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Telling the Story & Capturing Emotion for 24 yrs.

"You captured every tender moment of that day and saved it for me and future generations." - Michelle & Joseph. TWA Photography captures your memories in a style that allows you to relive the story, romance, and emotion of your wedding day.


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Reviewed on 6/09/2013 Cheryl S

To start off with, my experience in the office was great everyone there is friendly and takes the time to listen to what you want. My photographer, Bill was amazing. He was on time and ready to go. We have a great mix of pictures from the food, to bridal party, to the guests. He did a great job blending into the background of the wedding yet still getting great pictures. The best part was that he was not only prepared to take pictures of the wedding day, but prepared for everything I was not. I couldn't have asked for a better photographer or experience with the company and would recommend Timothy Whaley to all my friend and family that are getting married.

Timothy Whaley & Associates are amazing!

Reviewed on 5/23/2013 Michelle M

I was so ecstatic with the service provided and the quality of the images! They couldn't have done a better job if they tried.

Satisfied Bride equals Happy Wife

Reviewed on 4/21/2013 Ololade A

TWA is a great company to work with. They provided my husband and I with amazing memorabilia from our wedding that we will have for a lifetime. The staff at TWA (and I got to meet a lot of them) were also very nice, but I'm not surprised because Timothy Whaley seems very personable and was willing to work with my husband and I (i.e. budget, dates, etc.). Not only were they great to us, they were also great to our guests. We can't wait to use our lifetime of free photography with TWA... maybe pregnancy photos are next. :)

Reviewed on 5/11/2015 Nicole N

Heather and Luke were the photographer and photojournalist, respectively, for my wedding on March 14, 2015. They were both amazing! Heather worked so hard all night to get all the right shots. Luke was ready, at a moments notice, to capture the shots I didn't even know I wanted until he pointed them out. It was an awesome day-- and we have the photos to prove it. I am in the process of selecting photos for the album right now. It's very difficult because they are all so great! I am happy I chose TWA to capture our wedding day because they did it so wonderfully!

Reviewed on 5/08/2015 stephanie k

TWA did an amazing job with our pictures. We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a wedding photographer. They were so easy going we forgot they were there and captured some moments that I didn't know could be caught in a picture. They made it so we will be able to share that special day with generations to come.


Reviewed on 3/31/2015 Amanda S

Timothy Whaley was awesome! Our photographer was Jerry and he was amazing! He made the day fun for our whole bridal party! I would highly recommend them!

Awesome Experience!!

Reviewed on 3/02/2015

Words cannot describe the wonderful experience that we had with Timothy Whaley Photography! Our engagement photos were absolutely breathtaking! The many unique poses that were so natural looking in the pictures! We were very confident in our wedding photos and knew that we were in great hands. The photographer was accommodating and very professional. He arrived on time and took so many great photos it was difficult for us to decide which ones to choose! I would recommend to everyone who wants great photos for your special occasion to not look any further than Timothy Whaley!! Thank you!

Great Company

Reviewed on 2/10/2015 Christine M

Timothy Whaley and Associates were great to work with as photographers for my wedding. They were professional, efficient,fair and didn't try to sneak any extra scams to make more money. My husband and I loved our photographer! He was the perfect person to have around when things started to get stressful. He had everything under control, even when we were running late for the ceremony! The great part about that is the company picks out what photographer they believe will be the best match for you and your future mate! And they hit it right on the nose!

Amazing shots...

Reviewed on 2/10/2015 Stacey J

The images of our September 2014 wedding are breath taking. The photographer and photojournalist were so amazing, I didn't even realize they were taking photos, even the ones where they had to be super close to capture. Our photographer was so awesome, he even helped get a few zippers zipped on a bridesmaid and the mother of the bride. We have over 1500 stunning shots to help remember our big day by, some of which are just plain hilarious...which capture the essence of our entire relationship.

