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We are having a wonderful SAMPLE SALE, with dresses 50%-80% OFF! Call us 703-255-9032 or e-mail us info@whiteswanbridal.com to make an appointment! Come take a look at one of the best Bridal Gown Sample SALE! We specialize in unique European-style couture bridal, formal & evening gowns and accessories. We are dedicated to serving all your bridal needs! Come visit us to experience our unique style and beautiful dresses!


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425 Maple Avenue W, Vienna, VA (703) 255-9032

Reviewed on 10/16/2015 Monica L

THE BEST EVER!! I had a dream dress in mind for the last 15 years, and I couldn't find anything close to it. When I walked into WSB the owner asked me for a photo of it then said she could make it by altering one of her dresses that had the same silhouette. And she did! I had a... Read More tight budget, and they worked to keep the dress and alterations within that budget, they listened to all my nit-picky edits to the dress during my 7 (or so) fittings. In the end, the delivered my DREAM dress and within my budget! I would absolutely recommend WSB to every bride. Find something you like and they can make it your dream. They know how important this day is for brides and they will take care in their work to make you feel beautiful on your wedding day.

Loved my dress!

Reviewed on 2/16/2015 Becky M

We received a card in the mail from White Swan Bridal when I was looking for my dress. They were currently having a sale on dresses that had previously been floor models. When we arrived I explained what style I was looking for and they happened to have a a beautiful dress that... Read More I fell in love with that I was able to afford because of the sale, and was fortunately in my size! The whole team was professional and helpful every step of the way. The alterations turned out beautifully and I was able to buy a custom made veil that matched the lace on my dress which really brought everything together in a way that I could have only dreamed of. The only thing I would mention is that I didn't realize exactly how high the cost would climb with alterations. Having never bought a wedding dress before we didn't know how to ask good questions about how much alterations would eventually cost. While everything worked out, make sure to budget a solid $400-500 just for alterations.


Reviewed on 2/14/2015 Jennifer U

I found my wedding dress at White Swan on my first day of shopping. I did not know exactly what I was looking for, and my salesperson was very helpful. The tailoring was perfectly done. I went back for two fittings and when I took my dress home, it was perfect. They were able to... Read More sew on a belt. As an added bonus, my dress was on clearance. I couldn't have been happier!

Reviewed on 2/27/2018 Tiffany R

Beautiful dresses and excellent staff. They have great sales too! One of the things that immediately stood out about this store is that the dresses were displayed on manikins so you were able to see what they looked like instead of having to dig through a rack.

Reviewed on 11/26/2017 Stephanie R

I absolutely feel in love with my wedding dress on a spur trip to the amazing boutique. They worked well with my budget and the alterations were perfect to every detail!

Reviewed on 10/28/2017 Nicole H

I loved my wedding dress from White Swan Bridal! I purchased my dress from the sample sale dresses - it was absolutely gorgeous. Everyone on staff was great to work with in doing fittings and alterations.

Reviewed on 9/01/2017 Clara D

I had a great experience, they did all they could to help us and with my time issues got everything done! absolutely amazing!

Reviewed on 8/20/2017 Moises C

Amazing!!!! I absolutely love there dresses they do such an amazing job. There dresses are one of a kind totally different then other stores. They are also very kind and helpful

Reviewed on 6/26/2017 Annie J

I went to several salons, but my experience at White Swan was by far the best! The ladies there don't work on commission, so they're genuinely only there to help you! The owner of the shop is an incredible Russian lady who helped me so much! She was so knowledgeable of all her... Read More inventory as well as the designers themselves. My alterations (that I got done there) were absolutely perfect! I felt so taken care of there. Highly recommend this place to any Northern Virginia bride!

Reviewed on 5/19/2017 Catherine S

Walk in, nervous and excited to find "the dress" the owner or manager could not have been more rude but we found a dress and went on, 2 simple Alterations and fittings I could wait to walk out of that place and never look back! Would definitely give this one a pass when... Read More looking for your dress, not a happy place.

