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Under $1,000

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Boudoir, Trash the Dress


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Budget Friendly, but Take Heed

Reviewed on 10/25/2014 Jennifer L

Our original photographer arrangements fell through, and I was worried we wouldn't have a pro. Most typical pro packages were out of our budget. I came across Wedding Bug and decided to take a gamble. Basically, you book your event with them for a set price. You can choose varying packages determining length, if you want prints/albums, editing etc. We just went with the base package because we can do our own editing, prints and albums. You get the original photo files and full rights to them & you take a survey to clarify your tastes, and they match you with a photographer. The catch? You don't find out who the photographer is until about the week or two before your wedding. This made me nervous, and I didn't really understand it. Basically, Wedding Bug works like Hotwire. You book it, and they find who has availability closer to the event, and are able to get a cheaper rate than their usual because the photographer risks not booking that date (and having work is better than doing nothing). Fortunately, our actual photographer was AMAZING. I was so excited when his name was revealed - I raced to find his site and portfolio and was so excited to see that his work was solid, beautiful, and just what we were looking for. I reached out to him expressing excitement about having him shoot our upcoming wedding - we spoke on the phone to discuss what the event was going to be like and such. We were pretty laid back and didn't have a Pinterest-inspired laundry-list of 4,000 "must-have" pictures, basically let him have creative control, and LOVED the results. We were so happy with him and will write a separate review for him. After the event, your images are available to view through their site within about a week or so. You can view smaller versions of them there and order prints if desired. A few weeks later we received two DVDs with the original, full-resolution photos whose rights were ours. We have since edited, distributed, printed.

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