding Pros... Read More Photography services to others.

Reviewed on 11/26/2017 Mary M

We hired the pros for our DJ, photographer and videographer, and throughout our whole wedding process, we raved about how we hit the jackpot with the type of service for the price. I couldn't picture myself spending 5000+ on photos, and even more for an album. I love how they... Read More include everything including, thank you cards, for such a great price. However, we were not really impressed with the results of our photos. Looking back, we should have had 2 photographers to capture us getting ready. We had James Wright in Burlington MA for our 8 hours, 2.5 hours prior to ceremony, but he spent too much time at the hotel with the men that by the time he got to the bridal suite, we had to rush to photograph all of the dresses and flowers so we could get dressed. I only have one photo of my dress before the wedding in a dressing room because all my guests were waiting in all of the good photo taking areas by the time he had arrived! I feel that our service coordinator Leigh Ann should have suggested to us paying for additional time or an additional photographer because I thought 2.5 hours would be enough time but I was wrong, I didn't even get any photos of my hair or makeup as it was all done when he got there. Furthermore, our bridal party photos were subpar, he should have spent more time getting us into position etc. It was sunset by the time our ceremony was over, which he did warn us about the lighting, but he didn't really advocate or suggest to us better photo ops. Even though we discussed ahead of time in detail what I wanted in terms of poses, he was looking to me and my family to make sure he got everything and I felt overwhelmed. He kept asking me did we get everything? And quite frankly I didn't know what he already captured! There was a beautiful staircase inside our venue that would have been perfect. He should have advocated, hey these pictures are kind of dark, we could get much better ones of the two of you on that staircase. It would have taken only 10 minutes out of my cocktail hour and would have been so much better. I am aggravated as I right this, thinking about how much time I wasted sitting eating my our devours when we should have gotten more photos of the two of us! Meanwhile, he was busy smoking cigarettes. Even if he did capture everything I had on my list, we were paying him to capture our whole day and he could have done a much better job advocating for better photos. He did however, take great candid shots during the reception. He captured people jumping in the air dancing, us laughing, hugging, crying, cutting the cake. This is why we chose him; one would expect a former employee of the New York Times would be a great photographer. I almost want to get dressed up again and take a photo shoot to make up for what we missed though. I will say that we did get our photos within 3 days of the wedding, to view online, and the DVD a week later. The thank you cards they made for us were excellent, and the photo album came out great too, no complaints there. But I do think we got what we paid for and looking back, those who spent over 5000 may have been better off. My best advice: 2 PHOTOGRAPHERS if you want good footage of both parties getting ready!!

Reviewed on 11/25/2017 Chelsy A

Over all super nice and helpful during the process but at times it seemed as if I had to direct what needed to be done and half the pictures turned out ok but not great.

Reviewed on 11/16/2017 Valeria T

We love hiring The Pros Weddings services!!! Everyone was very professional and we felt very comfortable working with Hugh Riley!!! He has a wonderful insight of what kind of pictures to take and work with the space area where we were! He was very professional and we are very... Read More happy with his work!! And our pictures were delivered very quick and with an excellent quality!!! We are beyond happy!!! Thank you so much Hugh Riley for making our day even more special to remember!!!! :)))) ♥️

Reviewed on 11/14/2017 Jacqueline K

I hired the pros to DJ my wedding. It was the absolute worst experience ever. I reached out to tell them about it afterwards but they ignored it so I figure I should warn future brides. We used Sean B. who did not play any of the songs I asked for on my list. We even asked at... Read More the reception for him to play different more upbeat music and he told us "Just let him do his job". The music he did play was not edited and had cursing every other word...I was embarrassed..For the amount of money we paid i was extremely disapointed at the lack of quality and professionalism I trusted for my wedding day. If I could give them zero stars I would.

Reviewed on 11/07/2017 Lexi I

DJ Scott was professional and made sure that the party was a lot of fun. He helped keep our schedule on track and made sure that our toasts, cake cutting, and first dance went perfectly! Once dancing started, he played music that was family friendly and kept everyone out on the... Read More dance floor. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a dedicated and attentive DJ.

Reviewed on 10/30/2017 Veronica W

WE LOVED working with these guys. Jack H was our videographer, Amer C was our Photographer and Jordan was our DJ. They were so professional and easy going to work with. HIGHLY recommend. We were able to get a discount but attending the super easy meet and greet where we found... Read More all three guys super fast and could see/hear their work. I have not stopped getting complements all three gentleman and my wedding was 6 months ago!

Reviewed on 10/26/2017 Caitlin W

We had 2 photographers. I have used The Pros in the past in Chicago Il and had no problem paying a $50 travel fee to come to Champaign Il. We received our pictures 19 days after the wedding and are very thrilled! One of our groomsmen did not want to smile and they did a great... Read More job still getting beautiful photos. They worked around issues and traveled to the 3 different locations (church, photo location and venue). We would highly recommend! Plus they put together the photo album! Win, win win!

Reviewed on 10/15/2017 Laura Z

We LOVED our photographer, Sami B from Chicago. We had her do our engagement photos and wedding photos. She was creative and personable but also assertive and organized. I like that she gave us a lot of direction and knew what she was doing! She posted our pictures a few days... Read More after both sessions! The downside is the The Pros customer service. Because it's an online group of photographers, your primary contact is through a sales rep. Mine was not responsive - I continually had to follow up to get questions answered. There is also a national customer service line. They were responsive when I logged a concern about not getting my DVD back in time.

Reviewed on 10/10/2017 Fritzi B

Loved our photographer, Doreen. It was a challenge selecting a photographer remotely and just off their portfolio and bio. Doreen captured our attention with her unique and artistic style conveyed thru her portfolio. Based upon that, we chose her to be our photographer. We... Read More are still going thru all the amazingly creative photos from our wedding trying to select ones for the album. And we received all the photos on disc within weeks of our wedding. If you want a photographer who thinks outside of the box and you are open to creativity, she's your photographer!

Reviewed on 10/10/2017 Stephanie K

Excellent service! Frank did a great job with keeping the dance floor busy! Listened to our wants and disliked before the wedding and during the wedding, our music was just as we wanted and a hit with our guests.

Reviewed on 10/07/2017 Sylvia D

We used The Pros to get our DJ, Andrea was so helpful through the picking process and David O. was amazing!!! He has an excellent attitude and he gave the 110% to make our wedding perfect! Had me and our guests dancing all night long with great music and extra surprises.... Read More Everybody keeps commenting how much fun they had.

Reviewed on 10/01/2017 Elicia N

Can't say enough about my photographer David! He was amazing! Got so many great shots! He told us what to do and how to pose and every got great natural shots when he wasn't directing us! Very professional, just amazing!!!! The pros was an easy company to work with! Did... Read More everything online and got to choose high photographer I wanted, so glad we picked David, and I got email updates and phone calls from the rep consistently to make sure I had everything I needed! Great customer service and for a great price!! Love!