Reviewed on 5/02/2017 Sara B

After shopping for dresses at another bridal salon, I was resigned that I would just never find a dress I love. That all changed when I went to White Swan. Many of their dresses are up on mannequins so you can really see what the dress looks like. Megan was incredible, really... Read More listened to me and made me feel comfortable. I have heard some reviews that the owner isn't "nice" but I think it's just a cultural thing. She was so helpful and willing to help with my budget restrictions.

Reviewed on 3/17/2017 Holly M

I came to White Swan looking for a second dress after buying a dress that I didn't love (rookie mistake). I was impressed by their selection, but what really sold me was the value. Check our their sample dresses! Gorgeous gowns with serious discounts. I ended up finding a... Read More beautiful dress that was absolutely prefect and about 60% of the original cost!

Reviewed on 8/27/2016 Monica S

I loved my wedding dress from White Swan! It made me feel like a princess on my big day. The service on our first day of fitting was great - very willing to help me find what i was looking for. Once I purchased my dress, the service decreased a bit during my fittings and... Read More looking for accessories, I felt like they became very pushy. Their prices were a little high, but worth it for the designs that they carry.

Reviewed on 11/23/2015 Megan B

White Swan was one of about 8 different bridal stores I visited in the DC metro area back in August and it was unfortunately the worst one. I booked an appointment after hearing positive reviews from a friend that bought her dress there two years prior, so perhaps my experience... Read More was just a fluke. My mother, sister and I were a little taken aback as to how curt and generally unfriendly the sales people were. It was almost as if we had inconvenienced them by walking in the door. It seemed like there were some beautiful dresses on display, but the ones I most wanted to try on were in use by someone else at the time and it was so unpleasant we decided to leave instead of waiting. The ones I did try on felt a little scratchy and overpriced for what it was. There might be a gem in there, but I suggest you look elsewhere.

Just be prepared

Reviewed on 10/14/2015 Daniela R

White Swan Bridal is a tricky shop. First of all, be prepared to negotiate. The shop is run by a very friend Russian woman who always wants to make you feel like you're getting a deal. And you might be getting a deal, but definitely negotiate... don't leave anything on the... Read More table. Here are my tips: 1. White Swan has a fabulous selection of dresses, lots of price ranges, and all the dresses are on mannequins, which makes it very easy to see the dress and decide if you want to try it on. Also, once the sales staff gets an idea of your style, they will bring you more dresses to try on. I found this very helpful. 2. They tell you that you can alter you the dress anyway you want. Want it made strapless? They can do it. Want the back lower? They can do it? Want neckline changed? They can do it. This seems like a great idea to a bride who has a vision but I do NOT recommend altering the dress. First of all, a professional designer made it that way for a reason. I made the mistake of making the back of my dress more illusion lace, what I didn't account for is that without any stronger material to hold the dress up, it bulged on the sides. I heard two other brides in the store during my fitting, who had made custom alterations, complaining about how the dress didn't fit the same and the response from the staff was, "Well, you customized it and fundamentally changed the dress." 3. The owner claims the dresses are slightly more expensive than what you would find online but that's because it includes all of your alterations. This is not true. Make sure you get the following items included in the price: hemming, bustle (these run $150 to $350 extra), ANY size changes. 4. My wedding was in September so I bought my dress in January. After I selected the dress, the staff told me to put my clothes back on and then they would measure me. I was wearing a bulky winter sweater and asked if I should take it off. They said no, they're professionals, they know how to measure. Well, surprise, surprise, my dress was 2 sizes too big when it came in. They tried to tell me I had lost weight and it would be an extra $100 to alter the dress. I said no way! First of all, I hadn't lost any weight and secondly they measured me (very loosely) in a bulky sweater and then in June they pull the measuring tape tightly around my t-shirt and try to tell me I'm so skinny and lost two sizes (aka inches). I wasn't happy. 5. My best friend also bought her dress from this shop and she didn't yet have the shoes she was planning to wear with the dress. But she told the staff that she would definitely be wearing flats. When her dress arrived it was 4 inches too long and the staff told her they made a note in her file that she was wearing 4" heels with the dress and they charged her extra for the hemming and for her bustle. Overall, great selection of dresses, just be prepared to ask all the right questions and get everything in writing.

