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With coverage starting at a remarkable $595 with personalized packaging and professionals selected for their skill and dedication to telling YOUR wedding story, receiving the high-end service your wedding deserves has never been easier!


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Under $1,000



Reviewed on 10/06/2013 Amanda M

Loved him I didnt even know he was there he just did his thing. Cant wait to see the video

Great price!

Reviewed on 6/11/2013 erica

Price was very reasonable. Unlimited pictures. Photographer was good to work with. Although I wish he would've reminded me to take pictures with my bouquet. Overall, great company to work with.

Beautiful Photography

Reviewed on 5/25/2013 Erin H

We had a budget in mind when searching for our photographer. Not only did we look at quality of the product we were going to receive, but the quantity of what we paid for. Our pictures are beautiful.

Wedding Bug Photography

Reviewed on 12/16/2014 Eileen B

OMG - run - do not, I repeat, do not use this company!! My photographer was lazy and took horrible shots. Total waste! Don't expect customer service from this company either. I am not sure which was worse - my experience with the photographer or the "customer service" rep.

Pictures were great but

Reviewed on 7/17/2013 Susan R

The pictures were great but we thought he took too many of the same ones.Some of which we didn't think they made any sence.


Reviewed on 7/02/2013 Brittany D

My DJ was from the WeddingBug website and he listened very well to what I wanted and everything turned out well.

Great pictures!

Reviewed on 6/25/2013 Alexandra S

Photographer was great and got great shots. Perfect for what we wanted and price was good too!

Excellent for Price

Reviewed on 6/17/2013 Teresa

I loved my videographer, once we were able to get in contact. We had an issue with the first contact Wedding Bug provided, but they were able to reschedule us with someone else. Stephan was great, polite, and very friendly. He stayed out of our way but at the same time, it felt like he was everywhere, getting everything. The DVD will take a few more weeks still but I would recommend their service for a value option.

good price conscience option

Reviewed on 2/01/2013 Adriane O

I went with Wedding Bug as my photographer mainly because I could afford them. I was very nervous about this decison becasue I was not told. The name of my photographer until two weeks before my wedding. In the end it all ended up turning out well. My photographer, Belkis, was awesome and my photos turned out beautiful.

You get what you pay for

Reviewed on 10/15/2012 Katie M

Do NOT use this photography group. They are terrible. I hired this company to be my wedding photographers. I filled out a survey with my needs/wants and was told they would assign me a photographer based on my answers. They said the photographer would contact me closer to my wedding date. Four days before my wedding, I still hadn't heard from my photographer. When he finally called it was after 9pm at night and I was asleep. I still answered the phone and the photographer was extremely unprofessional. He introduced himself as being from a different company and acted like I was weird for being asleep. I called my wedding bug consultant the next day and expressed my concerns. I asked to see a sample of his photography and they refused. They WILL NOT let you see examples of your photographers work, period. I called their sister company "The Pros" whom the photographer also worked for and was able to get a sample of the photographers work. When I saw it I instantly knew why they wouldn't show me his pictures. They were terrible. Absolutely no imagination, they looked like pictures I would take and I am THE WORST photographer in the world. There were even pictures were he was taking pictures of the mother of the bride changing clothes. Everyone in the picture is giving him dirty looks like why are you taking pictures while she's changing? He was clearly a pervert. I called my consultant and told him I didn't feel comfortable with the photographer. They said they didn't have any other photographers available and I was stuck with who they gave me. I said I would take my chances finding a different photographer (3 days before my wedding) and that I wanted my money back. But while they refunded some of my money they refused to refund a $250 deposit. But I was still out the $250 and had to deal with the stress of finding a new photographer 3 days before my wedding. Do not use this photographer.

my wedding

Reviewed on 6/21/2012 Kress H

The guy that did my videographing was very nice and I think he did an ok job I never really saw him he kept himself out of the way which I liked. The only thing is I have to wait 2 in a half months to get my DVD.

Wedding Bug

Reviewed on 5/29/2012 McKaye A

My pictures turned out gorgeous. I love them.

Great pictures!

Reviewed on 4/02/2012 Caresse J

Wonderful packages and even upgraded us for free because of a misunderstanding. Would use again.


Reviewed on 2/02/2012 Crystal S

I had an excellent photographer, and excellent consaltant. I could not have asked for better service, professionaism or better pictures


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