61 Wedding Dance Lessons

61 Wedding Dance Lessons in Van Nuys, CA

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The Ultimate Wedding Dance
The Ultimate Wedding Dance, based in Los Angeles, CA, offers lessons for couples who want to impress with their first dance on their special day. Our Team understands how magical those moments on the dance floor can be. They are ready to go above and beyond to help the engaged couples have an unforgettable first dance as newlyweds. The Ultimate Wedding Dance is owned by Daniel Buhala, who has been dancing since his childhood. He took part in his first competition at the age of 11, placing fifth out of 50 couples from all over the world. He has danced in Zurich's National Theater and is also a national dance champion in Switzerland. Daniel has more than 20 years of experience in competing, teaching and is very passionate about coaching couples through this important milestone. Daniel is the author of The Ultimate Wedding Dance Book, the first book ever written about a Wedding Dance. This "How To" book will make you aware of the challenges and preparation needed for your First Dance and help you avoid the many mistakes made by thousands of wedding couples around the world. Buy this book and get the answers to: - Everything you need to know before you start. - What is important to create an exceptional choreography. - The do's and don'ts within the process. - The 9 necessary steps you need to take if you are starting your Wedding Dance last-minute and much more Bonus: The one secret that nobody tells you that makes your Wedding Dance unique, and most of all your own. We are teaching a vast variety of dancing styles. The Ultimate Wedding Dance Team is made up of talented choreographers that are very excited to instruct you in various styles and techniques to suit whatever music you choose for your first dance. We love to create custom performances that reflect each couple's unique love story. You can choose from various custom packages to help you make the most of the time with our choreographers. Some of these packages include The Classic a beautiful and romantic wedding dance, a Themed Wedding Dance, for couples who've imagined doing a Dirty Dancing-inspired piece and a VIP Package to create an unforgettable experience for your wedding dance. We are looking forward to assist and help you to experience the extraordinary journey toward the Wedding Dance of your dreams.
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Wedding Dance Lesson LA
....all eyes are upon you as you walk onto the floor ....the music begins look into each other’s eyes and are swept away as you dance beautifully in each other’s arms creating a memory that will last a lifetime. Is it a romantic waltz, a hot salsa, or a quirky comedy routine done to your favorite song? Anything is possible for your special day and I would love to help you make that happen, showing off your moves with confidence and having a memorable First Dance that everyone talks about! Learning should be comfortable, stress-free and fun and with my expertise in custom choreography and casual teaching style we can create the perfect dance for just you two. Even if you’re complete beginners. You’ll be amazed at what you can do! “In preparation for our wedding, we had private lessons with Kim Clark and she is amazing! Kim taught my husband how to ballroom dance and she choreographed the most memorable First Dance to “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off”. People came up to us and couldn’t stop talking about how cute it was. We actually did a routine where I chased my husband and he chased me...and he was totally into it as this little mini play was being danced out on our dance floor. I’ll never forget her patience, creativity and ability to teach a husband who loves to freestyle but couldn’t count steps!” — Contessa S., Yelp Read more Testimonials on my website: Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages! @weddingdancelessonla Email: Phone: (818) 903-0305 LGBTQ friendly.
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Throughout all of CA, DC, MD, NV, & NY.