Reviewed on 10/14/2015 Desirée K

Dress shopping at White Swan was NOT enjoyable. I made an appointment ahead of time, I announced my presence, and I still had to keep prompting the sales ladies to assist me because they were running off helping walk-ins and answering phones. The dresses weren't that... Read More impressive and the ones on sale had major damages! Many of the sales dresses were dirty, and the manager said she would clean them, but for an added fee. I recommend staying away from this shop, but if you do go, thoroughly inspect anything you buy from here!

WORST part of my wedding

Reviewed on 9/15/2015 Aimee G

DON'T GO HERE! These women exhibit some seriously atrocious behavior. This unfortunately was the first dress shop I visited and yes I found a dress I loved. It is actually a dress I had seen on Pinterest and didn't think I would actually be able to find anywhere. It is a... Read More Sophia Tolli sheath gown. I tried on the dress and was not sold--as I am about to take it off and leave the owner comes up to me and pulls the dress tight to be fitted as it would be in her words once it was my size. I liked the way it looked and she told me since I was the first person to buy the dress she would give me a discount and personalize the dress to be so I would not have to pay for or get alterations. On my order form the size says "custom" and she sketched the gown exactly as the designer has the gown pictured (moncheribridals.com/brow…) and she told me it would be custom fit to my body when it came in 6 months later. When the dress came in it was MUCH too large for me. No one was available to help me even though I made an appointment. I could fit both my arms inside the dress folded against my chest and held down by my hips--it was almost comical. I left without receiving any help. I returned--showed the seamstress the sketch they gave me and the photo on the designer's website that they also gave me and told her the dress needs to fit like that. Herself and the owner scolded me saying that I was trying to change the nature of the dress and that it would cost upwards of 950$ to get the dress to be "fitted" because it is not supposed to be a fitted gown. They then redid my measurements and had a 1/2" change in my hips and said it was only so big because I lost weight. Then the owner told me "all you brides come in here and expect to look like the model but you are not a model". After arguing for a while they eventually conceded to giving me the alterations for only $250 because I still "lost so much weight". The owner pinned the dress for me. They had to cut new armholes in the all lace gown because they ordered it so large!! While she was pinning the dress she pricked herself and bled all over the right breast area and a few spots on the right hip. Had to go back twice before they even attempted to remove the blood and then it all wouldn't come out. Dress was supposed to be one smooth layer of lace and they just folded the lace over and sewed it up sloppy everywhere. Bunched up and messy. Beads were ripped off. Dress looked shredded up close. In conclusion, they lied to me and told me I would get a custom gown when they just plainly ordered a dress much too large for me, after researching I found they charged $700 more dollars for the dress than 2 other boutiques in the area, they charged me $250 for alterations because my hips changed 1/2" although the dress was reduced in size several inches on every side from shoulder to knee, they were rude and did not seem to even honor their "appointments". I would beg any bride I know not go here even if this is the only boutique with the dress you want. It isn't worth the pain and suffering. I'm not sure where the good reviews are coming from because I saw at least 2 other brides there on my visits that were crying over their alteration issues. A couple of the girls were nice but the seamstress and owner have some serious attitude and are so rude to their customers. I'm SHOCKED that there is a single good review...really. The Knot and Wedding Wire and everyone needs to beware of this shop.

Reviewed on 7/10/2015 Shannon A

I worked with Anna in finding my dress. She was so incredibly helpful. I went into the shop having no idea what I wanted, so she helped me pull about 10 dresses in my price range, and had me try each one on, and eliminating at least one dress each time I tried them on. I am not... Read More very good at making decisions on my own, but she really helped me eliminate dresses and choose the dress of my dreams. They were great with alterations and steaming the dress before the big day! They have a wonderful selection, and it is very convenient, because a lot of their dresses are on manicans, which makes them easy to see.

So intimate!

