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The Dream Wedding Decor Blueprint™

Take The Decorating Vision From Inside Your Head & Heart... INTO THE ROOM. DIY Brides now have access to the Ultimate Resource and Guide, The Dream Wedding Decor Blueprint. (Create your dream wedding decor for a price you'll love & can easily afford!) Learn How To Design & Decorate Your Own Wedding Decor Masterpiece (With My EASY Step-By Step on-line Blueprint) DIY brides can create professional looking wedding decor that is both breathtaking and affordable. “I believe that ALL weddings can look breathtaking with the right know-how. Creating your dream wedding decor is less about how much money you spend and more about where you spend it. With my professional Blueprint, brides learn the secrets on how to transform their ordinary banquet room into a breathtaking ballroom.


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Backdrops, Candles, Centerpieces, Signs, Theme Props, Vases, Wedding Decoration Clean Up, Wedding Decoration Delivery, Wedding Decoration Setup, Wedding Designers, Decorations + Accents


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Kim Caswell

For over a decade I was the person behind the scenes creating elaborate wedding decor designs for brides. Now, instead of decorating weddings for brides, I’m mentoring brides and teaching them how they can create their own wedding decor masterpiece for a DIY price. As your Wedding Decor Mentor... I’ll guide you through all the steps of creating your own wedding decor masterpiece from start to finish (envisioning, planning, designing, creating and delegating).I want you to have the wedding decor you have always dreamed of. Now you can with The Dream Wedding Decor Blueprint.