3 Be3ts Dance Company
Unlock your "True Inner Dancer." It takes only 3 Be3ts, 2 Fe3t, 1<3. 3 Be3ts ("3 beats") serves choreographic & musical moments, currently bringing 20+ years of wedding dance joy & happiness to couples working throughout all of CA, DC, MD, NV, & NY, based in San Diego, CA. We will work with you personally to create your own dance experience in any dance style: o Hip Hop o Contemporary/Modern o Breakin', Poppin', or Lockin' o Rhythm Tap o Jazz o Ballet o Heels/Burlesque o Ballroom o Two-Stepping/Social & Line Dance o & more! In addition, we have a background in Piano, Stage Management, Set Design, & Vocal Training, which will enhance more asthetics to your wedding day! Encompassing every aspect of your movements and the performance, 3 Be3ts focuses on the quality of your dances by unlocking your True Inner Dancer, providing you picture & video worthy moments. With this knowledge & movement for a true performance, 3 Be3ts offers Wedding Packages that can include: o Learning how to do lifts, spins, tricks, flips, jumps, knee slides, & much more for your Perfect Moment o Creating unique dance choreography that work with your dance strengths & improve your movement & flexibility o Lighting, music, & stage expertise to allow for optimal recording for videographers during rehearsals & dance o Priority rehearsal sessions o Intricate choreography for 2 people (Wedding couple, One Partner & Parent, etc.) o Group dances for 3 to 20 or more people** o Preferred locations** o Customized music mixes** o A unique choreography steps breakdown, diagrams, & blocking/movement layout in PDF files** o Lifetime 24/7 Access to digital music, PDF files, & rehearsal photos & videos** o Uploading edited YouTube videos from the day-of-wedding performance & the rehearsals** o Additionally, one of the four packages by 3 Be3ts, the M4ng3lwurzel (Mangelwurzel) Wedding Package, creates a full Professional Wedding Dance Production throughout your entire wedding dance process. From the Engagement to the Wedding Day, or even post-wedding moments such as the Honeymoon or an Anniversary, 3 Be3ts will handle all of your Wedding Dance needs.** *Consultation Appointment Necessary for this package* ** = Add-on charges for these indicated services Additionally, 3 Be3ts can accommodate for you musically, with a piano performance, arrangement or accompaniment for your wedding! 3 Be3ts piano services include: o A unique arrangement of a song to help fit your perfect moment & piano strengths o Musical training, even as a complete beginner to be confident to perform any song o Piano Arrangements for any singers at your wedding o Piano Accompaniments for any part of your wedding o Lifetime 24/7 access to musical arrangements & resources for the piano 3 Be3ts is your dance & musical guide to your perfect moment. ♡ 3 Be3ts Dance Company is an LGBTQ+ positive, woman-based small business based in San Diego, CA, committed to serving throughout all of CA, DC, MD, NV, & NY.
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Glendale, Beverly Hills, Weho, Burbank
Euphoria.LA 💞
Experience the joy of dance with Euphoria Dance LA, your ultimate destination for wedding dance lessons! We're not just a dance studio; we're a tribe passionate about translating the language of rhythm and melody into stunning dance moves. We'll help you narrate your love story through dance, creating an unforgettable spectacle for your special day. Our expertise extends across a broad palette of dance styles, including the sophisticated steps of Ballroom dances like Waltz, Cha cha, Tango, and Rumba, the sultry moves of Latin dances such as Salsa and Bachata, the lively energy of Swing, and even the colorful vibrancy of Bollywood! Want to sprinkle your dance with a bit of everything? We're all about that! We love creating unique fusion dances that combine different styles and songs. At Euphoria Dance LA, we excel at turning dance novices into stars of the dance floor. Our seasoned instructors specialize in guiding beginners in crafting beautifully choreographed or semi-choreographed routines. And we don't stop at first dances - we also offer lessons for father-daughter and mother-son dances, and we'll even help your entire wedding party light up the dance floor with a show-stopping group number! Say bye to side-to-side swaying and monotonous box steps. Bring along your wedding song, your loved one, and an open mind, and we promise to unveil a whole new dimension of connection and communication through dance. At Euphoria Dance LA, we're not just preparing you for your wedding; we're helping you discover a dance partner for life! Our offerings include: - Flexible IN-HOME/STUDIO LESSONS tailored to your convenience - Guidance on LEAD AND FOLLOW techniques to dance with CONFIDENCE and poise - SEMI OR FULLY CHOREOGRAPHED ROUTINES with one or multiple songs and styles for an unforgettable performance We believe that dance is much more than movement. It's a conversation, a moment of musical bliss shared between partners. We're here to help you embody this connection and showcase the best version of yourself on your big day. Ready to embark on your dance journey? Hop over to our website to explore pricing and package options, and to book your FIRST INTRODUCTORY LESSON. Let's create magic on the dance floor, one step at a time! 💃🕺❤️
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