Reviewed on 6/16/2015 erin d

White Swan Bridal was my hail mary. At that time I had already tried on at least 17 dresses, and just couldn't find THE ONE. I walked in White Swan Bridal and I had this feeling that I was going to find my dress today. The consultants were friendly, engaging, and understood... Read More NOT to put me in a dress over my budget. The great thing about this bridal salon is that many of their dresses are on mannequins so you can see them in natural light, feel the fabric and observe the silhouette. They also have a collection of discounted dresses on their second floor. They handled all my questions professionally and honestly from possible alterations, to timeline of fittings, cleaning, structure of the dresses, fabric, etc. I put 'intimate' in my review title because every time I went there it was me and another bride - the shop only has (2) mirrors. They make sure that your time with them is YOUR time, and no one else's. It creates a relationship with your consultant.

Reviewed on 5/26/2015

BEWARE! I should have taken more heed of the recent online reviews before going in. I was working with a relatively small budget (trying to stay at retail ~$1000) so I called first to ask what they had in the store. The woman said "we have dresses in any price" and essentially... Read More hung up on me. Yet I still ignored that warning sign and made an appointment. When I walked into the store, the consultant, a young woman around 25, was not very welcoming. At other stores I had been to, they had you sit down, fill out a form about yourself, and asked you what kind of things you were looking for. Instead, we stood in the middle of the store while she awkwardly grilled me on my preferences; it was just uncomfortable. When she asked a price I was trying to stay under, I said around $1000, and she said that the dresses in there START at $1500. She suggested I look at their sample sale instead. I told her that I had called and specifically asked about price before driving all the way over (it was not close). She insisted that they must have been referring to the sample sale. If someone asks if you have dresses in a price range, they do NOT necessarily mean they want a dress that someone else has worn! If you don't sell them, you don't sell them! Then she (and the owner/manager who decided to butt in) started arguing with me about the definition of "sample sale" saying that some were new/not tried on yet. They pressured me into looking around at the cheaper dresses. I felt like they were trying to push me into something I didn't want to do, so I politely said the price was too high and I would leave. And to top it off, the consultant suggested that I go to David's Bridal instead, because they have $300 dresses. Just because someone doesn't want to spend $2000+ doesn't mean they only have $300! I was so insulted and felt like they were judging me for not having enough money to be in their store. Instead I bought a gorgeous dress from Alfred Angelo (Springfield VA) for $1050 where the people were NICE! This store might be a good match for some people, but definitely not if you have a budget!

Caution Ladies!!!!

Reviewed on 2/17/2015

Please take a look at the dates of the overly positive posts here; they seem to clump together after less-than-amazing posts. I wish I had noticed that before. One bad post; then multiple better posts - often posted on the same date, which seems a little unlikely. Two... Read More things are true: the gowns are displayed nicely and the owner is pushy and rude. I ordered a bridal gown in a color (champagne). It was one of the options the manufacturer offered for my dress. I was assured that the dress would be made custom-tailored to my measurements. It certainly wasn't. It was huge! The bodice was adjusted multiple times. The length was adjusted multiple times. I was told I needed to wear even more layers underneath it (not true, ladies!) (I actually wore my bridal undergarments and shoes to each fitting to ensure no variation there) The dress came with a size tag on it. I highly doubt it was actually custom made. Also, the fabric had an odd sheen to it; it seemed much cheaper and rather "crunchy" - like fabric one would use for decorating, not for making a dress. I'm actually not sure that the dress was even really from the designer or a knock-off. The owner was pushy, and even though she assured me when I ordered the dress that it would be tailored to my specifications, it took multiple trips to accomplish this. The seamstress eventually told me that I just didn't want to pay for the dress!!!! I couldn't believe it. The dress had already been paid for- at that point, the money was hardly an issue. Leaving with the dress I ordered was! I ended up with the dress - it will always be a somewhat bittersweet event. But, I will not recommend this shop, and I made sure that my bridesmaid's dresses came from elsewhere!

Great experience!