July Wedding

Reviewed on 11/02/2014 Leticia M

Could have asked for better photographers. I am so excited to have me dream day documented so perfectly!

awesome pictures

Reviewed on 10/02/2014 Genevieve B

TWA is an awesome photography company. We hired them for our wedding and they were so accommodating. Enough though the price was more than we wanted to pay, we got SO much included! (i.e. engagement pics, thank you cards/save the dates, etc). It was really the best price and the best quality for our wedding! Use 'em!

Wonderful Experience

Reviewed on 9/29/2014 Katie S

We received beautiful photography and had a wonderful photographer. Amber was wonderful and came up with some amazing creative photos. We loved reliving our day!


Reviewed on 9/28/2014 Ashley L

Laura and Sami were wonderful photographers. They were very professional and you could tell they have been shooting weddings for a long time. They kept us on schedule with the church photos to ensure we would be able to have enough time at our "destination shoot." The images we received were even more amazing than I could have imagined! I would definitely recommend Timothy Whaley Photography for any wedding for photo shoot!

TWA Photography rocked my wedding!

Reviewed on 9/25/2014 Michelle B

We absolutely loved our photographers, Heidi & Rich from TWA Photography! They were so great at what they did and captured all those precious moments that we want to remember forever! They were both so personable and professional. TWA takes pride in their photographers and their work. They are invested at making your event their top priority and ensure quality! Not only that, but they value you as a customer and bend over backward to make sure their customers are satisfied! Thank you TWA, Heidi, & Rich! Those memories will last a lifetime!

Amazing people and amazing photos!

Reviewed on 9/15/2014 Katie M

We used Timothy Whaley for our wedding photography and we are extremely pleased with the results! They took the time to match us with a photographer based on our personality and the style of photography that we liked and we also had an additional photographer for photojournalism. We worked with Mikhail and Douglas and they were both fantastic! They took the ideas we had and ran with them, using their own personal interpretation but also delivering what we wanted. They were very accommodating and worked well together. They became an integral part of our day and we had so much fun having them around. Our photos ultimately came out beautifully and we had over 1500 proofs to look through and choose from for our bridal album. I have to say that photography was expensive, but it was well worth the price to have memories from our wedding day preserved forever!

They Best Day in my life and I have the pictures to relive it over and over again!!!

Reviewed on 9/12/2014 Tatiana J

Timothy Whaley Photography was not only professional but made us feel like family. They were so friendly and genuinely happy for our special day. From the 1st person we met with to the meeting with the photographers I felt like we were in good hands. We met personally with the photographer and she showed us some of her work which was very helpful. We kept in constant contact up until the day of the wedding. About a month before the wedding I decided that I wanted two photographers and Timothy Whaley Photography made it happen. I had a phone meeting with the 2nd photographer about 2 weeks after requesting. The day of the wedding the main photographer met us at the hotel on time and with a smile. She had wonderful suggestions for pictures and made my bridal party and I feel comfortable with every shot. She then went over to the Groom’s room and took pictures of the groomsmen. We took pictures before the ceremony and after the ceremony. They both made sure we had the shots that we wanted. During the reception I didn’t have to ask them anything, they walked around and took pictures. When the wedding was over I felt more than sure that we would have beautiful pictures. Getting closer to the date of the wedding is when all the problems start to arise but I never worried about the photographers. I knew that they would be there and do a wonderful job. When it came time for my reveal party we were so excited. My husband and I both took off the whole day so we could just reminisce. When we sat down to watch the power point slide it was like reliving the day all over again. I started to cry seeing the pictures and how happy everybody was and just being in the moment. For our big day the photographers took over 1600 pictures so we had a lot to relive. I will never forget Timothy Whaley Photography and plan on using them in the future. I have already recommended them to two friends that are getting married.

Fantastic Memories

Reviewed on 9/04/2014

My experience with TWA was fantastic. From the initial meet and greet to the wedding day, I thought TWA was very friendly and on point! Photography was one of my big budget items and I received many of the pictures I wanted and will now always cherish! Would highly recommend to friends and family!

Great job!

