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Vera Wang

Los Angeles, CA

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Vera Wang



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8445 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Fairytale Dress

Reviewed on 1/15/2013 Anna L

The sales associates were so pleasant to work with at Vera Wang - especially Nicola! She is a doll and makes you feel like you are the most beautiful bride to be! My dress was a dream plus more, and my VW belt/sash just made it even better!

wedding sress

Reviewed on 12/13/2012 lilo s

I bought the "Gemma" dress. for the amount of money they charge its not worth it. The dress ripped real fast at the bottoms. They took the measurement but when i got it was a size big.The style of the dress is beatiful but not worth what they charge.

disaster--- so much so I cried

Reviewed on 7/18/2012 emily m

Apparently these are not made to order dresses. When they ordered the dress they ordered a size 6 which I was shocked at because I have a large bust. I thought they were going to order a size 12 and shrink the rest of the dress down to fit. But they ordered a 6 and had to increase the bust size and charge me $600. I was told by Tara that the length of the bust to bellybutton doesn't matter between a size 6 or 12 and so it would have had the same problem if it was a size 12, which is a lie. That's not possible, a larger size dress has more fabric period. This is why my bikini top is a size 10-14, when my bikini bottom is a 4 or 6, the larger top size has more fabric. A size 14 dress has more fabric than size 4, and not only that its longer so I didn't agree with her notions that they are the same. On to my point, Vera wang dresses are not made to order, you are approximated by a size chart and then it comes in and a tailor adjusts it. So its not couture. I was told by Tara that couture usually costs more, which i wouldn't know, all I know is that if you're going to sell something and make the customer perceive something that it is not, that is a deceitful and unethical practice. My dress price increased %20 from its original price tag, due to alterations, because basically they ordered a size that was so small for my chest, the bust had to be enlarged and because of my height, I am told I can only wear a 4 inch heel. Which is fine, except that again, if this was a made to order dress like they make everyone think, I would have not had these limitations and problems. On my wedding day I could not get into my dress, it was too small, my chest burst out of it and when I sat I looked disfigured. The back of the dress had boning (fish material they use for support not sure of spelling) that went into my body and gave me bruises and bleeding. To conclude I think that I would have been OK with the fact that its not a made to order dress if after all the money and waiting it fit me correctly. But the stupid thing is that they make you sign all this paperwork that you are getting this size blah blah blah, but shouldn't they be deciding what size and what you get? Do you go to a doctors office and decide your self what prodecure or medication is correct? totally ridiculous This is the reason the dress didn't fit, they ordered the wrong size. and should have definitely ordered a bigger size for my chest but they never did that. and then argued that there was no difference between size 4 and 12, lol. what a joke !!!

Vera Wang is the best

Reviewed on 6/12/2012 Christina P

There is a reason her wedding dresses are so popular. They are absolutely beautiful! I worked with David and he is wonderful! Everyone else I worked with was great too. They made shopping for my wedding dress so much fun! I highly recommend!


Reviewed on 8/01/2011 Tamara S

I loved my Eliza dress. It was beautiful and the people at Vera Wang were wonderful to deal with.

Love my dress!

Reviewed on 5/19/2011 Stacy C

and working Tara Picquelle-Tombrello. After trying on a few, I wasn't feeling very great about wedding dresses. The first dress Tara chose for me to try on was the dress I bought. After my alterations it fit like a glove and really was flattering. She had the knowledge and vision to know what dress would look best on me. Thanks to her help, getting a dress was the easiest part of my wedding planning.


Reviewed on 5/21/2010 Nicole M

fantastic, as expected from Vera Wang. The sales associates were great at making suggestions based on my taste and incredibly helpful with customizing the dress exactly how i wanted it!


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