Reviewed on 12/31/2014

I had a wonderful experience ordering my wedding dress from White Swan. They have a great selection of different styles, materials, shades, sizes and last but not list you can find a nice dress there for any budget. They also do sample sales with dresses starting at about... Read More $300-400! They will do any alterations on site and they will put rush a rush on it if needed. Very attentive and friendly staff. They did everything I asked them for and the result surpassed my expectations. I could not ask for better service and quality for a very reasonable price! I would recommend White Swan boutique to all my friends!


Reviewed on 12/29/2014 Brittany K

I hit the jackpot at White Swan Bridal. I would recommend going here BEFORE ANY OTHER DRESS SHOP. This was the first shop I went to for my wedding dress, and I found it about 10 dresses in! Going in, I thought I was going to get a certain style that I had been looking... Read More at in magazines and online. ONE THING THAT REALLY STANDS OUT ABOUT THIS SHOP IS THAT THEY HAVE TONS OF DRESSES ON DISPLAY ON MANIKINS so you can actually see how the dresses fall when on a body, instead of digging through hangers and hangers of dresses. This was a big help. I ended up trying on the style I THOUGHT I was going to get, and didn't like the style at all! I loved a different kind, that was way more 'me.' So keep an open mind! I ended up finding mine on the sale rack, too! Then I ordered beautiful, beaded cap-sleeves from White Swan. They also have veils, which I bought there, and beautiful (but very expensive) hair pieces, which I also bought there because I fell in love with one. IT WAS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL STATEMENT PIECE IN THE PHOTOS, I would definitely recommend considering them. After the wedding, I got my dress cleaned by them, and packaged in a big, beautiful box that will help it stay beautiful over the years. There are large mirrors where you could group together with your wedding party if you'd like to, or you can just go on your own. The women working there were SO very sweet and helpful. We ended up leaving with hugs!

Not Impressed

Reviewed on 11/20/2014 Marilee S

My mom and I didn't have an appointment, however we decided to swing by since we were passing by the shop. Given this was only our second bridal shop visit, we were hopeful for a good experience and open to making an appointment should we need to. We walked into the store... Read More about 45 minutes before it was to close, and the shop manager (I assume) expressed her excitement that we were there. She said the previous appointment had cancelled, so we were welcome to take a look around while she get a consultant to help us. My mom and I walked around and found the layout chaotic. The dresses were on mannequins on the first floor, but were hard to see because they were so closing jammed together. There were bridal parties blocking the walkway, and it was near impossible to look at the dresses. My mom and I went to the second floor and all of the dresses were crammed on racks throughout the floor. A young consultant came up to us and seemed annoyed that we were there. Since the store was going to close in 20 minutes, she was clearly checked out. After expressing her annoyance that I wanted to try on a dress, she gave a huge huff and grabbed the dress I was interested in. She then took me to a small closet with a curtain, put the dress on the hanger hook in the closet, and walked out saying if I need help with the dress to let her know. Gee, thanks. I tried the dress on without her help, and ended up not liking it. I didn't feel comfortable trying on another dress, so I left. All they had to do was tell me to schedule an appointment to try on dresses - I completely understand that. If they didn't want to help me, they shouldn't have tried. It seems that the shop manager isn't in tune with her consultants, and the shop in general seems uncared for.


Reviewed on 10/22/2014 Lydia F

I love that the dresses here are on the mannequins so you can see how they are shaped versus just seeing them on a hanger. I made an appointment for Saturday morning. They let me bring as many people as I wanted (my mom and three of my bridesmaids joined me), and Marie greeted... Read More us as soon as I walked in. She was lovely to work with, not pushy, very honest about the costs of everything, and let me try on the dresses at the pace that I wanted to. I ended up buying a custom gown by the owner of the shop, Milla, and I am so pleased I went that route. I originally came in for one dress I knew they had by another, well known designer, and after putting it on, I went in a completely different direction (as so many brides do). White Swan made me feel like family, and I am so happy I worked with them.


Meet The Manager

Anna F

Anna has been in the bridal business for the last 12 years. She loves finding brides that one dress that fits their personality and venue the best. Understanding each person and making their vision a reality is what Anna strives to achieve with every person that comes to White Swan Bridal.