Reviewed on 9/03/2014 Jessica S

Our wedding day was beautifully captured by two TWA photographers. They worked together to make sure we had every picture we asked for plus so many more from their creative ideas, in the end we had around 2,000 pictures to go through to find the perfect ones to make our bridal album! I cannot wait to see the end result!


Reviewed on 8/31/2014 Karlee D

I could not be happier with this vendor! We had our photographers & videographer from this vendor. We were involved in every step of the process. We first met with someone to talk about what we were looking for with our wedding photographs & they matched us with a photographer that they felt would meet our needs. We got to meet with that photographer & give the final approval. I really enjoyed that process. In regards to the quality of the photos, I was truly amazed. I have seen many photos from wedding & I truly believe these are the best quality! They have a lot of options of packages, bridal albums, and other items (such as wall art) to meet all budgets from small to large. I never had a bad experience whether I was emailing, calling, or on the day of. I have to say, probably the best customer service ever! On the day of the wedding, both photographers & videographer were very professional, listened to our feedback, and made sure that we captured our wedding exactly how we wanted. We never felt pressured into certain photos & they worked well with all of my other vendors. I could not be happier and would definitely recommend Timothy Whaley & Associates!!

Best Photographer!

Reviewed on 8/27/2014 Cortney c

My husband and I could not have been more pleased with the photographer we had through Timothy Whaley! His name was Jerry and he was so much fun and took amazing photos! He really made sure to take the photos that I specifically wanted to take and also had good ideas of his own! We were all so comfortable with him, it felt like he was part of our family/friends! I would definitely recommend TWA to any brides out there!


Reviewed on 8/25/2014 Lee M

We were referred to Timothy Whaley & Associates through Bridal Expo Chicago, and they came very highly recommended by both professional and personal contacts. Our other attempts to contact photographers gave us games of phone tag, contract emails with no other communication, questions asked and not answered, or no replies at all. At our first meeting, we were introduced to a photographer (who was not the photographer that we decided to use for our wedding) instead of a salesperson. His level of professionalism, enthusiasm, and knowledge set us at ease and let us know that it wasn’t a gimmick that he called himself a “photographer” instead of a “salesperson”. He gave us a detailed description of TWA’s policies and practices (especially the safeguards for the day-of-the-wedding troubles), detailed different styles and types of photography, and was thorough and thoughtful in his answers to all our questions, concerns, and follow-ups to the explanation of what would be provided to us, what we were required to do, and what each step would bring. We were chatting in the office for more than an hour before any dollar amount was even mentioned, a fantastic situation compared to a lot of the wedding vendors we considered. After we decided on a photography package, we went to coffee to meet the photographer. We sat and talked about styles of photography, pictures from other weddings that we had seen that we liked, things we didn’t like, all with no obligation to use that photographer. If we didn’t feel he was the right photographer for us, TWA would send us another, or refund any money we had invested to that point. Lucky for us, this wasn’t the case, and Harry would become our wedding photographer! We held a conversation from that point about photos we wanted to make sure we got, the wedding day timeline, and in general what we thought our wedding photos would look like. Harry and Jillian, our photojournalist, provided us with some of the best photos I have ever seen. They were both professionals, but spoke with us as though they had known us forever. They were sweet, helpful, cheerful, and worked with us to make sure that our photos would be perfect… and they were! They captured the essence of each of us as we prepared for our day, the love we got from our friends and family, and the incredible emotions that came through the day. They are wonderful people and they happened to be great photographers. After what seemed like weeks of anticipation, we scheduled an appointment to see our wedding photos. The quality and quantity of the photos exceeded our already-sky-high expectations... they were absolutely amazing. TWA had put together a slideshow of their favorites, and we got the proof book to look at on our own, something we were dying to do. We got wedding album and printed wall art options, and instructions on how to navigate the photo and album website (and steps how to share the photos with our friends and family!).The TWA website is quick to load and easy to navigate, and has a no-nonsense photo picking and ordering process. Our families were over the moon that it was so easy to see the pictures and place an order. It was simply too easy to find the prints they liked, pick a size, and purchase. Everyone we interacted with at Timothy Whaley & Associates was polite, professional, and kind. The level of service we received every step of the way was above and beyond what we had imagined. They truly are the best photography studio.

Beautifully Captured

Reviewed on 8/21/2014 Kara W

Our wedding day was beautifully captured by the Timothy Whaley photographers. Included in our package we got to choose an additional event to be photographed (we chose our rehearsal dinner) and our photographer (Luke) was very pleasant to work with and did a great job photographing the event. On the wedding day, we had 2 photographers (Mikhail and Heidi) and 1 photojournalist (Douglas) and they all worked together to make sure we had every picture we asked for plus so many more from their creative ideas. We chose the Sapphire collection and it has totally been worth the money that we paid. Overall, we had an excellent experience with Timothy Whaley and Associates.

June Wedding

Reviewed on 8/15/2014

Loved our experience with TWA. The photographers were an amazing fit for us. We were blown away with the number of pictures that we absolutely love.

Very disappointed

Reviewed on 8/15/2014 Shane L

When we originally booked this photographer we were very excited. Our initial meeting was great, no pressure, the man we met with was full of energy and seemed to really get what we were going for. We had our engagement shoot, and it was not with our photographer because we had to do it on a Wednesday or Thursday and she was unavailable or something along those lines. Out of all of the pictures their were only 3-4 that were actually good. I let it slide because we did an in studio session, and I figured it would be different and allow for more creativity at our actual wedding. I was still very hopeful in looking at the reviews and images online as well as having had a great first interaction. I was not pleased, however, when they told us we could not have access to the engagement photos until after the wedding. When it came time for the actual wedding, I was contacted 2 weeks before the wedding. Our photographer, Nicki, seemed very rushed, leaving me a message saying she has never gone this long without actually speaking to the bride. When I returned her call I explained that I was looking for some really pinteresty type pictures, and that the photos were the most important element of my wedding so I wanted a lot. I sent her a link to the photos I liked, as well as created a list of photos I really wanted. She replied saying she could not guarantee all of the pictures that I wanted, but assured me that they would be great. The day of the actual wedding, I was kind of in a blur and wasn't really worrying about what the photographer was doing. I just trusted that she was going to get the photos I wanted. Myself and the girls were all at my house to get ready, and I had set aside an entire hour of time for some girls only pictures. We took 2 group photos. I assumed that she was going to get more later, and didn't worry too much about it. After the wedding when we were taking pictures, we did not take any more girls only pictures, and took maybe 5 poses with the entire group. I didn't realize it at the time, but looking back I am not pleased about this. Especially because I sent a bunch of sample cute whole group poses. We explicitly had stated we wanted someone that was going to be fun and creative with us, but rather our photographer was snippy when we wanted to take fun pictures and did not come up with any original ideas. At the reception, my husband and I had a picture we wanted to take. In the process of actually going to take the picture, we were stopped by some family to talk and it just kept going on and on with people wanting to talk. Rather then taking pictures of us talking to family or of the kids that were running around next to us or the people dancing behind us, she sat. And waited. For TWENTY MINUTES!! One thing that really upsets me after the fact is looking back at pictures that other people have taken. I have 7 pictures of big moments, such as us walking out of the church, where she is in the background with the crowd standing there. Not taking pictures. We have seen 10 of the images to choose our thank you cards, I like 3 of them. The group pictures have peoples faces covered or people cut out completely. I am hoping that the rest of the images will be the quality we were expecting when we choose to spend this much on our photographer, but we have to wait SIX WEEKS.

A VERY HAPPY bride!!!

Reviewed on 8/14/2014 Sabrina T

I was very very happy with my two photographers (Tim and Chris) the day of my wedding!!! They took great pictures and the quality was excellent! I feel like we got a lot for our money because of their promotions. Two photographers who caught each special moment that I will cherish for years to come! Thank you!!


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